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Procedure text

Procedure Procedures help us do a task or make
something. They can be a set of instructions or
Writing procedures When writing procedures you

6. Place seed tray in warm, sunny
position (at least 25 deg. C).
7. Keep soil moist by watering gently
while seeds are germinating. Seeds
will germinate in approximately 10
- 14 days.

• use command sentence in present tense eg spray
• include technical terms when you need to eg friable
• use words that tell the reader how, when and where
to perform the task eg fill, firmly.
Use the sample procedure to answer the following

Answer The questions:
1. What is the type of the text above?
2. What is the purpose of the text?
3. How many materials are in the text above?
4. How many steps are in the text above?
5. What should we do after spraying water to
moisten the seed bed?

How To Make Fruit Ice
1 List two words from the text that are written in present Ingredients :




2 List as many words as you can that indicate how, when


and where the task should be carried out.


Procedure: example This sample procedure is

labelled to show you the structure and language features
of a procedure text.
1. First, Cut the fruit round or dice.
2. Then, Scratching the flesh of a melon.
title (aim,
3. Then, Boil sugar with water until cooked
for about 30 minutes.
Germinating petunia seeds
4. Next, Put in serving glasses that have
been cut round pieces or dice.
Follow these instructions to germinate
Then, Pour the sugar water, put ice cubes
pertunia seeds.
and put milk on ice fruit.
6. Last, put the decorations on the glass
You will need:
with a piece of strawberry on it.
Ingredients/ • a packet of petunia seeds
materials and• a seed tray or small pots
Answer The questions:
• loamy friable soil or potting mix
1. What is the purpose of the text?
• water
2. How many steps are in the text above?
• fertiliser.
3. What should we do after boiling sugar with
Steps/methoo 1. Fill seed tray with soil.
4. What is the synonym of “Ingredients”?
5. What is the synonym of “methods”?
2. Incorporate fertiliser into soil.
3. Scatter seeds on the surface of the
4. Cover seeds with a 3 mm layer of
soil. Press firmly.
5. Spray water to moisten the seed

Put stock into a pan and heat until boiling. 2. Add a little of salt and pepper. Mix together egg and lemon juice. Cook gently for three minutes. Stir this mixture into the remaining stock in pan. 6.Rearrange then identify the generic structure of the text How To Make Egg and Lemon Soup Materials:  3 pints chicken stock  Juice of 2 Lemons  3 oz rice  salt and pepper  4 eggs. 7. 4. 3. 5. well beaten Steps: 1. Add three tablespoons of stock to the mixture and stir. . Add rice and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes.