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Abrar Hussain

Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Rajab Ali Rajab Ali
and Roqqaya Bibi
Siblings: Muntazer
Hussain (29), Arif Hussain
(25), Jamshed Ali (23)
and Sajda Hussain (18)

Abrar Hussain
With his nose buried in textbooks, Abrar
Hussain was fiercely competitive academically.

A hostel student at APS, he was top of his class
for nine years straight. Whenever he returned to
his village, he'd be found studying instead of
mingling with friends. Every year, the school
would call his parents in to show them his

According to his father, Abrar was always
worried about coming second. If he wasn't
studying, he'd be found at home, curled up in a
quiet corner reading.

Ahmad Elahi
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Mehfooz Elahi and
Sumeer Sadiqi
Siblings: Faseeha Elahi (17)
and Mohammad Elahi (13)

Ahmad Elahi
Ahmad was a position holder; he aspired to be a
surgeon. His mother says he was very religious and
offered all his prayers at the mosque. In fact, he
would try to reach the mosque early so that he could
recite the Azan.

He liked to play cricket with his friends but more
than anything else, he loved his parrots. Just a few
days before the attack he had bought a brand new
cage for them.

Each night, before going to sleep, Ahmad had made
it a habit to crawl into his mother’s bed and make
sure he hadn’t said or done anything to hurt her. "If I
did, I apologise for it."

Ahmad Mujtaba
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of M. Anwar Khan and
Nayab Anwar
Siblings: Ahmad Murtaza
(9), Iqra Anwar (18)
and Javeria Anwar (16)

Ahmad Mujtaba
Mujtaba was a shy, quiet boy who hoped to join
the Pakistan Army as a doctor one day. His best
friends were his siblings.

The only time he did shed his shy demeanor was
when he played cricket. He loved the sport with
a passion.

But if there was anything Mujtaba loved more
than cricket, it was brand new clothes; he
loved the way they looked on him. For this
reason, his father got four suits tailor-made for
him. They hang in his wardrobe, unworn.

Asad Aziz
Age: 15 Class:
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dost
Siblings: Tariq (31), Liaqat
(29), Tahir (26), Rashid
(24), Shahid (21) and Asia
Bibi (19)

Asad Aziz
Asad was the ‘brightest child’ in the family and also
the most athletic. Four days before the 15-year-old
passed away in the attack, he had won a medal in
table tennis.

In the summer of 2013, Asad and his family went out
to spend the day by the river.

The young boy had just come out of the water a long
swim when his cousin Zeeshan was swept up by a
current and was going to drown. Without losing his
calm, Asad jumped into the water and managed to
pull his cousin out alive. He was a savior.

Asfand Khan
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Ajoon Khan and
Shahana Bibi
Siblings: Mohammad
Wadan Khan (5) and
Mahrosha Khan (12)

Asfand Khan
A quiet but confident teenager, Asfand Khan aspired
to become a lawyer one day. He was also very
passionate about driving and training at the gym.

Unlike most boys his age, Asfand liked being solitary
and would spend most of his free time in his room.
His respectful demeanor earned him love from
elders and admiration of those younger to him.

In his father’s absence, Asfand took on the role of
the man of the family. He would shoulder his father’s
responsibilities and take care of his mother and
siblings. “After my son’s shahadat, I will have to start
my life from scratch,” his father says.

Bahram Ahmad Khan
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Lt-Col Gulzar
Ahmad Khan and Nosheen
Siblings: Hassan Ahmad
Khan (9) and Zaryab
Ahmad Khan (19)

Bahram Ahmad Khan
Bahram wanted to become a doctor and spend his life
serving the underprivileged. Empathetic by nature, he
was always moved when a disaster struck somewhere.

Bahram secured 91% in his last exam. This distinction
was aside from the various medals he had won in
academics and extra-curricular activities.

His father recalls a story Bahram’s friends shared from
the APS attack. During the attack, a friend of Bahram
fell to the floor and broke his glasses due to which he
could barely see. Bahram came back to get him but on
their way out was stopped by a terrorist. His friends
recall that Bahram pushed the terrorist and received
two bullets in the chest which resulted in his death.

Basit Ali Sardar
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Sardar Ali and
Sadaf Sardar
Siblings: Kiran Sardar (18),
Irum Sardar (16) and
Basharar Ali Sardar (12)

Basit Ali Sardar
Basit Ali Sardar was no ordinary boy. His mother
remembers him as a very considerate son who
would assist her in household chores and
especially in the kitchen. He would even prepare
tea and meals for guests.

He was very attached to his family and would
frequently travel to his village where his
grandparents still live.

