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Simple Past: Irregular Verbs




Write the simple past form of these verbs.

a. to go
b. to have
c. to be (2 forms)
d. to run
e. to do
f. to fall
g. to find
h. to get
i. to say
j. to see


Complete the sentences in the simple past. Use each verb in the Word Box one time.

Two days ago, I

to the arena in Brossard. My friend, Jake,


with me. We


the Canadiens during their practice. They



good shape and they practised for about two hours. They

shots on goal

and they tried different plays. I

they were great. Jake and


a lot of fun there. Then last night, the team played


in Montral and they

their game.

When I

up this morning,

really happy.

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Simple Past: Irregular Verbs




Complete the story with the appropriate simple past forms.

The students
well, but they
as they

it to the start of the trail, Paula

soon after Paula and

Tony and Carla


(11) (to take)

up the slope to catch her. No one should ever hike alone.

beside the truck and

(13) (to stand)

(17) (to understand)

goodbye to everyone,

(9) (to say)

in a hurry. See you at the top, everyone! Michael

(12) (to run)

(15) (to be)

even more nervous

the first person to get out of

(7) (to be)

the trail map carefully,

(8) (to read)

(10) (to leave)

(4) (to become)

closer and closer to the entrance of the national park. When the group

(5) (to get)

the truck. She

the mountain trail very

(2) (to know)

still nervous. In fact, they

(3) (to be)

(6) (to make)


at 6:00 a.m. They

(1) (to awake)

not in a hurry. They

(14) (to drink)

what a tough climb lay ahead; they

(16) (to know)

the need to prepare themselves. Thats why they

hiking boots with slip-proof treads, and

(19) (to have)

some energy shakes;

(18) (to wear)


water, chocolate and first-aid kits in their packs.

Climbing doesnt forgive mistakes!

Are you ready? asked Carla. Tony nodded. Now prepared, Tony and Carla
after their friends. Climbing steadily, they soon

(22) (to fly)

(24) (to see)

(23) (to keep)

Paula stumble. She

her footing on some loose stones. She almost

Quickly, Michael

to hike

a glimpse of the others ahead of them as

(21) (to catch)

up the slope. If Paula and Michael

soon need a break. Ten minutes later, Tony

(20) (to begin)

(27) (to take)

(28) (to catch)

her. He

onto it fi rmly. Then they both

up that pace, theyd

(25) (to lose)

(26) (to fall)

her hand and

(29) (to hold)
(30) (to sit)


for a break. Tony and Carla passed them on their way to

the peak. See you at the top, guys.


Jump In 1, Teachers Resource Book Grammar Quizzes

2011, Les ditions CEC inc. Reproduction authorized

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