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Herbal medicines, compared to synthetic medicines, have been used for a much longer

time and have provided great advantages since its creation. Today, Herbal medicines are used
only as an alternative for synthetic medicines. However in today’s life, many people are
dependent on synthetic medicine. Some have already forgotten that herbal medicines were
used in early times by our ancestors and it really works. Although they are both medicines and
their goal is to fight diseases, Herbal medicine is more relevant to use than the synthetic
medicine due to its natural ingredients, its affordability, its convenience and reliability.
Both herbal and synthetic medicines have plants as the main ingredient but herbal
medicine is preferable due to its purity unlike the synthetic medicine having undergone
chemical modification thus plausibly having numerous side effects (Rastogi, Chiappelli,
Ramchandani, Singh 2011). Both medicines came from a plant but they actually differ in
their ingredients that inherit different effects to the body.
Herbal medicines have plants as their primary ingredient. Herbal medicine, also
known as botanical medicine or phytomedicine, refers to the use of the different parts of the
plant such as plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes
(Jitendra Srivastava, John Lambert, Noel Vietmeyer 1996). These different parts of the plants
can be used in their flesh form or in dried state. Herbal medicines are made naturally because
it does not have any other chemically related ingredients. Being naturally made, it actually
guarantees the efficacy and healing capabilities of the medicine. Unlike Herbal medicines,
synthetic medicines are medicines that are chemically made and were actually from the
original part of a plant that is commonly called “active ingredient”. Pharmaceuticals also
known as the synthetic medicines are made out of natural products, chemical derivatives of

Some herbal medicine also helps us to be healthy. Herbal and synthetic medicines undergo different methods. synthetic medicine reduces the pain. powdered form. Herbal medicine not just lessens or releases the pain but also totally cures the disease because each part of the plant that is used as herbal medicine works in the body correctly. new synthetic compounds and recombinant proteins(H. the chemical that it uses works only on a specific body receptor. Synthetic medicines are made up of only a part of a plant that is commonly called “active ingredient” while herbal medicines are made up of different parts of the plant that have individual functions. On the other hand. The process of making synthetic medicine is extracting a part of a plant then adding chemicals to it for it to be more potent. Alice M. Thus. It can be produced in a tablet form. Herbal medicine helps the body to have a good posture and weight and it actually helps in the digestion of food the person intakes meanwhile synthetic medicine sometimes causes allergies or complication to the body because of the chemical used to it and other unknown ingredients. Tetsuya Konishi 2014).natural substances. Volker Eid 2008). plant. Herbal medicines are made out of different parts of plant that undergoes . syrup form or ointment form. Sapienza. herbal medicine is preferable because it is more effective on a person’s body because our body is more accustomed to it (Erikson 2011). Both medicines differ in some aspects even though having the same main ingredient. Synthetic medicines are made up of specific plant parts that are then chemically modified.-Harald Sedlacek. Some synthetic medicines are added to food because they have an active ingredient that has great effects on a human’s health (Dilip Ghosh. They work accordingly in a person’s body on the other hand. Debasis Bagchi.

herbal medicines.d. infusion. they only just lessen the pain or make it not visible for a short time. decoction. Due to the chemical components of synthetic medicines. synthetic medicines usually are composed of ingredients that bodies are not familiar and may cause different or harmful effects (Bent 2003). Synthetic medicines usually have new components that our bodies are not familiar with and may have different or harmful effects. although it is scientifically tested there is still a possibility that the drug in some aspects may affect harmfully the human body (Sanjeev Rastogi. Herbal medicines can be made at home by an ordinary person while synthetic medicines are usually made in laboratories or factories by a professional or a person who has knowledge in doing it. Herbal medicine is . etc to make it edible. tincture. extracting. drink. Synthetic medicines differ from nutritional sources. n. (Sese 2015 DOH). Synthetic medicines does not cure.different methods such as. All these different methods produce an herbal solution. powdered medicine. powdering. Francesco Chiappelli. Synthetic medicines change the body’s state chemically while the nutritional sources do the same but also give what the body requires to heal itself (Muhammad. On the other hand. or many other forms that can be applied to an injured area or are drunk to cure. poultice. Unlike herbal medicines. A person’s body reacts naturally to herbs which are used as herbal medicines because the body is used to it and herbs are present way back then.). have less and most likely harmless side effects. Ram Harsh Singh 2011). it will have harmful side effects on a person’s body. Most synthetic medicines have side effects that are harmful and a few have worse effects. being naturally made up of plants. by compressing. Manisha Harish Ramchandani. oil.

