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Service Encounters
25 November 2015

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University 9 8 Service Encounter With Brokerage Firm 10 9 Takeaways from all these Service Encounters 11 2 Page No .Content S.K. 1 Topic Service Encounter With Flipkart 3 2 Service Encounter With Haryana Roadways 4 3 Service Encounter With Poha-Jalebi wala 5 4 Service Encounter With Kiryana Shop 6 5 Service Encounter With Ola cabs 7 6 Service Encounter With Mahavir Restaurant 8 7 Service Encounter With K.U.No .

29 October and confirm C. This incident breaks my all perception. To conclude. All this qualities can only be in reliable. 29 October 2015 I had ordered(OD203179905405086100) JBLT250SI over the head Headphone from Flipkart Mega sale offer on Thursday. Order was sent by Flipkart through their courier partner e-kart even before date what they promised. Despite many pros and cons for others one.O.D. These incidents shows how much they are concern about their customer and how much reliable their process is. So just to check them. I was very happy with their delivery system.Service Encounter with Flipkart Thursday. Immediately I raised alarm on their mobile app regarding this issue and initiate a process of return. The similar product was again delivered within specified time and defecated Headphone was replaced without any agitation. So I went ahead and requested for it. The whole process was so smooth that the perception that I received after problem was suddenly changed. Thanks God! It was written there that product can be replaced if it was found defecated within one month. I don’t know whether such type of culture is prevailing in other e-commerce site or not but the experience that I got from Flipkart will definitely “A Moment of Truth” for me. I’m hoping that Flipkart prevail this value throughout the future and continue in gaining customer faith. after two days I again initiated a process of replacement by telling them the same problem and even this time the same process was repeated and I got the product within stipulated time. 3 . this was the best experience for me as it also becomes Moment of truth for me that I’ll never forget. Product was good and in well condition but after three days one side of Headphone stop working I got angry as I was thinking that by providing sales offer they are manipulating the people. But I was given the reason that there is only ‘Replacement’ policy. ethical and in committed company. I got the information that my replacement has been initiated and you will get another similar product within 48 Hours. But as this was my first order on Flipkart may be it was because of they want to retain me or it can be any reason. After onward whenever I am going to search or want to order I prefer Flipkart. hesitation of online purchasing.

krle bnd is dhunni ne”. But at the time when one drunker and smoker get in the bus.45 AM when I was at Delhi ISBT bus stand looking for Kurukshetra Bus. So all went well and proper with smoothly without any taunting and sarcasm take place. 9 November 2015 Haryana Roadways A synonymous to adventurous trip. Now it’s hardly matter for others whether they are travelling in Haryana Roadways or any other states transport as they just get in whomsoever will come first. Overall it was a very good experience for me and off course will be till I’ll not the target of their humour.Service Encounter with Haryana Roadways Monday. Even if talks about services they are not waiting to fulfil the whole bus like other roadways and that’s what a traveller want. fast and smoothening Journey according to my perception. I went to bus conductor and took Kurukshetra destination ticket with seat no. And this case is not only with me there are lots of people who love to travel in Haryana roadways. is most excitable. fuk fuk ke tnne apni bhi shkl tarzan jaisi krli. Fortunately a Kurukshetra depot bus was standing there. maybe it’s because of we were sharing the same culture and background. band krle isne. 4 . But somewhere down the line only that instinct of their nature attract me to travel in Haryana roadways even I’ll wait one hour just to travel in that. Yes it can be most embarrassing and awful journey for others but if one can adjust with their humorous part it can be most beautiful for them also. May be it’s because of their humorous nature or maybe it’s the way how they interact with passenger but yeah I love these entire things. Neither the Bus driver nor the conductor of Haryana roadways applying marketing strategy for increasing their customer base as they have nothing to do with revenue of Haryana.when the smoker one start smoking in the bus immediately the conductor shout “Re bhai ya chimnni kis mama ne jlai. I am narrating one incident here. something that differentiate Haryana roadways Bus driver oh Sorry!!! Pilot should be right word for them. they are doing their job and following their nature. all my wishes & expectation start fulfilling. Till Sonepat I didn’t met my expectation of humorous part except the speed one. Coming to the point. Well this was not the first time when I was travelling from Delhi to Kurukshetra but every time whenever I travelled by Haryana Roadways there is prediction of something new. it was Monday morning right @ 7. dikhta koni yo public place h” and when he identify that men again he shout on him “Susre ke tnne ya a jgah mili fukan ki. from other states Roadways drivers and conductors.

