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Labs and server room ready for examination
Availability of required number of systems as per agreement
Availability of 10% backup PCs
Ensure all labs are connected in single LAN and no network issues.

5. Male and female security assigned for examination
6. Brief security personal of exam process, frisking and checking of candidates and
identify entry points for candidates for the exam
College staff
7. Identified and Designated staff from college are present and briefed about the entire
process and their responsibilities
8. Volunteer staff are briefed for providing drinking water to candidates.
Signage & directions
9. Place / paste signages, direction indicators, lab names and numbers, and PC number
ranges in each floor/building/lab for easy approach of the candidates to the
registration desk and their designated computers in the labs
UPS & Genset
10. Availability of UPS and genset with required diesel for at least 3 hours and are in
working condition.
11. Brief electrician and support staff of the process
12. Liaise with Centre superintendent and observer from MPPSC. Brief them on the
process and plan.
13. Familiarize with Invigilators who are detailed from the Govt Department.
14. Introduce college staff who will act as support staff for checking and Registration of
Candidate List
1. Candidate list for the given slot to be pasted at the main entrance at least 2 hours
prior to the time of the test.
2. College Security at the main entrance is made aware of the candidate list and
instructed to allow only candidates with valid admit card and photo id proof.
Security & frisking of candidates
3. Identification of one classroom / hall for assembling of candidates and leave their
belongings before proceeding to registration desk.
4. Male and female security guard present with metal detectors for frisking of

8. Bangles. Uninterrupted power supply. 5. 9. When registration starts. Candidates cannot carry any items such as electronic gadgets (such as Mobile phones. 3. calculators). 6. bag. paper. Dupatta. candidate leaves his/her belongings in the waiting hall and is ready for frisking. 3. watches.30 am. waist bands.00 am the candidates reporting time is 8. 8. clutcher. finger rings. 10. Eg. Candidates to remove their footwear and socks in the waiting area and will not be allowed entry to computer lab with shoes and socks on. Ensure that the place is clean. Give preference to PWD handicapped candidates while allowing the candidates in.00 am. verifies the candidate’s identity from Hall Ticket and id proof. 2. Candidates are comfortable during the examination and that the entire examination process is smooth. Centre arrangements 7. Candidate will not be allowed entry to the premises after 9. hair clip. Candidate arrives 90 minutes before the commencement of the examination. 4. Driving License. Scribes accompanying the candidate should have been registered a day before the exam in the link provided in the MPPSC web site. 7. Only candidates will be allowed inside the premises. Security Personal on duty. Parents/ Relatives/ Friends accompanying the candidates will be requested to wait outside the centre. Waiting hall to be locked after all candidates go for registration and will be opened when all candidates return after examination.All designated staff ( From College.. Entry & Checking the candidates 1. any type of jewellery. ID issued by the Institutions/Govt Departments. Eduquity Tech staff and MPPSC staff) 5. If any designated staff is absent or unable to attend. arrange alternative manpower. Candidates are not allowed to wear scarf covering the face. Candidate to carry any one of the Original photo ID (PAN Card. Check whether all college staff assigned are in place. 3. Start the Generator immediately (within a max of 10 minutes) in case of power failure. 9. Bank pass book with photograph) in addition to the admit card. purse (except Wallet) to the examination hall. Ensure availability of MPPSC personnel also near frisking of candidates Frisking of candidates : 1. Male / female security guard will check and frisk candidates with the help of Hand held scanners and direct them to Registration Desk. Pass port. Voter ID. . caps and sunglasses PWD candidates 1. 6. PWD candidates are allowed scribes if entitled as per the norms. 2. for the test starting at 10. wrist bands. Aadhar Card. 2. Candidates assemble in a waiting hall/ classroom until time for registration.

