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Good Pharmacy Practice Education
July 16 - 22, 2015
Taipei, Taiwan
Fikrianti Surachman
HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB

November 2015

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how it is supposed to be. there are four major roles of pharmacists being described: Role 1: Prepare. and group discussions for three days of training. Philippines (7). My understanding towards GPP was only from theory in books and lectures.” 2 of 9 . on-site visit in TVGH. depends on their current condition and needs. but I am not familiar in how it is implemented in daily practice. and Thailand (2). By learning deeply about GPP as a student. that “If you do not shape your future. I can start to understand and evaluate the current pharmacy practice in my country so that once I graduate I will know what my roles are as a pharmacist to implement good pharmacy practice in whichever setting I will work in. evidence-based care. there were 39 participants from 12 different countries. SEP participants. the students also discussed about NHI and are expected to implement their new knowledge by making an action plan after they come back to their countries. This year. and what the challenges are (that I will eventually face when I become a pharmacist).” For me. GPP can be implemented in different approach by each country. Additionally. As said by Dora during one of the night discussions. IPSF APRO students came from Indonesia (9). consisting of IPSF APRO students. secure. I was not fully aware of the current pharmacy practice in my country is. and professional pharmacists. store. Joining the program made me realise that as a student. distribute. GPP sets a standard for pharmacy practice all around the world so an overall optimum healthcare can be achieved. obtain. administer. In the GPP document. someone else will. To support this practice it is essential that there be an established national framework of quality standards and guidelines.GPPED PROGRAM OVERVIEW AND REFLECTION Good Pharmacy Practice is defined as "the practice of pharmacy that responds to the needs of the people who use the pharmacists’ services to provide optimal. dispense and dispose of medical products Role 2: Provide effective medication therapy management Role 3: Maintain and improve professional performance Role 4: Contribute to improve effectiveness of the health-care system and public health In GPPed program. each role is elaborated in several topics through lectures.

and Expo. we find it to be too complicated to execute the plan. ORIGINAL PLAN AND EVALUATION During the last discussion. GPP Seminar On November 2015. and entrepreneurship. However. Our main reason relates to the difficulty to get an official permission from the government. why it is important. Discussing what GPP is. Indonesian students planned to conduct a pop-up medical centre in Bandung’s Car Free Day (CFD) event.400 people.ACTION PLAN A. and if possible. ALTERNATIVE PLANS 1. we thought it would be great if we could invite Dora. since conducting medical check-up needs big space and validated volunteers. We decided to find an alternative for the action plan. clinical and community. as founder of GPPed. It is held every year. The participants for the seminar range between 300 . and giving the example in other country would be a good first step in starting GPP awareness and implementation in Indonesia.15 (the seminar takes place on the 15th). We came up with the idea to make a seminar about Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP). conduct a public health campaign in one or both of our universities. the event also consists of Patient Counselling Event (PCE). along with public health campaign to raise awareness on having a healthy lifestyle. After having a discussion with the event committee. but many people are still unaware of it. GPP guideline in Indonesia was released a year ago. with discussions about pharmacy in the industry. to share her experience about the program and why she believes GPP matters so much for us as pharmacy students to understand. Pharmaceutical Industry Case Event (PICS). the student association in our university (HMF AP ITB) will hold a national scale pharmacy event with pharmacy students from all around Indonesia as the participants. and after the discussion we thought the target is not suitable for our action plan. The theme for the seminar is “Integration and Optimisation of Pharmacists’ Roles on Facing Asian Economic Community”. after considering many aspects. government. We have also consulted the idea with friends who have experienced in conducting such event. 3 of 9 . B. and for this year it is on November 13 . Other than seminar.

4 of 9 . 2015. we would like to hold a public health campaign for it. do not need ‣ limited budget more recruitment ‣ limited understanding about current ITB and Unpad has GPPed alumni (to seek condition of pharmacy practice in ‣ motivation and advice) Indonesia ‣ less credibility (the team is not an official organisation) ‣ busy academic schedule OPPORTUNITY THREAT ‣ Support from IPSF APRO ‣ ITB has an annual national event coming up: the seminar can be integrated into the event without having to conduct it independently ‣ Pharmacy students in Indonesia are currently interested in clinical pharmacy issue ‣ scheduling issue for speaker ‣ possible miscommunication between the team and the event committee E. The seminar and World Diabetes Day (WDD) dissemination campaign is held on November 15. We are planning to collaborate with other health student organisations and community whose focused are on Diabetes awareness to hold a campaign around our university and have a free glucose level test for those who attend. The competitions are held from November 13 . Raise the awareness of pharmacy students on current pharmacy practice in Indonesia 2. Widen students’ knowledge about Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) and how it is implemented in other countries 3. consisting of seminar and competitions. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH WEAKNESS ‣ has enough team members. C. Public Health Campaign Since Pharmanova event is close to World Diabetes Day (November 14).2. DESCRIPTION Pharmacy student association of ITB holds a national event each year. The seminar details can be seen below. OBJECTIVES 1.14. Motivate students to be more involved on improving GPP implementation in Indonesia D.

