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"Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous" (1995)

"Put it On"
[Big L:]
Aiyyo, you betta flee Hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks
L keep rapper's hearts pumpin like Reeboks
And every year I gain clout and my name sprouts
Some brothers'd still be large if the crack never came out
I got the wild style, always been a foul child
My guns go poom-poom, and yo' guns go pow-pow
I'm known to have a hottie open, I keep the shottie smokin
Front and get half the bones in your body broken
And when it comes to gettin nookie I'm not a rookie
I got girls that make that chick Toni Braxton look like Whoopie
I run with sturdy clicks I'm never hittin dirty chicks
Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don't make it thirty-six
Step to this you're good as gone, word is bond
I leave mics torn when I put it on
[Kid Capri:]
So put it on Big L, put it on
C'mon put it onnn, and onnn, and onnn
C'mon put it on Big L, put it on
C'mon put it on represent put it on, C'MON!
[Big L:]
Nobody can take nuttin from Big L but a loss chief
The last punk who fronted got a mouth full of false teeth
I'm known to gas a hottie and blast the shottie
Got more cash than Gotti (you don't know?) you betta ask somebody
Big L is a crazy brother, and I'm a lady lover
A smooth kid that'll run up in your baby mother
I push a slick Benz, I'm known to hit skinz
And get endz and commit sins with sick friends
Cause I'm a money getter, also a honey hitter
You think you nice as me? Ha ha, youse a funny nigga
I flows, so one of my shows, wouldn't be clever to miss
I'm leavin competitors pissed
To tell you the truth, it gets no better than this
I'm catchin wreck to the break of dawn
And it's on, yo it's a must that I put it on
[Kid Capri:]
Yeah, so put it on Big L, put it on
C'mon put it on, big fella put it on and on
Put it on Big L, put it on represent

Put it on, c'mon put it on...

[Unknown patois chatta - best guess]
Some boys see me gun nozzle and take a we fi joke
Boy you gwan dead before you see me gun smoke
See me gun nozzle and take me fi joke
You gwan dead, from army you provoked
[Big L:]
I drink Moet not Beck's beer, I stay dressed in slick gear
Peace to my homies in the gangsta lean, I see you when I get there
And it's a fact I keep a gat in my arm reach
I charm freaks and bomb geeks from here to Palm Beach
I'm puttin rappers in the wheelchair, Big L is the villain
You still fear, cause I be hangin in harlem this shit is for real here
If you battle L you picked the wrong head
I smash mics like cornbread, you can't kill me I was born dead
And I'm known to pull steel trigs and kill pigs
I run with I'll kids and real nigs who peel wigs
My rap's steady slammin, I keep a heavy cannon
It's a new sherriff in town, and it ain't Reggie Hammond
Peace to my peoples, the Children of the Corn
Cause we put it on, adios, ghost I'm gone
[Kid Capri:]
So put it on Big L, put it on
C'mon put it on, big fella put it on and on
Big L, you gotta put it on and on
Put it on Big L, put it on and on
Word up, knahmsayin?
My man Big L, runnin things for the nine-four
And nine-oh-S, you know what I mean?
It's the Kid Capri, in full flair
And we gon' put it on a little somethin like this
Big L, c'mon
[Big L (Kid Capri):]
Lord Finesse (He be puttin it on)
My man Buckwild (He be puttin it on and on)
My man Fat Joe (He be puttin it on)
Showbiz and A.G. (Yeah they be puttin it on and on)
I can't forget Diamond D (He be puttin it on)
The whole D.I.T.C. (Yeah they be puttin it on and on)
And of course Kid Capri (Yeah I be puttin it on)
The whole N.Y.C. (Yeah we be puttin it on and on)
And I'm out [echoes]

[Big L]
A yo spark up the phillies and pass the stout
Making quick money grip before your ass is out
In a street brawl I strike men quicker than lightning
You seen what happened in my last fight friend? iight then
L's a clever threat, elerisis who never sweat,
Comparing yourself to me is like a Benz to a chevelette
And clown rappers I'm bound to slay
I'm saying hi to all the cuties from around the way
Yeah, cause I got all of them sprung Jack
My girls are like boomer-rings
No matter how far I throw them, they come back
I'm coming straight out the N.Y.C., I'm down with diggin in the crates
And I'm M.V.P. yeah!
[Miss Jones]
It's Big L,
[Big L]
Yo it's a must that I get papes
Peace to all the DJ's who gave me love on their mix tapes
And once again the man's back with a denged track
So here's your chance jack to get loose and let your hand clap.
I got juice like voco, mad crues I broke thru,
niggas be getting mad cause I hit more chicks than they spoke to.
And everytime I'm in a jam I always find a loophole,
I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol.
And my raps is unbelievable like aliens and flying sorcers
No more iron horses cause I'm buying porches.
I'm coming straight out the NYC peace to the Kid Carpi, I'm M.V.P.
[Miss Jones:]
If rap was a game i'll be M.V.P., the most valuable poet on the M.I.C.
If rap was a game i'll be M.V.P., the most valuable poet on the M.I.C.
It's Big L (x4)
[Big L:]
Battles I loose none I make crues run
I get fools done, got ten fingers but only use one.
My run is like Machine Gun Kelly, with a black skully,
Put one in your belly, leave you smelly, and take your Pelle Pelle.
I'm the neighborhood lampor, punani vamper, mess around you'll find My silk
boxers in your mommy's hamper.

And nowadays girls want you for your money,

I'm like Hev, I got nothing but love for you honey.
And yes I'm living slick and my pockets are thick,
I need surgery to get chicks removed from my (chill)
I'm coming straight out the N.Y.C., raps my job, and I'm M.V.P.
"No Endz, No Skinz"
[Verse 1:]
Let me get to the point real quick
When ya pockets are thick
Mad chicks be on a brothers tip
When ya sportin jewels and drivin in a groovy car
All the ho's go sweat you like a movie star
To get in ya pockets
That's what the girls wanna do
But if you not rich them chicks gonna front on you
No matter how strong your rap
You only nock boots when you got loot
You on the map
Cause if you broke you'll get a wack slut
If you got dough you get a ho with a fat butt
With fresh gear, long hair and a cute face
And if ya live alone shes gonna pack her suit case and move in
Then ya start loosin all ya bucks
Soon you broke as a joke and outta luck
Then she takes off and brakes off
Ya ho's gone, so long dear
I'm outta here a good relationships been torn
Cause when you on top everythings OK
But when you broke you gets no play
If you don't got endz you won't be gettin no skinz
And if you don't got money you won't skoop a honey
If you don't got cash you won't be gettin no ass
And if you don't got loot you won't be knockin no boots
[Verse 2:]
Girls of the 90's ain't nuthin but crooks
It's all about what's in ya pockets not how ya look
That's why you can't talk to just any whore
Leavin brothers for the next man cause he's got a penny more
They want a drug dealer not a scholar
Some girls barely speak but allways askin for a dollar
And if you pushin a fresh Benz they'll be ya best friends

Yeah, as long as you collect endz

You think shes all yours
But as soon as your dough go your ho go
Now you solo
But when you was makin papers sucker jumped ho's
You bought dumb clothes for all of them bum ho's
And you was takin em to the movies every weekend
Now that you dead broke the girls not speakin
Cause nowadays girls want you to crook
The only thing they can get from Big L is a big...
Cause when you on top everythings OK
But when you broke you gets no play
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3:]
I tell it how it is cause I'm a bold figure
And I hate a money hungry girl a.k.a. golddigger
It ain't even funny
Some girls don't even know me askin me can they get some money
I'm lookin nuthin like ya poppa
I wouldn't give a chick 10 cent to put cheese on a Whopper
They wanna know why I'm so fly
A girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye
Chicks used to diss but now they wanna kiss
Yo Showbiz I'm a break it down like this
[Chorus x2]
It's like that y'all, and that's a fact y'all
I hit hoes from the back and don't give a jack y'all
It's Big L y'all, I'm livin swell ya'll
I do my famous, spell my name, ring bells y'all
(If you don't got endz)
Girls be frontin
(If you don't got endz)
They ain't givin up nuthin
(If you don't got endz)
All the girls they ignore you
(If you don't got endz)
They act like they never saw you
(If you don't got endz)...

"8 Iz Enuff"
My crew is in the house
Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddah Bless
Big Twan, Killa Kam, Trooper J, and Mike Boogie
And I'ma set it like this
[ VERSE 1: Big L ]
Aiyo, folks who quote what I wrote get choked
You better surrender before you get smoked
You niggas be thinkin this kid is a joke?
I put chumps to rest fast, when my Smith-Wes' blast
So just dash or trespass and get your chest smashed
Rap New York rules, I sport jewels and extort crews
Don't get me pissed, I got a short fuse
I go bezerk when I put in work or do dirt, jerk
So stay alert, no smoke, cause these knuckles hurt
I'm from the alley, not the valley
I'm hotter than Cali, wicked like Harry
And fuck Sally, I rather marry Halle
I revive crowds with live styles
Don't hang with jive pals
Adios, ghost, I'm 5 thous'
[VERSE 2: Terra]
Well, I'm flav, and I was down with the crime wave
Now it's time saved, yo, cause now I'm a rhyme slave
In '87 I sold cracks, collected some dough stacks
Hold gats, a joker got his soul taxed
N.O. rated, rappers you no-made it
Tell the Terra to rotate it, his raps are gold-plated
This nigga Terra is past butter, sharp like a glass cutter
Ass brother, I leave your rhyme trash gutter
I'm more rare, the MC in this warfare
Put you in a morgue where it's too late for that Lord prayer
Power struck, Terra drops the follow-up
Sour luck, niggas got and popped and swallow nuts
[VERSE 3: Herb McGruff]
For those that don't know, yo, I'm Herb McGruff
I'm on some murder stuff
And when I talk every word is ruff
Front on this and get beat bad
With big bats that bruise, break bones

