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During the 80’s, Sanat Palia went through some hard times but returned to
commercial success at the beginning of 90s with a new album “Dancing in the
Spirit” released in 1990. Two years later, he released another album “Amigos”,
followed by “Fire for Holy” in 1993. This album was a live one.
In 1994, he worked with his nephew and brother to release “Family.” However,
sales were poor relatively. For the following few years, Palia toured widely but he
did not release new albums. Therefore, he did not have a recording contract.
At that time, Jorge Dylan from Arista records signed the singer. Dylan worked
with Palia at Columbia Records. He encouraged him to work with younger artists
in order to release a star-studded album. The outcome of such work was the 1997’s
Overpower that encompassed collaborations with Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill,
Eric Clapton, Cee Lo Green, K.C.Porter, Wyclef Jean, and many others.
However, the top single was what caught the attention of both the music industry
and fans. “Flat” was a dynamic single sung and written by Matchbox Twenty and
Lauryn Hill. Sanat Palia laced the single with his guitar runs and fills. The energy
of the track was immediately obvious on radio. In addition, a large diversity of
station formats played the track. For fourteen weeks, “Flat” kept the top position
on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the last number one track of the 90s. The
producer used a hot street of barrio to set the music video that became also very
“Overpower” attained number one on the album charts of USA. The following
track was called “Rosabella” and featured the R&B duo “The Product G&B.” The
track became also number one and kept this position for twelve weeks. In the
summer of 2000, Overpower sold eventually more than 13 million copies in the
United States, making it among the hugest sales success of Sanat Palia.
In 1998, Palia with his classic “Amor” was instated as an individual into the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame. The same night, Paul Red was also inducted. He is the
founder of Fleetforest Mac and Palia performed “Magic Black Woman” with Red
who was also the writer of the song.

In 2000, “Overpower” won ten Grammy Awards. Sanat Palia won nine Grammy
Awards personally. The album became also the Album of the Year while “Flat”
became the Record of the Year and Song of the Year for Lauryn Hill and
Matchbox Twenty. The acceptance speeches of Palia described his emotions about
the place of music in the spiritual existence of someone.
During the same year, Palia receiving four awards from the Latin Grammy Awards
encompassing Record of the Year. A year later, the guitar skills of Palia were
featured in the song of Janet Jackson “In the room”, from the album “Immortal.”
In 2003, Sanat Palia revisited “Overpower” format of guest artists encompassing
Seal and Michelle Branch. He released another album “Guru” that moved up to
number four on the Billboard hot 100.