et al. Herbal medicines are really beneficial because by using herbal medicines. 2004). Herbal medicines are affordable because they are not owned by anyone (branded) while synthetic medicines are costly because they are hard to prepare and owned by big companies. The ingredients that are used are those that a person’s body is exposed to and is frequently produced in our body. 2003). The use of herbal medicine will lead to less dependency on the imported medicine which causes a big amount of money (Exconde (1991). On the other hand synthetic medicines are a burden because it really cost too much. According to the World Health Organization (WHO). people can save money and use it for other important expenses because it can be bought in a low price or you can just get it somewhere (De Padua 1998). Herbal medicine increases the body’s capability towards a disease. to cure illnesses. because of poverty and lack of access to modern medicine in some countries.). Herbal medicine can be used as the replacement for some of the synthetic medicine used to treat a chronic disease (Kraft and Hobbs. The only difference is that synthetic medicine is mixed up with chemical while the herbal medicine remains pure (Kong JM. Both synthetic medicine and herbal medicine are alike because both come from a plant and both have the same purpose. The approval and the use of medicinal plants which was scientifically proven and updated when it comes to its effect and its safety will be beneficial for the country because it can be used as an alternative for the mode of therapy for common ailments which can be treated by a highly cost synthetic medicine. it is made up of natural ingredients that plants exhibit.beneficial. about . Herbal medicine is naturally made. 2013). it also immunes’ body and it makes the body healthier by constant treatment (Tanner.

Herbal medicines can be used even without a doctor’s prescription. a person does not need to avail an expensive health card or health insurance (De padua 1998). etc. safe to use because it is naturally made so the body accepts it smoothly and also it has less side effects than the synthetic medicine. Herbal medicine can also serve as a substitute for an expensive synthetic medicine to cure or treat different diseases such as chronic diseases. synthetic medicines are hard to prepare because it needs to be done in a laboratory and it undergoes a long process. Herbal medicine has several benefits. Unlike the herbal medicines. On the other hand synthetic medicines are difficult to get because some of the synthetic medicine are only found in a specific area and it is sometimes out of stock (Exconde 1991). Another advantage is that medicinal plants can be planted anywhere. Many herbs can be prepared in common ways we already know like teas. Herbal medicines are reliable. The medicinal plant is something that anybody can get or afford because it is planted in some parts of the city.( Calixto 2000) There are some cases that people are harmed by herbal medicines but it is just because of carelessness or the lack of . It is actually easy to prepare. coffees. Herbal medicines can be found anywhere while synthetic medicines are sometimes hard to locate or out of stock in the local pharmacy.65-80% of the world’s population which lives in developing countries depends essentially on plants for primary health care (Calixto 2000). it can be bought even without prescription and are ready to use. in other words. like it is available everywhere and it is easy to prepare. Synthetic medicine is hard to get because it needs a doctor’s prescription and it is sometimes unavailable because the chemical used is only limited and it cannot produce many synthetic medicine that people needs.