Then wind up bloody in a bodybag

MC's are live, but I'm mad liver
Aiyo, my rhymes are more funky than a Afghan cab driver
Step to this and get sliced with ease
Ate up like rice and peas
(Herb, can you fight?) Yo, I'm nice with these
Ask the nigga in my last bout
He thought I just was on some gun shit, I had to knock his ass out
Microphones I gotta tear
Peace to Big L, straight from hell
I'm the fuck up outta here
[VERSE 4: Buddah Bless]
Aiyo, it's time to get drastic, but God bless the fantastic
Herb passed it, now I melt the mic like it's plastic
I rag crews cause I'm bad news
In a mad move I'm servin brothers quicker than fast food
Step to this and get your body blown
Cause I'm a ?nomaticom? for poems I slide the hotties home
Here's some advice, I'm mad nice
Aiyo, I'm quick to lick the mag twice
And cold take a fag's life
My swellin melon got niggas jealin
Aiyo, fuck bribes, I'm takin niggas lives like a felon
[VERSE 5: Big Twan]
Yo, I bust chumps like a glock 10, when I drops in
The top ten is rocked when it's locked in
I just abuse the flow, don't need a fuse to blow
Bruise the groove slow, when I rhyme I just kill the show
I got lines that's deeper than a jail
Been no frail, kids get nailed and read braille when they fail
Yeah, ain't I nasty, too nasty to trash me
Bash me, aiyo, that's dead, so don't ask me
You'd get bumped off if beef ever jumped off
I never come soft, I gotta pump that sawed-off
And when I let slugs out, you will get rugged out
For dissin, you come up missin like a cup scout
[VERSE 6: Killa Kam]
Rappers be funny like flesh, cause they section's 80 slaughter, son
Talk about nines and tecs, and never shot a watergun
But Killa Kam, I get erratic when it comes to static
There you have it, a trigger fanatic with a automatic
Increase the peace that cease cause once I release
My crew from the east, we leavin at least
20 police deceased, it's the beast on attack

So make tracks, I break backs

I jack with def gats and black macs
On Lennox Ave. ain't no light looks, you fight crooks
Left and right hooks, if you front, get your life took
[VERSE 7: Trooper J]
I'm havin nail-sharp pains in my brain like a hellraiser
I'm blazin trails from jail cells, so a trailblazer
Who find crime and fill the nine with nothin but lead
Boom-bye-bye, dem find another batty bwoy dead
In backyard alleys, but I call em crackyard valleys
And I pack more rallys than riots back in Cali
And people wanna know the reason why I blow my fuse
I'm in a daze and I'm so confused
From seein heads shake so many times the lead make
And Mike Boogie's next up, and keep my head straight
[VERSE 8: Mike Boogie]
I should never rhyme cause every time I step into a contest
Kids evacuate the premises like it's a bomb threat
Cause they know when I start droppin poems
That I be knockin domes, poppin bones and sendin niggas hoppin home
Word to God, it's kinda hard for a fag to touch this
So if you're comin to see me, nigga, bring a cask' and crutches
And niggas, I dont' need a gun for you, none of you
Cause I can kill you dead with the lead from my No. 2
And it's death in every paragraph
And niggas learn when I burn they muthafuckin ass to ash
No need to question am I nice, cause it's a fact, friend
I shoot the gift like Santa Clause with a Mac-10
And niggas ain't half as nice, so they get sacrificed
And sent to the afterlife, they ain't no match for Mike
Now I'm bout to skate in a rush, just finished makin it tough
Peace to Big L, aiyo, 8 is enough
True, true
And before I get up outta here
I gotta say peace to D-Whiz and Short Man
Brothers that was there since the beginning
What's up to Rockin' Wheel from the Hard Pack Crew
Peace to Mase Murder and the B.B.O. Crew
The Best Out Crew, the M&M Crew
And all the other crews that's representin in Harlem
You know what I'm sayin?
And last but not least
I gotta say peace to the 139th Street NFL Crew

My crew
Word up

"All Black"
[Big L:]
Yo once again it's the Big L, that kid who got much props
From killin corrupt cops, with motherfuckin buck shots
So don't step to this, cause I got a live crew
You might be kinda big but they make coffins yo' size too
I was taught wise, I'm known to extort guys
This ain't Cali, it's Harlem nigga we do walkbys
No one can match me, tax me or wax me
If you want me to write you some raps G just ask me
Cause on the shelf is where your LP cold stood
Because it was no good, that shit ain't even go wood
I'm not the type to take sluts out, I just fuck they guts out
Get my nuts out, then break the fuck out
Me being a virgin, that's idiotic
Cause if Big L got the AIDS every cutie in the city got it
Once a nigga tried to stick me for six G's
And I put more holes in his ass than swiss cheese
[Chorus x2: Big L]
(Thugs better scat when the gat goes click-clack)
Or I'm a have your family dressed in all black
[Big L:]
I steal lives like a stone thief, so leave me alone chief
Or catch a buck shot to your domepiece
I must warn, I got it goin on, word is bond
Ducks be gettin thrown off platforms like P.M. Dawn
I'm catchin bodies like a villain's supposed to
And I squeeze triggers, not just on niggaz but hoes too
So don't try to test me, cause I can't stand test-es
Fuck around, I'll introduce you to your ancestors
Step to this and get left with a face full of tears, pal
But man you've been rappin for years now
And ain't made a hit yet, you flop in a split sec
In the shower's the only time you get your dick wet
I roll with scary crews, I come out of wars barely bruised
I'm puttin motherfuckers on the Daily News

I was a gangsta from the git-go

Leavin fags in bodybags with tags on they big toe
[Chorus x2]
[Big L:]
Yo ever since I was young, I ripped mics and I killed beats
And I'm known to milk freaks and hit em on silk sheets
No dame can give me a bad name, I got mad fame
I'm quick to put a slug in a fag brain
I be placin snitches inside lakes and ditches
And if I catch AIDS, then I'm a start rapin bitches
I'm all about makin papes kid
I killed my mother with a shovel just like Norman Bates did
My old man in the past, stuck me up without a mask
Then his ass cold dashed with my cash fast
Fifty G's is what the creep stole; so the next day
Knocked on his door and shot his granny through the peephole
That's the type of shit I'm on, word is bond
Got it goin on, from the break of dawns to the early morn'
You know my style I'm wild, comin straight out of Harlem pal
It's Big L, the motherfuckin Problem Child
[Chorus x2]
[Big L:]
This goes out to all y'all bitch-ass niggaz
So if your mother ain't ready for a funeral, don't FUCK with me
Cause I know a good way to get your family together
And I ain't talkin bout a reunion motherfucker
Yo, I'm bout to sign out, but before I go
I gotta say peace to the NFL crew, you know who you are
And all y'all niggaz talkin that gun shit
And won't bust a rhyme, stop fakin the funk!
Word, I'm bout to get up out of here
Yo I'm out B, yo peace man
I gotta get this money
So all y'all niggaz on my hitlist get your suits ready
"Danger Zone"
[Malcolm X]
Stealing runs rampant in Harlem
Gambling runs rampant in Harlem
All types of evils and uhh, vices that terrified our community

run rampant in Harlem

[Big L]
The microphone is through when this rap legend grab it
Sendin poems to have them faggots diggin hoes like Reverand Swaggart
L's the nigga that crime follows
I'm hittin fine models and stabbin punks with broken wine bottles
I beat chumps til they head splits, then break em like breadsticks
I sex chicks, I'll even fuck a dead bitch
Always sprayin Tecs, because I be stayin vexed
Some nigga named Dex, was in the projects layin threats
I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin
Put his brains in the street
Now you can see what he was just thinkin
I'm chokin enemies til they start turnin pale
Satan said I'm learnin well, Big L's gonna burn in hell
Front and get scarred cause your rap style ain't even hard
I run with a thievin squad, and NONE OF US believe in God
[Chorus: McGruff, Big L]
[McG] Cause one-three-nine and Lennox is the Danger Zone
[Big] Where no man can withstand or hold his own
[Big] Cause one-three-nine and Lennox is the Danger Zone
[McG] Where no man can withstand or hold his own
[Big L]
I got styles you can't copy bitch, it's the triple six
in the mix, straight from H-E-double-hockey sticks
Every Sunday, a nun lay from my gun spray
Fuck Carlito, we doin' shit the Devil Son's way
Every minute, my style switches up, they said a real man
won't hit a girl well I ain't real cause I beat bitches up
I use words that's ill, L got nerves of steel
I'm cool, but every now and then I get a urge to kill
I'm takin lives for a great price, I'm the type
to snap in heaven with a Mac-11 and rape Christ
And I'm fast to put a cap in a fag chest
The Big L smash stress, cause hell is my address
I'm on some satanic shit, strictly, little kids
be wakin up cryin, yellin, "Mommy Big L is comin to get me!"
[Chorus x2]
[Big L]
I keep a cutie with a soft booty, hoes be runnin up
"Can I get your autograph L?" No bitch, I'm off duty

I'm breakin hottie hearts, niggaz drop when my shotty sparks

It ain't no food in my fridge; just body parts
I keep the gear fresh, I keep the braids rugged
I never wear rubbers bitch, if I get AIDS, fuck it!
A beef with me, you better prevent it cause in a minute
I'll jump out a tenant rented, and leave a nigga body dented
And my swoll knob your main girl cold slobbed
and gave a blow job to my whole mob, with no prob'
Aiyyo crazy bitches slept with L
Then they niggaz got mad and tried to step to L
But I'm sicker than a nigga that's in special ed so I suggest
you spread pretzelhead, 'fore I turn your white sweatsuit red
[Chorus x2]
"Street Struck"
[Big L]
Yeah, it's the Big L
Comin at you once again, in nine-five
And I dedicate this one
to all my peoples from Uptown.. and everywhere
Check it!
Yo where I'm from it ain't cookies and cream
There's a lot of peer pressure growin up as a young teen
You never know when you gonna get wet
Cause mad clowns be catchin wreck with a tec just to get a rep
Instead of cool friends, they'd rather hang with male thugs
Instead of goin to school, they'd rather sell drugs
It's best to go the right route and not the wrong one
Because it's gonna catch up witchu in the long run
Brothers be all up on us, actin stupid, gettin lifted
They life is twisted, and most of them are quite gifted
In other words, they got TALENT; but they'd rather sell cracks
and bust gats and run the streets actin violent
To them it's all about hittin skinz and makin some easy green
Cause that's all they show you on the TV screen
All they care about is a buck or bustin a sweet nut
They don't give a (WHAT?) cause they street struck
[Chorus: Big L]
You betta listen when L rhyme; cause bein street struck'll
get you nuttin but a bullet or jail time
So pay attention when L rhyme; cause bein street struck'll

get you nuttin but a bullet or jail time

[Big L]
Before the rap contract, I was sellin crack
Stay strapped with a Mac, I was into alla that
I started rappin and got nice as hell
If it wasn't for this I might be doin life in jail
And some of my peeps are still in the game sellin 'caine
If that's what you gotta do to maintain, go 'head and do your thang
But with the cash profit make an investment
And try not to go to the grave like the rest went
Cause you can be rich with crazy loot, own a house and nine cars
What good is that, if you're dead, or behind bars?
And yo it's not even funny
I've seen a lot of my peers give up they careers for some fast money
They could've been boxers, ballplayers or rap singers
Instead they bank robbers and crack slingers
Aiyyo they used to be legit kids, now they corrupt
They had dreams but gave em up cause they street struck
[Chorus: x2]
[Big L]
I still chill with my peeps in the streets; but most of the time
I'm in the crib, writin rhymes to some dope beats
Or either callin up some freaks to bone
But word up, I try to leave the streets alone
But it's crazy hard kid, in other words, it's spooky
The streets be callin me, like the crack be callin Pookie
It ain't a dumb joke, listen to this young folk
Cause where I'm from -- you can choke from the gunsmoke
Stay off the corners; that might be your best plan
Before you catch a bullet that was meant for the next man
Or end up with a deep cut
Or relaxin on a hospital bed, from bein street struck
[Chorus: x2]
[Big L]
Worrrd up!
Aiyyo take it from me, the Big L
Cause I been through it all, youknowhatI'msayin?
Stay off them corners you'll stay out of trouble
And I gotta say rest in peace to all the cats teasin streets
I'm outta her

