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: English

I. Choose the multiple choice by give (X) to the correct answer
Read the text to answer number 1-6
One day while a mouse deer was walking in the forest, he saw a big
black snake sleeping under the tree. When he saw the snake, the mouse
deer was frightened. When he wanted to run away from the snake, he
suddenly fell on top of a tiger which was sleeping not far from the snake. The
tiger woke up and took hold of the mouse deer. He told the mouse deer that
he was going to eat him for lunch. “Please don’t eat me now”, said the
mouse deer. “I have something important to do”.
“Look.”Said the mouse deer. “That is the king’s belt. He asked me to
stay here and watch it while he was away in the forest.” The tiger looked at
the snake and said, “That is a beautiful belt. I need a belt like that. Can I
wear it?”He asked the mouse deer.
“Oh all right,” said the mouse deer. So he picked up the snake and
winded it around the tiger. Then the snake woke up and saw the tiger. The
snake twisted itself tighter and tighter until the tiger couldn’t breathe. The
tiger asked the mouse deer to help him. But the mouse deer turned and ran
away into the forest.
1. What is the appropriate title for text above?
a. A big black snake in the
c. A beautiful belt
d. The scared tiger
b. A mouse deer and a tiger
2. What kind of the text the story above is?
a. Narrative text
c. Report text
b. Recount text
d. Descriptive text
3. Why did the mouse deer trick the tiger by saying that the snake was a
king’s belt?
a. the mouse deer liked to trick other animals.
b. the mouse deer was a clever animal.
c. the tiger wanted to eat him

Horse b. a. Mr. Tailor c. we have to be careful with the mouse deer. Listen! The teacher …………. was explaining 11. c. He lives in a small village as farmer. Elephant d. bookshelves. He gets up at four four d. Ahmad is a technician. Rhinoceros c. explains c. Bricklayer 12. etc. c. I have an uncle. Carpenter d. d. fixed 9. After reading this story. to describe something in general. Fisherman b. explained d. the lesson. He often ……………. we can learn that………. radios... is explaining b. Ari : What time did you get up this morning? Ina : ……… a. Mr. fixing b. a. far away from the place where the mouse deer fell 5. 6. they want to get up at five 10. cupboard. sleeping black snake was a dangerous animal. In the middle of the forest. What is it? a. a. next to the mouse deer’s house c.d. Tiger 8. Aldi : Mr. to entertain the readers 7. d. sound system. I got up at five c. What is the communicative purpose of this text? a. to give information about the mouse deer d. Where was the tiger sleeping? a. Sanusi. He has many orders to make chairs. we have to behave like the mouse deer b. She is going to get up at b. The color of the skin is grey and it has one or two horns on it’s nose. The animal has four legs. It has very thick skin. b. Ida : What is his job? Aldi : he is a ………… a. etc. b. to inform the readers about activities happened in the past. . Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph! 1. next the black snake sleeping under the tree. fix d. the tiger wanted to wear it 4. fixes c.. This is because I like to see farmer’s working in the rice field 3. Simon works very hard. we have to find a way to save ourselves from danger. 2. calculators.

a. rackets. are able to Read the text to answer number 14-18 Badminton is one of the popular sports in Indonesia. net d. see the object clearly you should face the microscope to the light and adjust. brother c. We need to spend a lot of money in order to get good nets.4. a lily d. She spent much money for badminton in the past. Susi susanti is the best women badminton player that we have. racket b. 3-4-1-2 13. Nowadays. It has beautiful flower which are mostly purple and red. rackets. a rose c. and shuttlecocks to play badminton. We need net. niece 15. nephew b. The following are the things that we need to play badminton. It can be played indoors and outdoors. know how to d. a. most players play it indoors. She is one of the best woman players in the world. What flowers is it? It is ………. cannot b. If you ………………. except ………. the way to be a good badminton player 16. an orchid b. shuttlecock 15. ball c. 14. the best women badminton player b. The flowers last long time before they die. manage to c. Tohar is my sister’s son.. the things needed for playing badminton c. a jasmin4 14. cousin d. What does paragraph two tell us about? a.. Next week I want to go there a. 1-2-3-4 b. she gets facilities from government and her sponsor. there are many badminton halls in our country. 4-3-2-1 d. and shuttlecocks. Usually it is put in a hanging pot. the facilities of badminton players d. Why doesn’t Susi need to spend money for badminton at present? Because …………… . Many people like playing it very much. Badminton is not a cheap sport. He is my ………….. We can get them in a sport shop. a. The plant has short stiff leaves. Now. However. a. 3-1-4-2 c. It can be planted in the ground and grows quite tall.

