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VOL. 01 NO. 02

Rogue DEA Agents On The Loose In Colorado


The War On Your Privacy
Know Your
· Cost
· Quality
· Consistency
· Safety

Cannabis Advocates
On The Front Lines
Jason Lauve & Cathy Burds

Creating the Patients’ Bill
Medical Cannabis Patients Are Protected By The Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII § 14 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Creators: Jason
Jason &
& Jenny
Jenny Wilhem
Wilhem //

Did you know…?

The average medical Cannabis patient’s age is 40 years old;
NOT 24 years old. The Colorado Department of Public Health and
Environment stated the younger age and weeks later made the
correction to the real age of 40, which I believe will increase over
Of course there is a lag of information and so the following
represents a period of time in the hopefully recent past. The average
age of all patients is 40 years old. Currently there are only eight
patients who are under the age of 18. According to testimony during
the hearings of S.B. 109 there are over 37,000 patients currently on
the registry. Of this number only 24 applications have been denied,
21 cards have been revoked and 236 patients have died. If there was
rampant abuse, wouldn’t we see many more denials?
The patients on the Registry represent all the debilitating
conditions covered under Amendment 20 and other ailments that

The average medical cannabis

patient age is 40 years old

have been requested by individual physicians. Severe pain is a

reported condition for 90% of all registrants, which correlates to
the general medical statistical cross section of all patients. Muscle
spasms are the second-most reported condition at 30%. Currently
there have been over 800 different physicians to have signed medical
cannabis recommendations for patients across Colorado.
Two example populations where we expect to see rising numbers
of Medical Marijuana Patients are the disabled and people 60 years
and older. From just these two populations, the numbers of Medical
Marijuana Patients can be expected to continue rising for at least
40 years. We think Colorado may see 1 million Medical Marijuana
Patients before it’s all said and done. Almost 1 out of 5 people in
America are disabled [1], and the population of Americans over 60 Artwork from the STUDIO 2010
years old is growing.
The ‘baby boomers’ are the largest group that is moving into this
statistic. Currently more than 15% of the US population is over 60; Cannabinoids were first discovered in the 1940s,
this number is expected to increase to well over 25% in only 30 years. when CBD and CBN were identified. The structure
This growth is not just an American trend, it is a global trend. of THC was first determined in 1964, in Raphael
Mechoulam's lab in Israel.
[1] Congressional Committee findings for ADA
From (
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contents February/March 2010: Issue Two

Did You Know? 3

Engineer Rebuild Thyself 9
The Patient Bill 7
Patient Advocates 10
Eat Me Drink Me Insert Me 11 features
Our Bodies are our own 12
Cannabinoids 13 Featured Artist 3
Letter to the DEA 14
Letter from the Publisher 7
Cathy Burds: Cancer 18
Living the American Dream 21 An Herbalist’s Perspective 8
Defining Patient Care 22
The New Deal 16
Sisyphus: Pushing the Boulder Up Hill 26
Medical Cannabis is Legal, But How Much? 28 Time To Grow 23
Reggie 28
A Royal Flush: Able Bodied People Vs. Disabled People 29 TRIDENT 24
Is it a Convenience Store or for Patient Convenience 30 Brittany “Buds” 33
Educated Patient 32
Maggie McDonald 34 Baba Placebo 35
Flying High: A Labor of Love 36
Crossword Puzzle 41
Who We Are: How we came to be, why we give back 37
Why the Fear where is the Fire or the evidence? 40 Bedroom Encounters 42
Supplements 42
Book Review 44
Dr Woodwards testimony 43
Patients Need To Know 45

“If it is about medicine

Why is the State trying to
send patients
Back to the stoned age?”

COVER: Jason Lauve and Cathy Burds with ellermeyer flasks, a

mortar and pestle and a microscope; supporting voluntary testing of
cannabis medicine. See Cathy ’s story on page 18


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Managing Editor: Heather Luttrell
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Letter from the Publisher, I feel that what the government, State

We have made some major progress in

the last year and I want to encourage you
or Federal, is trying to do with medical
cannabis is UNCONSTITUTIONAL; however,
they have forced us to spend $$$ to protect
all to keep your focus on what we need to
do. Patients must become politically active
NOW! Our politicians are supposed to
those rights. Our politicians sit back on their
‘high’ horse screaming that this has created
a “Wild, Wild, West,” and they still get paid.
represent us, but they can’t do that if they
do not hear from YOU. All they can go on
Plain and simple, this is a control and
money game for them. They just raked in all Bill
the money from hundreds of dispensaries
are the stereotypes of cannabis fostered
opening up, of which they happily accepted,
e as medical patients
by William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper
owner from the beginning of the 20th and now they will make money forcing us of Colorado announce
Century, unless you talk to them. to defend our rights, trying spending us out The Patients Bill. A set of
We are the ONLY State with a of existence. requirements for patients
To achieve what is necessary for the safety
Constitutional Amendment to protect
our medical cannabis rights. If there is any of our communities, patients and children
needs addressing safety,
regulation, it must come with the approval is to assert your Rights as an American. consistency, quality, and cost.
Don’t expect someone else to do your
of the patients. If you haven’t, please read
laundry for you. Present the facts and give
Patients must get their
Amendment 20 and try to understand the
strength of that document. them evidence; be careful not to get too needs met or they suffer.
Look into the 1978 Federal emotional, facts count very heavily. Don’t As a patient we must have
Compassionate Investigational New Drug let government control every part of our access to the treatments and
lives. When you are seeking professional
program. These patients use up to eleven
cured ounces of cannabis every 3 weeks medical care keep in mind that your doctor
medicines we need without
and each can use their medicine anywhere. is your client. They can only suggest what any impediments; while
Irvin Rosenfeld is a 52-year-old stockbroker, may help you, they can not make you do it. protecting privacy rights,
George McMahon, Elvy Musikka, and Step up to the plate and call your
representatives; come to the Capitol in
physical safety, and mental
Barbara Douglass are people that are part
of the IND. Denver to meet them. They work for YOU; well being and being exempt
Our goal is to achieve the needs of the yet they can only work from the limited from all related expenses.
information they have access to. They
patients in four areas. They are consistency,
safety, and quality of medical cannabis; at barely have time to read the actual Bills (if
Look for the public release of
a reasonable cost. This is about improving they read them at all); of which they have The Patients Bill in the near
human health and patients’ quality of life. little if any background information to future.
It appears as if able bodied people are make an informed decision. That is where
trying to fight the injured, sick and dying. YOU come in, come visit, call, write letters,
These people need to take their head out e-mail and do it again and again until YOU
of the sand, but WE NEED to be gentle. get what YOU need. To learn more about the IND program
Remember that education takes time and We The People must get an Executive “Compassionate Investigational New Drug program “
compassion. At the same time is okay to Order in front of President Obama for at
ask questions like, what pharmaceutical him to sign that would release all of the &
associations do our politicians have that are research in the U.S. on marijuana, cannabis, learn even more about medical cannabis at:
directly affecting us? and whatever else it is called, and make Patients Out Of Time
We must remember that politicians, it available to the public. This will reveal
police chiefs, prosecutors and others are much more information to the medical Caregivers/federal-ind-patients
financially impacted by the realities of cannabis community for research. This
medical cannabis. I don’t put any value on will also start to address the Federal
what they have to say unless it is backed Governments irrational stance about not
up by factual evidence. They are here to allowing a medical cannabis defense for
enforce our laws, not get between me those charged in the Federal courts.
and my quality of life. Get out of my body! We must get rid of the lists of ailments
(Sounds historically familiar) because we are ignoring the other ailments
To the parents that are worried about that cannabis will help. There are more
their children going into a dispensary, of ailments that we have not recognized and
which they need a registry card from the to limit things now is to prevent helping
health department to obtain medicine, people in the future.
teach your children with facts and show Why does the government want to get
them how we can work together for a between the patient and their doctor? Let’s
brighter future. Education surrounding keep the Patients in Colorado in focus. We
the facts of cannabis is a key component of must keep our health in focus.
dispelling the past 80 years of propaganda,
stereotype and fear. by Jason Lauve
An Herbalist’s Perspective:
~ Heather Luttrell CCH
Certified Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner & Nutritionist
As an industry, we have a problem. alcohol and glycerine. A tea is really an
As patients and caregivers, we have the infusion or decoction, depending on
same problem. When we walk into a method, and an herb cooked or steeped
dispensary looking for alternatives to into an oil or honey is now an infused oil
smokeable medicine, we often don’t or honey.
have the information we need to make The FDA regulates what goes on the
an informed decision. We are attempting labels of Dietary Supplements. They are
to compare apples to oranges. primarily concerned with public safety,
There are really cool herbal so they want know who made it and
preparations out there, and a lot of them how to contact them, what it contains
come with pretty labels, or in bright and how much, the lot number, when
colors with fun flavors. What many of it expires, and the words “This product
them don’t have is a foundation in herbal not intended to diagnose, treat, cure
medicine-making resulting in industry- or prevent any disease.” (remember
standard labeling. When Medical that expensive approval
I say industry-standard, I process? They also care
mean Herbalism. Marijuana is about how big your
The FDA regulates words are, relative to the
things like foods,
really it’s own size of both the label and
drugs, cosmetics and category, but since the bottle.
supplements. Medical Edibles are tougher.
Marijuana is really it’s own
the Feds have The FDA is looking a
category, but since the yet to publicly little closer at food labels.
Feds have yet to publicly You need a nutritional
recognize the will of the recognize the will breakdown, in addition
people, we are left trying of the people, to complete ingredients
to figure out where our ordered by weight,
remedies fit into their regulatory system. contact information, weight of product
I’ll be the first to admit that I am reluctant and allergy warnings.
to conform and do things just because a What I want to know as an herbalist is
bureaucrat tells me to, but in this case, I how potent is this remedy? What is the
think it’s a good idea to play by the rules. equivalent dry weight? What strain(s)
A great herbalist, Michael Moore, was it made from? Was it made from
said that Cannabis is just another plant hash, kief, buds, shake, trim, fan leaves,
medicine, and I agree. It’s not a drug by roots or stems? I’ll gladly pay $50 for a
the FDA’s standards, and we don’t want it tincture that is equivalent to an 1/8th
to be. Drugs are prescribed, patented and of smokeable buds, but I want to know
synthesized, and they go through a very that’s what I’m buying and how long
expensive approval process. Drugs make it will last me. I have allergies, so that
a lot of money for faceless corporations, pretty pink bottle of bubblegum flavored
who fund the approval process as an “tincture” and that gluten-free cookie will
investment in future profits. Cannabis is stay on the shelf if I can’t be sure it won’t
a medicine for the people. Cannabis is an dose me with something that makes me
herb, “a plant or plant part valued for its sick, like hidden sources of gluten.
medicinal, savory or aromatic qualities.” This is a fledgling industry striving for
Thank you, Merriam-Webster. credibility, and many of us are figuring
That takes us back to Herbalism. it out as we go. That’s fine, I see it as an
Herbalism has been around for as long as awareness issue. Most of the caregivers
we have. The terminology has evolved and dispensary owners I meet really want
over time, resulting in some standard to do the best they can for their patients.
terms and definitions. A tincture is With the needed information on labels,
an alcohol extraction. A glycerite is I can compare apples to apples, making
a glycerine extraction. A glycerine the most of my medicine budget, and so
tincture is an extraction using both can you.