"Da Graveyard"
It's the number one crew in the area.
[Big L:]
Big L be lightin' niggas like incense
Gettin' men lynched to win tits
I'm killin' infants for ten cents
Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis
Got fly chicks on my dick that don't even speak English
I'm makin' ducks shed much tears
I buck queers
I don't have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares?
I'm grabbin' brews takin' fast swiggas
I get cash and stash figures and harass them bitch ass niggas
After you you're gonna get scared next
And if ya squad flex
I'm lettin' off like Bernard Getts
A tech nine is my utensil
Fillin' niggas with so much led they can use they dick for a pencil
I'm known for snatchin' purses and bombin' churches
I get more pussy on accident then most niggas get on purpose
I got drug spots from New York to Canada
Cause Big L be fuckin' with more keys than a janitor
[Lord Finesse:]
Now it's the dictator who's style is greater
It's the man with more wild flavors than motherfuckin' Now & Laters
And rappers I hit 'em well
They automatically go to heaven fuckin' with me cause I give 'em hell
So don't try to front troop
When your style is played out just like an Oshkosh jumpsuit
I'm out to collect figures
I'm on some Wu-Tang shit so Protect Ya fuckin' Neck nigga
Not a role model I'm a bad figure
When it comes to rap I got skills out the ass nigga
I got it locked like a warden
Rap without Finesse is like the NBA without Jordan
So all ya new jacks kickin' wack raps
It's a fact that
I'll be on your fuckin' back like a napsack
It ain't shit you can tell me
Cause bitches still jock me without a motherfuckin' LP
It's the number one crew in the area

"Known for sendin' garbage MCs to the graveyard" [x2]

[Microphone Nut:]
Yo I got a death wish
That's why I talk so much motherfuckin' shit
I want these bitch motherfuckers to try to flip
So I can fill up this clip and stick the gun between they lips like a
And let 'em smoke the four fifth
[?] no need to lie or cry it's time motherfucker to die
Because to me death is like sex
And if my brain was a deck of cards I'd be missing a whole deck
Strap up a Mac clack clack motherfuckers are runnin' like rats
The blind bats are fuckin' crazed cats
Cause the Microphone let's loose
And you're wonderin' how the fuck did this madman get cut loose
From 25 consecutive 25-to-life bids
For murderin' up some fuckin' white kids
These were the kids of the prison guards
Then I startin' killin' squads of prison guards in the prison yard
One two everybody's through
The Microphone Nut flew over the prison walls without a clue
And now I'm decked to hawk shit and talk shit
Whoever flaunts shit I leave 'em unconscious
I run through ya with a maneuver and German luger
Wreck like Das EFX straight out the fuckin' sewer
Please show me where the crack is at
While they quarter crack the sack I crack they backs like Cracker Jacks
So I'm the one you should run from
Because the Microphone Nut is like a motherfuckin' stun gun
The way I rock
No way you could stop
I shock pop and drop when Jay gets hot
When I'm in the zone better hold ya own
Cause I like to break when I finish a poem
Pound for p-p-pound the best around
No way you can get up when I get down
I shake rattle and roll and wreck shit like none
And beat a niggas ass half silly on da one
Fuckin' A fuckin' Jay ill with skill
So ladies step up I get around like a wheel
I'm never chokin' off chronic skills are bonic
Bitches will treat me like Onyx
Respect that I'll peel a punks cap back and sign it
Creep through your block fuck a glock I step

Through your neighborhood armed with nothing but a rep

I'm giving these ladies something they can feel cause I'm real
Ya man get outta line and it's kill kill kill
[Hook x2]
[Party Arty of Ghetto Dwellaz:]
Yo ya step up and you'll get played like the small fry
I'm throwin' niggas off the roof said you wanna be the fall guy
So mess around you'll be a dead man
I get hype Tonite's The Night like Redman
Nuff respect to Big L who get wreck
Chiggidy check yourself cause I ain't workin' with a full deck
I'm lethal, eatin' people
Not Jeffery Dahmer I'm the sequel
Have a gut like an eagle
So what cha want?
Yo I'm strapped with the gats step up plap plap
I'm leavin' caps in your back fool
I rip tracks wanna say peace to hip hop
A nigga disagree bring it on and get dropped
I get wreck I'm Party Arty so hit the deck
The kid with the tech smokin' niggas like cigarettes
Now some ask me how I'm gettin' jewels
I say big up big up it's a stick up stick up
I stick and move
[Big L:]
And that's how we do. So Y.U. grab the gat and let loose
[Grand Daddy I.U:]
Yo rat tat tat I got the gat cocked
Nigga we ghost man a punk?
I let it roast and leave your pussy ass comatose
I'm shootin' up like the west is
Fuck suggestions
I'll blow out a niggas intestines
Better dip fast quick fast or you won't last
One blast will put your ass in a body cast
And I be killin' for rep get ill in a sec
Nine mil on your neck blood spillin' is still in effect
Constantly comittin' grand larceny
Arsony niggas don't want no parts of me
Never past up a fast buck ask the last duck
His jewels were truck he got his ass stuck
So what the fuck is you sayin' hop?
I'm wanted for slayin' cops

Who's ever around when I be sprayin' drops

But I ain't givin' a fuck who gets hit
Niggas coppin' pleas but I ain't tryin' to hear shit
I'll burn you faggot niggas like toast
If you die and come back I shoot your spirit
Now your ass is just a holy ghost
You tried to play me to the left
You better put a target on your head
Cause you're marked for death [echo]
"Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous"
(Everybody everywhere is scratching for what they can get
Did you think anybody in this town is any different?
They don't give a damn who gets killed
Just as long as "the dice keep rollin
The hoes keep hoein
And the money keeps flowin")
My name is L, and I'm from a part of town where clowns
Get beat down and all you hear is gunshot sounds
On 139 and Lennox Ave. there's a big park
And if you're soft, don't go through it when it gets dark
Cause at nighttime niggas try to tax
They're sneakier than alley cats
That's why I carry gats
Yo, I'm a muthafuckin fugitive
Buckwild and foul is the lifestyle that I choose to live
Because to me it's all about a buck
I used to have a partner in crime by the name of Chuck
We stormed the city, shootin shit up like Frank Nitty
We robbed kids and split the dough 50/50
One day we stuck a dice game on the ave. and split the cash
Then I murdered his ass and took his half
Because I'm all about ends and skins
When you got dough, you don't need no muthafuckin friends
If I catch you on a late night, black, you're gettin stuck, jack
My moms told me to get a job, fuck that
Aiyo, picture me gettin a job
Takin orders from Bob, sellin corn on the cob
Yo, how the hell I'ma make ends meet
Makin about 120 dollars a week?
Man, I rather do another hit
I want clean clothes, mean hoes, and all that other shit
Yo, I admit, I'm a sucker
A low down, dirty, sneaky, double-crossin canivin muthafucka

Breakin in cribs with a chrome bar

I wasn't 'poor', I was po', I couldn't afford the 'o-r'
I used to wait until it gets dark
And tell a nigga to strip, I wanna see some birthmarks
Like a ninja, dressed in black with a ski mask
I take all the funds, then I run down the street fast
I vicked this nigga named Eugene
Took his brand new ring
Cause stickin up's a everyday routine
Once I was crusin in a beat-up ride
Saw this nigga named Clyde
And snuck up on him from the blind side
I told him, "Give up the dough, before you get smoked
Oh you're broke? ( *shots* ) now you're dead broke"
The Big L was cold crazy
A top-notch crook snatchin pocket books from old ladies
I don't care, I'll do anything to get a buck
Even rob a Miller truck, cause I don't give a fuck
Some say I'm ruthless, some say I'm grim
Once a brother done broke into my house and I robbed him
Plenty and many brains I bust
Cause I was livin the lifestyle of the poor and dangerous
All of us from Harlem
That's livin the lifestyle of the poor & dangerous
This goes out
To my brothers
Big Lee and Don Ice
Reggie Reg, T.C., Todd, Lou, Black Tone
Whitey, Ty Speeder, Ru Dog, Herb McGruff
E-Jet, G Love, Doc Ring, Slice and Rich Dice
I can't forget the 1-4-0
Lennox Ave., troop
And I gotta say rest in peace to Mate the Skate, Dog
And my man Kerry
(Now what kinda life is that for a child?
Now what kinda life is that for a child?
Now what kinda life is that for a fuckin child?
Word to mother
Fuck all that stupid shit
Controversial, not commercial, nigga)

"I Don't Understand It"

[Verse 1]
There are too many MC's who are overrated
You ask me, they wasn't even supposed to make it
In the rap biz, they don't know what rap is
So give it up, become a actor or a actress
Or a producer, cause you fail to use the
Mic right, so take flight before I bruise ya
For sayin those bull crap wack raps on wax
You need to get smacked, sit back and rip that contract
Hey yo, I'm serious, Big L ain't playin games
I should get foul and buck wild and start sayin names
But deep down inside you know who you are
Your rhymes are not up to par, you fake superstar
And that really gets on my nerve
When a rapper gets the credit that he don't deserve
Goin platinum and don't have no soul
Some rappers are mad nice and don't even go gold
I don't like the way it's goin down
Because it should be the other way around
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
How MC's take this rap game for granted
[Verse 2]
MC's - what's goin on?
I don't understand, man, how rappers cold transform
One minute you're hardcore and raw
That's what you was known for, but not no more
You changed, you rearranged
You're not the same, your raps are blame
That explain why you lost your fame
Used to be on top, then you fell like rain drops
You turned pop, now you no longer gain props
Who's fault is that? Nobody's but your own, black
Used to make fat tracks, jack, but now you're stone wack
So MC's, don't ever step out your range
Remain the same
And only change with the time
Unless you get dropped like a dime
Go for yours like I'm goin for mine
But if you're rough, stay rough, if you're dap, stay dapper
And never try to look or even sound like another rapper
Just fulfill your own needs
Some rappers wore gold chains, and now they're wearin beeds?

