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Examples on angular momentum (g = 9.81 m.s-2)

m2.0 s. If the time of flight is 1.0 kg. However sometime after takeoff he moves from a straight position into a tucked position and then straightens again before landing.0 and 9.(1) A gymnast takes off with sufficient angular momentum to complete a somersault in the straight position. how much time is spent in each position? The moments of inertia about the mass centre in the tucked and straight positions are 3. Angular momentum straight = angular momentum tucked Iss = Itt 9s = 3t  t = 3s Since flight time is 1 second and one somersault is completed in the straight position: s = 1 rev/s  t = 3 rev/s Suppose the time spent straight = t Then the time spent tucked =1-t Total rotation = 2 somersaults. He completes a double somersault. Therefore: 2 = 1t + (1 .5 s .t)3 t = 0.

The diver is of mass 60 kg.18 s Using s = ut + ½at2  s = -11.5 m s = -41.75 / 0.m2.64 rev/s Required rotation = ¾ rev Therefore flight time = 0.182 .18 . How does the angular momentum about the mass centre change during the flight phase? If the diver completes one somersault in the straight position how high is the diving platform? Before O After  v = r Angular momentum about the mass centre does not change as there is no torque about the mass centre in flight.63 = 1. and the distance from hands to mass centre is 1.811. the moment of inertia about the mass centre is 12 kg.½9.0 m. Angular velocity at release = 4 rad/s  0.s-1.(2) A diver falls from handstand position and leaves the platform when horizontal with an angular velocity of 4 rad.

The flight times are the same. The moments of inertia of the body in the two positions are 6 and 12 kg. In a piked backward somersault the body is straight for half a somersault and piked for half a somersault.(3) In a straight backward somersault the body is straight throughout.m2. What is the ratio of the angular momenta of the two movements? Straight back somersault: Angular momentum = Is s Piked back somersault: Conservation of angular momentum: Issp = Ipp  12sp = 6p  Since the flight times are the same t s = 2/3t sp + 1/3t p  s = 2/3 sp + 1/32 sp  s = 4/3 sp Is s : Is sp 12 s : 12 s3/4 4 : 3 2sp = p .

how much somersault could the diver achieve if she were to tuck in the middle phase of the dive? Moment of inertia about the mass centre is 12 kg.(4) A diver can execute one and a half somersaults in the straight position.m2 when straight and 4 kg. Conservation of angular momentum Iss = Itt 12s = 4t 3s = t  Therefore rotate 3 times faster when tucked So 1 straight somersault ≡ 3 tucked somersaults Option 1 = 1½ straight Option 2 = ¼ straight + X tucked + ¼ straight = ½ straight + X tucked Therefore 1½ straight  ½ straight + X tucked X tucked = 1 straight Therefore X = 3 So 3½ somersaults can be achieved if the diver tucks during the middle phase . If the first and last quarter somersault of a dive are done in the straight position.m2 when tucked.