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Principal: Julie Blythe
Deputy Principals: Yvonne Height, Helen Walmsley and Tristan Mackenzie
Ph: 9841 7533 Fax: 9842 1350

Volume 20
27 November 2015

From the Pre-Primaries—Rooms 43, 44 & 45
Wow! What a busy term it has been down in Block Four!
We have all been so busy learning and playing that the term has just flown by!
Last week the Pre-Primaries presented their very first assembly item. We sang
a song about the colours of the rainbow and we also said a poem called “I
Went Walking”, which was also about colours. It was lovely to have so many
Mums and Dad’s, Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents there to watch us. It was a
little bit scary performing in front of the whole school, but our speakers did a
great job and we really enjoyed ourselves. When we had finished the assembly
we had morning tea with our visitors.
Today we have had a “Drive In” day at school. All of the Kindy and Pre-Primary
kids had to make a box car (that’s about 100 cars!) and then we got to drive
them up to the hall to watch a movie. The cars were all very flash! It’s great
fun to do things altogether.

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Yakamia Primary School

From the Principal’s Desk
Well done to the Pre-Primary students for hosting
the last assembly. It was a fabulous assembly
and you made a beautiful rainbow!

Student Leaders 2015
An important part of the Graduation Ceremony is
to announce the 2016 Student Councillors to their
peers. I am sure many students will take the
opportunity to stand for the leadership role. I am
There are no more class assemblies for the year
confident that the eight students who will be
due to Pursuit of Excellence and Graduation. We selected will represent the school wonderfully
hope to see some of you at these events.
well – to those who miss out please consider the
many other opportunities presented at the
beginning of next year.
Pursuit of Excellence
The Pursuit of Excellence assembly will be held
on Thursday 3 December in the Hall from 9am.
This is an opportunity to acknowledge a student
from each class who has strived the hardest to
achieve their very best all year. We look forward
to your attendance at this special assembly.
Winners and family members are invited to a
special morning tea in the staffroom at the
conclusion of the ceremony.
Year 6 Graduation
The Year 6 Graduation will take place on
Wednesday 16 December from 1.00 pm.
Students will be celebrating the completion of
their years at primary school with graduation.
Acknowledgment will be given to a range of
students for their specific achievements. I look
forward to seeing Year 6 parents and family
attending and wish all Year 6 students the best
for the future. I look forward to hearing about
you as you move forward to high school next year.

Volunteers Morning Tea
A morning tea will be held for all parents and
school volunteers in the Yakamia staff room at
10.30am on the 15 December. This is our way of
thanking anyone for volunteering their precious
time to help out at the school. It can be in the
classroom, Before School Reading, sports days,
camps etc. In the coming weeks, if you don‟t
receive an invitation from your class teacher
please ask at the office.
Thank You!!
A big thank you to the P&C for all their support
this year. They have raised an amazing amount
of money for projects around the school from play
equipment to supporting our school chaplain.
Well done to all those involved and I look forward
to working with you all again in 2016!!!

All welcome!!
Come join us to celebrate our achievements for 2015!!
Three Anchors, Middleton Beach
Wednesday, 2 December
At 5pm

Julie Blythe

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Yakamia Primary School

Start of 2016
Yakamia will use the same modified start in 2016
as in previous years, as it allows us to avoid the
dreaded restructure early in the year. It is
always difficult to predict exact numbers and
because of the uncertainty, staff have
overwhelmingly endorsed the modified start to
become part of our school process.

Numbers will be confirmed over the first two days
and class lists established. Students will gather
on Tuesday afternoon at mini assemblies where
classes will be assigned and notes issued to
students with details. Students will then visit
their classroom. Regular classes will commence
on Wednesday, 4 February.

Traditionally class lists go up the day before
school starts with lists established based on
children attending the school during the previous
year – unfortunately not all students return and
new families move into the area leaving some
uncertainty to final numbers.

This initiative offers the school a great
opportunity to have a really positive start,
develop a sense of community and enhance the
excellent culture that already exists at the school.
All students will meet and work with year level
staff giving them the chance to establish great
Therefore, the following process will be continued relationships right from the beginning of the year.
for 2016:
When collecting students on the Monday
 Children arrive Monday 1 February
and Tuesday the following applies:

Year 1 to 3 students will meet in the
courtyard behind Administration (near the stage

Year 4 to 6 students will meet in the Hall

Students will be formally welcomed at these

Year 1 from Block 3

Year 2 & 3 from Block 1

Year 4 –6, please make arrangements
for a meeting place with your child

If you have any concerns or are unsure about
these arrangements please see the office for

Kindy & Pre Primary 2016
Students in Kindy will receive a letter in the
coming weeks with their day and classroom
allocation details.

