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Ambrish Kalele

Address: E-3/272, Arera Colony Bhopal
Phone: +918602574918


Having 8 years of IT expertise in SQL Server/Oracle Databases and
developing Scalable Enterprise applications according to the user needs which
serves Supply Chain, Workflow Management and Automobile Domains.
6 years of experience as Database Architect/Database Lead and Business
Analysts in the Product Development for Supply chain domain.
2 years of experience in Data Warehousing/Data Migration in MS SQL 2005
and Oracle databases.
Having onsite experience (USA) for requirement gathering from the
clients & development of the Product for Non Production Purchasing
System for LEAR and VISTIEON.
Experience in extracting data from heterogeneous sources, transforming and
loading (ETL) process using SSIS Packages.
Proficiency in using various databases like SQL Server 2005, Oracle 11g, and
MS Access 2000.
Experience in deciding & developing maintenance strategies & recovery
planning of complex databases.
Having experience in design and development of reports/queries for client.
Expert in team building & management skills.
Involved in client interaction for gathering the requirements & business
understanding in almost all projects.
Having good communication skills, interpersonal relations, hardworking and
result oriented as an individual and in a team.
B1/B2 visa valid for next 8 years.
Member of interview panel of Netlink Pvt. Ltd.


Worked as a software developer for Caresoft Inc. from June 2006 to July 2007
Currently working as Data Group Lead for Netlink Software Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal from
August 2007 to Till Date.

ETL Tool
: MSSQL SSIS/DTS Packages, Informatica Power Center 7.1
: SQL Server2005, Oracle 10g and MS-Access.
: SQL & PL/SQL, VB script
Operating Systems : Windows NT / 2000 / 2003 Server/ XP

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Microsoft Visio. Supplier Collaborator: provides supplies a closed-loop visibility across the entire order cycle. understanding the requirements and business needs and translating this to the programmers and database engineers. Roles & Responsibilities:  Business analyst. There are 62 launches planned for this product in various countries.Design Tools : Erwin. Page 2 of 6 . Microsoft Certified Professional (Designing and implementing Databases with SQL Server 2005). The product comprises of the five modules:      Catalog: The basic cataloging system which enables the search of the desired Item and adding it to the shopping cart. PL/SQL Developer. Argentina and India. Role : Database Team Lead/Business Analyst /Database Architect Description: This product is designed and developed for an end-to end flow of purchasing a Non –Production material in the supply chain system. PROJECT PROFILE: PROJECT # 1: Product: NP1 (Non Production Purchasing System) Client 1: Lear Corporation Client 2: Visteon Corporation Environment : Windows NT Databases : Oracle 11g & MSSQL 2008. Duration : September2010 to till date. ACADEMIC PROFILE:   Masters of Computer Applications from SGSITS Indore. The suppliers can put their responses and the buyer then award the RFQ to the suppliers for the purchase of the Items. Smart Forms : Enables the users for spot-buys RFQ: Request for Quotation enables the Buyers to put the quotations and send the suppliers this quotation. and effectively eliminates most invoice disputes and enables companies to implement Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) in their ERP system. Requisition and Approvals: Approval work flow for the requests made by the user. Brazil. The current client is Lear Corporation and is launched in 4 countries namely US.

Hawker Beech Craft. Restore. triggers and Packages. and Supplier transparency System (collaborator). It improves efficiency. Windows NT Oracle 10g & MSSQL 2005. Crib master is the inventory system where inventory float levels are maintained by daily monitoring through reports Navision is the purchasing and invoicing system where actual pricing is done. which combines three systems. Database Team Lead/Report Developer/Data Analyst/Database Description: This is a Supply Chain Management Project for Hawker. PROJECT # 2: Project Name Client : Environment : Databases : Duration : Role : Designer : Supply Chain Management System.  Involved in data migration/data loading using SSIS packages and SQL LOADER. By providing closed-loop visibility across the entire order cycle.  Responsible for E-R modeling of the NP1 system. Database Administration work like Backup strategies. Page 3 of 6 . The Purchasing system (Navision). assigning the database roles in MS SQL 2005.  Database architect. Physical data modeling. triggers Implementing custom notification system using triggers. The Supplier reports & dashboard developed in Crystal Reports facilitate suppliers to track their business. It also consists of the Workflow system (AMS) which initiates the purchase orders through various approval chains. Collaborator website allows manufacturers and distributors to automate purchase order replenishment processes through collaboration with suppliers. September2008 to till date. Creating/scheduling jobs. Creating users. Operators in MS SQL 2005. Roles & Responsibilities:       Involved in Requirement gathering & client interaction. Creating procedures & functions. Involved in data migration using SSIS packages. increases inventory accuracy and reduces supply chain management costs by automating collaborative business processes. Creating procedures & functions. the inventory management system (Crib master).  Creating the reports for the client and scheduling these for ensuring the on-time-delivery of the reports. effectively eliminates most invoice disputes and enables companies to implement Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) in their ERP system. Had been in USA (from Sep-10 to Jan-11 and Jan-13 to Mar-13)to interact with client and training the suppliers  Leading and Managing the offshore Team & coordination with Onsite Team Members.  Physical data modeling.

