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Megamin Activ, buy now this super poten

t antioxidant

Our company Tribomin has more than 15 years of experience in production of
Megamin (Capsules, powder) products range which other companies do not
have, for examle producers of PANACEO and DETOXAMIN.
Our company was established in Osijek - Slavonia , and it is lead by team of
experienced professionals in the field of biochemistry, pharmacology,
medicine and nutrition.
We are producing Natural Medicine and Food Supplement Products, which are
made only of the natural mineral and herbal ingredients, and unlike other
products on the market, completely devoid of negative side effects. Nature is
the best doctor, it provided us with all neccessary components our bodies
needs. All products are medically tested and completely safe, and it is not
required a doctor's prescription.


The newly constructed vortical centrifugal micronisation (TMA) machine
finely mills, micronises and homogenizes various inorganic and organic
materials under dynamic conditions.
The machine consists of a dismountable housing containing two rotor disks
that face each other. The disks are powered by an axle and belt transmission
to electrical motors, and turn independently in opposite directions at the
same angular rate. Attached to the rotary disks are two or more concentric
wreaths with striking pins and ventilatory blades which are constructed and
arranged to be able to pass by each other freely while moving in opposite
directions. The disks are also constructed with grooves, which prevent
uncontrolled passage of material, which is being processed. The purpose of
the striking pins and ventilatory blades is to create a turbulent flow of air to
accelerate the material and increase the collisions and frictions between
particles at a particular angle.
The starting material enter the machine through the central part of the rotor
system with suction. The particles are accelerated and adjusting by
ventilatory air stream and because of the repeated change in motion
directions they are in collision and friction in very short time intervals (10-5
to 10-6s). Significant changes in shape and size of particles take place. The
relatively movement of one particle along the surface of another in dynamic
conditions results in damage to the surface of the particles and a layer of
material directly beneath the surface of the particles.
Our products has generated among the scientific and profesional comunity.
The results of scientific investigations of the effects of MEGAMIN particulary
its basic component, tribomineraly activated zeolites clinoptilolite have
shown strong antioxidant effects, absorbation of havy metals and toxins. Our
competitors products rival PANACEO and DETOXAMIN, can not get clouse to

our quality becouse of our TMA technology which gave our supperior results
supperior results.
During the processing of organic materials, macromolecules are splitting
(e.g. proteins, starch, polysaccharides), producing the products of lower
molecular weight with exchanged physio-chemical and functional
It has definitely been confirmed that MEGAMIN ACTIV is a very effective
oxido-reductive preparation, and probably the most powerful antioxidant in
the world that is taken orally. As well as for prophylaxis and improvement of
immunity in healthy people is to be recommended.