Students will then break into year levels and
move to classrooms to rotate through a series of
pre-organised activities with identified teaching
The only equipment students will need on
these days is a pencil case containing pencils,
textas, glue, scissors and ruler.

All other booklist items can be brought
on the Wednesday once classes are

Students in Pre Primary will have their class lists
posted outside classrooms in Block 4 (Early
Childhood Centre) on Monday 1 February 2016.

Student Event
Free Dress Day
In Week 9, Wednesday 2 December, there will be a free dress day for all students.
The day will be in support of Foodbank. Please bring some non-perishable, within
the „use by‟ date or „best before‟ date, food items to donate. Your support for Foodbank is much appreciated, as they are also great supporters of our „Before School
Reading and Breakfast‟ program that runs in our school.

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Yakamia Primary School

Split Classes
At the beginning of the new school year your child
might be in a split class. By “split classes,” we
mean putting two consecutive year-groups
together in one class. If your child is younger you
may query - will my child be able to keep up? If
they are older - will my child be held up?

and school administration determine class
placements. It is far better that they be grouped
according to need, in order to allow children to
gain confidence and skill by working at their
individual ability level. There is no hard and fast
rule that says a „straight‟ class will meet a child‟s
needs any better than a split class.

Over the years split classes have been the source
of controversy, with parents sometimes believing
that their child is being disadvantaged in some
way if they are placed in a split class.

Split classes can provide significant benefits to
both the younger and older students in the class.
Older students can benefit from helping younger
students in co-operative learning situations. The
younger students have the opportunity of
The key to understanding splits is realising that enhanced learning experiences, where they are
growth is determined in stages and not magically ready for it. There are many examples where
by ages.
younger children can show older ones a thing or
two! Role models and leaders can come from both
Split classes doesn't mean your child is dumb or a the younger and older children; the children who
excel at these traits do so irrespective of age.
genius. It doesn‟t mean that they will get work
that is too hard or not hard enough. Split classes
provide a range of levels of work, so the needs of
There is no empirical evidence for any
all children can be catered for, while providing a assumption that student learning is hindered in
supportive environment for all. At any one time, split classes. Ultimately, whether children are in
both split and straight classes have groups of
split or straight-age classes, it is not the age
students at a variety of levels. This is part of the combinations that matter. What matters is the
normal delivery of the curriculum.
quality of teaching and learning and the
relationship between the child and the teacher.
Although a child might be chronologically older or Good teaching isn't determined by whether a
class is a split or not. Good teaching is
younger - their maturity, social needs, academic
needs and behaviour are uniquely their own. All determined by the classroom dynamics and
whether the individual needs are met.
these factors are considered when teaching staff

School News
Library Book Over Dues
The library would like all students to find all their library books and return them to the School
Library by the end of next week. If your child receives an overdue note could parents look extra hard
for the library book. If the library book can‟t be found then the Library requires payment for the lost
Thank you for your help in this matter.
For our SeeSaw parents don‟t forget that you can download any items in your child‟s journal to your
own device for safe keeping in the long term. Press the „three dots‟ and choose „share item‟, then „save
to gallery‟. If you encounter any problems please see Mrs McIntosh.

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Yakamia Primary School

Interschool Sports
The Interschool Athletic Sports Carnival was held on the 26 November. The Yakamia
competitors definitely earned honour for their school. We competed against Flinders Park,
Albany, Denmark, Spencer Park, Mt Lockyer, Little Grove Primary Schools and Mt Barker
Community College.
The Senior and Junior Outright Shields were won by Denmark PS. Yakamia came 6th
overall in the Senior Carnival and 2nd in the Junior Carnival.
Mr McFarlane would like to thank parents for their support and help, the P&C for all their
hard work providing lunches and snacks, and the students for being on their best behaviour.
Congratulations to Lachlan Pietrala on coming equal 3rd in the Year 5 Boys Championship

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Yakamia Primary School

Interschool Sports Carnival continued ...

Come along and see
the Yakamia kids at
the 2015 Christmas
Pageant. Well done
and thankyou Miss
Scott for organising
the students and art
for the parade the
theme we are
following this year is
“Time Travel”. Our
kids have worked
really hard to create
an awesome time

The Yakamia Library Christmas
mailbox is starting. If you would like to
send a card either homemade or
bought, to anyone in the school, please
write their name and classroom
number on the front and we will have
some of Santa's special helpers
deliver them. The Santa box will be
running in the library from Monday
30 November to 7 December.