I don't understand it (I don't understand it)

I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
How MC's take this rap game for granted
[Verse 3]
This is how it should be done
I'm not the one, and my raps is strong like gum
But some MC's grab the mic and sound dumb
Plus slum (How come?) Rap skills they have none
And I wonder how the hell they records sell
They raps are stale and frail
They're forced like fairy tales
Your technique and everything you speak's weak
You got a little airplay because of your beats
Your fame and your name, but your lyrics are lame, black
Step to this and get ran over like train tracks
Your raps border wack, and you went on tour with that
Crap, don't understand it, cause rhyme skills you lack
I got more soul that Nike Airs, givin MC's nightmares
Rappers be frontin hard, and rhymes they don't write theirs
But still call themselves MC's
Please, how could that be?
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
I don't understand it (I don't understand it)
How MC's take this rap game for granted
I don't understand it
"Fed Up With the Bullshit"
Yo, on the scene is the brother that's big, I'm not a little kid
I'm a nig who don't dig a muthafuckin pig
Cause to me they ain't nothin but harassers
That misuse they badges to whip niggas' asses
Then one day they slow rolled through the hood
With the .38s cocked, 2 deep, up to no good
They say that my skin was black so they attacked
Threw me on the back and stuck a gat to my fuckin cap
One murdered my man like it was okay
For the life he ended he got suspended with no pay
But if a man woulda took the cop life, he woulda got life
And never again see the street lights, and that's trife
Around my way they shot many teens
And them cops better stop, or I'ma stop em, by any means

The Big L won't hesitate to cold diss em

And if you ask me, muthafuck the whole system
There are too many young black brothers doin life bids
Cause justice means 'just us white kids'
So take heed to the rhymes I kick
I'm about to flip, cause I'm fed up with that bullshit
I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit)
I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit)
I'm fed up with that bullshit (bullshit)
I'm fed up (Aw, shit)
Whether it's the hot, warm, cool or cold season
Pigs be fuckin with a nigga for no reason
You're just gettin home from work
And gotta get searched and treated like dirt by a fuckin jerk
Niggas in the streets got tough luck
First they get cuffed up
Then get roughed up, and that's fucked up
This every day, not every other week
Listen when this brother speak
Muthafuck turnin the other cheek
Or you'll be layin in a pine box
Bad enough they got .38s, now them clowns gettin nine glocks
I'm not only fed up with the cops
I'm only fed up with them punk-ass cab drivers who don't stop
They don't care if it's snowin
First they slow down, then they see your skin is brown, then they keep goin
Cause I wasn't white, the cab took flight
But I caught him at the light
And put a bullet right through his windpipe
I keep a tool with a full clip, the trigger I pull quick
Cause I'm fed up with that bullshit
"Let 'Em Have It 'L'"
Settin' it off lettin' it off (whatever) [x4]
(Let 'em have it L) What?
(Give it to 'em L) Yeah [x3]
(Let 'em have it)
[Verse 1:]
A-yo I'm serious I'm not the type to joke a lot
Dressed in all black never seen in polka dots

No other writes rhymes like these

I'm cool as a light breeze
I'm playin' rappers out like striped Lees
Smoother than velvet
My lyrics are well writ
You sayin' L's this and L's that
Get off L dick
I don't roll with punks I only roll with live guys
And we do drivebys in 325 I's
I had beef with this thief named Randolph
Now he's in a casket dressed up with his hands crossed
So you better leave L alone
Before I reach out and touch you but not with a telephone
Yo I'm the brother that you never even thought of beatin'
Black white or Puerto Rican
I'm gonna slaughter each and
Every crab MC that runs up
When a battle comes up
Give me two thumbs up
[Verse 2:]
I damage all opponents as soon as the bell rings
Yo it's all about me it's a B. I. G. L thing
The crown is still mine cause I drop ill rhymes
A lot of rappers talk that murder shit and couldn't kill time
One two one two crews I run through
Fuck karate Big L practice Gun Fu
Cause I'm a MC assassinator
I grab a mag and leave a nag leakin' like activator
Step to this and get shanked up
I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt
And I entertain well because of my brain cells
I'm naughty and stop callin' me shorty my name's L
Where raps are hotter than old ?
MCs be talkin' about breakin' jaws when they couldn't break a promise
With Big L you can't swing long
So get behind me and sing cause every hero got a theme song
[Verse 3:]
The Big L's back to attack with a phat rap
Matter of fact black I'm puttin' Harlem on the map
What's up cause I'm a stiggy star
Breakin' 'em up and then talkin' they heart

You better believe that Big L is the man that be rippin' microphones apart
I'm undefeated that's the stone truth
Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth
I take lives with no pride
I just committed a homicide
A punk brother died cause he tried
To take my cash but he didn't last
I pulled out fast
I tried to bash then I blast on his monkey ass (boom)
I make a lot of doe
I'm quick to spot a foe
Even if my grandma violate she gotta go
When I was young I played with guns not a kiddy toy
Cause I'm a ruff rugged gangsta not a pretty boy
Facts on tracks I recite well
Everybody be like Mike but Mike wanna be like L
[Big L Outro:]
A-yo big shots to all them niggas on the corner
doin' something they ain't got no business doin'
I gotta say what's up to S&S, Doo Wop, and the Bounce Squad
Can't forget my peeps from Brooklyn youknowhatI'msayin'?
Like Box and Herb and Big Sid
A-yo L you must be buggin' B
You didn't even let me say what's up to my hoes B
[Big L:]
Oh yeah we gotta say what's up to the hoes man
Word up let's go see our P.O.

"Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous" (1995)

"The Big Picture (Intro)"

One-two, y'all know, y'all know
[Foxxx] Alright, we gon' keep it movin
[Primo] Check this out though!
[Foxxx] We gon' keep it movin, we gon' keep it movin
Get 'em up, y'all know what time it is, get 'em up
[Primo] Right you are
[Foxxx] You a true underground head
you know what this mean right here baby
This ain't motherfuckin LL Cool J.. get it up!
You know what this mean?
It don't mean lazy motherfucker either, GET IT UP! AIGHT?!
[Guru] You ready Prim'?
[Foxxx] It don't mean..
[Guru] Everybody keep your L up like that
[Foxxx] It don't mean nothing, but one thing
Big L! "Big L" Big L! "Big L"
Big L! "Big L, rest in peace"
[GangStarr's "Full Clip" live performance starts]
[scratches by DJ Premier]
"Big L.."
[Lord Finesse]
Throw that L up in the air! We gon' have you do this shit
all motherfuckin night so get used to it. Get used to it
This is for my man Big L, word 'em up
"Put ya L's up!" [x4]
"Big L.."
"My-my-my nigga, my-my-my-my-nigga C-Town"
"My big brother Big Lee, holdin it down"
"Flam-flam, flam-flam-flamboyant baby.."
"For life!"
"Big L.."
"For my man Big L" .. "BIG L!!"
[Big L]
Yo; you know the game plan
C-Town, that's my main man
We never bring luggage, we go shoppin when the plane lands

Still run with the same clan, used to be a Kane fan

("Mmm, mmm, mm..") Everything I rock is name brand
L'll make ya dame swallow
Your ice don't shine and your chain hollow
While you front in clubs for hours with the same bottle
Takin midget sips, I run with the richest clicks
Tap the thickest chicks, plus drop the slickest hits
You know nuttin about L, so don't doubt L
What's this motherfuckin rap game without L?
Yo, that's like jewels without ice
That's like china without rice
or the Holy Bible without Christ
or the Bulls without Mike
or crackheads without pipes
The Village without dykes
or hockey games without fights
Don't touch the mic if you unable to spit
Flamboyant is the label I'm with, motherfucker
[scratches by DJ Premier]
"Big L.."
"My-my-my nigga, my-my-nigga C-Town"
"My big brother Big Lee, holdin it down"
"Flam-flam, flam-flam-flamboyant baby.."
"For life!"
Yo, pay attention
And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down
Check it, my weed smoke is my lye
A ki of coke is supply
When I'm lifted, I'm high
With new clothes on, I'm fly
Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks
Money is chips, movies is flicks
Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones
Cocaine is nose candy, cigarettes is bones
A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox
Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop
And if you got rubbed, you got stuck
You got shot, you got bucked
And if you got double-crossed, you got fucked

Your bankroll is your poke, a choke hold is a yoke

A kite is a note, a con is a okey doke
And if you got punched that mean you got snuffed
To clean is to buff, a bull scare is a strong bluff
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'm a never stop speakin' it
[Chorus: x2]
[Nas:] "Speak with criminal slang"
That's just the way that I talk, yo
[Nas:] "Vocabulary spills, I'm ill"
Yo, yo
A burglary is a jook, a woof's a crook
Mobb Deep already explained the meanin' of shook
If you caught a felony, you caught a F
If you got killed, you got left
If you got the dragon, you got bad breath
If you 730, that mean you crazy
Hit me on the hip means page me
Angel dust is sherm, if you got AIDS, you got the germ
If a chick gave you a disease, then you got burned
Max mean to relax, guns and pistols is gats
Condoms is hats, critters is cracks
The food you eat is your grub
A victim's a mark
A sweat box is a small club, your tick is your heart
Your apartment is your pad
Your old man is your dad
The studio is the lab and heated is mad
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'm a never stop speakin' it
[Chorus x2]
The iron horse is the train and champaign is bubbly
A deuce is a honey that's ugly
If your girl is fine, she's a dime
A suit is a fine, jewelry is shine
If you in love, that mean you blind
Genuine is real, a face card is a hundred dollar bill
A very hard, long stare is a grill
If you sneakin' to go see a girl, that mean you creepin'
Smilin' is cheesin', bleedin' is leakin'
Beggin is bummin, if you nuttin you comin
Takin' orders is sunnin', an ounce of coke is a onion
A hotel's a telly, a cell phone's a celly