A tribute to cannabis as medicine with a low dose in a truly medicinal
fashion, my world opened up in a deep
and resonant WOW moment. I stopped
counting repetitions and opened up
to the sensations in that motion. In
Feldenkrais, one major technique is to
M y story is about navigating from
silver lining to silver lining. Like
in mountain biking and kayaking, you
my body. Engineering analysis didn’t
really cover this application. I was in
pain constantly. The Anatomy Coloring
learn to feel a motion without controlling
it, like moving your shoulder to make
your wrist roll, but concentrating on
go where you look. So don’t look at the Book became my pastime. Nearly four
the sensations at the wrist. It teaches
clouds son, don’t look at the clouds. years after the first accident, I still used
your brain about your body in a very
a cane almost every day. I was trying
Just after I graduated from University subtle way. I always knew that in my
everything I could find to get better.
of Florida, one particular set of clouds head, but that day, I got it in my body. I
nailed me hard. The first one was a Jeep The specific kind of work I was trying could feel how my hip moved because
Grand Wagoneer. I tried to stop, but I that year was called Feldenkrais (fel-DEN- of the shape of the bones and where
catapulted over my handlebars, and the kr-ice). In tech talk, it is a neuromuscular the muscles attached to them. I could
front corner of it hit me in the chest. It repatterning technique. Basically, it is feel the muscles sliding over each other,
ended up parked on my right hand, in what you have to do to learn how to as I laid on the floor, rolling slowly from
a crosswalk of all places. And I swear move again. It involves moving in slow side to side, in the way the therapist had
to you, a personal injury attorney was motion paying very close attention to shown me months before. For the first
driving it. What can I say? My time I was really seeing the
life is ironic. He got out of his point in what I was doing.
ticket for failure to yield right
I told my physical therapist
of way. Whatever.
about this the next time we
The second cloud was all met. She told me I was on the
me. It was 9 months after right track, and that Cannabis
the SUV hit me and I was on was medicine, but not to tell
a new bike. I built it myself. anyone she said so. Looking
The clipless pedals, well, I set back, that sounds like the
them way too tight. I paid dark ages. Let me say it here,
for that mistake with a femur in bold type: Cannabis is not
fracture, broken up high a cure all, but for the right
enough to be classified as a problem, it is most certainly
hip fracture. After being bed medicine.
ridden and hopping for three
Two years after that
months, I had to learn to walk
experiment, I stopped seeing
again. what you feel. a physical therapist. Now it is four years
Learning to walk was hard enough as later. I don’t walk like a duck anymore.
Most of what I felt from my hip was
my hips were massively asymmetrical. Now I dance. I dance swing, I dance
pain. I hated the stupidity of long term
Also, I had a hyper-mobile spot in my salsa, I dance contact improv, and I’m
narcotic use, so that wasn’t an option.
spine from where the truck had hit me. learning flamenco. I dance all night long.
Doing Feldenkrais exercises sober was
I was in a new HMO, so they didn’t give And I can play a whole soccer game,
just counting repetitions of a seemingly
me any physical therapy. I was on my and yeah, I’m sore as heck the next day,
pointless motion. I fled to my head to
own to learn to walk again. I did it pretty but what 37 year-old isn’t? I am whole
escape the pain, counted them out
badly. I was born butt-first breech (sorry and Cannabis helped make me so. I am
quickly and moved on with my day.
Mom) and I had always walked like a better than I was before I broke my hip,
duck. Now I walked like a duck with a Like I said, I went to University of before the smash to my spine.
snake on it’s back, all sway and waddle. Florida, one of the biggest party schools
I was in terrible shape for four years,
As a college-educated bio-medical in America, so of course I smoked pot. I
and then I found the right medicine
engineer, that’s pretty embarrassing. was in PT early last decade, so nobody
and got better a whole lot faster. I am
ever suggested that I combine the two.
I went to physical therapy for years so happy that our medical and legal
Well, one day I was high and I started
after that, learning how to walk again communities are waking up to what so
doing my PT exercises. That day was a
and again, learning how to reconnect many other communities have known
real eye opener.
with and feel my body, learning how to for so very long.
re-coordinate my muscle firing patterns. When I smoked cannabis that day and
My degree really wasn’t helping. Being did Feldenkrais, and I mean I smoked the Peace and be well,
in my brain was just an escape from smallest bit of bud ever, experimenting Jerome


Patient Advocates
for Medical Cannabis
The Sky is Not Falling
We need to protect the patients from pending
predatory legislation in the State of Colorado.
The Patients of Colorado now have Cathy
Burds and Jason Lauve as patient advocates for
Medical Cannabis. We are pleased to announce
our endeavor as patients representing patients
in the areas of Safety, Quality, Consistency and
Cost. These areas cover all aspects pertaining to
a patient’s betterment and quality of life. We as
medical Cannabis patients are constitutionally
protected by Article XVIII § 14. Many of our elected
public servants, law enforcement, and the media
are imagining a threat of unfounded problems
regarding the impacts to our own communities.
We are making things better and it appears as
if some people don’t like that. Some medical
Cannabis dispensaries and caregivers are content
with their financial situation in the current market
and support the fast tracking of these insane Bills,
they are not protecting what is in the best interest
of the patient. We believe the patients’ interests
come first, and will fight for you.
If you are seriously interested in joining our team,
please contact:

Treeline dispensary will also be sharing years

of experience in hash making
(learned from Mila of Amsterdam)

Lecture by:
Attorney Rob Corry
March 28th, 2010
250 Register noW-space is limited
*Vets and those receiving disability, there will be a few scholarships available. See website for details.


