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VES-2300 Sewage Disposal Systems

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VES-2300 Sewage Disposal Systems


A.R. Thanura(Discipline Engineering Section Head)


A.Rastiarsa (E&C Manager)


P.Stegers (Technical Support Vice
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VES-2300 Sewage Disposal Systems TS-ENC-STD-0017 VICO Indonesia ‘Helping me do my job better’ Revision History Amendment Date Revision Number Amender Initials & Job Title Related Documents Document Number Document Name Document Roles Role Reviewer Approver Consulted Informed Name Job Title Amendment .

────────── VICO INDONESIA ────────── DOCUMENT : VICO ENGINEERING STANDARD NUMBER : VES-2300 TITLE : SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS 4 11/02 Changed Virginia Indonesia Company to Virginia Indonesia Company LLC and changed BPPKA/Pertamina to BP MIGAS Converted from Word Processor No. 334 to Word Perfect 51 3 4/93 2 4/90 Changed HES to VES 1 1/89 Revised Mutiara Project Specification to VICO Engineering Standard 0 2/20/88 NO. 4. Herriwanto D.2300 File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 3 of 8 VES-2300 Rev. Newson L. Tontey ENGINEER APPROVED BY VES .S. DATE Original Issue REVISION Isdiarso K. Sukiswanto Djarot S.S. Van Horn R. Labde D. Newson E.S. Lukman M. 11/02 .

The specification is based on the Private Sewage Disposal Systems per the Uniform Building File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 4 of 8 VES-2300 Rev.1 4.0 SEPTIC TANK 4 4.1 6.SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1.0 SCOPE 3 2.2 6.0 SCOPE This specification defines minimum design requirements for the design. inspection and testing of a sewage collection and disposal facilities.0 LEACHING FIELD 4 6.0 SEWERS 5 6. 1 7 DRAWING NO.0 REFERENCES 3 3. 4. installation. 2 8 1.3 4 4 4 General Sludge Compartment Dosing Chamber 5.2 4.0 GENERAL 3 4.3 5 5 6 Mechanical Design Hydraulic Design Grease Trap DRAWING NO. fabrication. 11/02 .

but generally the more restrictive specification shall govern. VICO Engineering Standards. and references) are to be considered as an integral part of this specification. Care should be taken in the design to minimize infiltration of ground water and to prevent any storm water runoff from entering the sanitary sewer system.Code.0 REFERENCES The codes. Most codes and standards are of Indonesian or U. VES-2200 Drainage. addenda.0 VES-2010 Site Preparation. Indonesian Plumbing Code.0 SEPTIC TANK File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 5 of 8 VES-2300 Rev. 11/02 . 4. 3. East Kalimantan Government Regulation PP-266-1982. The applicable sections of the codes and standards cited below (including revisions. The citations are to the latest edition except where a specific edition is stated. On projects where a design contractor is involved. Rancangan Pedoman Plumbing Indonesia (RPPI). If a procurement contractor is involved (may be the same as the design contractor). standards and specifications listed below are cited in this specification. Indonesian Government Regulation of 1976 Ditjen Migas for Water Disposal. Gravity flow shall be the transport method.S. Origin. he will be responsible for ensuring that all materials purchased meet all applicable specifications. Grading and Fencing for Production Facilities. 2. Uniform Plumbing Code (International Conference of Building Officials). GENERAL This specification provides general guidelines for the design of a septic systems: - Septic tank Leaching chamber Sewer lines There shall be a separate septic tank system per building. Conflicts in specifications must be brought to the Company's attention for resolution. he will be responsible for ensuring that all designs meet all applicable specifications. 4.

The time required for the water level to drop 1 cm is the percolation factor (T).30 liter/person/day Desludging frequency of 4 years The maximum size shall be based on 10 person/day. The sludge shall flow from the first chamber to the second chamber through a 10 cm opening in the wall bottom between the two chambers. 4.100 liter/person/day Waste water retained in septic tank for 24 hours Sludge . 5. Refer to drawing No. Excavate a 30 cm x 30 cm x 70 cm deep hole in the proposed area.1 General The septic tank shall handle all liquid household type waste. A = File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 6 of 8 TotalEffluent C VES-2300 Rev.C= 100 liter/ meter 3 /day T Percolation Factor. The second chamber shall be sized to hold the sludge for four years. After all the water drains away. 4. 4. Formulas: LeachingRate. refill the hole with a minimum of 15 cm of water. Effluent shall drain from the first chamber to the leaching field through a dosing chamber equipped with a MacDonald's automatic siphon. A minimum of 30 cm space in the top of the chamber shall be provided for air. T = Average time in minutes to drop 1 cm TotalLeachingArea.3 Dosing Chamber The dosing chamber shall be 300 liter capacity.1.2 Sludge Compartment The sludge compartment shall consist of two chambers. The first chamber shall be sized to hold the incoming waste water and sludge.4. The effluent shall drain to the leaching field through a 10 cm diameter line. The tank shall consist of two sludge chambers and a dosing chamber. Desludging shall be done through the second chamber. The design of the septic tank shall be based on: - Waste water .0 LEACHING FIELD The size of the leaching field shall be based on an onsite percolation test. The first chamber floor shall slope to the second chamber. 11/02 . Fill the hole with water.

provide an additional field at a minimum distance of 2. The slop of the lines in the leach field shall be a minimum of 0.48 m using Class C bedding according to general specification VES-2200.5 m from any other field.2%. 2 6.72 File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 7 of 8 VES-2300 Rev. 11/02 . If additional leaching area is required.92 m (400 ft) - Dead ends of laterals - 90o changes in direction Hydraulic Design The minimum size for any connection to the sanitary sewer system shall be 30 mm. Refer to drawing No. "Drainage. The minimum size for any main shall be 100 mm." Cleanouts shall be located so that rodding can be performed in direction of flow and will be furnished at the following locations: 6. 4.0 SEWERS 6.0 m long.95 m /day per person.Each individual leaching area shall be 50 cm wide.1 Mechanical Design Design of the sewage collection system shall be in accordance with the Indonesian Plumbing Code (RPPI) and with any other applicable Indonesian codes and regulations. 70 cm deep and up to 15. Mains shall be sized for 0. The minimum allowable velocity at the average daily flow rate shall be 0.2 - Junctions of mains - Dead ends of mains - Changes of grade or size - On mains at intervals of no more than 121. the design shall be governed by the Uniform Plumbing Code.5 m /day per person. Laterals shall be sized for 1. Where Indonesian regulations are not applicable. Materials of construction shall conform to the following ASTM Material Standards as applicable: PVC or CPVC D 2466-78 D 2564 D 2855 F 438-82 F 493 Lines shall be placed at a minimum depth of 0.

0 ft/sec). A minimum of 0. The maximum allowable flow at peak flow shall be 2. File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 8 of 8 VES-2300 Rev. 6.m/sec (2.5 ft/sec). 4.03 m drop shall be provided between the inlet and outlet invert elevations of septic tank. 11/02 .44 m/sec (8.3 Grease Trap In locations where there are kitchen facilities provide a grease interceptor trap in all lines coming from the kitchen.


2 File:F:\WPDATA\NEWVES\2002VES-2300 Page 10 of 8 VES-2300 Rev.DRAWING NO. 11/02 . 4.