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Yakamia Primary School

School News
Keep Albany Beautiful Colouring
In Competition
Well done to all the Yakamia
students who entered the above
competition. The winners from all
schools were announced at a special
afternoon tea on Wednesday 18
November. Congratulations to:
1st Yr 1

Georgia Whitelaw

2nd Yr 1

Alice Stonehouse

3rd Yr 1

Reece Simpson

2nd Yr 3

Ella Mackenzie

1st Yr 5

Amber Wilkinson

Honour Certificate Recipients—20 November 2015





Chloe Lee


Corey Allen

Charlie Whitfort

Jesse Owens

Mitchell Manera

Josh Boocock

Kasey Pears

Kyse Smith-Bee

Emily-Rose Clapp

Sam Dwyer

Grace Frank


Lucas Page


Harison White


Tsharn Jackson


Shanica Perrin
Phoenix Woods

Zane Wilson
Xanthe Gardiner


Sharni Ralston

Joseph Perry
Akaisha Hands

Cooper Childs

Joshua Manera
Teresa Alegria

Zohar Amigo

Tegan Pears
Joel Gregory

Bella Medbury

Liam Fitzgerald
Ryan Lazar

Finlay Davis

Jemma Carbonell

Riley Udecz
Charmelle Umali


Jack Crannage
Duggan Wilkes

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Community Nurse

Yakamia Primary School

Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the
school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the
school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and
organisers for their child.

Energy drinks
Energy drinks are not suitable for children and
teens. They are also not recommended for pregnant
women, people with heart disease, or people who are
sensitive to caffeine.
Energy drinks typically contain;

caffeine (ranges from 30mg/250ml to
150mg/250ml, depending on the brand);

guarana (a caffeine extract from a plant);

sugar (in higher quantities than sports drinks);

protein (the amino acid taurine is often added to
these drinks), and;

Vitamin B.

The high caffeine content of these drinks can produce a
variety of unpleasant side effects. The high sugar
levels in these drinks can reduce the body‟s ability to
absorb water, meaning that it is dangerous to consume
these drinks before, during or after physical activity. It
is particularly dangerous to mix energy drinks with
For more information, go to
Top 5 Tips for Surviving Term 4
By Katherine Healy 13 Oct 2015
The Spring school holidays have flown by, and it‟s time
to head back to school for the last term of the school
Fourth term is always a busy time of year – it‟s exam
time for senior students, there‟s a seemingly neverending list of end of year concerts, awards nights and
classroom parties to attend, with carols by candlelight
thrown in for good measure.
Parents are aware of the looming date of end of year
holidays, and the upcoming celebrations, which isn‟t
helped by your FaceBook friends sharing “Only 10
Fridays left until Christmas!” posts. (Yes, it is only 10
weeks… Everybody just breathe…)
Add work and family get-togethers on top of this, and
you could have a recipe for disaster, (or a minibreakdown) Never fear, we‟ve got this covered. Here
are Nature Play WA‟s Top 5 Tips for Surviving (and
maybe even enjoying) Term 4.
1. Spend time outside every day – it‟s good for you
and will lift your energy and sense of wellbeing
 Try doing your homework in the backyard - fresh
air and a change of scenery
 Set up a play date with friends at your local nature
reserve. is good a mental recharge.
 Read a bedtime story under the stars.

 Make your weekends count
 Try not to fill your weekends with too many
organised activities
 Spend time together as a family
 Give yourself time to just „muck around‟
 Play with your pets – it‟s good for both of you
 Don‟t let the fun stop just because the holidays are

Use your sprinkler days to set up black plastic and
dish washing detergent on back lawn as a slippery
 Spend time together as a family
 Give yourself time to just „muck around‟
 Play with your pets – it‟s good for both of you
 Don‟t let the fun stop just because the holidays
are over
 Play real-life versions of your favourite video
games. Get a together some cardboard boxes and build
your own real-life Minecraft creation.Or for a real-life
Angry Birds, build a cardboard box tower, add some
strategically placed balls (Pigs) and fire tennis balls
(Angry Birds) at your construction until it collapses!
 Take advantage of the great spring weather
 Make a family tradition of heading out for a family
dinner on Friday night, fish and chips at the beach or
picnic at the park or in the bush.
 Visit national parks and state forests – if you‟re
quick you‟ll catch the last of the wildflowers
 Replace some of your screen time with green time
 Watching screens soaks up a lot of mental energy
 Being inactive makes you feel sluggish
 Being outdoors helps recharge your batteries
We‟ll be getting our daily dose of vitamin N (Nature!)
to help us through to the end of the year, and we know
if you can find just a little time out each day, you‟ll feel
so much better for it.
Natureplay WA website - http://
Karen Johnson, Community Nurse

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Community News

Yakamia Primary School

Please note notices appearing below are not necessarily endorsed by the
school. We provide this space for community groups to advertise to the
school community. It is up to parents to scrutinise the activity and
organisers for their child.

8.30 – 9.00am