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Central Power Research Institute

(A Govt. of India Society, Ministry of Power)
Post Box No.8066, Prof. Sir. C.V.Raman Road
Sadashivanagar Post Office, BANGALORE – 560 080

7th Sept 2013
Advertisement No. CPRI/ME-M Tech/2013-14/001

Applications are invited from eligible students for ME/M.Tech Project works at CPRI. The
candidates shall submit the details through their respective college authorities & restricted
to 2 students per college.
1. Curriculam Vitae:
2. Areas of interest:
3. Methodology proposed by the student for addressing the project at CPRI highlighting
the time based goals, IPR issues & also highlighting the perspective of the project in
the power sector:
4. Desirable: To provide the PERT Chart
5. Requirement of any specific analytical equipment/software/consumables with
cost implication
Last date for receipt of applications: 18.09.2012

For more details please contact
Rajaram, EO-2,HPL, CPRI Bangalore (9538992738)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Project title 1) FACTS Controller 2) Distributed Generation integration with grid 3) Power Distribution-Reliability. 5) Design of 10 kA 500 V Static switch for short-circuit testing on Miniature circuit-breakers. 2) Experimental stress analysis of transmission line towers 1) Voltage Stability Analysis for Smart Electrical Power Systems Division DSD DMD HPL HVL SCLab MTD MED PSD . Electrical – 1. condition monitoring of turbine systems 4) Polymeric systems for battery applications 1) Switching transients in power network 2) Transient performance of Current transformers 3)Simulation study of super conducting energy storage devices 1) Modeling of CVT for lower and higher frequencies 2) Simulation study of transient response test by using PSPICE 3) Drawing the required characteristics of the static switch for transient response test by using the above modeling. reconditioning of oils. 2) Thermal Analysis of transformer due to non-linear loads with Kfactor estimation. Material Science -1 3) Investigation of the combined effect of cavitation and silt erosion behaviour of hydro turbine steels and coatings: Experimental and numerical methods.Tech projects at CPRI SR. 1) Mineral insulating oils. chemical composition. 1) Cost effective design of Distribution Transformer with reduced stray losses using FEM approach. oil paper composite insulation. Mechanical / Material Science -1 1) Design/testing of transmission line towers/poles etc. role of sulphur. 2) Condition monitoring of transformers using online systems. No.E / M. 3) Simulation of Synchronous generator transient response during Asymmetrical system faults. 4) Design of maintenance free breathers for conventional distribution transformers. phosphate esters. additive formulations. 1) Impact of blended coal firing on the power plant performance – Experimental and Numerical Studies Chemical -1 2) Technology for Design and Development – Engineering of HTS Power Apparatus: HTS Transformer and Superconducting Fault Current Limiter. 3) Lubricating oils.Titles and areas of M.