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Building Career in Embedded

Team Emertxe @ MVJ College of Engineering


What is Embedded system?
Embedded Industry in India
Career path in the industry

Karnataka 560046 T: +91 80 6562 9666 . 9th Cross.  Our product organization works on E2E solutions based on Internet-Of-Things (IOT) in the areas of agriculture automation. Jayamahal Extension. machine monitoring and workflow productivity solutions. 5th Main. Oracle and Android areas. No-1. Emertxe Information Technologies. Our primary focus is on Embedded with diversification focus on Java. Bangalore.Introduction About us:  Emertxe is India’s one of the top IT finishing schools & self learning kits provider.

Corporate Trainings 2006 – Well Established in Embedded Systems Domain .20 Corporate Customers 2007 – Weekend Workshops for Corporate Professionals Launched 2008 – Training Products based on Embedded Systems Released to Market 2009 – Strategic Partnerships with Foreign Universities 2011 – Centers at Madurai and Chennai 2012 – Exclusive Partner of Oracle for University Trainings in Karnataka State 2013 – Trainings for Java (Core and Advanced) and Android added 2014 – Positioned as IT finishing school + self learning kits provider .Our journey – So far 2003 – Started our Journey with Training in Open Systems and Embedded Software Services 2004 .

What is Embedded System? .

Let us ponder… • What do you understand as Embedded System? • Name few examples of Embedded System from our daily usage • How different they are from a general purpose system (GPS)? • What difference can be there between multiple Embedded Systems? “Any Hardware System which is intended to do a specific task can be called as an Embedded System” .

. Robotics etc.ES . Medical. Satellite communication.Examples Examples – Automotive. Consumer electronics. Imaging. .

ES .Classifications  Embedded systems can be classified into four different categories: • Stand alone Embedded System – Performs a single and specific functionality • Real time Embedded System – Provides real time guarantee in terms of response • Network appliances – High focus on packet processing • Mobile devices – Hand held devices  Embedded systems – “Choice-points” • Embedded Systems type and expectations drastically vary • In order to meet customer needs specific “Choice-points” to be decided • These are popularly known as “Design parameters” .

ES – Choice points  Let us take an example of Mobile Vs. Automotive Embedded device  Try to compare various choice points  For each choice made corresponding compromise factor to be considered  Optimizing every other parameter is not a possible option .

ES – Design metrics  Time to Prototype  Power  Performance & Correctness  Size  NRE  Maintainability & Flexibility  Safety  Unit Cost  Time to Market .

ES .Challenges  Efficient Inputs/Outputs  Embedding an OS  Code optimization  Testing and debugging .

Three stories .

Components .ES .

Embedded Industry in India .

TI.II • Offshore development centers of major MNCs (ex: Intel. innovation. HP etc…) • Task level ownership • Augmenting teams in the head-quarters Phase – III • Complete product development from India • Domestic market needs • Higher value added activities – product ownership. product launch.I • Outsourced product development from India • Purely cost advantage • Project or contract based work execution Phase . IP creation .Embedded industry in India Phase.

Why Embedded?  Indian Tech industry’s paradigm shift  Embedded Systems is heart of product development  Rewarding career experience : Embedding Intelligence Inside a Box’  Skill shortage in India and the need for ‘Quality’ engineers  One among the top paid jobs in the industry today .

local market consumption and India specific solutions  Myth of “only for ECE / EEE people”  Both local & global opportunities      * Reference from NASSCOM report.80. Projection provided till the year 2015.000 embedded professionals requirement* Mainly for embedded software (firmware) Global R & D opportunity is $89 billion* India can contribute $15 billion in terms of R & D* Apart from R & D. opportunity exists in manufacturing.Market size About 6. quoted in popular articles & websites. .

Career path .

Roles Platform engineer Device driver expert Low level firmware engineer Protocol developer Kernel tester Embedded application developer .

Platform development Embedded applications Linux systems (ex: storage) building. OS porting. BSP. Telecom/Networking protocols . and applications OS skill Bootloader.Core (C & DS) Skill-map Micro controllers Embedded middleware.

every time .Skill expectations        Strong C/C++ skills Optimization techniques Basic HW understanding Patience the “Midas-touch” Tools & environment Team player Ability to commit and deliver on-time.

Industry relevance Development activities:  Embedded middleware  Applications  Automation  Bootloader  OS/Kernel porting  Platform development  Linux systems  Telecom/networking  Self learning kits  SDKs  Debugging  Diagnostics Automation and control Automotive Consumer electronics Mobile & Wireless Storage & Networks .

com/EmertxeTweet https://www. https://www.slideshare. 9th Cross.Stay connected About us: Emertxe is India’s one of the top IT finishing schools & self learning kits provider. Emertxe Information Technologies. 5th Main. Oracle and Android areas. Karnataka 560046 T: +91 80 6562 9666 E: training@emertxe. Jayamahal Extension. Our primary focus is on Embedded with diversification focus on https://twitter. Bangalore.

Demo: Internet-of-Things (IOT) .

Any THING. Any PLACE connection .Internet of Things Any TIME.

Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs  Project ecosystem .Emx–PIC platform  Microchip PIC microcontroller  Multiple peripheral support  Explore all possible I/O ports  Beginner’s view for Embedded  Students.

Industry  This application to demonstrate automating industrial workflows in the area of machine management especially in growing demography like India.  The application is interfaced with a stepper motor and IR sensor. thereby automating industry workflows . It show how a stepper motor can be driven and control conveyor system.  The user can count the objects moving on the conveyor belt using the IR sensor and keep track of total production. which is a typical use in beverage industry.Use case .

Home  In our daily life we do certain regular thing like switching on the water heater early morning to take a bath or say switching on the gate lights every day at dusk and switch off at dawn.  This will demonstrate simple and effective home automation.  Our application will a simple demo on how we can achieve this with Emx PIC platform by interfacing with a lamp and PC fan.Use case . .