Basit wanted to join the army as an officer. Failing
the test once, he was selected to join cadet
college on his second try. The selection letter was
received by his parents after Basit’s passing.

Farhan Jalal
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Jalal Bayar and
Syeda Begum
Siblings: Hassan Hasrat
Jabeen (30), Asfandyar
(29), Sheryar (28), Siyar
(27), Arshanyar (26),
Naveeda (18), Kashif (17)
and Taif (16).

Farhan Jalal
On the day of the attack, Farhan sacrificed himself to
save his brother. When he saw the attackers enter
the auditorium and open fire, he pushed Taif to the
floor and protected him, but lost his life in doing so.
According to his father, Farhan was the most
outstanding of his nine children. He may have been
the youngest but he was the most intelligent and
active. He was very close to Taif, who is just a year
older than him.
Farhan wanted to be a fighter pilot when he grew up.
He watched videos of fighter jets for hours on
end. While he loved to read books, his favourite
pastime was playing video games. Project I.G.I and
Grand Theft Auto were his top picks.

Muhammad Waqar
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Muhammad Raiz
and Rukhsana Raiz
Siblings: Muhammad
Hamza (18), Muhammad
Asim (13), Muhammad
Haris (6) and Maryam (12)

Muhammad Waqar
Innately gifted, Muhammad Waqar only had to scan
his books once to be able to write a stellar exam
and earn a position in his school. But along with
academics, he loved extra-curricular activities; he
won several laurels.

Waqar was a Qari and had learnt five siparahs of the
Holy Quran by heart; he also offered prayers five
times a day. He enjoyed both playing and watching

He was devoted to his parents, and loved them
immensely. His father Muhammad Riaz weeps while
recalling his son’s many talents. Waqar’s mother, he
says, still takes out her son’s belongings every day.

Haider Amin
Age: 15 Class:
Son of Muhammad and
Sofia Amin
Siblings: Saba (19), Laiqa
(8) and Laiba (6)

Haider Amin
Haider was closest to his sister Saba. She says he
was a disciplined person who never left for
tomorrow what could be done today.
He was a good student and aspired to be a soldier
some day. He loved watching military videos.
He was an avid footballer.

He played at school as well as after home time in a
ground near his home.
His sisters weep for their dear Haider. For this family,
life cannot be the same without him.

Hamza Ali Kakar
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Kosar Ali Kakar and
Salma Javed
Siblings: Sara Ali Kakar (11)
and Ayesha Ali Kakar (8)

Hamza Ali Kakar
A dedicated student, a position holder, a parade
commander in school, Hamza was known among
friends as 'Captain'. He held a great desire to join the
Like boys his age, he was fond of fast food and BBQ,
with pizza, chicken tikka, biryani and seekh kebab
being his favourites. Hamza was also fond of
travelling outside the city and would visit Nathia Gali
once a month.
He was a respectful and loving boy who was close to
his father. Hamza’s father recalls how his son had
asked him to get him a pet chicken and goat for him
upon clearing his exam. Hamza finally got his
pets, just three days before the attack.

Age: 15 Class: 8
Son Lt Col. Sikandar Hayat
and Mrs Hayat
Siblings: Hira Sikandar (21)
and Hamza Sikandar (19).

Born to an army officer, Hayatullah’s desire to
serve the nation ran in his blood. He wanted to
join the Pakistan Army but his parents wished for
him to become a doctor instead.
According to his father, Hayatullah was bold and
confident and surprised elders with his quick
intelligence. He loved automobiles, and would
often surf new car models on the Internet.
He excelled in both studies and extra-curricular
activities and had won several medals for his
achievements. Adept at both football and
basketball, he captained his house basketball
team. Four days before his death, he had won the
title of ‘best basketball player’.

Mohammad Ali Rehman
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Mohammad
Hussain and Dilshad Bibi
Siblings: Mohammad
Abdullah (12)
and Mohammad
Abubakkar (5)

Mohammad Ali Rehman
Mohammad Ali Rehman, the eldest of three sons,
was a studious position-holder who excelled at
English, winning several competitions.
Ali’s father says the day before the attack, his son
had asked for money to buy a new notebook after
his ran out of empty pages. His father had given him
the money that night and Ali thanked his father as he
was leaving for school. Mohammad Hussain says
that when he received his son’s body, the Rs300 he
had given him was still in his son's pocket.
Both of Ali’s parents have recovered after the tragic
incident. His mother underwent psychiatric
treatment after the attack. His father says he dreamt
of Ali, and his son told him that he is alive and with
him always.