Now everyone knows future is uncertain but if he prevails all these values and approach in future definitely he’ll not lose the customer base. On day first itself the expression that we got from him was really an attracting one. the way he giving personal attention to each customer. it’s far more than that. 5 . Besides his expression he is so humble and kind that even if we ask him for extra Jalebi he will give us without any extra charging. Now it was after our Diwali visit when I noticed him to still prevailing that attitude even with an extra efforts as he talked about our Diwali visit and place from where we are. Being a customer centric person he understands aspects of customer and that’s his biggest strength. Now as he has good customer base and knowledge of building relationship. 19 November 2015 It was started when we shifted our PG from Vijaynagar to Bangali square when we started to give a daily morning visit to Poha-Jalebi wala for breakfast purpose. Let’s hope for the best for him. Only his nature of giving personal attention to each and individual customer differentiate him from others similar Thella wala and that’s the reason why he is always encircle with lots of customers besides the reason of quality also. even with lots of customers he gave his attention to each and every one and never forgets to pass smile that is still continuing.Service Encounter with Poha-Jalebi wala Thursday. Smosa and Pettis etc. is definitely a sign of good marketer. he can further expand his business means he doesn’t need to stick only with Poha-Jalebi business rather he can also sell fast food items such as Bread-Pkoda. So by just following his nature and strategy he can increase his revenue. Instead words of mouth will spread to more & more consumer. Now is it his nature or he is doing all this for loyalty purpose I don’t know but one thing I am sure about the way he is interacting with his customer. It is something like he knows how to walk in customer shoes. that’s something where a customer feels a part of family member and have a faith and attachment to service provider. And definitely it can be illustrated that a marketing person doesn’t only mean that he or she is a PGDM/MBA degree holder.

but here what he was doing is if we asked him to give certain product he give something else without even saying a single word and when we told them we don’t need this product he just ignore our saying and continue to keep his eye on TV serial. was that we want to build a relationship with him so that during the financial instability period we can purchase from him on credit and even we succeed in our plan but unfortunately he started manipulating us by jotted down something else so when we noticed this we stop buying item from his shop and clear our due whatever was pending. The reason why we was buying product even because of so much hatred. we identified it’s not like that but he is to lazy and lethargic person that he himself don’t want to manage the whole things. is the market position. The only reason why his shop is running.Service Encounter with Kiryana Shop Wednesday. Till now I never saw a person who is very fond of TV serials and even can bargain his customer for that. he is bargaining with that. the shop that sustains his family. situation got further worsen. It was about way back one month ago when we were started to purchase households things from one of the Kiryana store situated at Kannadia road. Either we are such a dumb or he was too smart but the behaviour that he shows is really above my head. the entire market has that single shop. During the starting period we were thinking that the men who selling his item is too busy in locating the items where he kept but as soon as we continue. Bangali square. Whenever we need even a single item says Rs 5 Biscuit we had to wait 5-10 minutes not because of unavailability of biscuits pack but because he was watching TV serial and he doesn’t want to miss that. The shop that makes him capable of buying that TV. 4 November 2015 The service encounters that now I am going to mention is one of the worst experiences that I ever had. 6 . Now if he would carry this similar attitude in future the days will near when nobody comes to his shop. The only suggestion that I can give him to change his attitude and behaviour and stop watching serials instead watch your customer what they are demanding and need. Cross selling is good but with certain attitude and conversation between customer and seller. and if there are one or two shops that are unorganised and owner of those shops are even more lethargic. As we continued purchasing the items. the shop on which his entire earning depends.

