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Actor Release Form

To whom it may concern,
This contract is between ___________________________ and Shuttle
Productions. I, _______________________, authorise Shuttle Productions the
right to photograph my child and to record my child’s voice,
performances, poses, actions, plays and appearances, and use my child’s
picture, silhouette or any other reproductions of my child’s physical
likeness in connection with the working title ‘R3’.
I hereby grant Shuttle Productions, its successors and licensees the right
to use all still and motion pictures of my child as well as sound track
recordings and other recordings which make use of my child’s voice. I also
give the right to use my child’s name or likeness in or in connection with
exhibition, advertising, exploiting and/or publicising of the picture. I
further grant the right to reproduce any recordings including all
instrumental, musical or other sound effects produced by my child which
will be in connection with the production and/or post-production of the
By signing this form, I understand that my child will adhere to the
schedule agreed to the best of their ability. I also agree to make my child
available when necessary, to record my child’s voice for voiceovers or
other sound effects that will be necessary.
I further acknowledge and agree that any commitments beyond the scope
and intent of this release are the sole responsibility of Shuttle Productions
or it’s duly appointed representatives.
I represent that I am a parent/guardian of the actor and I hereby agree
that both shall be bound thereby and agree to the above terms

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________
(Signature of parent/guardian if actor is under the age of 18)
Actor Name: _____________________________
Date: ______________