Jealous is jelly, your food box is your belly

To guerrilla mean to use physical force
You took a L, you took a loss
To show off mean floss, uh
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'm a never stop speakin' it
[Chorus x2]
Yeah, yeah
One love to my big brother, Big Lee
Holdin' it down
Yeah, Flamboyant for life
Yeah yeah, Flamboyant for life
"Size 'Em Up"
Hey yo, the streets love me, man
And I love the streets
So I know ya ain't think I was comin' with some fruitcake shit
Ya know me better than that
Ayo, I shoulda been out
I'm deadly when I pull the pin out
Keep frontin', I'm a try yo' chin out
I knocked a lot of men out
I left 'em on the floor spittin' phlegm out
It's either that or I'm a squeeze the gat and pop ten out
You see Corleone, ice spinnin', jigged out, white linen
And if a bitch don't like me she must like women
Every time I come around you see your wife grinnin'
Don't be mad 'cause yo' career's in the ninth innin'
It's over now, nigga, leave the game
I'm from the danger zone where emcees get slain
We're thugs that never hesitate to squeeze the flame
We're niggaz be takin' drugs just to ease the pain
Hustlers flip cokey, 48 Hours like Nick Nolte
When I was OT your bitch wrote me
First day home I dived in it
Left her thighs dented
Now that bitch be pagin' me every five minutes
Emcees I squash and disgrace, it's all about the Benjis
So why your bills got Washington's face?
A lot of cats be frontin'
Made singles with' a fifty on top
L tryin' to have the city on lock

Peace to Biggie and Pac 'cause they really were hot

Rap game, heavy hitters, it's a shame they no longer with' us
Niggaz wanna be L, ladies wanna see L
If I go to jail you'll wear a shirt sayin' "Free L! "
Word up man, them niggaz is hungry
They ready to bite a nigga arm off
[Chorus: x2]
All my wolves in the house, are you live or what?
See, Harlem 'bout to get it, all eyes on us
Only ghetto niggaz shine, who gon' rise with' us?
And the first cat who act, we gon' size 'em up
Ayo, I hear a lot of bitch in your talk
See a lot of switch in your walk
Only thugs get rich in New York
Time is runnin' out
Niggaz like, "L, when you comin' out? "
Because they sick of all this drag queen shit
Your wife's missin', I'm the nigga she was last seen with'
Me and Ron hit it up on some tag team shit
A buncha niggaz got smoked for the cash
Used to ride Greyhounds with' dime holes and stuff the coke in they ass
Crazy beef's got provoked in the past, lot of wigs got split
A lot of innocent kids got hit
Harlem World be the place of my borough, believe me son
We breed the smoothest niggaz on the face of the earth
Mics I steadily smoke, rhymes cleverly wrote
As long as I can rock a crowd I'm a never be broke
Some hoes treated me like a bum nerve when I was unheard
Now I'm icey, I ain't gotta say one word, you dumb bird
I push whips while you walk all day
And I hate when strange niggaz wanna talk all day
Clown ass shit, hate to be around that shit
You don't know me, just say whatsup, gimme a pound, that's it
When I was at the steak house, pullin' cake out
You was at some cheap Chinese shit gettin' take out
How you make out, you took the fake route, you oughta break out
You couldn't get a bitch before you put your tape out
Fuckin' punks
Niggaz like you will get robbed everyday
[Chorus x2]

Flamboyant Entertainment
Big L, Rondell
You know how we do
One time
Can't forget my partner
Big brother, Big Lee, holdin' it down
The overseer
"Deadly Combination"
(feat. Tupac Shakur)
[Ron G - echoing at each break]
Yes indeed - it's the mix king - Ron G
I got somethin - the world - ain't ready for
New York City - L.A. - Chicago - Atlanta
D.C. - Detroit - New Orleans, y'all know the deal
[Tupac Shakur]
Hahahahahaha! Yeah nigga!
Yeah.. that's right.. BAYY-BAYY!
That's how we do it
Follow me tell me if you feel me
I think niggaz is tryin to kill me
Picturin pistols, spittin hollow points til they drill me
Keepin it real, and even if I do conceal
my criminal thoughts, preoccupied with keepin steel
See niggaz is false, sittin in court, turned snitches
that used to be real, but now they petrified bitches
I'm tryin to be strong, they sendin armies out to bomb me
Listen to Ron, the only DJ that can calm me
Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm
I'm trapped in the storm, and fuck the world til I'm gone
Bitches be warned - word is bonb, you'll get torn
I'm bustin on Guiliani, he rubbin my niggaz wrong
And then it's on, before I leave picture me
I'm spittin at punk bitches and hustlin to be free
Watch me set it, niggaz don't want it, you can get it
Bet it make these jealous niggaz mad I said it
This +Thug Life+ nigga, we don't cater to you hoes
Fuck with me, have a hundred motherfuckers at yo' do',
with fo'-fo's.. hahahahaha, yeah nigga!

Thug Life!
[Big L]
I be that young Freddie Fly smooth glorious kid
A Bad Boy, just like Notorious B.I.G.
I Roc-a-Fella like Shawn Carter
with more game than Ron Harper
The bomb sparker rapper slash charm robber
While y'all be on the corners bummy and high
I be out buyin the finest shit money can buy
You wish you was in a position that I'm in
Hot rhymin, diamonds shinin, autograph signin
My lifestyle is far out
Every week bring a different car out
I go to nightclubs and buy the bar out, UHH
cause I keep cream, I'm large on the street scene
Everytime I touch mics you hear all the freaks scream
Yeah yeah Big L Harlem's finest, yeah
That nigga who hold it down for Uptown
Hahahaha, that's how we do it out here
on this underground real shit nigga, it's the heat nigga
Now rewind this motherfucker, you know you can't help it
Deadly combination bwoy!
"'98 Freestyle"
[Big L]
One-two, one-two
Kinda tired..
Big L, 'bout ta.. get into some shit
Aight check it out
Yo, fuck all the glamours and glitz, I plan to get rich
I'm from New York and never was a fan of the Knicks
And I'm all about expandin my chips
You mad cause I was in the van with your bitch
with both hands on her tits
Corleone hold the throne, that you know in your heart
I got style, plus the way that I be flowin is sharp
A while back I used to hustle, sellin blow in the park
Countin G stacks and rockin ice that glow in the dark
Forever - hottie huntin, trigger temper I'm quick to body somethin
You lookin at me like I'm probably frontin

I fuck around and throw, three in your chest and flee to my rest
I'm, older and smarter this is me at my best
I stopped hangin around y'all, cause niggaz like you
be prayin on my downfall, hopin I flop
Hopin I stop, you probably even hope I get locked
or be on the street corner with a pipe, smokin the rock
I got more riches than you, fuck more bitches than you
Only thing I haven't got is more, stitches than you
Fuckin punk, you ain't a +Leader+ what? Nobody +Follow-ed+ you
You was never shit, your mother shoulda swallowed you
(Mmmm.. WHOO!) You on some tagalong flunkie yes man shit
Do me a favor, please get off the next man dick
And if you think I can't fuck with whoever, put your money up
Put your jewels up, no fuck it put your honey up
Put your raggedy house up nigga, or shut your mouth up
before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed
Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread
And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin Butt-head
{*laughter*} My game is, vicious and cool
Fuckin chicks is a rule
If my girl think I'm loyal then that bitch is a fool
How come, you can listen to my first album
and tell where a lot of niggaz got they whole style from?
(YEAH!) So what you actin for?
You ain't half as raw, you need to practice more
Somebody tell this nigga sum'un, 'fore I crack his jaw
You runnin with boys, I'm runnin with men
I'ma be rippin the mics until I'm a hundred and ten
Have y'all niggaz like, "Damnit this nigga done done it again"
I throw slugs at idi-ots, no love for city cops
I sport a pretty watch, eight-hundred and fifty rocks
I'm makin wonderful figures
I don't fuck with none of you niggaz
I might pull out this gun on your niggaz
and rob every last one of you niggaz
[Bobbito] YEAHHH! (What?)
[Big L] I'm TIRED
[Bobbito] For somebody tired, that wasn't, that wasn't too bad!
"Holdin' it Down"
(feat. Stan Spit, A.G., and Miss Jones)
[Big L]
Yea yeah, Flamboyant Entertainment (no doubt)

Yo, y'all fellas like to stress them chicks

Impress them chicks, spend money to dress them chicks
I sex them chicks and send them home
Corleone is known to be stoned
When I bone, I'm rubbered up in case that shit full blown
The other night around 8 P.M.
Pockets crazy slim, jumped out the gray BM
Went to the ATM, took a thou' out
then later on I had to wild out
In the club, knock some coward and his pal out
Then afterwards went to the restroom, pissed Cristal out
Now I'm thinkin - which chick number I could dial out
Cause it's L, the Harlem pimp baby, for real
I got more dimes than that Sprint lady
And that's ill, playa haters be givin me harsh looks
but I'm tryin to sell records like Garth Brooks
So eff 'em all, when it's cold I throw the skelly on
Illegal chips keep my celly on
Mega-ice is what I'm heavy on
If it ain't Cristal boo, I guess it's Perignon
If the na-na's too tight, I throw some jelly on
Yo try to tax and watch the nine mill burst
I've been off the scene over three years
and cats is still thirst - to hear Big L drop an ill verse
So all you unsigned cats that want to battle;
get a deal first - I sport the bulletproof, fitted hat
That attitude - you better get rid of that
Wherever you floss is where you gon' get it at
What? I stay strapped, I go to sleep with my steel
Makin figures while you broke cats keepin it real
L is rap's most livest cat
I'm gettin stacks while you askin people,
"Do you want fries with that?"
I rob bags in the staircase, no mask, bare-faced
The one police wouldn't dare chase
Keep my gear laced - do I walk around without papes? No way pal
Wword up - my money longer than the OJ trial
[Chorus: Miss Jones]
Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L
Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know,
do you still got it got it? ("It's so amazin'!")
Yeah yeah yeah.. Harlem world keep holdin it down, for Big L
Nigga long overdue - niggaz wanna know,
do you still got it got it? ("It's so amazin'!")

