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A Brief on Razdhan Pass Tunnel


For rapid development of J&K state road trough communication priority is being
given to up-gradation of National / State highways, major district roads and other
allied road networks including construction of new roads/tunnels for better
connectivity to remote areas, which is vital to the interests and requirements of
travel and tourism, trade and commerce, security and defence and helps to foster
national integration. To achieve the purpose Government of India is mulling to dig
three tunnels in strategic border areas of Kashmir to provide the year round






The three proposed tunnels will connect Kargil, Gurez and Tangdhar, which are
otherwise cut off from mainland India during winter months.
Among the three proposed



tunnel at Razdan pass in



connect Gurez, a strategic
valley situated on the Line
of Control with Bandipora
for a length of around 18





tunnel would give India an
upper hand over Pakistan in
the area, which is often
used as an infiltration route
by militants and will furthermore boost the tourism and year round connectivity to
the habitants. The DPR for the project has been prepared by Border Roads
Organization (BRO) and under consideration for financial approval by the
Government of India.



shear and faults zones etc The intersection of these planes may give rise to wedge formation which may cause overbreak and if charged with water flowing from ground.s.A Brief on Razdhan Pass Tunnel Project The Proposed tunnel at Razdan Pass starts at Km 9. Salient features of the proposed tunnel are as under: (a) Length of the tunnel alignment (b) Location 42.l. shaly lime stone.00 km (Approx) Regional Geological Set Up The proposed tunnel alignment are likely to pass through wide variety of rocks like shale. The south portal elevation is 1945 m. In general the rocks of the Great Himalayan ranges are highly disturbed structurally and contain a large number of joints. slate.00) (f) (g) 18.a.86 km long and a parallel escape tunnel. phyletic calcarious shale and dark slate and phyllites Rock type revealed during preliminary study Volcanic rocks and crystalline lime stone shaly lime stone phyletic calcarious shale and dark slate and phylliter Approach roads Bandipur stars from Km 3.l. 4 . quartzite and volcanic rocks There is a marked variation in the geomechanical and geophysical properties of these rocks which will influence the tunnel construction and support systems to a large extent. and north portal elevation is 2425 m. sets.a.s. schist. phyllite.00 (Sonarwani) with continous ascents upto Razdhan pass and there after descent upto Gureiz (Dawar. km 81.5% upward gradient towards centre from both ends: (e) Cover of hill mass over the alignment Volcanic rocks and crystalline lime stone. lime stone.5 of the current Bandipore-Gurez road and consist of a single main tunnel 17.00 Km on road Bandipur-Gureiz in Jammu & Kashmir State- (c) Horizontal alignment Preferably straight (d) Vertical alignment 1.

Geothermal Condition No geothermal spring has been identified along the proposed tunnel alignment. More details on the subject may be obtained from Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (DRDO). The main drainage course like rivers occupy the earlier glacial valleys. particularly between Nov to May every year The road remain open to traffic only for six months in a year i. Avalanche Areas A number of avalanche areas exist in the area. therefore. Forest Cover The snow bound and high altitudes ranging from 2100m-3600m are vegetative cover. be identified only after studying the ground water conditions by means of exploratory drifts and drill holes. it is too early to precisely define the zones of high seepage. The general drainage pattern of the area is sub parallel and appears to be structurally controlled.e. The lower reaches have thick growth of bushes on the valley slopes. (Research and Development Centre). Chandigarh-1 60036. between mid May and Nov and it remains closed from mid Nov to mid May. Sector-37A. this aspect will have to be carefully examined during the geological investigations and other related studies. The same can. However. Seismicity 4 .A Brief on Razdhan Pass Tunnel Project Snow Cover Most of the high altitude areas in the region where the above-mentioned tunnel alignments pass are covered by snow. Ground Water Conditions At this stage. Him Parisar.

The maximum temperature in this region ranges from 17° C to 30 °C during the months of Jun/Jul and minimum Temp -10°C to -15°C in month of Jan/ Feb. the severity of wind Is more during winter season. Wind and Snow Drift Cold winds exist in most of the high altitude area. Rainfall And Temperature The area is mountainous. CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: The Project report to construct 18 kilometre Gurez-Bandipora tunnel has been forwarded to Central Government for approval.A Brief on Razdhan Pass Tunnel Project The area lies in a high seismic terrain that is. ********************** 4 . within seismic Zone V of Seismic Zoning Map of India (IS 1893-2002). The area has experienced shocks of some of the major earthquakes having their epicenter in the North-Western Himalaya.