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Acoustech Machining

One small accessory. One giant leap for the machining industry.

View the ultrasonic revolution
by Acoustech Systems.

Introducing a revolutionary solution from Acoustech Systems
that dramatically improves metalworking capabilities by bringing
ultrasonic performance to new and existing manufacturing
equipment. It’s an accessory. A tool holder. An ultrasonically-excited
collet. One that fits your machines, uses your tools, and can be
operated by your employees without extensive training.

Acoustech Systems’ groundbreaking technology enables
existing manufacturing equipment to increase speed
and quality while reducing operating costs.

Years in development by
manufacturing R&D firm EWI,
this patented solution empowers
production manufacturers
to apply intense acoustical
vibrations to conventional cutting
tools, bringing the many benefits
of ultrasonic technology to
today’s plant floor.
Finally, manufacturers can work on hard-to-machine materials.
Accelerate production rates. Amplify equipment capacity. Extend
tool life. And best of all, increase profits without purchasing
new machining centers, because this patented tool holder was
specifically engineered to work with standard equipment installed
throughout the manufacturing industry.


Increase Profits


Increase capability using
current machines and tooling

More than double the
feed rate

Machine harder materials

Extend tool life by
up to 4 times

Improve surface finish

Reduce burr formation

Enhance chip evacuation

016IPR) w/Ultrasonics Without Acoustech 910RPM. Tool life is improved due to a reduction in cutting temperatures.008IPR) 0 200 400 Force .com. Chip loads can increase by as much as 2-3 times. in some cases. View FAQs at acoustechsystems. which in turn produces longitudinal vibrations along the tool’s axis of rotation at 20-kHz. 7. reduced burr formation. Coolants may be reduced.6 2.28IPM (0. 7.008IPR) Conventional Drilling With Acoustech 910RPM. Reduced Burr Formation. sometimes eliminated. Contact Matt Short at mshort@acoustechsystems.N 600 800 1000 1200 316 SS Drilling Study Evaluating Surface Finish RA 2x Feed w/Ultrasonics 910RPM. Dimensional stability is improved due to reduced tool deflection. 316 SS Drilling Study Evaluating Forces Force 2x Feed w/Ultrasonics 910RPM.28IPM (0.28IPM (0.3 2.4 2.5 2. . which ensures many or 614. Drilling Study on Stainless Steel.1 2. WITH Acoustech 08:15 sec WITHOUT Acoustech 16:27 sec WITH Acoustech 08:22 sec WITHOUT Acoustech 17:07 sec Achieving high-power ultrasonics with conventional metalworking equipment and tools gives manufacturers a significant competitive advantage.28IPM (0. Visit our website at acoustechsystems.2 2.008IPR) Conventional Drilling 910RPM. but very small displacements such as 10µm.016IPR) w/Ultrasonics 910RPM.5266.How does Acoustech Machining work? Acoustech Machining utilizes high power ultrasound within conventional tool (0.008IPR) 2.7 Surface Finish . This motion produces a friction reduction effect thereby reducing cutting forces due to the oscillating motion of the tool 1” Thick Titanium Comparison View full video at acoustechsystems.688.56IPM (0. 7. Force reductions also provide parts with better surface finishes and. 1” Thick Stainless Steel Comparison View full video at acoustechsystems. The key benefit of ultrasonics is the reduction in cutting force. 14.Ra (µm) Find out more. 14.