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27th November 2015
Issue 12

Unlocking potential ….Changing lives
Principal’s News

helped by Liverpool's perfor-

lessons and then share the

Another packed week has

mance against Man City last

footage with other colleagues

flown by! It has been a busy

Saturday! It has been great to

to support reflection and

but productive week at school

be doing what I love most and

improvement. It is an incredibly

and I was delighted to meet so

working alongside some our

powerful tool! I have to admit

many parents at our first Year 8

newer teachers supporting them

watching my own lesson played

parents’ evening. Our new

in the classroom and with

back once I had got over how

report format and assessment

planning - they all have

s h o r t a n d b o s s y I am w a s

grades have stimulated lots of

tremendous potential, soaking

incredibly revealing and really

questions and conversations.

up new learning like sponges!

helped me identify areas where

Over the coming weeks and

Our work around developing the

I could improve.

months we will be running

quality of teaching and learning

I also had the privilege to work

additional information sessions

is ongoing and a key focus. We

with some of the borough’s

but if you do have any

are delighted that we have

newly qualified teachers on

q uestions or queri es don ’t

been able to purchase the IRIS

Thursday delivering a short

hesitate to contact us. On a

connect system as an additional

session on how to best support

personal note I have had a

tool to support this work. IRIS


great couple of weeks, in part

enables teachers to film their

Educational Needs in the

In this issue…



All in all a busy

week! Have a great weekend!

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Kate Davies

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Important Dates

New Computer Club for Girls

Year 11 Mock Exams Results Day
Friday 11th December
Year 8 Parents Evenings 3rd December 4.30pm - 7.30pm
(Forms MCL, LOW, NTO, MWI)
Christmas Evening
Thursday 3rd December - 5.00pm
onwards (see poster below)

Sporting Achievement Spotlight - Karate
Owen Armstrong (Form 7STH) has been selected to represent Great Britain
at National and International level in the sport of karate. Owen has
worked extremely hard over the last 12 months and is 110% dedicated to
sport and one day hopes to become world champion. Well done Owen!

Here are just a few snippets from the great learning this week…

Excellent piece of work from Year 10 learners this week on dissecting
the success criteria for GCSE Art & Design - very informative!
 Tom won 1st prize in a speaking and listening
competition this week - well done Tom!
 Wonderful dialogue in French from Corey, Jason and
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