303-862-2726 /


What is the Right Amount for Me? by Jason Lauve & Heather Luttrell IF YOU EAT TOO MUCH
Cannabis medication and start to


feel dizzy, drowsy or nauseous, do
not panic and try to stay calm (Don’t
worry you won’t ‘freak out’ like the

guy on the plane a few weeks
emedies including tinctures, glycerites, topical lotions, drinks, ice Edibles
back; he was probably lying.) You
cream, and dinner foods medicated with Cannabis are available at
Time to take effect: up to 1 hour (or are okay and everything will work
dispensaries across Colorado. These items contain various amounts
more for some people). its way through your body. Stay
of medical Cannabis. There are many new patients who are trying medical
hydrated (don’t drink too much
Cannabis for their private medical conditions. These are first time users who We suggest water either, it
have likely tried virtually everything else in search for a better quality of life. that you start can harm you)
This will help all of us as medical Cannabis patients, friends, family, co- slow with small and eat healthy
workers and citizens have a better understanding of how to use Cannabis amounts over a foods. The
as medicine. There is a brief description of the methods of use and their period of a few Cannabis plant is
variables. This is not an exhaustive list by any means and is not set in stone, days or even not toxic below
but is presented with your safety and well being in mind. It is better to be weeks, to find 100 lbs. at a time,
extra cautious; work with a caregiver who knows how to help with this what works for above that it
process and you will find what works for you more efficiently and effectively. could hurt if it fell
you. Make sure
on you. So you
Smoking and Vaporizing ranging from 1-4 droppers. you have some
are safe if you
Glycerites have the advantage of foods in your
Time to take effect: almost instantly. use common
tasting sweet, without the burn of stomach when sense (which is
When you smoke try to breathe alcohol. Glycerites can be found you medicate. not so common
normally, don’t hold the smoke in with added Fatty foods anymore).
your lungs for such as meats,
too long. The
“Different people, color and
olive oil, butter,
• The effects
flavor for those will dissipate,
cannabinoids different amounts, who don’t like cheeses, nuts,
and others help
generally after
are oils that the taste of 10 hours or so
adhere to the different days, different Cannabis. For in the assimilation of your cannabis depending on your dose. The
alveoli in your people who do medication. cannabinoids are fat soluble and
lungs almost strains, different not use alcohol Some of you... will stay in your system for up to 30
instantly when for medical, days.
you inhale. experiences.” religious or
may not notice anything the first
• Reserve a special period of
Holding your breath (the ‘Easy time time and relax in your favorite
moral reasons, glycerites are an
Rider’ myth) for a longer duration alternative. may notice a tingle in your muscles comfortable place when you are
gives the carcinogens (the nasty medicating.
A Glycerine Tincture is a hybrid may get dizzy
stuff) a chance to absorb into your • Do not operate machinery
remedy, combining the extraction One of the side effects of ingesting
bloodstream. Some strains are or drive while medicating with
abilities of alcohol and the sweetness too much cannabis is sleep, and you
known as “creepers.” You will want to edibles, as the effect can intensify.
of glycerine. Shake these well, as may be groggy in the morning. (your mind is in a fight or flight
wait a bit longer between inhalations
they tend to separate. mode while driving)
to give these time to take effect. Gradually increase the amount you
Suppositories use until you reach your desired level • Make sure you DO NOT use
Tinctures and Glycerites
Time to take effect: 15 minutes to of relief. alcohol with your cannabis
Time to take effect: 5-10 minutes. medication, as it may magnify
an hour. Keep notes of
A Cannabis tincture is a solution the effects of the alcohol. Keep in
Suppositories your use so you mind combining medications or
of Cannabis in alcohol. The dosage
are usually made can track what is alcohol can magnify the effects
varies between 3 and 60 drops,
of cocoa butter or working and what is of both the Cannabis and any
depending on the condition being
coconut oil and herbs, not. pharmaceuticals you may be
treated and the potency of the taking.
and are inserted into the Remedies will vary due
tincture. Tinctures can be made
vagina or rectum. They to many factors, such • Note: Buyer beware. Make sure
more palatable by adding them to
deliver medicine to the as crop, strain, and your caregiver and dispensary
warm beverages or putting the dose
bloodstream quickly, techniques used. stand behind their medicated
on a sugar cube.
and have the benefit Cannabis items with a return
(Making candy
A Cannabis glycerite is similar to a of offering overnight policy. Do not be alarmed, but
without the right
tincture, except that the Cannabis is pain relief. They are a there are items that claim to have
knowledge can medicated Cannabis in them and
extracted into glycerine. Glycerine nice option for patients result in areas of they don’t.
is less effective at extracting the who are terminally ill, dense medication and
Cannabinoids in Cannabis, so have high pain levels or • Keep out of reach of children and
areas with little or no
dosages are usually higher. I have are unable to medicate pets: Just like any other medication
medication) please keep your Cannabis in a
seen recommended dosages themselves.
secure location.


COLORADO cannabinoids, are only known to occur Now that you have a basic framework…
naturally in significant quantity in the
CANNABIS TODAY cannabis plant, and are concentrated
in the viscous resin that is produced
Cannabinoids can be administered by
smoking, vaporizing, oral ingestion,
in glandular structures known as transdermal patch, intravenous
OUR BODIES ARE OUR OWN trichomes. In addition to cannabinoids, injection, sublingual absorption, or
the resin is rich in terpenes, which are rectal suppository. Once in the body,
We are all individuals in the way we
largely responsible for the odor of the most cannabinoids are metabolized
think, act, and exist in our daily lives.
cannabis plant. in the liver. Some are stored in fat
We choose what we eat, drink and how
we exercise along with thousands cells in addition to being metabolized
CB1 receptors (Cannabinoid receptor in the liver. Δ9-THC is metabolized
of other choices that are our own.
type 1) are found primarily in the brain, to 11-hydroxy-Δ9-THC, which is then
My point is simple; ultimately you
specifically in the basal ganglia and metabolized to 9-carboxy-THC.
are the one responsible for making
in the limbic system, including the
decisions about you. The following
hippocampus. They are also found in the Function
is an introduction to some basic
cerebellum and in both male and female Endocannabinoids serve as intercellular
terminology needed for you to
reproductive systems. CB1 receptors ‘lipid messengers’, signaling molecules
understand more about how and
are essentially absent in the medulla that are released from one cell and
why the cannabis plant works in our
oblongata, the part of the brain stem activate the cannabinoid receptors
present on other nearby cells. Although
Anandamide in this intercellular signaling role they are
Also known as similar to the well-known monoamine
N-arachidonoylethanolamine or neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine
NATURE or dopamine, endocannabinoids differ in
AEA, is an endogenous cannabinoid DOES A
GREAT numerous ways from them. For instance,
neurotransmitter found in animal and JOB AT
LETTING they use retrograde signaling.
human organs, especially in the brain. US KNOW
It was isolated and its structure was first WE NEED
described by Czech analytical chemist IN OUR
Furthermore, endocannabinoids are
Lumír Ondřej Hanuš and American lipophilic molecules that are not very
molecular pharmacologist William soluble in water. They are not stored in
that is responsible for respiratory and vesicles, and exist as integral constituents
Anthony Devane in the Laboratory of
cardiovascular functions. Thus, there is of the membrane bilayers that make up
Raphael Mechoulam, at the Hebrew
not a risk of respiratory or cardiovascular cells. They are believed to be synthesized
University in Jerusalem, Israel in 1992.
failure as there is with many other drugs. ‘on-demand’ rather than made and
The name anandamide is taken from
CB1 receptors appear to be responsible stored for later use. The mechanisms and
the Sanskrit word ananda, which means
for the euphoric and anticonvulsive enzymes underlying the biosynthesis of
“bliss, delight”, and amide.
(relaxation) effects of cannabis. endocannabinoids remain elusive and
Endocannabinoids continue to be an area of active research.
CB2 receptors (Cannabinoid receptor
These are substances produced
type 2) are almost exclusively found in The endocannabinoid 2-AG has
from within the body which activate
the immune system, with the greatest been found in bovine and human
cannabinoid receptors, they are involved
density in the spleen. While generally maternal milk. We were ingesting
in a variety of physiological processes
found only in the peripheral nervous endocannabinoids when we were breast
including appetite, pain perception,
system, a report does indicate that CB2 fead as an infant. It helps turn off and
mood, and memory.
is expressed by a subpopulation of on our need to eat (appetite suppression
microglia in the human cerebellum [3]. and appetite stimulation), relaxes us,
CB2 receptors appear to be responsible and helps induce a restful sleep after
These cannabinoids are from the plant.
for the anti-inflammatory and possibly eating, which we all should do in this
Herbal cannabinoids, and classical
other therapeutic effects of cannabis. busy culture.
[1]. Fortin DA, Levine ES (2007). "Differential effects of endocannabinoids on glutamatergic and GABAergic inputs to layer 5 pyramidal neurons". Cereb. Cortex 17 (1):
163–74. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhj133. PMID 16467564.
[2]. Good CH (2007). "Endocannabinoid-dependent regulation of feedforward inhibition in cerebellar Purkinje cells". J. Neurosci. 27 (1): 1–3. doi:10.1523/
JNEUROSCI.4842-06.2007. PMID 17205618.
[3]. Hashimotodani Y, Ohno-Shosaku T, Kano M (2007). "Presynaptic monoacylglycerol lipase activity determines basal endocannabinoid tone and terminates
retrograde endocannabinoid signaling in the hippocampus". J. Neurosci. 27 (5): 1211–9. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4159-06.2007. PMID 17267577.
[4]. Kishimoto Y, Kano M (2006). "Endogenous cannabinoid signaling through the CB1 receptor is essential for cerebellum-dependent discrete motor learning". J.
Neurosci. 26 (34): 8829–37. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1236-06.2006. PMID 16928872.
[5]. Brenowitz SD, Regehr WG (2005). "Associative short-term synaptic plasticity mediated by endocannabinoids". Neuron 45 (3): 419–31. doi:10.1016/j.
neuron.2004.12.045. PMID 15694328.
[6]. Di Marzo V. et al. "Leptin-regulated endocannabinoids are involved in maintaining food intake." Nature. 2001 Apr 12;410(6830):822-5. PMID 11298451
[7]. Cravatt, B.F. et al. "Supersensitivity to anandamide and enhanced endogenous cannabinoid signaling in mice lacking fatty acid amide hydrolase." Proc Natl Acad
Sci U S A. 2001 Jul 31;98(16):9371-6. PMID 11470906