Bandung Institute of Technology Time : 1.6.619.000 Fundraising (stickers and t-shirts) Travel cost (Jakarta Bandung . clinical and community speaker session is from 2.00 PM (approximately 60 minutes. lecture.000 9.Event : “Pharmanova” national seminar Date : Sunday.076.000 Accommodation fee from the committee Other expenses (souvenir.000 7.Taipei) Cost (IDR) Income 7.3.788.000 5 of 9 . etc.438.000 Sponsors Visa 400.000 750.00 .00 PM. Q&A are included) General theme : Integration and Optimisation of Pharmacists’ Roles on Facing Asian Economic Community Specific Topic : GPP Implementation Speaker : Meng San (Dora) Lee F.000 Total 9.445. proposal.) 500.000 Total Cost (IDR) 1. COST OF THE ACTION PLAN Outcome Flight ticket (Taipei Jakarta .Jakarta) 750. TARGETS Seminar participants (350 students from ITB and other universities) G.00 . introduction. November 15th 2015 Place : West Hall.

H. TIMELINE Month Week Activities August 1 Contacting Pharmanova committee 2 ‣ Writing proposal ‣ Budgeting 3 September October November 4 ‣ Designing items for fundraising ‣ Contacting vendors 1 Starting fundraising (first pre-order) 2 3 ‣ Submitting proposals to potential sponsors ‣ Contacting speaker 4 Proposal follow-up 1 Starting fundraising (second pre-order) 2 Booking flight ticket and hotel room for speaker 3 Starting event publication 4 Communicating seminar materials to the speaker (in details) 1 Preparing WDD campaign 2 Proposed date of the action plan I. TEAM NAME IN CHARGE OF Laily Hasna Stella Widi Proposal writing Budgeting Afina Camilia Ananda Anti Campaign Accommodation Proposal submission Speaker and materials Mellisa Fundraising 

Ms. so in order to prevent further mistakes we documented them in a form of MoU hand-signed by both sides. if possible. but unfortunately it was canceled due to scheduling issue. Their response was great and we agreed to do the plan with some agreement on (1) materials. 7 of 9 . we gave a presentation about activities and topic discussions in GPPed (09/2015). (2) accommodation. We consulted to her about our action plan (inviting Dora as speaker in Pharmanova) and her response was very positive. to give a guest lecture during her stay. MAKING MOMERANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) WITH THE EVENT COMMITTEE We contacted Pharmanova committee in August about the possibility of inviting speaker for the seminar.RESULT AND EVALUATION A. This becomes our biggest evaluation. B. Lia Amalia. She showed high interest and gave us deeper insights about the current practice in Indonesia for us to compare and evaluate. while the committee is responsible of anything related to the event program and publication. and (3) proposal. Some miscommunications happened related to those three agreements I mentioned before. APPROACHING LECTURER As one of our assignment given by the head of BPharm program. Our team is responsible of anything related to the speaker’s need. She gave us some advice and suggested to ask Dora.

INVITING SPEAKER After making agreement with the event committee. we tried to find alternative income by selling clothes and stickers to our peers. FUNDRAISING Since we could not depend on proposals as the only possible income. 8 of 9 . The critical part of this is finding the right schedule that fit both sides. E. D. It is very important to keep in touch with the speaker frequently and be transparent. We agreed with the committee to help them find medical service provider for glucose-level test and provide WDD stickers during the campaign in partnership with IPSF liaison division of HMF AP ITB. The poster below is the publication material for this fundraising activity.C. We made a google form for ordering the item. WDD CAMPAIGN The campaign was a part of the job fair program held during the event. we contacted the speaker (Dora) about our plan to invite her by e-mail. We communicated the material requirements from the committee to her and organise the travel.

9 of 9 .F. ACTION PLAN EXECUTION The action plan was held on November 16. 2015.