a. C. Home industries are usually small scale industries. put his belonging into b. When 23. Rural society lives in villages. many people like playing it very much c. Which c. . so they don’t need many workers. 7-3-5-2-1-4-6 22. Why is badminton one of the popular sports in Indonesia? a. They usually make their livings by farming. The colors are nice. I am sorry to hear that d. she has won several international championship 17. put on his clothes in d. earn d. Soccer c. red and blue ………… one do you like? Ardi : I like the blue one. Dendy : Your uncle sent you two sweaters. Badminton d. we have many potential players d. most of us like watching badminton matches 18. What is the best title for text above? a. “I can’t wait to pack my bag and go home”. That’s wonderful c. 7-3-5-2-4-6-1 c. What b.a bowl-will-of-have-fried-I a. it is not a cheap sport b. give c. 7-3-5-6-1-4-2 b. Arrange the following word into a good sentence. a. “we need to spend a lot of money……. Whose d. carry things with 21. lend b. the best sport 20. Mr. ask someone to bring c. pay out 19. she is one of the best women badminton players in the world b. 7-3-5-2-6-4-1 d. The underlined words mean ………………… the bag a. Ira : …………………. That’s not so bad Read the text to answer number 24-29 The Indonesian society consists of rural and urban society. Noodles. Some make their livings by working in home industries. That’s fun b. a. a sport shop b. Someone killed it.” (paragraph 2) a. she is one of the Indonesia woman badminton players c. Tika : Ihear a tiger died in the park. she gets facilities from the government and her sponsor d.

farming or working in home industries b. porters and house servants. Some get what they want. instrument 29.. skill in trade c.. How do the villagers make their living? By……………. Indonesian’s job c. Everyone must work to earn a living. there are no industries in their village 27. balance c. ability to compete d. becoming employees of private enterprise 25. farming experience b. a. 24. how people life c. there are many jobs open for people b.” (paragraph 1) the underlined word means ……………. measure b. Indonesian life b. size d. skill and education . It is a hard life. they who have skills or good education can become government civil servants or employees of private enterprises. What is needed by a person to get a good job? a. Civil servants government 28. Cities are the centre of big industries. Why do most villagers move to cities? Because …………. a. “Home industries are usually small scale industries. Good educations and d. big industries 26. a. Therefore. enjoying life in the villages d. The unskilled and uneducated can only work in informal sectors such as food sellers. What is the best title of text above? a. As the cities are densely populate. The villagers move to cities in great numbers to get jobs. they no longer like farming c. The second paragraph is about …………. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Most government offices are also centered in cities. most people in the village want to move to cities. becoming government civil servants c. they are skilled and educating d. rural people b. In the cities. the demand for daily needs increases sharply.There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cities. but most of them don’t. the condition d. Life in a city is competition. so they don’t need man workers. a.

You …………. What should do firstly? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. cereal and almonds and spread over a lightly greased 25 centimeter x 30 centimeter baking tray. How do you know? Explain briefly! ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. went d. and then cut into pieces. place popcorn. Then. will go c. puffed wheat cereal and almonds into a separate bowl. 1. What is combined with syrup? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Combine syrup with popcorn. How much butter is needed to make popcorn crunch? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What is the purpose of the text above? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.30. already popped 2 cups of puffed wheat cereal 1 cup of toasted flaked almonds 1 teaspoon of vanilla ¾ teaspoon of cinnamon Time : 10 minutes Place sugar and golden syrup in a heatproof dish. after that ready to serve. have gone b. stir and cook until sugar is dissolved (approximately four minutes of high). Classify the text into appropriate generic structure! _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ . go II. Read the text carefully to answer these questions! POPCORN CRUNCH You will need: 1½ cups of sugar 1 cup of golden syrup ½ cup of butter 8 cups of popcorn. How much cinnamon needed? ________________________________________________________ 10. Allow to cool. What does the word this in line three refers to ___________________________________________ 5. abroad next December a. Does the text above belong to procedure? ______________________________________________ 7. Add butter and cook for six minutes. Add cinnamons and vanilla to golden syrup mixture. How many cups of popcorn needed? ___________________________________________________ 9.

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