Mohammad Ammar Khan
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Lt Col. (retd)
Ibrahim Khan Shinwari
and Raheeda Begum
Siblings: Mohammad
Salman Khan (21),
Mohammad Arsalan Khan
(20), and two sisters

Mohammad Ammar Khan
An aspiring doctor, Ammar Khan wanted to serve the
people of his hometown when he grew up.
Youngest among his siblings, he was very fond of
travelling. He often arranged picnics and parties
with his friends and was even planning to travel to
Murree with them but the trip was postponed.
Although a very intelligent student who always
secured over 80% in exams, his teachers felt he was
still a little lax and only studied during exam time.
His parents recall an incident when Ammar found a
wallet full of cash and important cards. The wallet
belonged to a man who lived in Nowshera and
Ammar went all the way there to return it to its

Muhammad Mohsin Murtaza
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of SM (retd) Gulam
Murtaza and Fazeelat Jan
Siblings: Gulam Mujtaba
(29), Yaseen Akhter (27),
Noureen Akhter (25),
Gulam Yaseen (23), Ahsan
Murtaza (21), Munira
Murtaza (15), Saifullah (13)
and Zobia Murtaza (9).

Muhammad Mohsin Murtaza
In a family of nine children, Mohsin stood out for
being kind and honest. He loved to help those in
He excelled in academics and had won many
prizes. He enjoyed playing cricket, soccer and
football. But he never let anything get in the way
of his prayers.

Mohsin liked eating all kinds of food but fish, in
particular, was his favourite. He would often
gather his friends and go fishing.
On the day of the APS attack, he demanded a new
sweater and his sister assured him that his wish
would be fulfilled after he returned from school.

Muhammad Shafqat
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Sep (retd)
Muhammad Arif

Muhammad Shafqat
Muhammad Shafqat’s family could not
be contacted for this obituary.
Shafqat’s teachers say he was a polite
and intelligent student who aspired to
become a soldier like his father.
He never teased other students and was
a focused and hard working young boy.

Muhammad Tahir
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Hav. Muhammad
Ismail and Sajida Kalsoom
Siblings: Iqra Mustafwi
(17), Fizza Mustafwi (6)
and Quratulain Fatima (5)

Muhammad Tahir
Tahir has a melodious and powerful voice. He was
often selected to sing national songs at school. His
father says he was skilled with the computer and ITrelated work. He wanted to be a software engineer
when he grew up.
In games he likes to play cricket and football. He was
also a part of school cricket team. He was very fond
of computer games. Need For Speed was his
He loved to travel within the country. His favourite
spot was Murree, where he would love to take
chairlift rides. His family tries to be strong. They
miss Tahir very much.

Muhammad Uzair Khan
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Khalid Shakeel and
Neghat Yasmeen
Siblings: Shehriyar (18)
and Umair (11)

Muhammad Uzair Khan
The second-born of three brothers, Uzair was a
hardworking student who aspired to be a doctor.
He had a beautiful voice, and was often selected to
recite Quranic verses at school events. The day of
the attack, Uzair did a recitation that many of his
teachers and friends recall.
His mother is inconsumable. She says her son did
not want to go to school that day but she forced him
to go. She says the guilt haunts her and that she
misses her boy very much.

Mouzzam Zulfiqar
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Sep/Clk Zulfiqar
and Rehana
Siblings: Javeria Zulfiqar
(14), Zunaira Zulfiqar (10)
and Muhammad Jasim

Mouzzam Zulfiqar
As the eldest, Mouzzam was a responsible and
obedient son. He was a hard-working and studious
boy who took an active part in class activities and
school events such as plays and skits. He was very
close to his mother and grandmother.
He was crazy about football and was a big fan of
Ronaldo and Messi. He also loved playing computer
games, with Fifa 2000 and Call of Duty being his
His father says Mouzzam wanted to be an air force
pilot when he grew up. He would spend hours
watching videos of fighter jets and had learned all
the names of the aircrafts. The JF 17 Thunder and F16
were his favourites. His family feels his absence very
much and prays for him every day.

Mohammad Yaseen
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Mohammad Asif
and Afshan Asif
Siblings: Ayesha age (7)
and Fatma (2)

Mohammad Yaseen
Mohammad Yaseen was a jovial boy who always lent a
sympathetic ear to others. He loved helping those less
fortunate than him, and often ate lunch with domestic
help and gate-keepers.
His parents talk about the horror they felt when he was
kidnapped for ransom at age 7 for 11 days. After that
horrific indent, they never let him go out alone.
Mohammad Yaseen’s favourite past time was playing
games on his laptop. He also created a Facebook page of
himself, and asked his friends and cousins to like it, which
he thought would make him famous one day.
A week prior to the attack, his mother shares that Yaseen
was playing a shooting game with his cousin at home,
during which he acted out being shot with two bullets.
She recalls being handed her son’s body on Dec 16 – he
had been shot twice.

