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discharge, she explains. The overall length of stay for
Medicare patients is 30 days.
Providence St. Joseph Care Center takes patients with
mechanical hearts, wound vacs, TPN, and multiple IV
antibiotics. The nursing facility doesn’t accept patients
with vents but will take someone with a fairly wellestablished tracheostomy, Denton says.

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“We are a place in the community where people with
mechanical hearts can go to transition to the community,”
Denton reports. Sometimes the patients who receive
the mechanical hearts are waiting to receive a human
heart transplant. If not, the mechanical heart becomes “a
prosthesis and a way of life,” she adds. “The patients with
the mechanical hearts can go home if they have a 24/7
caregiver in case of equipment malfunction.”  q

HHS Slaps $1 Million HIPAA Fine On Provider For Lost Data
Warning: HIPAA enforcement is ramping up.
The feds don’t seem afraid to use their HIPAA fining
power, and it was one employee’s innocent mistake that
cost $1 million.
The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office
of Civil Rights (OCR) has fined the General Hospital
Corporation and Massachusetts General Physicians
Organization Inc. in Boston $1 million over an incident
where a Mass General employee left files on a subway
train that were never recovered.
“We hope the health care industry will take a close look
at this agreement and recognize that OCR is serious about
HIPAA enforcement,” OCR Director Georgina Verdugo
says in a release about the settlement. “It is a covered
entity’s responsibility to protect its patients’ health
And OCR has fined insurance plan Cignet Health of
Prince George’s County, Md., more than $4.3 million for
breaching the HIPAA Privacy Rule. “The fine is the first
civil monetary penalty (CMP) ever imposed for a covered
entity’s violations of the HIPAA Privacy Rule,” notes law
firm Sidley Austin on its website.
Cignet’s fine came from failing to give patients’ access to
their protected health information (PHI) in their medical
records, rather than accidentally revealing PHI.
“These cases, and HHS’s apparent willingness to put
them in the spotlight, demonstrate the agency’s newfound
commitment to investigating, uncovering and imposing
penalties for HIPAA violations,” notes law firm Duane
Morris in an alert on the topic.
And HHS now can more easily track possible violations,
thanks to HITECH Act provisions that require providers
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to notify the agency of HIPAA data breaches, Duane
Morris points out.
OIG Offers Free, Pre-Written Presentation for
Teaching New Physicians About Compliance.
When your practice hires a new physician, the job of
training the doctor on healthcare compliance may fall
to more than one person in your practice, including the
office manager, compliance officer, coder, and fellow
physicians. But that job may be a little bit easier now
that the OIG has created a ready-made presentation that
teaches new physicians how to steer clear of fraud.
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