Health and Human Services Department of
the US Government about Cannabinoids as
Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants from Oct
7, 2003 describes yet another medical use for
cannabis, and this one can save lives.
The cannabinoids are found to have
particular application as neuroprotectants,
for example in limiting neurological damage
as the result of a stroke, or in the treatment
of neurodegenerative diseases, such as TABLE 2
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Target Therapeutic Groups for Different Ratios of Cannabinoid
HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive Cannabinoids,
such as cannabidiol (CBD) are particularly Product group Ratio THC:CBD Target Therapeutic Area
advantageous to use because they avoid
toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive High THC >95:5 Cancer pain, migraine,
appetite stimulation
Cannabinoids at high doses. [1]
Cannabinoids are a group of terpenophenolic Even ratio 50:50 Multiple sclerosis, spinal
compounds present in Cannabis (Cannabis cord injury, peripheral neuropathy,
sativa L) which occur naturally in the nervous other neurogenic
and immune systems of animals. Currently, at
least 66 cannabinoids have been isolated from Reverse/Broad ratio CBD <25:75 Rheumatoid arthritis,
the Cannabis plant. THC, CBD and CBN are Inflammatory bowel
the main components of Cannabis; they are diseases.
detailed below.
High CBD <5:95 Psychotic disorders (schizophrenia),
THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the Epilepsy & movement
psychoactive cannabinoid found in the disorders Stroke, head
Cannabis plant; it also has medicinal value for injury, Disease modification
cancer pain, migraines, appetite stimulation, in RA and other
inflammatory conditions
nausea and vomiting. To keep the THC from Appetite suppression
degrading, store your cannabis in a dark,
airtight container in a cool place.
CBD (Cannabidiol) alone is not intoxicating
and can diminish some of the effects of THC
as well as intensify others. It has sedative,
analgesic, and antibiotic properties. It is known
to have therapeutic value for some people in the
treatment of epilepsy & movement disorders,
stroke, head injury, disease modification in
rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory
conditions, appetite suppression, and some [1] U.S. Patent # 6,946,150 B2, Whittle, Sep. 20, 2005
psychotic disorders. [1] [2] Mechoulam, R.; M. Peters, Murillo-Rodriguez (21 Aug 2007). “Cannabidiol - recent advances”.
Chemistry & Biodiversity 4 (8): 1678–1692. doi:10.1002/cbdv.200790147. PMID 17712814
Medically, it appears to relieve convulsion, [3] a b Zuardi, A.W; J.A.S. Crippa, J.E.C. Hallak, F.A. Moreira, F.S. Guimarães (2006). “Cannabidiol, a
inflammation, anxiety, and nausea, and Cannabis sativa constituent, as an antipsychotic drug” (PDF). Braz. J. Med. Biol. Res. 39: 421–429.
to inhibit cancer cell growth.[2] Recent doi:10.1590/S0100-879X2006000400001. PMID 16612464.
studies have shown cannabidiol to be as v39n4/6164.pdf.
[4] Grotenhermen and Russo Ed, Cannabis and Cannabinoids, Pharmacology, Toxicology and
effective as atypical antipsychotics in treating Therapeutic Potential. Hawthorth Integrative Healing Press 2002.
schizophrenia. [3]
CBN (Cannabinol) is the primary product
of THC degradation and is produced as THC
breaks down through oxidization. There is
usually very little of it in a fresh plant.
CBN levels can be increased by degrading
the THC-active. THC will degrade into
CBN with exposure to light, air and high
temperatures. This can also be achieved
through decarboxylation. This takes THC-
acid and degrades it into THC-active, it also
converts THC-active into CBN. This can be
achieved by heating or cooking the cannabis
for a certain duration and temperature. It is
only mildly psychoactive. Its affinity to the CB2
receptor is higher than for the CB1 receptor.
CBN is anticonvulsant, lowers heart rate, slows
intestinal motility and decreases clotting. [4]


