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2. for all inspection. CONTRACTOR shall immediately remove from the SITE and replace any of such rejected EQUIPMENT without delay with items acceptable to COMPANY at CONTRACTOR’s expense. 2. more efficient or advanced designs may become available. maintenance and replacement of its EQUIPMENT and all the necessary spare parts for its EQUIPMENT as required in accordance with good oil field practices and. CONTRACTOR shall provide.4 COMPANY has the right to inspect and reject any or all of CONTRACTOR’s furnished EQUIPMENT to be used in the WORK which do not. within forty eight (48) hours of receiving COMPANY's notification at CONTRACTOR’s sole cost and expense.1. to replace the standard EQUIPMENT provided at charges to be mutually agreed upon. fault in material.3 CONTRACTOR undertakes not to remove or transfer from the SITE CONTRACTOR’s EQUIPMENT. 2.6 All the EQUIPMENT supplied by CONTRACTOR shall be newly manufactured in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications free from defects.1. EQUIPMENT with improved. in COMPANY’s opinion.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide all the EQUIPMENT and tools required for the WORK.5 During the term of this CONTRACT or any extension thereafter.2 CONTRACTOR shall be fully responsible.1 EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS 2. without prior written approval by COMPANY.1. comply with this CONTRACT.1. upon request by COMPANY. supply such new EQUIPMENT. 2. CONTRACTOR shall. workmanship and manufacture. and shall be stored by CONTRACTOR under acceptable conditions to COMPANY. for proper storage and security of its EQUIPMENT at all times during the term of this CONTRACT or any extensions thereafter. at its sole cost and expense.1. upon request. governed by the terms and conditions of this CONTRACT. which must be available at SITE as COMPANY may require. 2. repair. 2. CONTRACTOR’S OBLIGATIONS 2.1. CONTRACTOR shall keep the EQUIPMENT at all times in a good operating condition. 2 . pertinent details of Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures (QA / QC).1 SCOPE OF WORK CONTRACTOR shall provide COMPANY with a fully high quality EQUIPMENT as set out in Exhibit A of this scope of work on consignment basis. as well as those of COMPANY in CONTRACTOR’s custody. in locations operated by COMPANY (the “SITE”).

2.8 CONTRACTOR shall at its sole expense and responsibility. according to the qualifications required by COMPANY. COMPANY will not be obliged to buy remained stock at the end of the CONTRACT term.4 COMPANY may at any time request removal of any of CONTRACTOR’s personnel. including safety practices generally required by the oil and gas industry and as required by COMPANY’s safety rules and regulations 2.7 CONTRACTOR shall keep sufficient quantities of EQUIPMENT available at CONTRACOR’s warehouse for COMPANY’s use based on the annual consumption and in accordance with instructions given by COMPANY. CONTRACTOR’s personnel shall abide by all reasonable rules and regulations governing the WORK promulgated by COMPANY. visas. store it’s EQUIPMENTS at CONTRACTOR’s warehouse. efficiency.2. 2.2. 2. and in a safe and workmanlike manner in accordance with generally accepted good oilfield practices. EQUIPMENT maintained in stock shall remain the property of the CONTRACTOR at all times.5 CONTRACTOR shall be responsible. to perform the WORK as and when required and to maintain its equipment.3 CONTRACTOR shall supervise its personnel at the SITE so as to ensure prompt and efficient completion of the WORK.2. which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. work permits and health certificates.2. Such request for replacement of personnel shall be given in writing to CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR. shall promptly comply with such request and shall provide a replacement or take such other action as may be agreed with COMPANY to remedy the situation.1. from time to time check the stock quantities with COMPANY’s drilling representative. at its sole cost and expense.2 CONTRACTOR undertakes that all its personnel shall perform the WORK with due diligence. CONTRACTOR’S REPRESENTATIVE shall. for furnishing its personnel with the necessary passports.2. where COMPANY has reason to believe that such personnel is professionally incompetent or lacks due diligence or which may cause or has caused the results of the WORK to be prejudiced.2. 2. and skill. CONTRACTOR shall insure that all such visa and 3 .1 CONTRACTOR will provide qualified personnel. COMPANY will not be responsible or liable for any loss of or damage to such EQUIPMENT. at its sole cost and expense. 2.2 PERSONNEL : 2.1. CONTRACTOR’s personnel once accepted by COMPANY shall not be replaced without COMPANY’s written consent.

2.3. 3.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 2. The level of care to be provided by 4 .1 COMPANY shall provide at COMPANY’s expense the necessary transport between offshore rigs at the SITE and COMPANY’s harbor for CONTRACTOR’s EQUIPMENT and personnel. which services or materials are CONTRACTOR’s obligations.1 CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for and shall bear all costs related to the transportation of all its EQUIPMENT provided hereunder between the point of origin and the Company Shore Base on the commencement. 2.3 Transportation 2.permit requirements are attended to in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Arab Republic of Egypt as well as any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the subject matter.3. COMPANY will charge CONTRACTOR for actual cost plus 15% overhead charge except for materials issued from COMPANY’s stock which will be at cost plus 30% overhead charge. for CONTRACTOR’s personnel at CONTRACTOR’s cost and expense which will be invoiced by COMPANY to CONTRACTOR.2. 3.2 Facilities 3.2 COMPANY shall provide assistance to CONTRACTOR in respect of obtaining work permits for its expatriate staff provided COMPANY shall not be required to incur any additional expense in providing such assistance. ARTICLE 3. 2.2.6 CONTRACTOR shall bear all expenses.2 CONTRACTOR shall be fully responsible for all transportation and related traveling expenses for CONTRACTOR’s personnel between Company Shore Base and such personnel’s home base 2. COMPANY’S OBLIGATIONS 3 Transportation 3.4 Materials For all materials or services rendered to CONTRACTOR pursuant to its request.2.3 COMPANY shall provide first aid medical care in SITE as may be required.6 herein COMPANY shall provide food and lodging for CONTRACTOR’s personnel while performing the WORK for COMPANY at offshore rig site. during and upon completion or termination of this CONTRACT. lodging and meals of its personnel in Cairo while waiting to travel to the SITE.1. 3.2. 2.

2 Without prejudice to any other right vested to COMPANY as may be hereunder provided. 5 . It is expressly understood and agreed by the PARTIES hereto that the said medical care is provided subject to CONTRACTOR’s indemnity. at COMPANY's notification. the WORK is still in progress on a given well. the primary term shall be automatically extended until the date of completion of the WORK on such well. at the same rates. COMPANY shall have the right to extend this CONTRACT for an additional period of one (1) year at the same rates. terms and conditions. Exhibit A: CENTRALIZERS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION The scope of work will cover three different tools to cover all the service aspects as per attached list of equipments. terms and conditions. if requested by COMPANY. 4. CONTRACTOR shall be committed to continue the WORK for another three (3) months. ARTICLE 4. Any additional extensions other than the aforesaid shall be subject to the mutual agreement of the PARTIES.1.1.COMPANY shall be the same as provided for COMPANY’s employees.1 The primary term of this CONTRACT shall be for a period of two (2) years effective --------------. TERM OF CONTRACT 4. If at the end of the primary term. In case both PARTIES failed to reach an agreement for extending this CONTRACT.