[Stan Spit]
Stan Spit, yo, uh
Yo what the hell y'all can tell Spit? Not shit
I did a flick and bounced on L's shit
Well shit, expect me to go platinum
That's the only reason why I'm rappin
And since L passed, niggaz expect me to make it happen
with no release date, I sell in each state
I'm the type to drive to Philly, for a cheesesteak
So what I'm a Harlem king, doin my thing
My name ring - chains and dames what the fame bring
After platinum it's the same thing
And niggaz'll never learn
til I pull the steel and make they lover burn
You don't get another turn, game's over
Here's my flamethrower
Rearrange your Rover, Harlem soldier
Wait til I get older - and we won't stop
I thought Mase told ya
Nigga Stan he do what he gotta
And these haters can't do me nada
Be in Nevada, with a lot of enchilada
Yo, yo move the fuck, A bring the heat, when I touch tracks
These niggaz beef then wanna chill? Fuck that
These rap niggaz with the mills, we deduct that
I asked all my ghetto cats, where my love at
Now where the brews, and the drugs at?
Corrupt cats kept slug hats
Asked the feds where the bugs at
Puff with the dread, cause I puff black
High, til I die, and you can trust that
All I wanna know - is the club packed?
I see the haters sweatin shorty, but I dug that
She put my nutsac, back where her lungs at - little hoe
And them niggaz who owe, give up that
Huh, it's me and Corle', like Eddie and OT
Go 'head and provoke me
Heard you rap, wanna rhyme? Better be dope B
Still "Diggin", still livin, still givin
y'all the ill written, still fuckin like Bill Clinton
[Chorus x2]

[A.G.] Big L..

"The Heist"
Bust it
Hey yo, I just left the studio, and it's about 2 in the morn'
I just finished doin a song
Now I'm ready for sleep
But first I want spaghetti to eat
In this good Italian restaurant right up the street
So I jumped in the jeep, stash the heat under the seat
Then I got a beep
My voice is harsh, barely can speak
I called back on the cell
It's Coley, mad as hell
He told me to listen well as he started to yell
"I just seen Mike and Ben with your wife and a friend
And they just got a room in the Holiday Inn"
"It's my wife, you sure?"
"Yeah I'm sure
I saw the whore as soon she walked through the door"
"Yo, say no more, which one?"
"The one in Jersey, son, right over the bridge"
"We goin' hurt those hoes"
"And hurt both of them kids"
Now I'm in the Range
Switchin lanes, doin a buck 'n change
I can't wait to touch the lames and them fuckin dames
Reach the destination, grab the heat without no hesitation
These niggas fuckin up my reputation
I saw Coleone holdin the chrome
Ice-grill, lookin like he had a license to kill
And he had somebody else with 'em playin the cup
Lookin like he can't wait to start sprayin shit up
"Yo, who that in the background?"
"It's Tommy Giss"
"Oh, I didn't recognise you with your hat down
Son you ready, we got this whole shit mapped out"
"Yeah, wo goin to take the backroute
And pull our gats out and throw our mask on
We ain't leavin till everyone's dead and all the cash gone"
"We goin to get our laugh on when we're through
But right now we got a job to do"
"So let's do it"
Hey yo, I stepped to the deskclerk

Put the gat to her dress-shirt

Told her to listen up before she get hurt
"They just walked in, party of four, two chicks, two males
What room they got?"
She paused and said "212"
Took the steps now I'm out of breath
I gotta stop smokin
Them cigarettes goin be the cause of my death
My heart beatin fast now, cause it's about to pop off
Saw the door, let the glock off, tore the lock off
Took a deep breath, then ran inside at a quick pase
I felt disgraced, I should've shot the bitch in the face
Then my other two niggas ran in
Each had a cannon
Ready to take care, how we done planned it
"These two crab cats, we know they hustle upstate"
We know they got stacks
Cause they don't move with nothin but weight
We got the cuffs and the ducktape and put it to use
Then told 'em when this is over we be lettin 'em loose
"Hey man, I kicked Mike in his face
So I just had your back
You wanna live and tell my nigga where the stash at"
He gave me the address then I ran outside
But first I took the keys to his van outside
And when I got there, I found 50 keys in a stash
A 100 pound of grass, and 2 million in cash
I was dumb glad
The sit didn't fit in one bag
So I got three, filled 'em all up to the teeth
And put the bags in the van, then I locked the truck
When I got back, Coley done popped them punks
"Hey yo', fuck it L, we might as well pop these studs"
Man that's four bodies
Two outta-towners and two hotties
And after that we ain't sleep for three days
We hit the PJ's, split the money threeways
Now we all laughin hard, gettin nice and weeded
Celebratin nigga, heist completed
"The Enemy"
(feat. Fat Joe)
[Big L]
I drive up and down Harlem blocks, iced out watch
Knots in my socks, cops think I'm selling rocks

Pulling me over too see if I'm drunk

but I'm sober they wouldn't fuck with me if I drove a Nova
Listen Columbo you're mad because your money come slow
And what you make in a year I make in one show
Now you wanna frisk me and search my ride
Call me all kinda names try to hurt my pride
You're just mad cause I'm a young cat, pockets dumb fat
Talkin bout where the gun at, I been there and done that
I'm through with that illegal life, I'm stayin legit
I love to see cars come cruisin bye and playin my shit
I walk around with six thou' without a pist-al, my whole click's wild
I'm rich pal, no more sticks I'm makin hits now
I drink Cristal, I'm through breakin laws
I don't sell coke anymore, I do tours
So get that flashlight out of my face
To bring me down them Jakes'll do whatever it takes
Word up them federals got my phone and my house tapped
Praying that I fall for the mouse trap, I doubt that
[Chorus: Big L]
Why do I end up in so much shit
I done came way too far to be callin it quits
Jake wanna lock me up even though I'm legit
They can't stand to see a young brother pockets get thick
[Fat Joe]
Aiyyo enough's enough, federals try to set me up
Put me in cuffs and crush what I lust into dust
Plus, they want a nigga sewed, but they know
Big Joey Crack ain't never rat a cat that he know
Fo' sho', death before dishonor; I left the streets alone
since Tone deceased it almost killed his mama
So I'ma keep doin what I'm doin
Pursuin my dream til there enough cream to start my own union
And show these kids how legit it is
Shit is real I used to steal but now I own several businesses
So where's your witness that you claim to have, sayin that I'm takin half
Extortin New York and not payin tax
I'm layin back, playin the role, playin the low
But it's the same ol Joe so don't get K.O.d
Hey yo I'm gonna fry for what I never did
or catch a heavy bid, why don't they just let a nigga live?
[Chorus x2]
"What would you do..

if the vicious enemy suddenly started comin at you..

armed to the teeth, and ready to kill you?"
"Fall Back"
(feat. Kool G Rap)
[L] Yeah, check this shit out
[K] Kool G. Rap and my dog Big L
[K] Holdin it di-down, ya heard?
[Big L]
Aiyyo; I heard your single, you better make a whole new song
If they said that shit is hot then they told you wrong
Clown niggaz, you ain't got a chance at all
Big L Corleone too advanced for y'all
I make moves and boss all across the world
so don't be upset if I toss your girl
I got cheddar to blow, pockets never get low
Bitches sweat me wherever I go
I cruise in a GS Lex', Cartier specs
Nautica sweats with the fresh Gortex
Jewels with baguettes, swingin like the Mets
Throwin the dice and takin all size bets
Never bummy; sip rummy, get money
When I hit honies you felt the dick in her tummy
On the le-low I see dough from here to Rio
Flamboyant Records, C to the E-O - what?
[Chorus: Kool G. Rap]
Yo - all of y'all weak people fall back
G. Rap and Big L, we all that
Goin back to back where they brawl at
Swing and walk with tall bats
Leavin big holes with small gats
Have 'em all fallin where the wall at
All of y'all weak people fall back
G. Rap and Big L, we all that
Goin back to back where they brawl at
Swing and walk with tall bats
Leavin big holes with small gats
Have 'em all fallin where the wall at
[Kool G. Rap]
Yo, from the spot to the cellblocks
Hot as hell blocks where shells pop

Where they sell rock to cop the SL drop

Hood bitches in nail shops; no good snitches that tell cops
People find bodies in lobbies, you can smell shots
Niggaz turn stale on the Rock until they bail drop
New York livin, got a nigga four-fifth limpin
Send you as a gift to the mortician
if you forfeit livin - my fortune is forbidden
I say it one time before spittin
then I leave your forehead drippin
I laid low then came back for more bread grippin
More thread flippin
More head from chickens, it's time to turn the ape loose
Bust out the cage and let the gauge loose
Blow the feathers out of your Nordface goose
It's G. Rap comin back with a click of brave troops
Have y'all niggaz runnin for homebase like Babe Ruth
Have you holdin holes in your body like you play flute
Lay you down til you get found up in the sprayed Coupe
Prepare for the takeover - give you the face makeover
the seedier row and sheet draped over
Be found on the block with the street taped over
or comin out of deep coma, your speech made slower
Corona Queens shakedown; I'm comin with the nickel-plate pound
to trade rounds with all you fake clowns get down in the unsafe town
Lacin it down, black guerilla fams kid we takin the crown
ya heard?
[Chorus x2]
[Kool G. Rap]
Yo Kool G. Rap, holdin it down with the hazardous Big L
Knahmean? [echoes]
Yeah yeah, Big L, Corleone
My nigga C-Town, my big brother Big Lee holding it down
Flamboyant baby, for life
We taking over, coming to a theater near you
Check it out, come on check it
Make sure my mic is loud and my production is tight
Better watch me round your girl if you ain't fucking her right
You damn playa haters never want to see me blow
Flamboyant Entertainment CEO
Yo the spotlight is mine, it ain't his no more

When Lee come home, niggas can't live no more

And ... I'm straight, keep a Harlem World mindstate
I never lounge where you find Jake
Suprise niggas like a blind date, L rhyme great
And I'm a increase the crime rate for old time's sake
Run with me and I'm a make you a star
When me and my crew hit the clubs, we go straight to the bar
Leave 'em empty, I cruise through Harlem in an M3
Never pay for parties, say my name and I'm in free
I'm on some 100-G car shit, superstar shit
Selling niggas that wet shit right out the jar shit
I'm dumb hot, I'll wreck you and your young flock
Keep the gun cock, represent one block
139 nigga, the Danger Zone
We quick to put a bullet in a stranger's dome
I'm known to kick a rough rhyme and rock much shine
Yo I'm out, I done took up enough time
We out, no doubt, you know how we do, Flamboyent for life
"Big L" "Corleone"
"A smooth kid that'll run up in your baby mother"
"Big L" "For real"
"Corleone is too advanced for y'all"
"Big L" "I'm a pimped-out nigga" "For real"
"Big L" "Corleone is too advanced for y'all"
Yo it's Corleone and Queen's Most, we bust til your whole team ghost
Everywhere we go, we must bring toast forever
Popping the chrome, always dropping a poem
I can write it or recite it off the top of the dome
However you want it is how I'm gonna give it to you, Big L style
They brought it back to the streets cause that shit sell now
So pal back up a bit, give me elbow space
I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place
So I'm a lace the jewels up with nice brigettes
Flamboyent is the label that writes the checks
Y'all niggas better stop fronting cause I might get vexed
And I'm a run up on y'all and slice y'all necks
With the machette, pockets heavy, slang more cane than Eddie
I represent uno trece nueve
Time is money so I stay late, I'm quick to sign a playmate
Bust off like a tre-eight then vacate, uh
"Big L" "Corleone"
"A smooth kid that'll run up in your baby mother"
"Big L" "For real"