Dear Rogue DEA Agents, is your humanity? To ignore the scientific
fact that endocannabinoids contribute to
preserving life, is to deny reality and is simple
cannabis patients.
The lab is here to re-enforce the fact that
I understand your profession to be very cannabis is a viable medication. They also
challenging and you may be doing a good job proof of your ignorance. provide a critical voluntary service, to people
in other areas, but not this one. I am gravely The Endocannabinoid System has the who choose to have their medicine tested,
concerned about the actions you have taken important function of maintaining homeostasis which provides patients with a way to certify
by orchestrating a raid on Full Spectrum in the Human body. Endocannabinoid that their medicine is safe.
Laboratories during the Colorado Senate receptors are found in all parts of the Human
committee hearing on January 27th, 2010. It is very apparent that your raid was
body, with the exception of a portion of the executed during the Senate
Medical cannabis does have
proven medical uses, just committee hearings on S.B.
read about the Federal CNIDP. 109. This prevented Bob
Full Spectrum is a laboratory Winniki from giving critical
that is helping patients testimony at the hearings.
to find what cannabinoid It appears as though the
blends work and why. They Federal government is
are able to offer a level attempting to influence
of safety that didn’t exist issues at the State level. This
before. FSL is advancing sounds like a violation
the scientific body of of The Hatch Act. (See
knowledge through proven insert)
& repeatable (or scientifically You, at the DEA, have
accepted) testing methods. interfered with a doctor
Many physicians and others patient relationship by
repeatedly complain that stealing medicine that was
there isn’t enough research intended for terminally ill
about Cannabis, which is patients who are in terminal
directly caused by the DEA care. The medicine you took
preventative actions. The was for these patients, at
doctors want labs like Full the direct request from their
Spectrum to exist. Brain. By contrast, Opioid receptors are mostly physicians.
As patients, we have the freedom to choose found in the central nervous system and WAKE UP DEA and look at the reality of human
what works for us, and you are interfering with gastrointestinal tract. Continuing study of the suffering that you are creating. Not only are
our right of access to medical Cannabis. This Endocannabinoid System and how Cannabis you are stealing our money, our belongings
raid has attempted to damage the patients’ interacts with this system is a vital part of the and our medicine, but you’re stealing peoples’
access to a self regulated testing facility for advancement of scientific knowledge for the lives through this type of execution. You are
safety. betterment of stealing from our
As a medical Cannabis patient in the State of
Cannabis is a
DEA Administrative Law Judge opportunity to
live a better life.
Colorado, with a medical recommendation for
Cannabis, I condemn your actions. Think of it viable medicine. Francis L. Young concluded: You are stealing
from all of The
this way, how would you feel if thugs with guns It was one of
came and unplugged your family member’s life the top three "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest People of The
support system? This is what you are doing. substances therapeutically active substances known to man. By United States of
Do you care? Do you have compassion? Where recommended any measure of rational analysis cannabis can be America. Cannabis
by physicians safely used with a supervised routine of medical care." has proven
prior to antioxidant and
prohibition in 1937. Cannabis is a plant; it neuroprotectant actions that are able to help
The Hatch Act of 1939 is a United States is safe. For thousands of years, Cannabis has people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke
federal law whose main provision is to been used as a substantial component of our victims, and more.
prohibit federal employees (civil servants)
medicine and health. Only for the past 73 years We as patients, potential patients, parents,
has ‘marijuana’ (Cannabis) has been forced into siblings, children and friends demand a public
from engaging in partisan political activity.
an illegal category by using psychology and apology from the DEA. Who are you to judge
Named after Senator Carl Hatch of New the media to spread lies. In fact, in 1937 the us?
Mexico, the law was officially known as American Medical Association objected during
An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political testimony to the change in law and voiced Education and research is the key to learning
Activities. the medical position supporting maintaining the truth. Enforcing unrealistic laws regarding
the medical use of Cannabis. The politicians Cannabis has caused more harm than this
The act precluded federal employees from ignored the professional recommendation Medicinal plant ever could. Enforcing Cannabis
membership in “any political organization of the leading medical establishment in the prohibition is preventing the human race from
which advocates the overthrow of our United States. Why? Control! moving forward. Cannabis helps people; it
offers the possibility to extend lives while
constitutional form of government.” The DEA has stolen legitimate medicine that achieving a positive quality of life.
During the Second Red Scare, this was intended for terminally ill patients at the
designation was interpreted to include request of their physicians. I, Jason Lauve, as Sincerely,
communist and labor organizations. a medical cannabis patient in Colorado, hold
the DEA responsible for shortening human Jason Lauve
lives and for the potential death of medical Cannabis Patient and Publisher
Cannabis Health News Magazine


Patients, Caregivers & Dispensaries.








Robert J. Corry, Jr.


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2010,ÊPeopleÊv.ÊOlmstead: LmZg_hk]EZp@kZ]nZm^

TrackÊRecordÊofÊSuccess !,),"/,-&++--
– Law Week

“Prominent pot lawyer”P^lmphk]

“A Scorched Earth Warrior”=^go^kIhlm
“Friend of Reform”L:?>KZg]L^glb[e^<hehkZ]h
“America’s Top 40 Attorneys under 40”GZmbhgZeEZpChnkgZe
“Denver’s 50 Most Influential Powerbrokers”.+1)FZ`Zsbg^
The New Deal for Medical Cannabis By Riah McBee

As the cliché sayings have gone lately Hmmm. Let’s see… MMJ = MMD… (sounds it’s not about
‘there’s a green rush in Colorado’ and ‘it’s like) WMD… weapons of mass destruction… dispensaries
become the wild wild west again’. But this (sounds like) ! Weapons of Mass Dispensary!! selling to kids, it’s
is not exclusive to the medical cannabis That’s it!!! These moms need to Google “teens about them getting
industry, real estate and retail businesses. and pharmaceuticals”. Please, I implore you! robbed. I’ve yet to
State and local governments, too, have This kind of ignorance is what allows things see or hear of a minor, or even
opened the floodgates of legislation upon like a unanimous 13-0 decision in favor of cb- a non-patient, going into a dispensary and
Coloradoans. Just as we have many wanna- 34 to pass with seemingly minimal public obtaining medical cannabis. Then there are
be caregivers/growers, dispensary owners, outrage except for those closer within the the banks and liquor stores that are often
consultants and the like, we now have had medical cannabis community. Although conveniently located close to residential
countless municipalities and bureaucrats a vote like that doesn’t come cheap and areas, schools and each other. Rarely do
trying their hand at pot politics. certainly got its publicity, it was quickly on to communities rise up when one of those
Law enforcement and politicians are up in the next set of rules from the next lawmaker, businesses are robbed, or if one too many
arms about regulating (capping) the industry, and the next lobbyist, the next group of law open up. I don’t believe that ‘public safety’
often citing concerns of public safety and is as much of a concern as lawmakers claim
profiteers run amuck. Could it be that most their constituents make it out to be, but
of these people simply cannot accept the if, IF, that were true, why then do these
idea of someone running a medical cannabis bills attempt to also take out the caregiver/
business making more money than them? growers when most of this outcry has been
Or is it more so the financial encroachment unfounded?
of medical cannabis upon Big Industry? There are different kinds of
This is blatantly obvious, particularly from caregivers. There are those that
pharmaceuticals and the medical industry, grow for patients of a dispensary,
as well as alcohol and tobacco, not to and only provide medicine through
mention the timber, petroleum and that dispensary. There are also
mining industries. those caregivers and patients
All of this is nothing new of who choose to have a direct
course. We’ve always had lobbyists relationship, and do not
in power, getting questionable operate on a ‘retail’ model.
legislation passed, regardless of These caregivers have less
the transparency of the conflict of overhead and can often
(special) interests, and provide their patients’ medicine at
the citizens legislators are a much lower cost. as was primarily
charged to serve. I think the case up until a year or two ago,
nothing is more obvious when dispensaries began opening
than this recent inundation up, charging as much or more than
of attacks on the medical cannabis black market prices. Many of the
industry. The intentional focus courts have been trying to
has largely been on dispensaries, eliminate caregivers who
shrieking and wailing about public enforcement, f i n d themselves in the system,
safety and nuisances. Although special interests, and still pushing the agenda of the local Feds, in
many counties including Denver amendments to amendments to spite of the Obama administration’s direct
had the sound mind to issue the business amendments. All of this from people who statements regarding Patients and States
and tax licenses in the first place, now most are not doctors, scientists, or ill patients! All Rights.
conveniently recant as if falling like dominoes. of this from people who do not appear to read This rhetoric has worked its way up the
The attempts to eradicate growers have been much, or choose only to acknowledge false or ladder. Now politicians and special interest
more subtle, yet just as devious. incomplete facts. groups are worried about infringements on
We all know the best ways to eliminate the I wonder how many lawmakers passing their kickbacks and profits, with a possible
competition are to buy them out, or in this drug related laws have read data from the influx in Colorado of $1-1.5 billion in medical
case, to regulate (muscle) the competition out Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. It cannabis commerce and a potential of $200
of business. (Over)regulating and monitoring states in part “…no physical dependence, no million in tax revenue! Talk about cutting off
500 dispensaries and their cumulative power, abstinence syndrome when discontinued. your nose to spite your face, which seems
wouldn’t be near as easy or cost effective as Cannabis can be used on an episodic but to be the reason these people can’t stop
doing the same with 50 dispensaries. Or, as a continuous basis without evidence of social to smell the flowers! (pun intended). The
few ‘so-called’ advocates might have it, 1-2 or psychic dysfunction”. industry has been regulating itself just fine
mega dispensaries?! Now how many of you can say that about all along. Imagine that!? When that much
Would this be the abhorred “MMD’s” your other medications? money starts to generate from any industry,
spoken of by the Stapleton moms at a We all know that alcohol is the real gateway our government is going to lobby, assume
Denver city council meeting Jan. 6th? Whose drug. control, regulate, tax, inflate, artificially
comments made MMD’s sound like WMD’s? So where is the public safety issue? If replicate and decimate.
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Continued from The New Deal...
by Jason Lauve