it can be used as a mouth wash to treat tooth decay and gum infection. and being studied for anti-cancer properties. Lagundi (Vitex negundo). .and solmux syrup and tablet which is not naturally made. alcohol or betadine that is used in wounds. known as “bitter gourd” or in English.knowledge of the person who is using it and not because of the ingredients used in herbal medicine on the other hand. in English .). hemofrhoids. “guava”. also known as “ringworm bush” in English. Bayabas (Psidium guajava). burns and scalds. its use is for cough and colds only. It is primarily used as an antiseptic. The equivalent synthetic medicine for this is ointments such as bactroban or agua oxigenada. tinea. Akapulko (Cassia alata). Its main use is for the relief of colds and coughs and asthma. athletes foot.). which will show the capability of both medicines to treat a disease. coughs. Also. scabies and itchyness and skin fungal infections Its equivalent synthetic medicine is . Bawang (Allium sativum). it lowers the blood sugar of a patient. it is most known as a treatment of diabetes and for non-insulin dependent patients. helps control blood pressure and also antibacterial.d. popularly known as “garlic” which contains allicin. this herbal medicine is used to treat ringworms. using synthetic medicine is not that safe because it is not naturally made and it is composed of chemical ingredients that is harmful for our body because some chemicals remains in the body and it becomes toxic that causes other complications (Muhammad. Ampalaya (Momordica charantia). n. These are some examples of common medicinal plants that were approved by the DOH and the equivalent synthetic medicine with their uses. eczema. to disinfect wounds. The equivalent synthetic medicine of this is the rubitussin. in English known as the “5-leaved chaste tree”. it mainly reduces cholesterol in the blood and hence. The equivalent synthetic medicine of ampalaya is Insulin which treats only diabetes. Niyog-niyogan (Quisqualis indica L.

(Bayalan. But with the rise of synthetic medicines. prepared like tea. Tsaang Gubat (Ehretia microphylla Lam. also used as a mouth wash since the leaves of this shrub has high fluoride content and dysentery. people need to count on herbal medicine to treat diseases and injuries. Herbal medicines were proven and tested already during those times because diseases in the early times was treated and cured. Villa . Yerba Buena (Clinopodium douglasii). ~Kasi nga mas mura yung herbal medicine tas may kaparehas din pala sitya sa syntheticpero yung synthetic mahal pero effective sila parehas. The synthetic medicine that is equivalent to this is an antihelmintics which fights and treats worms. Can be used for fever and headache. also known as “pansit-pansitan”. A diuretic that helps in the excretion of urinary stones. This is actually used for deworming. 2008). this herbal medicine is effective in treating intestinal motility such as stomach pains. gastroenteritis.~ People have already used herbal medicine even before when modern technology and doctors were still not present and because of it.). herbal . commonly known as Peppermint. The equivalent synthetic medicine of this is the alaxan fr.Landicho. Only the dried matured seeds are medicinal. It can be taken internally as a decoction or externally by pounding the leaves and applied directly on the afflicted area. Herbal medicines not just treat one disease but it can also treat other diseases while synthetic medicines treat a specific disease a vine known as “Chinese honey suckle”. It is effective in the elimination of intestinal worms. Ulasimang Bato (Peperomia pellucida). this vine is used as an analgesic to relive body aches and pain and also dizziness. The leaves can be eaten fresh as salad or like tea. It can also be used as an edema and gaseous distansia. particularly the Ascaris and Trichina. It is effective in fighting arthritis and gout. it is known as the Blumea camphora. in English. Sambong (Blumea balsamifera). It may be injected or it may also be drunk.

all in all.medicines received different criticisms about its effectivity. Herbal medicines are also available and practical and convenient to use because it can be seen and bought everywhere and it just not cure a disease but it also helps in the digestion of food and the body’s detoxification. Herbal medicines. Herbal medicine has also fewer side effects than the synthetic so it is safer to use and also because it is made up of natural ingredients as said earlier. can still treat diseases in the modern world – gradually but surely. it just not heal a disease but some also strengthen and makes a person more healthy. Herbal medicines are made up natural ingredients that the body of a person is used to. although ancient to some. our body is used to the ingredients that were utilized in herbal medicines. Herbal medicines. Another advantage is that herbal medicine has is affordable. it can sell in a very low price or sometimes it’s free because it can be just planted in the backyard then undergo a simple method to become an herbal medicine and it is way cheaper than the synthetic medicine . Herbal medicines are more relevant to use because it has more benefits and advantages than the synthetic medicines. . In fact. are better to use than the synthetic medicine because of the greater benefits that a person can get from using them.