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Addendum to Thesis

November 2015

Effects of the K-12 Program Implementation in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Curriculum and Accountancy Students Situated in Santa Maria, Bulacan
Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Maria, Bulacan Campus, 2015.

After critical deliberation, the researchers would like to take this opportunity to position
the original thesis according to some of the countrys issues about the K-12 program
implementation that might have been left hanging by the researchers. The main points

Change in the Scope of Respondents

According to this thesis, the respondents were the students in college taking the
BS Accountancy course. The implementation of the K-12 program doesnt directly affect
the said respondents but after giving the respondents information about the program,
before answering the given questionnaires, having taken the course provides enough
insights about the said changes. It may not affect the respondents directly but they have
the most understanding about the course and how the learning takes place in college.
But after the said deliberation, the researchers realized that those who would be directly
affected by the implementation of the K-12 Program for the year 2018 should have been
included in the studys proponent respondents. This includes the incoming college
students for the year 2018, the senior high school teachers during the transition and the
parents of the affected students.

Effects for the Incoming College Students for the year 2018

One of the necessary requisites for a senior high school student to be able to
apply in the BS Accountancy course is to take up the Accountancy, Business and
Management Strand during senior high school together with reaching the grade quota
and passing the college entrance exam, if possible. The researchers were doubting the
ability of this population to provide accurate answers as they have yet to make a
decision to which path they would take in senior high; having no prior knowledge about
the BS Accountancy system; and the uncertainty of the students pursuing college as
taking up the additional 2 years of studying under the 12 year program gives them
enough vocational experience which makes them eligible to work. But still, the said
students would be directly affected as they would be the ones to take the reformed

system. They would benefit from this thesis by knowing the comparisons between the
old and the new system.

Effects for the Senior High School Teachers

Effects for the Parents of the Incoming College Students for the Year 2018

Limitations of a Senior High School Student to a College Course