What’s UP DOC?
If any of these lawmakers (who just want
to limit and control our medicine) want to
be taken seriously by the medical cannabis
patient community and voters, then Patients
MUST be involved in creating these drafts. All jokes aside, this gentleman knows his stuff and has his strains are in the
All of these draft proposals are based on right place.
second hand information at best, rather than
first hand experiences. Should I have my Dr. Organics is a full service consulting, and teaching company. Based in
doctor tell me how to maintain my vehicle? Colorado, the Dr. Organics team provides a range of services from supporting
Or have a mechanic discuss my health care caregivers and dispensaries as well as investor’s and individual start up’s.
and treatment plan with me? Dr, Organics is a fully supported medical cannabis company with subcontractors
If these proposed regulations are not
in the construction, electrical, and interior design phases. They have a scope
drafted by a patient based group, then it is
of services from single rooms to large scale!
inevitable that many patients will be harmed
and forced back to the black market, which is They have consulted in Canada, Europe and across the United States. Dr
just what most law enforcement, the courts, Organics is the co author of two books and two videos on organic growing!
prisons and probations (or slave labor), DEA
Dr. Organics teaches classes on growing every two weeks in Longmont,
and big industry want. Patients filling prison
Colorado from 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm. They also have a student hotline from
Could this be (like F.D.R.’s) the New Deal, Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am. - 6:00 pm., to help with growing questions &
for medical marijuana? needs from students and investors.
Dr. Organics has over fourteen years of professional grow experience in the
cannabis industry. He has a strain named after him, the “CS” it stands for
(Chris’s Special), a four time award winner, three People’s Choice, and one
Exotic winner!!!
They obviously have a huge amount of “Love &
Passion” at Dr. Organic, and it shows.
If you need help or just want to improve; you can
contact Dr. Organics too, call owner and founder,
Chris Cobb at (303) 993-9847.

types of cannabinoids:
Phytocannabinoid: Pertaining to or derived from the cannabis plant.
Endocannabinoid (Anandamide): occur naturally in humans and other animals.
Synthetic: THC, absent of any other cannabinoids, produced in a lab. For example Marinol.


husband because he had a lot on his any of my children could have friends
plate, too. He owns his own company over, I had to explain that I was sick, I
with his retired father. He had 15 took medical cannabis for cancer, and I
by Cathy Burds employees and their families to provide grew my medicine. I have never been
I was a couple months shy of my 35th for, along with the fact he was tired of so humbled and felt so judged in all my
birthday when I was diagnosed with hearing how sick I felt. I went home and life! The parents of those children have
bladder cancer. I had been sick for cried. I got up the next day and started all been very supportive. My children
about two and a half years before the process. I had blood work to do and also are very educated.
receiving an accurate diagnosis. Before I needed to get registered at the clinic I decided that if this stuff is so hard to
my diagnosis, I was taking medication to start the cancer treatments. I called a acquire, with horrible reliability and
for my really bad headaches, Effexor. I long time girl friend to drive me because consistency, I would grow it myself. I
took Darvocet for the pain that was in the nurse had told me that they didn’t had a lot to learn. By this time everyone
my neck from a car accident and then I want me driving after the first treatment. knew that I needed and used Medicinal
took Promethazine for the nausea and I needed to see how my body did to Cannabis. Being part of the nutrition
vomiting. This is just the beginning of determine if I needed someone to drive program taught me a lot about food. I

the list. I had a couple more in my tool me in the future. I was offered the chance learned how to read labels and why it
chest if constipation or IBS happened is important to know about your food.
from side effects from the medications. You should know where it comes from,
I went to work every day and didn’t have how it is raised or grown, and if there
time to slow down and figure out what were chemicals involved or if it was
my body was telling me. Now I had no that day to enter into trial nutrition and considered truly organic. In the clinic I
choice. I was told that I was to stop all of psychology programs. I didn’t want to learned that the meat and dairy pyramid
these medications immediately and we but the nurse talked me into it. It was a doesn’t work for me. I really learned
would start the other medications soon great decision. I made an appointment how we are letting Corporations falsely
to kill the cancer. I learned of my bladder to see my family practitioner to get the educate and manipulate us.
issue and I also learned of my liver documentation signed for my medicinal My mother had talked to my aunts, (my
condition. All the prescription drugs I Cannabis license. I was amazed at what it father’s sisters), in California. My Aunt
was on during the two and a half years took to be able to take a medication that was taking medication for arthritis. She
before the bladder cancer diagnosis had was prescribed by a doctor and that was qualified in California to get her Medical
really hurt my liver and my body was run better for me than what I was already on. Cannabis license and so she did. My
down. Medicinal Cannabis is an option I thought I could use my Health Savings mother, father, and Uncle made a trip
in Colorado. I was encouraged to use Account insurance policy to pay for my to California so I could get educated. I
that option. I was thinking many things Medical Cannabis. I can use it to buy went to dispensaries with my aunts and
but the first thought was “Oh Shit”! I vitamins at the health food store, but they filled me in on a lot of things about
had a lot of terrifying knowledge about it will not pay for my Medical Cannabis. Medical Cannabis that I never knew.
Cannabis but Figuring out They took me to my first pipe shop and I
had never where to get the bought a water pipe. That was a piece of
received medication was Continued on next page
any medical another issue. My
knowledge local pharmacy
of this drug. was no help
I was told when I took my Alliance for Medicinal Purposes Only
it would prescription in to Cannabis
the nausea,
with be filled. In fact
the gentleman
vomiting, laughed at me
intestinal cramping and weight loss that and had no information as to where to
I was about to experience. I was also go to get it!
told that it would help with withdrawl July was here and I turned thirty five.
that I was about to go through from the My husband was having troubles with
prescription drugs. Now the story truly his daughter and when she received
begins! the consequences of her actions she
I was numb. I didn’t call anyone, not rebelled. The police were called to our
even my mother who at the time was home for the suspicion of Cannabis use. Licensed Caregiver
recovering from a car accident, taking
care of my ill father, and grieving
My husband had to fight to keep his
children, all because of my medication.
over her sister that she had lost seven After the police were called to our
months prior to my diagnosis to Renal house, I decided that I needed a game
Carcinoma Cancer. I couldn’t call my plan for the security of my family. Before


education I will always remember. Abbi’s dad in a position to break the
I came home to Colorado with a whole law if Abbi was with him and he had to
new outlook on my life and Medical
Cannabis. I decided I was going to figure
provide medicine to her. Laws should
never be made that compromise human
High Valley Healing Center
out how to open a Medical Cannabis life! Abbi taught us a lot. Smoking was
dispensary. I dove in and started reading not what we wanted for Abbi or any
the local news and anything I could child. I had to figure out other means of
find about Medical Cannabis including getting Abbi her medication. She had
laws and the history of prohibition. I to smoke. The only other means at the
went to work at a dispensary that had time was edibles. Abbi’s disease also
just opened compromised
up. I also her digestive
acquired White system. Her
Widow seeds doctors were
to grow my against smoking
own Medicinal of any kind and
Cannabis. It they weren’t
was obvious willing to make
t h r o u g h exceptions.
this process Vaporizing
that Law didn’t deliver
Enforcement was always going to be everything that smoking would, so I Colorado’s First Medical
against this until both they and the kept on the progression trail. I found Cannabis Compassion
general public were educated correctly. a Lab in Denver called Full Spectrum Center and Retreat
I contacted a local bakery business Laboratories. This place holds a future Serving all of Colorado’s licensed patients
owner and asked if he might have a clue for Medical Cannabis. Here patients Located in Beautiful Crestone, CO
about Medicinal Cannabis. I now have a can have their product tested and even
couple of private bakeries that provide processed to make it more useful for For Reservations:
to the dispensaries that my patients ourselves. (719) 256-4006
frequent. I started to work with many In starting my journey I have always found
new patients. I worked with patients in
opposition from law enforcement. I hate
my cancer clinic and other clinics across worrying everyday if I am going to be
Colorado. I have doctors asking me to law enforcement’s next focus of attack. I
educate other patients just coming can’t believe that we as Americans want Strains Are Different
into the system. I work with Cancer, law officials or government in general Ratios of Cannabinoids
Lupus, Crohn’s Disease and many other telling us what we can or can’t put in
ailments. Medicinal Cannabis works our bodies. The DEA came into the lab Cannabis sativa has lower levels
in the place of many pharmaceutical and took my medication. What next? of CBD and higher levels of THC.
medications. I have learned that there I’m afraid it will be my home or who is Cannabis indica has
are documented studies showing that supplying my medicine. I know I am not higher amounts of CBD
Medical Cannabis or Cannabis has “No alone in my fears. and lower amounts of THC.
Lethal Dose”. This means you could My story isn’t over. Everything I have
never take, eat, or smoke too much!! experienced has made me who I am,
There is no pharmaceutical replacement and led me to where I am today. Today,
for Medical Cannabis. I visit with Senators and give them the
In May of 2009 I met an 11 year old patients’ perspective, because this is all How you spend your money
patient, Abbi. Her mother needed help about the patients. We need caregivers
getting her licensed to use Medicinal and dispensaries, because when you’re
Cannabis, because Abbi had a terminal really sick you can’t grow your own, and Support those who
disease where her skin did not adhere new patients often don’t know how to support you!
to the meat on her body. The disease go out and get their medicine. I point
came with its own complications. Our out that the role of Law Enforcement
constitutional right wasn’t laid out is to enforce the laws, not to create
correctly in Colorado to protect patients, them. When we allow Law Enforcement
and this was clear in Abbi’s case. Her to write the law, the result is a speed
Medical Marijuana is for
parents are divorced and mom had sole trap. I am a Patient Advocate, and I will
custody. Dad is a police officer. Mom
patients, NOT politicians.
continue to tell my story and fight for
was the caregiver but dad had visitation. Patients’ Rights.
The law was set up so that it would put


