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What is happening to Earth and its Climate?

Please read and viral and call the attention of leaders of nations
and organizations. It is very important
By John Paily

Earth’s climate is product of Quantum Change in energy or heat of the
system. Earth has parallel world design that helps it to sustain certain
equilibrium or temperature of earth much like living organism. It has parallel
world design where when one part is heating up [day cycle] there is another
part where the system cools [night cycle] such that overall system is
balanced within limit. As one part heats up to certain maximum it gives way
to opposite cycle, the opposite happens in the parallel world [see fig- selfsustaining parallel world]. We see here four point or worlds interacting. The
system is instantaneously communicated and it acts when it reaches certain
critical point. The action is then communicates in time through the system.
We experience this as day and night cycle that functions as one and exist in
relation to parallel cycle where the opposite happens. This cycle is encloses
in bigger cycles that manifests as climatic cycle. In short, two basic
processes govern the system; one is energizing and another is materializing.
In other words, the system strives to sustain certain ratio of energy to

Earth has several grid points through which the climate changes smoothly
within a peak and fall over certain time. This means earth has multiples
worlds. The stability of the system relates to some minimum grid point. As
we unilaterally stress the system, by increasing its energy content the grid
points begins to dissolve. Consequence is very simple, the peak and fall
becomes energized See Fig. Thus, we on earth are experiencing sudden
peaking of heat leading to huge forest fire and wind bound destruction.
Sudden falling expresses as flash floods and snows. The fall is a winding
force, this leads to compression of tectonic plates, and thus we see increase
in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If this goes unchecked, it can shear
all the ecological systems and biosphere. Earth can virtually split annihilating
all of humanity. Earth is self-sustaining Gaia as noble laureate Noble Laureate
James Lovelock proved to the world. However, we the so called selfproclaimed conscious and intelligent being pose threat to it. James Lovelock
in his book “Vanishing face of Gaia – The Final Warning” has warned the
world to where it is treading.

It is important we note that the space-time remains the same. What
increases and decreases is energy and motion.

I perceive danger to humanity and his existence on this planet from two
groups of intellectuals, one forming the religious community, who divides
and rules people in the name of an unseen force call God that gives life and
sustains life. They have manifested as the biggest threat to
humanity. This statement of mine is supported very much by what we are
seeing in the world. It is up to you to awaken or not. It is time we drop all
religions, emerge from darkness to light, and know our oneness. The second
danger I perceived is from scientific community that in its quest to predict
and conquer nature has accumulated power to exploit her but has failed to
comprehend and understand her working in simplicity. She is now reacting
violently, yet this community is failing to awaken. What is at stake common
people’s lives. It is for us to awaken and lead them to light, such that
humanity survives and enters the Golden Age or Kingdom of God.
There is future provided we awaken and bring shift from material to living
world view and develop new technologies based on life.

Act before it is late