On completion of the examination candidate clicks the submit button. 5. 12. 7. 5. 9. Candidate produces the hall ticket. and in case of any doubt with regard to the Examination. 6. 13. the Hall Ticket will be scanned using the barcode instrument. Photograph of the candidate taken through a web camera. 8. 10. raises hand to draw the attention of invigilator for help. On verification of identity. 15. 14. The candidate starts answering the questions and the timer starts in descending order from 120 The individual cannot take any break before completion of the Examination. 2. 3. Invigilator guides the candidate to the allotted computer. Guide the PWD candidates with scribe to MPPSC observers for verification before allowing for the examination. Candidate clicks on continue button to login in using the password. However. 4. 7. Candidates briefed on the examination process. 2. Candidate proceeds to the allotted computer to take the examination 9. At registration desk 1.4. Biometric impression (left thumb impression – four times) of the candidate will be captured. 11. Candidate will be provided with a maximum of two sheets of paper for rough work. Candidate clicks on the continue button Two photos of the candidate are displayed on the screen. The computer will show the system number. which refreshes the screens and enables candidates to start the Examination. Any candidate found using Un Fair Means (UFM) in the examination hall will be expelled from the examination and his/her examination will be terminated. he or she is permitted to submit the test only in the last10 minutes before the completion of permitted 120 minutes. Registration of candidates Candidates cleared by security immediately report to Registration desk. present in the centre. PWD candidates shall be accommodated in the ground floor only wherever possible. The candidate may review the answers in case he/she finishes the Examination before the given time of 120 minutes. 8. SPA Technical in-charge initiates the ‘Start of Examination’. 4. 3. Candidate takes the Examination. Any disparity with regard to candidates should be reported to Centre Superintendent or communicated to SPA Bangalore for clarification and also to be referred to MPPSC Observers. The candidate is directed to the computer lab. Computer Based Examination Candidate enters the Computer lab: 1. Candidate logs goes through the instructions and waits for the administrator to start the Examination. Candidate is allotted a System Number/Computer 6. . The lab name/ number and the system number is endorsed on the Hall ticket /admit card.

POWER BACKUP GUIDELINE The above test is scheduled for 07th& 08th Nov 2015 and as such there is a requirement to take care of the uninterrupted power supply during the Test. Additional 2 -3 switches to be kept ready as back up near the server desk. 17. 18. . which he can verify but cannot make any changes. Candidates are now allowed to leave the computer lab. 5. 3. 4. Cables should be neatly placed so that the candidates do not step on them while taking the test in the workstations. 6. Candidate hands over the used rough paper sheet to the invigilator.if your DG Capacity is 125 KVA . All computers should ping each other and should not have any interruptions. 19. Cables should be covered or tied together so as to prevent loose cables running around or any possibility of disconnection or damage during the test. A PDF document of the response sheet will be generated which will be sent to the given email ID of the candidate within 24 hours. The thank you page will appear.16. NETWORKING/INTERNET GUIDELINES 1.please make arrangement forbackup Generator (if possible) We will be requesting MPPSC to issue a request letter to the Electricity Board to ensure Power supply on the day of the test. Uplinks . 6. Standard calculation of the load is 1 KVA @ 4-5 Computers with TFT Screen and 3 Computers with CRT Monitor (Example :. you may use 500-600 Computers for the exam without any other consumption of the electricity Note: . In this direction you are requested to kindly ensure: 1. Additional LAN cables also to be stored as back up in case of emergency. 2. 20. On clicking the submit button the candidate’s complete response sheet will appear on the screen with the question and response selected by the candidate. 5. LAN Switches should be thoroughly checked for loose connections or faulty switches. 4. 21. 3. Your UPS/Generator sets are serviced and in working condition Sufficient Diesel stock is made available to run the DG Set Proper load balancing of Generator and UPS to be worked out AC should not be connected to Generator /UPS The power load on the line Cable is as per the Capacity Electrician is available in situ during the examination and preparation days to handle the power failure 7. All computers identified for the test should be connected through a single LAN across labs and buildings 2.Cables (CAT-6) should be with indentified symbols 7. Candidate will confirm the correctness of the response and on clicking the “ I agree that options shown are correct” button.

Network connectivity to be made available for the registration desks that will be placed outside the examination hall preferably a separate room or lab. a back up internet connection also to be made available in the server room. Subramanyam : Mr. Ramesh Sharma : 9549898255 . 11. to connect the server for the examination. In addition. Each system should be installed with Anitvirus updated version.99646 45974 Mobile:. However the client systems or the nodes do not require any internet during the course of the examination. 12.8. 9. Sufficient ventilation of airflow should be ensured for the Network Switches and the servers to avoid any heating up of the switches 10. Internet Guideline One broadband internet connection with a speed of min 1 MBps is required. Network Administrator /Manager IT /LAN Manager / Technical Staff must be deputed in examination and shall be responsible to trouble shoot all LAN/network related issues immediately. Servers will be brought by the Eduquity Technical Staff. you may contact Mr. CONTACT DETAILS In case of any queries or clarifications regarding Networking you may contact the following staff. Mr. Sunil Reddy : Mobile:.8277196818 Mobile:.7893298999 In case of any queries or clarifications regarding Operations. Irfan Khan : Mr.