I t was the morning of August 7, 1983,
and I was living the American dream. I
had a beautiful wife, Mary Pat; we had our
first two. The doctor had no choice but to
start over because the current treatment
was not working. I got a new prescription
still snuck their way into my mind each
day. Even more so now that the doctor’s
were more puzzled than ever about my
first daughter, Michelle, born in July, we that one of the side effects was cataracts strokes. I was out of work this entire time
had a house, cars, money in savings and forming in 15% of patients. I did some and I was unable to get help from Social
I was in the process of starting my own research and discovered that was Cannabis Security as there was no diagnosis. I was
business. Life was good. But on that day was a good deterrent for the side effect not providing for my family as I should.
spending the afternoon with the in-laws, I of the prescription. I also realized that This was an additional emotional burden.
had my first stroke. A blood vessel breakthrough gave me
Around noon, I started to feel a little hope. Medical Cannabis made a huge
weird. I was acting strangely and I tried to difference in reducing the anxiety of
walk through the closed sliding glass door. the many stress factors in my life.
I thought that I just had an ear infection.
My equilibrium was off and my answers to
living the I started rehab, but was not happy
with the program. I decided that I
questions were delayed.
The next morning I went to work even
American would create my own program. I got
up every morning and walked around
though I was not feeling like myself. This
did not work out and I went to the doctor.
dream the fitness path and did every station.
It seemed like I did this forever, but
He scheduled me to see a neurologist, eventually the neurons in my brain
by Rick
that day and I got a CAT scan. reconnected. I went from dragging my
I was in the hospital for three days under Cannabis right leg to running. Not very fast and
going all sorts of tests. At that time I was also helped my mental state defiantly not pretty, but running. I was so
diagnoses with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). in a positive way. It helped reduce my happy that I let out a yell. Mary Pat came
We did not believe that is what I had. anxiety so I was able to focus more on my running outside because she thought I
I went to every neurologist in town rehab and not on the negative thoughts. may have been hurt. It was a good day. I
when I was released. I was diagnosed Because I was able to focus on rehab, I continued my routine and continued to
with everything in the book, including was able to get back to the physical status improve.
a brain tumor. The twelfth doctor that I I was at after the second stroke. My limp My doctor was asking about pain and
saw was told me that he thought I’d had a was not that bad and I felt like I was on the if I was in need of any pain medication. I
“cerebral accident” or stroke. But he could right road to recovery. refused because I was learning about
not be sure because now it had been a few My fourth stroke happened in February medical cannabis and the benefits of the

months since the incident. On November of 1984 and this one was bad. Back to natural components. I told my doctor I
19, 1983, three days after seeing this doctor, the same routine, more tests, scans and used cannabis for my symptoms and asked
I suffered my second stroke. Because I prescriptions. This stroke left my right him if he thought it would help. He didn’t
had another stroke the doctor was able to side paralyzed enough that I was told condone it, but alluded to my smoking a
make a diagnosis. that I needed a wheelchair when I left the joint a day. I was able to use the cannabis
We got started immediately on my hospital. I refused to take a wheelchair and and walk the fitness path without pain.
treatment. I went for months giving blood walked out on my own. While we were out one night I had my fifth
and going through additional neurological When I look back, I know anger was my stroke halfway through dinner. This stroke
tests. Besides all the medical tests that I motivation during my recovery. I was left me with some damage to the right side
was going through, I was dealing with all angry because I didn’t know what was of my brain. At this point I had an artergram
the emotional fears, anger, loneliness, guilt, in store for my future and my family’s right away and then another one 24 hours
denial and self-doubt. All this became a future. The only way I knew how to fight later. This test showed that there was
major weight on my shoulders. back was to learn how to walk and run cerebral blockage right after the stroke but
If all this was not enough, I suffered my again. I learned that I could not give up 24 hours later was back to normal. This
third stroke in January 1984. This stroke and let what ever this deseise was take was a major break through.
affected my right side even more than the control of my life. The emotional problems To Be Continued


Avoid businesses who are anti-medical cannabis
The following companies are, in one way or
another, anti-medical cannabis. Which is a nice
way of saying they discriminate.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Pioneer Hills Liquor
Burke & Riley’s Irish Pub The Pizza Parlor
Carvers Ski, Board, Sport The Irish Cottage & Gift Shop
Denver Athletic
DEX Yellow Pages The North Face
Eldora Special Recreation Program Trappers Chop House
Elevations Credit Union RMLE Federal Credit Union
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rocky Mountian College of Art Design
Embassy Suits Hotels Via Getaways
IP Fabrics
Jackson Shirt Company Uniquely Natural
Just Book It Online Vectra Bank
Mountain Tees Wells Fargo

Support those who support you

Ask the companies you do business with if they are medical cannabis friendly.
If a company is not, take your business elsewhere and support someone who
is supportive of you.