Noor Ullah Durrani
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Falak Naz and
Tehseen Ullah Durrani
Sibling: Sana (19), Hafsa
(17) and Ammara (11)

Noor Ullah Durrani
Noor Ullah Durrani was very close to his family.
His sister says that when they were in the same
school, he would treat his friends to snacks from
the canteen and cheekily put the tab on his sister.
He wanted to be doctor and was a genius with
computers. His father says Noor Ullah knew how
to fix any computer glitch and was known in their
colony for being a ‘computer master’. His
neighbours would come to him when they needed
their PCs repaired.
His mother, a teacher, says she misses Noor
Ullah's humour. He would often tease her by
saying it would be comical if he gave her one of
her own tests and she failed it.

Osama Zafar
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Seema Shehwar
and Zafar Iqbal
Siblings: Fatma Zafar (13),
Ayesha Zafar (12)
and Talha Zafar (10)

Osama Zafar
Osama’s family says he was an obedient son. He had
a generous disposition, and would always ask his
gatekeeper about his health and make sure he
had been served meals on time.
His father recalls that he was born in the Combined
Military Hospital in Peshawar on a Tuesday, 15 years
ago. He died in that very same hospital, on that
fateful Tuesday.
He had been asked by his parents to leave APS as its
affiliation was with the federal board, and to take
admission at a school that was affiliated with the
Peshawar board. But Osama refused. He was happy
at his school and was a good, hard working student.

Rafique Raza Bangash
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Shazia and Abid
Raza Bangash
Siblings: Murtajez Raza
Bangash (12)

Rafique Raza Bangash
Rafique is described by his family as a polite and
respectful boy. People who knew him are as moved and
saddened by his passing as his family.

He was a religious child and often asked his father why
there was extremism and sectarianism in society. He
wanted people of different sects to be united. His
father says his son was a sensible boy, who often
handled discussions in a manner that a 40 or 50-yearold would adopt.

He wanted to be a neurosurgeon. His death has left his
family heartbroken. Rafique’s father says that he was
the reason for their smiles and without him, life seems

Saad Ur Rehman
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Zahid
Abdullah Shah
Siblings: Ibad ur Rehman
(19) and Maad ur Rehman

Saad Ur Rehman
Saad loved computers. He was known as a
‘computer master’ and was popular amongst his
friends for repairing faulty machines.
He was very close to his father; they were like
best friends. He took special care of him, and
the last thing he did each night was make sure
his father had a glass of water. He used to to
stress that his father should take his medicine

He had parrots and fish for pets and loved
coming home to take care of them. His father
said that his son used to care about his family
members a lot.

Shahbaz Ali
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Shoukat (late) and
Khalida Ali
Sibling: Saba Gul (18)

Shahbaz Ali
The Ali family has suffered two tragedies.
Shahbaz’s father passed away a year before his
son was killed in the attack. With Shahbaz and his
father gone, his mother and sister have had to
relocate from Peshawar back to the village.

Mrs Ali says her son was an obedient and
respectful boy. He was praised by his teachers and
loved by his friends. He had a curious mind and
enjoyed research and reading about things.

His mother says she is trying to be brave and
move past the tragedies in her life.

Shamowail Tariq
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Shagufta and Tariq
Siblings: Mehwish Tariq
(18), Sohail Tariq (13) and
Sawail Tariq (7)

Shamowail Tariq
Shamowail's father describes him as a mature and
responsible young boy. He was a respectful and
obedient son and was nicknamed Babar Sher

Whenever his siblings were disappointed in their
father, Shamowail would cheer them up and make
them laugh by telling jokes.

The day of the attack, two bloodied Rs20 notes
were recovered from his front pocket. Both notes
had bullet holes in them. Shamowail's father has
kept those notes with him as a memory of his
son’s sacrifice.

Shayan Nasir
Age: 15 Class: 10
Son of Naila and Jamal
Siblings: Fazle Nasir (25),
Shahab Nasir (23),
Seemab Nasir (21), Zubair
Nasir (19) and Shafi Nasir

Shayan Nasir
Shayan was a religious boy. He always inspired
his friends and family to be regular with their

His father says Shayan would tell his mother not
arrange dinner before the night prayer as his
father would get lazy and not offer his prayers in
the mosque.

He was a good cricket player, but his real
passion was astronomy.