The Service Process Model (SPM) is a customized set of tools to assist in improving Dealers Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). SQL SERVER 2005. Description: Page 4 of 6 . Oracle 10g Role : Database Analyst/ETL Developer. Utilize capacity efficiently and productively. Assuring the on time delivery of the offshore reporting to maintain the inventory float levels. PROJECT #4: Project Name : Central Repository Client : Katz Group. and Customer Retention. North America's Environment : Informatica Power center 8x. and access “Best Practices” and related tools to make important improvements to Dealers business. Roles & Responsibilities:      Involved in Logical & Physical data modeling. Creating/scheduling jobs & Designing DTS Packages. Database maintenance planning & data migration.  Configuring Database Mail in MS SQL 2005. PROJECT #3: Project Name Client : Environment : Role : Duration : : Service Process Model (SPM) Jaguar Windows 2000 Server. create prioritized Action Plans. Profitability. Performance tuning of database using profiler. Involved in unit testing to check the data consistency. Crystal reports 9x Database Developer August 2006 to September 2010 Description: The Service Process Model website is developed to enable the comparison of Jaguar and Land Rover Dealers service operation to a set of industry benchmarks. The main goals of the SPM are as: Increase Service and Parts sales. Improve employee satisfaction and Measure dealers performance and sustain results.

This system automates the process of Quality control departments of pharmaceutical or chemical industries. I was also awarded The Employee of the Month for August 2007. such as Admin will be able to Configure the system (Can create user groups. Connected & Unconnected Lookup. Involved in data modeling. Expression. approval etc Roles & Responsibilities:       Developed Web Pages. Roles & Responsibilities:  Translating business processes into informatica mappings. Sequence Generator.This project creates a “Central Repository of all Katz Group Customer/Patient Data for Electronic Prescription Refills” (the project’s name). Filter. Implemented Query Builder for QCMS. Dot Net 2.0 Programmer June 2006 to August 2007 Description: Quality Control management System is software targeted to pharmaceutical or chemical industries. and send e-mail/postal mail. It provides Different roles to different user groups.  Involved in unit testing to check the data consistency. test assignment. Used most of the transformations such as Source Qualifier.  Creating Transformations and mappings as per specifications. Aggregator. Rank. Implementing Audit Trail (Audit Functionality) ACHIVMENTS: I was awarded the Employee of the Quarter during July. and Update Strategy PROJECT #5: Project Name Client : Environment : Role : Duration : : Quality Control Management System (QCMS) Product Windows 2000 Server. February 2008. Implementing AJAX functionality. assign different task authorities to those groups). call the store.  Involved in ETL performance assessment and tuning.  Developed workflows as per business rules. SQL SERVER 2005. 2010 to September. Customers requiring prescriptions will be able to use the Internet to refill prescriptions in addition to visit the store. and October 2008 PERSONAL DETAILS: Page 5 of 6 . 2010. and users with different groups can perform respective tasks like testing. Design and Implementation of User Control. Router. Joiner.

Hindi & Marathi Gender : Male Date of Birth : 28th June 1982 Email ID : ambrishcaresoft27@gmail.P) Page 6 of 6 . Arera Colony Bhopal Mobile No : +918602574918 Place : Bhopal ( Passport Status : Valid US –Visa Status : B1/B2 valid Address : E-3/272.Language(s) known : English.