Trustworthy drivers at least till now I got all trustworthy. 200. Actually that was not fault of Ola driver but we initiated the whole tussle and behind that there was solid reason.Service Encounter with Ola cab Wednesday. 240 Bill amount+ 50% extra). And the tussle went on and on. So we thought it hardly takes 20-25 minutes to reach there but the cab driver cheating on us on took us from the longer side for his self interest and it took nearly 1 hour to reach final destination i. We received an Innova. Then I heard name of Ola cabs but I was in a conception that the basic fare of Ola & per Km charges are very high. immediately after your ride you’ll get invoice in your mail box even there is feedback system for driver behaviour so everything is just awesome. But thank God!! For their promotional coupons where they are providing first Rs. finally he told us ok just give what your invoice say and ended the conversation. 200 ride free and even if I invite one friend then again I’ll get another Rs. easily book the cabs with their app. We paid the due and went ahead.e. But there was one incident that leaves a negative impression on me. It was when we went to Bhopal for trip and we booked Ola sedan as we were seven persons at that time. 360 (Rs. Manav Sanghralya. no negotiations involved and will inform about price and all if you want. 7 . some drivers ask for more fare and but if someone ready to take that’s only after so much of negotiations. We asked for Bill of 50% extra amount but he refused and told I took all of you on my risk so there is no bill for extra 50%. well tracking system. We agreed what he told as it was first time when we went to Bhopal and we were not much aware about the roads and destination. We saw on Google map that it was approximately 15 Km far where we were standing. From then I decided not to call auto driver and will go for Ola Cabs. but driver was saying that Ola only allowed five people not more than that and mentioned if you all want to sit then you have to pay extra 50% of the bill. There is no confusion. These promotional coupons were come up with a Ramban for me. Some auto drivers use to reject because of their own reason. The driver asked us to pay Rs. Somewhere down the line what he was saying was right but the manipulation that he played during the ride was not good so we resist that we need bill and until you will not provide we’ll not pay a single penny of extra 50%. 28 October 2015 I normally use to call local auto people of my surrounding.

Here also what we expected. Actually we want to eat Choole Bhature as it was also mentioned one of their board also. There are lots of restaurants that not only give what customers really need but sometimes more then it. Even then we thought might be he is expert in this lets first check out the taste then pass some comment if needed. means at the level of customers ecstasy.I’m not blaming that Ola services are bad but there are some drivers who ruining the image of company. So they need to be cautious about that. they have to improve their services also. After that we ordered cold drink in an expression that finally what all we tasted could be compensate with a chilled cold drink but even then we received a normal temperature cold drink. First of all as we know first impression is the last expression so if it was mentioned on board I’m not telling on menu card then at least they should try to prepare for it. 19 November 2015 It was on Thursday. Service Encounter with Mahavir Restaurant Thursday. 19 November 2015 when we went to a recently opened restaurant. Things didn’t stop here then we got sweeten chach that we are expected at least this one could be a taste of sour and specie one but again we got sweeten chach. The all incidents that we gone through really show that to meet a customer expectation are really important if you want to go ahead. 8 . When we thought ok lets go from here somehow the same person came back and told us “sir just please sit down we will prepared it in within 10 minutes”. So we asked them whether or not will they provide Choole Bhature then they replied sorry it can’t be possible. So they should also ensure. But when we tasted Choole OMG! The dish that we heartily like specie one is really had a taste of sweet one. Finally we got our ordered food but after 1 hour but the real frustration start when we saw the size of Bhatura it was just little more than size of puri. we didn’t get. So we start frustrating because if someone promises to deliver an order within 10 minutes then a general expectation is that we’ll get it within 30 minutes but not more than that. At that point we really thought that this is our first and last time in this restaurant. We sit but it was more than 1 hour we still didn’t have our order. Yeah no doubt they have very good infrastructure but they need to understand only providing a good infrastructure doesn’t mean customer will satisfy with them.