Syed Afaq Ahmed
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Zahir Shah (late)
and Bibi Amna
Siblings: Shah Fahad (27),
Bibi Fatma (25), Shamsul
Qamar (24), Bibi Rabia
(19), Farooq Didar (18), Bibi
Uzma (16) and Arsh Zahir

Syed Afaq Ahmed
Just like his elder siblings, Afaq wanted to be a

He was not a very social child and preferred
being home and playing on the computer. He
was very close to his siblings and mother, who
say Afaq was the ‘backbone’ of the family.

His mother recalls that her son was very happy
on December 16, 2014 before he left for
school. That is how she wants to remember him
His siblings say the void in their lives after the
passing of their brother can never be filled.

Maheer Rizwan
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Mohammad
Rizwan Aslam and Aneela
Siblings: Mehreen Aslam
(14), Arham Siraj (9)
and Zuraiz (5 months)

Maheer Rizwan
Maheer was a simple boy who was very fond
of the outdoors.
His family recalled how he did not waste any
opportunity to travel out of Peshawar to be
close to nature or go swimming.
Maheer had a great interest in computer
engineering and wanted to pursue it as a
profession after passing out of school.

Mobeen Aslam
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Aslam Qureshi and
Zahida Aslam Qureshi
Siblings: Samara Aslam
Qureshi, Arfa Aslam
Qureshi and Iqra Aslam

Mobeen Aslam
To those who knew him, Mobeen was the ‘karate kid
with a God-gifted, soulful voice’.

Mobeen was quite close to his father despite latter
being away from the family for 10 years. The two
became close ‘friends’ after the death of Mobeen’s
mother in 2013.

“One day I was dropping Mobeen to school and
asked him to pray that I quickly get promoted to the
rank of Army Commander. He told me it was not an
easy task to become a commander just like that,”
Mobeen’s father recalls with a smile on his face.

Mohammad Ali
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Shahab-ud-Din and
Rana Gul
Siblings: Alishba Khan (17),
Maya Khan (11) and Toba
Khan (6)

Mohammad Ali
The only son of Shahab ur Rehman and Rana Gul,
Mohammad Ali was jovial and a typically naughty
teenager. But his carefree attitude was limited to the
playground and according to the family, the 15-yearold was ‘extremely respectful’ towards his elders.

Mohammad Ali was particularly fond of his horse
which was gifted to him by his father. He would
spend his vacations learning horseback riding.

“I no longer fear my only son will get hurt in
anyway,” Mohammad Ali’s stoic father said, while
recalling how he would worry for his son as soon as
he stepped out of the house.

Usama Bin Tariq
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Naik Subedar Tariq
Mehmood and Safina
Siblings: Umama Tariq (15)
and Sana Tariq (12)

Usama Bin Tariq
The eldest of three siblings and the only boy,
Usama was very special to his parents.

He aspired to be an army officer when he grew
up. He was especially concerned about poor
people displaced by military operations in the
north and wanted to work towards their

He was a brilliant soccer player and often used
to play with his father. They were like best
friends. His father had recently bought a brand
new bike for him.

Zeeshan Ali
Age: 15 Class: 9
Son of Hav Abdul Qayyum
and Samina Bibi
Siblings: Saman Qayyum
(13), Sidra Qayyum (11),
Ayesh Qayyum (7)
and Fatima Qayyum (4)

Zeeshan Ali
Aspiring to become a doctor, Zeeshan was a very
intelligent and responsible child. Eldest among the
siblings, Zeeshan was the only brother who was devoted
to his sisters. Caring and jolly, he would often take his
sisters on bike rides and would buy them candy.
Zeeshan started studying at APS soon after his father was
transferred to Peshawar. This was weeks before the
massacre, and in that time, he had succeeded in becoming
one of his teachers’ favourite students.

He was fond of shopping and buying new clothes. His
father remembers that Zeeshan’s uncle was getting
married on Dec 16 and he had wanted new clothes for the
ceremony. Zeeshan was supposed to go shopping with his
mother after school that day.

Zeeshan Shafique
Age: 15 Class: 8
Son of Hav.
(retd) Muhammad
Shafique and Bismillah
Siblings: Yasir Shafique
(12), Danial Shafique (9)
and Masooma Shafique (3)

Zeeshan Shafique
A student of the APS since 2004, Zeeshan
was among the top of his class. He was also
a good athlete, enjoyed playing football and
would be very competitive in matches.

He was fond of keeping pets, with pigeons
being his favourite. His mother recalls how
he kept pigeons at home and looked after
them with great care.

Son of a soldier, Zeeshan too aspired to join
the army and serve the country.

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