"Corleone is too advanced for y'all"

"Big L" "I'm a pimped-out nigga" "For real"
"Big L" "Corleone is too advanced for y'all"
"I leave mics torn" "Big L" [Repeat til fade]
"Casualties of a Dice Game"
[Big L]
It's Flamboyant y'all
Yeah, yeah yeah, Corleone y'all
Me and my man was cruisin through the streets and everything was flowin nice
The corner's crowded, niggaz must be rollin dice
I parked the ride so my nigga Iroc can crash the lye spot
and I'ma gamble until he come back - why not?
Click-clack, cock the gat back, gotta be strapped
The game was mad packed, mad cats pockets was fat
They playin cee-lo, my dick get hard when I see dough
I bets nothin less than a G yo, you know my steelo
First I was losin then I started throwin headcrack
after headcrack, got my bread back, jumped in my red Ac'
I'm waitin for my nigga to come out of the spot
I see niggaz startin to plot, and I'm far from my block
Finally he walked out, told him, "Hop the fuck in"
On my face he saw the grin and said, "How much did you win?"
I estimated about, 45 maybe 50 G's
My man was hungry so I dropped him off at Mickey D's
Now I'm alone, headin home to rest my dome
Spotted some niggaz trailin so I picked up the phone
Called Bones, I said, "Yo son, I'm on the run
Need your help before I get done
Meet me downstairs, bring your big gun"
I don't believe this, this nigga said he can't make it
cause some bitch is in his house butt-naked
and then he hung up
And this supposed to be my man and he don't give a fuck
That duck sold me out just to get a nut, what?
I'm cruisin fast and they still behind me
The same nigga who I won the money from, and his grimy crimey
It's about to get, real hasty
Grabbed the steel, took it off safety
cause I refuse to let these niggaz waste me
I started to cruise fast, then stopped short and made 'em crash
And now them fags is all bloody from the shattered glass
And one of them had passed, when his face smashed the dash

I was injured too, leakin with a deep gash

I ain't panicked, I was quite calm
Couldn't use the right arm, so I grabbed the gat with the left
Walked up to the car the creep was stuck in the seat
Looked at him, shook my head then started buckin my heat
It's over now, cause both of these motherfuckers asleep
I think I'm dyin, I'm feelin weak out on my feet
but before I got some medical help, I had to catch a cab first
to one-forty-first and Bradhurst
That's where Bones live, walked in the buildin, staggerin
Lookin tore down, shot his door down and beat his whore down
From the look in my eye, he knew he would die
Started to cry, stuck the gat to his head and said, "Why?"
Then he offered me, all of his cheese
then dropped to his knees and begged me please not to squeeze
Then his brains got blast out, he's ass-out, then I dashed out
into the streets covered with blood, about to pass out
The hospital's up, a couple of blocks, I'm on my way but
damn, here comes a couple of cops; I pulled out
and started blowin they started blowin back I'm goin all out
I ain't holdin back, I been to jail once and I ain't goin back
I kept shootin, one shot caught a cop dead in his top
The other pig ducked behind a big truck
I was bleedin real bad, and couldn't stop it
but still had the fifty thou' profit in my pockets
The coast was clear, so I jetted to a park that was near
Seen kids playin everywhere then threw the cash in the air
I watched all of them, run for they share
and all I can do was stare
I got weak and fell on my rear
Now I can hear the sirens, that means here comes the Jakes
but it's too late, I'm knockin on the pearly gates
Yeah, casualties of a dice game
Never gamble with snakes
Let that be a lesson to ya
Yeah, it's Corleone y'all
Yeah, it's Flamboyant y'all
Big L y'all, Flamboyant baby, yeah
Big L.. uhh
Big L.. yeah, it's Flamboyant y'all, yeah
"Platinum Plus"
(feat. Big Daddy Kane)

[Big L]
Yo yo what the fuck man?
Big L.. takin over the streets
Flamboyant Entertainment
[Chorus One: DJ Premier x2]
[Jay-Z] "What y'all bout to witness.."
"Big L, Big L, Big L.."
[cut] "My-my-my-my, my whole crew wild.."
"The game is called rap.."
"Other MC's ain't got a chance at all.."
[cut] "My-whole, my, my whole crew wild.."
[Big L]
Yo, I'm straight loco, to hell with you and your broke hoe
You ain't a big dog, you more like Toto, you got no dough
I smoke 'dro mixed with cocoa, strong as bolo
I pack a fo'-fo', platinum ro-ro
Anti-homo, that's a no-no so fuck po'-po'
I push the seven-fo'-oh and not the Volvo
C-Town push the six-oh-oh, I'm with a bitch on dolo
Chips from here to Acapulco
While y'all buck for legs I, buck for heads
I even buck celebs, nigga fuck the feds
My underground niggaz, y'all can shine with me
Got my own label now, so y'all can sign with me
Y'all can take me from the bottom and climb with me
that's fine with me, that's how it was designed to be
[Chorus Two: Big L x2]
Aiyyo, gats we bust (backs we crush)
Only hot tracks we lust (crazy stacks we clutch)
And we need plaques to touch (that say platinum plus)
cause half of you niggaz that's rappin now (is wack to us)
[Big Daddy Kane]
And cats still wonder can they get as hot as he been
That probably depends, let me show you how to begin
Bang chicks in Marriotts down to Quality Inns
Hit the bar spend cash like Monopoly ends
Plushed out, rock gators and exotical skins
Come in the hood, flippin the chicken and broccoli Timbs
Niggaz come in the game, block they shot at the rim
That ain't in you - the FUCK you gon' possibly win?
I do it, "Booty Calls" on the BlackSTREET Teddy tip

Keep a steady grip, make cream just like Ready Whip

Heavy with, styles that's the deadliest
Cats on that petty shit watch how much lead he get
You tryin to go places, chasin Oasis
About nothin gettin low wages
Drink Hennessey with no chasers
Right hook is like Joe Frasier's
I'm the bodacious
Body parts are big and like Schwarz-a-niggaz
Smokin Garcia Vega tryin to get the larger paper
If you, block the cash, we lockin ass
I'ma put it in your chest like a Stockton pass
Only out to earn figures like we please
but I don't mind to burn niggaz like CD's
Now - exhibit, styles I kick with it
[COUGH] Pardon me, but I'm fuckin sickwiddit
[Chorus Two]
[Chorus Three: DJ Premier x2]
"Other MC's ain't got a chance at all.."
[cut] "My-whole, my, my whole crew wild.."
[Jay-Z] "What y'all bout to witness.."
"Big L, Big L, Big L.."
[cut] "My-my-my-my, my whole crew wild.."
"The game is called rap.."
[Premier keeps cutting]
"Other MC's ain't got a chance at all.."
[cut] "My-whole, my, my whole crew wild.."
[Jay-Z] "What y'all bout to witness.."
"Big L, Big L, Big L.."
"Other MC's ain't got a chance at all.."
[Jay-Z] "What y'all bout to witness.."
"Big L, Big L, Big L.."
[cut] "My-my-my-my, my whole crew wild.."
[cut] "My-my-my-my, my whole crew wild.."
[Jay-Z] "What y'all bout to witness.."
"Big L, Big L, Big L.."
"Who You Slidin' Wit'"
(feat. Stan Spit)

[Big L]
Yo what's the deal miss?
I'm sayin tho', let me know somethin right now
Y'know we been dancin all night
I been buyin you drinks all night and shit
You goin home with a nigga or what?
Tell me somethin! Uhh
[Chorus: Big L x2]
Whattup miss, who you hidin wit?
Who you slidin wit? Who you ridin wit?
We can jump in the SL
Rent a room at the best 'tel
I make it last cause I sex well
[Big L]
Henn Rock and Alize I get drunk off
Whattup miss? Get wit a real man and cut that punk off
E'rythang gon' be alright
I been - watchin you watch me all night
I asked honey her name and she told me Celeste
She had big breasts, honey had me harder than a Spanish test
We on the dancefloor, gettin our boogie on
I see the haters watchin me with they hoodies on
Tryin to peep the ice under the sleeve
I'm like, "It's time to breeze," told honey, "Let's leave"
Took her to Ema G's(?), got some eggs and cheese
Grits fishcakes and orange juice, freshly squeezed
When she finished her meal, I said, "What's the deal
for real - you goin home or you tryin to chill?"
She got close, whispered somethin slow in my ear
and it ain't hard to tell where we goin from here
[Stan Spit]
I ain't on that hatin stuff
I was feelin shorty then the bitch told me she was datin Puff
I'm a average nigga, then she said she was in the 6
my relationship, with that nigga called Jigga
I'ma compete with that? I'm a corner nigga sellin crack
Guess I gotta be a ballplayin nigga to bone Da Brat
One bitch, I ain't even wanna fuck
She runnin around, all open off Kurupt
The hoe I thought, was gon' be real easy

told me she got a man and he's some beatmakin nigga named Stevie
What's wrong with these hoes? I'ma fly nigga
I don't wanna go flip Mo' to Rah Digga
or Miss Lopez, bitch no feds
She used to be in the Bronx, rockin Pro Keds
with some Dominican 'dro heads, ridin on top this
on the back of mopeds, titties all out - what what?
[Big L]
Is yo' game rusty? Around yo' dame, never trust me
Cause soon as you blink I'ma slide her off then bust three
And I only lay pipe to dimes
A lot of niggaz I know are takin care of kids that might be mines
I love to go low, I'm freaky like that
I never get caught creepin cause I'm sneaky like that, uhh
It ain't my fault your girl be hoe-hoppin
And matter of fact, the last time you gave her loot to go shoppin
honey picked me up some dope shirts
It's because of me why she's walkin crooked and her throat hurts
I hate to wait, cause I'm not on the patient tip
Just hit me off, we don't need a relationship
And when you mention my name, it ring a bell
Ask any female, nobody do it like L
I met this chick Rhonda, who pushed the black Honda
Took her to the crib and bombed her with this big brown anaconda
[Chorus x2]
[Big L]
Uhh.. Flamboyant Entertainment
NFL.. one-three-nine, Lenox Ave
Harlem shit, uhh
That's how we do, yeah.
(feat. Sadat X and Guru)
[Sadat X]
Yeah yeah, watch us turn it up for y'all
Tight broads watchin
The Guru, the great 'Dat X, and Big L
Flamboyant for life
[Big L]