U. Ok. After reaching at K. After that he told me there is no need of photograph on your mark sheet just erased it with blade. As I got very bad experience in KUK but still I am happy because they didn’t took my mark sheet by saying take it after two month as if the above incident can happen then there is high probability that it can also take place. University Monday.Service encounter with K. The fee collector told me to go in such such office and told your problem to the registrar.K. When you see the infrastructure quality it is something like a dream college but when you interact with people that are working there you yourself feel embarrass.30 PM. After lunch break I was able to take undersigned authority signature then I deposited form fee. the staff quality is really third class people that even doesn’t know how to write a simple name. Then the registrar took mark sheet from me and erased the snap and returned back to me. suddenly I thought then why I gave form fee even what was the need of form submission.U. So to make it correct I went to K. It’s not really what its looks like. The reply that I got was really an astonishing one. the same one that I mentioned in earlier. But still it was matter of career so I just went to cafeteria and wait till 2. 16 November 2015 “Re ek kam kr ek blade leke aa arr is photo ne kurch de” this was the reply that I got after 6 hours of strenuous work. I am still confusing whether there is need of photograph or not. Then I went to exam branch and met with a person he told me to fill such such form and submit fee mentioned on it at enquiry counter.30 PM. When I got my graduation degree at my home I saw there was an error in snap. This whole process sucks me and seriously I was so much frustrated by the whole system.U. means all time they were manipulating me. At that time it was already afternoon 1 o’clock. So when I again went to exam branch I would get to know it was time of lunch break so come after 2. The 9 . I went to enquiry counter he told me to go in exam branch.K University.K. university. OMG! Is I am waiting for last six hours for these. the snap that should be mine has someone else. whatever it is. Again I went to enquiry counter and filled the form as told to me. I went there whatever address he told me and when I met with that guy the replied I got was really a most frustrating and weird one. When I was depositing the fee the fee collector told me go to exam branch and took stamp on your form by undersigned authority.

Now here why I cited this example because a service provider doesn’t only mean that he must be care about his customer. that didn’t come yet. We told that it is already paid to the broker but immediately he said I didn’t received any rent yet and if I’ll not get within two days then you have to leave my PG. 5 November 2015 It was when we shifted our PG from Vijaynagar to Bangali square. But one thing also there. After hearing this we really got shocked. this is India and the profession that he runs have made person like that. Last time we talked to him on November 5th 2015. owner again came to us and asks what the matter why you are not paying the rent? Again we called that dealer he told us do one thing you just pay the rent I’ll give that amount you on tomorrow. Now we are still waiting for that tomorrow. We tried everything even we told him we’ll go to the police station but still there is no response. As what he did to us is really a job of mean. he said no but he’ll pay. thief and Bastard person. there are many people who only believe in making money by whatever means so be careful while dealing with any services specially the brokerage one. 10 . So I can only aware others people to keep away from such type of person and for him pray to God please shut down his business and shows his dooms days. After. Now what type of suggestion I can provide him. the frustration that comes because of him and way of dealing with the customer will carry him to his dooms day.only suggestion that I want to give there is a need of change in thinking and functioning in many govt organisation and KUK is one of them. All goes well and perfect but after two days the owner of our PG came and told us who are you? We told the entire story then he said ok but where is my rent. when we shifted in our new PG we paid brokerage as well as one month rent to the Dealer. Service Encounter with Brokerage Firm Thursday. The PG where we are staying got with the help of G9 Brokerage firm. Somewhere down the line the attitude that he shows to us. he still provides us an extended date. We called the dealer and ask whether he give the rent to the owner or not. After two days when he didn’t give rent to the owner.

 A company can be ethical and customer centric but it’s not the chances that people that work there are also too.  Don’t blindly trust on your service provider try to find out past experiences of other customers.  First expression is the last expression as again you don’t get chance to leave first expression. 11 .Takeaways from all these Service Encounters All these service encounters teach me alot from business as well as customer point of views. So try to identify those people and make them correct.  Always try to give a best moment of truth to the customer so that words of mouth will spread across. These are –  Treat customer as a God.  A business can only be expends if we provide more what a customer really thinks about.  Try to identify what really is customer problem.  Treating customer like a family member or such as he is owner of business will definitely help in retaining a customer.