Check it, a year ago I did a show for some dough

Puffed a bag of hydro then broke out on the low
And on my way out, it was a female on my trail
who followed me from the stage to the Benz SL
I asked honey her name, she replied, "Monique"
Soft and sweet, from her head to feet, hotter than heat
Jump in the passenger seat, let's go get somethin to eat
She said I was that Roc-a-Fella she'd been dyin to meet
I tried to hit it first night, she said she wasn't a freak
Yeah right - it's all good, so I waited a week
Then one night to my crib she decided to creep
Knocked on a nigga door and woke me outta my sleep
I let her in before you know it we was doin our thang
I drove her home, and said tomorrow give me a ring
It was about a month later when she gave me a call
with some bogus ass story that was off the wall
Claimin she's pregnant with my child, I think that's quite foul
How is that? I wore a Lifestyle
[Chorus: Big L] [x2]
Aiyyo fellas, you gotta be careful today
Watch out for games that these females play
Cause some break the rules and some don't play fair
You might get caught out there if you're not aware
[Sadat X]
I'm in the breed of the bad guy
Get caught in a mad lie, come in your crib mad high
Think about me with the smile on your face
Think about me with my hand on your waist
and think about me with your hair in your face
Even caught a case fuckin witchu
Had said some ol' slick shit, that had forced me to hit you
Had you set up livin swell, how you gon' fuck my man L
like we don't cross paths in these New York streets?
But that's good, cause he's my man and we both shine
and to say we don't love these hoes is a old line
Honey just save some space in it so you can hold mine
Her whole spine be twisted;
things she did and how she kissed it
I kinda missed it, think back on how we dissed it
Now we two-fisted, she ain't never resisted
Left it red and blistered, shakin
I could slam it if it wasn't NO money makin
[Chorus: Sadat X same as Big L] [x2]

Word up - games, these girls nowadays they play many
Techniques for gettin your loot, they got plenty
Suck the skin off your dick, just for some ice and shit
In the beginning they're polite, actin all nice and shit
But honey got plans to be pushin your Land
When she got you - she goes and fucks your man
Understand? You gotta lay down the law
A lot of broads is fraud, they'll set you up Baby Pah
Some'll try to get you stuck up, some'll fake pregnancy
Most are after the dough, and the fame basically
Yo you can't make a hoe a housewife kid
Pick the wrong chick - could be a lifetime bid
A lot of cats be beefin over these honies
Not me I keep it movin they ain't getitn jack from me
Mack these freaks for your own enjoyment
And one love to L we gon' stay Flamboyant
[Chorus: Guru same as Sadat X] [x2]
Heh, word up
Yo son you better watch these little fast-ass
little fancy-pants bitches with the thongs
Heh, that's my word
Yo, rest in peace to my man Big L, uhh
Peace to the God Sadat X
Guru, GangStarr, uhh
Hold it down
"The Heist Revisited"
[Big L]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah yeah-yeah
UHH! This goes out to all the wolves (ARF ARF AROOOO)
Hah, in the streets and in jail
Yeah, yo it's your man Big L
One-three-nine, Danger Zone
I got my man Tommy Gibbs and Corleone with me
Check it out, uhh - bust it
Aiyyo I just left the studio, and it's about two in the morn'
Just finished doin a song
Now I'm ready for sleep

but first I want spaghetti to eat

and it's a good Italian restaurant right up the street
So I jumped in the Jeep, stash the heat under the seat
Then I got a beep; my voice is hoarse, barely can speak
I called back on the cell - it's Corle', mad as hell
Told me to listen well as he started to yell
"I just seen Mike and Ben with your wife and a friend
and they just got a room at the Holiday Inn"
"It's my wife, you sure?" "Yeah I'm sure
I saw the whore soon as she walked through the door"
"Say no more, which one?"
"The one in Jersey son, right over the bridge"
"We goin' hurt those hoes" "AND hurt both of them kids"
Now I'm in the Range
Switchin lanes, doin a buck 'n change
I can't wait to buck them lames and them fuckin dames
I reach the destination
Grab the heat without no hesitation
These niggaz fuckin up my reputation
I saw Coleone holdin the chrome
Ice-grill, lookin like he had a license to kill
and he had somebody else with 'em playin the cup
Lookin like he can't wait to start sprayin shit up
"Yo, who that in the background?" "It's Tommy Gibbs"
"Oh, I didn't recognize you with your hat down
Son you ready? We got this whole shit mapped out
I hope you ain't scared, it's no time to back out
We gon' take the backroute
pull the gats out, throw the mask on
We ain't leavin til everyone's dead, and all the cash gone
We gon' get our laugh on when we through
but right now we got a job to do" "So let's do it!"
I stepped to the deskclerk
Put the gat to her dress-shirt
Told her listen up before she get hurt
"They just walked in, party of four, two chicks, two males
What room they got?" She paused and said "212"
I took the steps now I'm out of breath; I gotta stop smokin
Them cigarettes gon' be the cause of my death
My heart beatin fast now, cause it's about to pop off
Saw the door, let the glock off, tore the lock off
Took a deep breath, then ran inside at a quick pace
I felt disgraced, I shoulda shot that bitch in the face
Then my other two niggaz ran in, each had a cannon
Ready to take care what we been plannin
These two crab cats, we know they hustle upstate
We know they got stacks

cause they don't fuck with nothin but weight

We got the cuffs and the duct tape and put it to use
Then told 'em when this is over we'll be lettin 'em loose
And then I kicked Mike in his face to watch his head jerk back
"You wanna live then tell my nigga where you stash the work at"
He gave me the address then I ran outside
but first I took the keys to his van outside
And when I got there, I found 50 ki's in a stash
a hundred pounds of grass, and two million in cash
I was dumb glad, the shit didn't fit in one bag
So I got three, filled 'em all up to the teeth
Then put the bags in the van, then I locked the truck
When I got back, Corle' done popped them punks
"Aiyyo fuck it L, we might as well pop these studs"
Now that's four bodies
Two outta-towners and two hotties
And after that we ain't sleep for three days
We hit the PJ's, split the money threeways
Now we all laughin hard, gettin nice and weeded
Celebratin nigga, heist completed
"The Triboro"
(feat. OC, Fat Joe and Remy Martin)
[O.C.] Phenomenon O.C.
[Big L] Big L, one-three-nine baby
[O.C.] Diggin' In The Crates
[Joe] Yeah yeah, this is Joe the God, Terror Squad reppin
[ad libbed "uh" and "yeah" for 20 seconds]
Yo, yo, yo
I'm from a place where them niggaz don't, talk no shit
where them wigs get split, where the guns forever click
where the track stars come to warm up for a race
Blue and whites ride by and niggaz yell, "Fuck them Jakes!"
So much respect, I can lay dough on the floor
walk away and come back without cats runnin off
I'm a model hoe's wet dream, in her sleep
Performin X-rated fuck scenes, me goin deep
O.C. the Starchild, let your cameras record
I'm like a man bein honored at the Grammy awards
I pitch lines like fastballs
Mush-out, rap my ass off
Knuckle gaze crumblin your glass jaw

Supreme figure, drink liquor, what team thicker?

"The Big Picture" be the motherfuckin theme nigga
Flamboyant forever, this is how it goes
Pray we don't clap your way when the gats explode
[Chorus: Remi Martin and O.C. x2]
[Remi] Where Brooklyn at?
[O.C.] Yo B-K don't play
[Remi] Harlem World
[O.C.] Where niggaz get the money all day
[Remi] Boogie Down Bronx, specialize in gunplay
[both] Triboro, so thorough, always
[Big L]
Where I'm from, dudes get sliced, cause crews is trife
And you might lose your life for your jewels and ice
I'ma slide to the telly and abuse your wife
If I got one rubber, I'ma use it twice
I give young fools advice about the rules of heist
When I rock 'gators, hoes be like, "Them shoes is nice"
Dimes I'm willin to hit, I stay drillin a chick
They all know I ain't shit, but they still on my dick
And I never walk the streets without the vest and the chrome
cause all my jewels be Rocky like Sylvester Stallone
I blast the tech at your dome to leave you restin alone
Go home and puff a fat bag of sess 'til I'm gone
You got this nigga frontin like he the, main event
when his album ain't even last long, it came and went
I'm like Gotti to him, I throw the shotty to him
Niggaz don't want it with L, they like, "Anybody but him!"
[Fat Joe]
Hoodied down with the mac - Boogie Down where it's at
Fuck around hear the sound of the gats
Wanna clown we react.. fuck that
Do you know what you do when you fool with Joey Crack?
I'm - coke on the streets, I'm - open for beef
I'm - hopin you reach so we can go with the heat
I'm - like a nigga that you just can't kill
Niggaz spittin that hot shit, but just ain't real
Uhh - it's like you muh'fuckers frontin for me
Nuttin to see, when I'm the one you wantin to be
Lovin the stee', come through plush in the V
Got niggaz mad cause they pain while we fuckin for free

Make Trizz a household, live what I told

I only speak that true shit that I know (yeah yeah)
Besides y'all don't want it with us
A hundred or plus, killers that be livin to bust
What the fuck?
[Remi Martin]
Yo Remi so crazy, rhymes be blazin
Styles just switch like hips on gay men
Trips to the Cayman, rich and famous
Rhymes so hot my spit be flamin
Benz be rimmed up, doo be pinned up
Bitch talk slick whole crew get hemmed up
My shit drastic, all type of tactics
Rip shit flip shit spit shit backwards
Screw you, don't let the pretty face fool you
I kick shit like kung-fu and I, jam like guns do
You got one? I want two like water, I run through
Pyscho - make you wanna change your whole mic flow
Floss it, givin bitches lyrical abortions
Stay cautioned - my first shit was just a lil portion
I come back with more shit, playback some raw shit
You can't rock, so I'ma take your spot make you forfeit