aving been involved in community this, it is only logical that the State would the self-defined goals. Once the care plan
healing and social justice work for define the care giver’s role to include these is established, “managing” then becomes
more than thirty years, one of the types of services. The State Department of a matter of making sure the care plan is
things I have learned is that implementing Health’s position is further reinforced by the followed, progress/outcomes are recorded,
a program for vulnerable and marginalized Colorado Appellant Court recent decision and the jury is still out as to whether it
populations within the labyrinth of federal, that “significant responsibility” must include will need to be submitted or just kept on
state and local regulations is difficult on a ancillary services – not just the provision of file. My bet is on “being kept on file” as it
good day and almost impossible the rest of medical marijuana. could be successfully argued that the need
the time – regardless of the issue. So I have to submit treatment outcomes to the State
not been surprised that stake holders in the
medical marijuana movement – patients, Defining Patient Care is a violation of the patient’s civil as well as
nationally recognized patient rights.
physicians, care givers, law enforcement, Currently there is nothing in the Colorado
district attorneys, elected officials, et al. – Department of Health Regulations that
are struggling to implement ARTICLE XVIII, requires a legal medical marijuana care
Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution giver to conduct, keep or submit any type
(Amendment 20) in an effective way when it of assessment or develop any type of
comes to defining what constitutes patient care plan. However, the initial legislative
care. proposal drafted by Romer (while distinctly
In my experience, turning law into different from the proposed SB 109 which
program begins with an examination of the passed in Committee) and the proposed
law itself. ARTICLE XVIII, Section 14 of the bill being floated around by the Country
Colorado Constitution, paragraph (f ) states Sheriff’s Association includes or infers the
that "Primary care-giver" means a person, inclusion and submission of a patient care
other than the patient and the patient's plan. My guess is that regardless of what
physician, who is eighteen years of age or the final regulations end up looking like
older and has significant responsibility for the need for a care plan is the minimum
managing the well-being of a patient who standard that will be required to meet the
has a debilitating medical condition. The by Rev. Julieann Mercer test of “managing the wellbeing” to remain
challenge is when these words are put into So, if you want to become a credible and in compliance/legal regardless of who is
action, especially if you are trying to build legal medical marijuana care giver does responsible for preparing it.
a successful, LEGAL care giver practice that mean that you have to run out and Specifically, Senator Romer’s initial bill
(regardless of the size). become a nurse or social worker or be stated “A PRIMARY CAREGIVER SHALL FILE A
The Colorado DEPARTMENT OF the sole provider of all of your patients PATIENT PLAN WITH THE DEPARTMENT FOR
RULES governing the Colorado Medical nope. That’s where the second set of words OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA RECOMMENDED
Marijuana Program states that “Significant come in – “managing the well-being”. The AND THE OTHER SERVICES RECOMMENDED
responsibility for managing the well-being Colorado Supreme Court has interpreted OR PROVIDED BY THE PRIMARY CAREGIVER,
of a patient” means assisting a patient with "manage" to mean "to direct, control, AND RECORDS OF EACH TRANSACTION
daily activities, including but not limited govern, administer, oversee." Trozzo v. WITH THE PATIENT.” [Just a side note, I’d
to transportation or housekeeping or People, 51 Colo. 323, 334, 117 P. 150, 154 much rather see the word encounter as
meal preparation or shopping or making (1911) (quoting Commonwealth v. Johnson, opposed to transaction as it would be more
any necessary arrangement for access to 22 A. 703, 704 (Pa. 1891)). And how does consistent with the medical context. Also
medical care or services or provision of a Care Giver go about “managing” their while Romer’s current proposed SB 109
medical marijuana.” The key things to notice patients’ well-being as a care giver? It begins addresses the issue of “bona fide patient
in this rule is that: a) the list of services to with understanding who your patient is in a physician relationship” yet doesn’t address
be provided uses the word “or” not “and”; formal, systematic way that is recorded or in the “significant responsibility” or role of the
also it, 2) uses the phrase “including but other words conduct an assessment. care giver at all.]
not limited to” which means that the list of This assessment becomes the foundation The proposed legislation being circulated
services are examples, not an exhaustive list of a care plan which includes the various by the County Sheriffs Association leaves it
of things you MUST provide. services that are needed by the patient, up to the Department of Health to define
What the list alludes to is what those what services you as the Care Giver can “what constitutes “significant responsibility
in the health care field call “activities of and will provide, who you referred the for managing the well-being of a patient”;
daily living” or ADLs – things we each patient to for whatever else is needed, and except that the act of supplying medical
need to do in order to fully participate in the end goal or result that will be achieved marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, by
life. Legal medical marijuana patients by by the patient as a result of the care plan. itself, is insufficient to constitute “ significant
definition have debilitating illnesses which This care plan can be - and in fact should responsibility for managing the well-being
is generally understood to mean an illness be - patient-directed with the support of of a patient”. Since the State Department of
or injury that limits in some measurable the Care Giver in writing it up, finding – Health is already using the word “assisting”
way the individual’s ability to conduct NOT PROVIDING - the resources needed to implying the Care Giver is doing the work
“activities of daily living” without some execute the plan, and acting as a support (however in all likelihood the State will
form of treatment, support or care. Given person or coach to help the patient achieve be forced to change to “managing” given
Continued on next page
lot of vertical and horizontal space. doesn’t require the same lofty

TIME TO As your plants grow taller, they will

start spreading out and before you
know it, they will be large bushes.
standards as our flowering room.
In fact, you can grow a Mother
Plant just about anywhere you

GROW by Dana May

That’s all well and fine you say?
Possibly, but remember you will
need to have access to all of the
can hang a light. Setting aside a
portion of your Vegging room will
work just fine for Moms. One thing
plants as the grow cycle proceeds. to remember is, while Vegging,
If you’re growing in dirt, you’ll plants are going to be smaller than
need to water and prune, checking while Flowering. If you have two
for insects and other potential separate rooms, set aside a portion
problems. A grow room with a small for a mother plant or two.
door on one side will very quickly 4. Clones can be grown almost
be overtaken by the plants we’re anywhere; a table in a bedroom
As promised, this installment feeling lost and/or overwhelmed, growing. Hydroponic growers will corner will work. Four square feet
will deal with grow room design. relax, it doesn’t have to be that hard. need to do maintenance from time is enough room to start hundreds
Because of the importance, we’ll There are some basics you’ll need to time. If our plants are crowded, of clones. Flowering has one major
cover it in two issues. This will give to understand when designing the light needed for the lower difference from your other rooms.
you time to think about the issues your grow room. If you have those portion of the plant will never IT ABSOLUTELY MUST BE LIGHT
that you’ll face. covered, you’ll be just fine. make it to the bottom and bud TIGHT. Other than that, all things
production will suffer dramatically. remain the same.
Let’s face it, every one of us will Every one of your rooms will be You will thank yourself many times
be building a completely different different and it simply isn’t possible for allowing yourself the room to 5. Think about how many rooms
room, so we are going to get back to describe every situation that move and breathe. you’ll need, and how to make
to basics and discuss what the might arise. We will discuss the at least one ABSOLUTELY LIGHT
“Must Haves” are. When you sit major concerns that are likely 2. Are you going to be Vegging and TIGHT. Seal all the rooms with good
down to design your room, extra to arise. Do you homework, ask Flowering at the same time? If so, epoxy-type white paint. Make
time spent on details will pay other growers or email me about you’ll need two separate rooms. We sure each seam is caulked; we
huge returns over the life of your problem areas. have two completely different light don’t want moisture to creep into
growing career. Your final design cycles for Vegging and Flowering, tiny cracks. I once paid $10,000 to
Let’s consider our major concerns therefore we need two rooms and
will determine how much work you when deciding where and how we have black mold removed from my
will need to invest on a daily basis, twice the equipment. home. A couple dollars of epoxy
will build our indoor grow area.
the size of your yields, how much 3. Unless you plan on buying clones would have prevented it all.
money you’ll spend, security and 1. How big is your grow going to each time you start a new grow,
countless other things. be? Keep in mind, if you are going Until next time, when we’ll talk
you’ll need an area to maintain a about electrical, ventilation, water,
to grow large plants like we used to, “Mother Plant.” Fortunately, this
If you are new to growing and are (old school) you’re going to need a drainage and security, Think Green!

D efining Patient Care

Continued from page 22... the Colorado
Appellant Court’s recent ruling) what you
end up with is the need to develop and
manage a care plan for each patient that
goes beyond the provision of medical
marijuana alone to remain in compliance as
a legal medical marijuana care giver.
While some Care Givers may see the
impending requirements related to
“managing the wellbeing” of the patient
as an insurmountable barrier for their care
business, in truth it is a key factor in CLEARLY By: Cody May
distinguishing a medical marijuana care
giver from a sales clerk and legitimizes the
Care Giver profession. More importantly,
it assures patients, who again BY LEGAL
DEFINITION are vulnerable individuals with
Think about
debilitating conditions, receive the level of
professional health/wellness oriented care
and support they need and deserve. It is also I f you can not get
something that a care giver can contract out ‘high’ from smoking
(given you are managing not doing) with a
H emp, why has it
credible direct service provider or learn with
been banned to farm
And, after all – the whole point of the in the United States
“medical marijuana” movement is about the of A merica?
wellbeing of our patients - right?


e would like to introduce you to our new feature; Trident: The Three
Strains. Every issue, we will feature 3 different strains and their lab
results. Testing provides valuable information about your medicine.

By looking at the percentages of THC, CBN and CBD both as a portion of the
whole and relative to each other, we can get a better idea of which strain will work
best for our conditions as we are shopping for our medicine. We can also see the
differences in the cannabinoid profiles of older vs. modern strains. Breeding for
high THC content has resulted in significantly decreased levels of CBN and CBD.

The moisture content tells us a bit about the curing process. A moisture content
that is less than our average relative humidity usually means that the drying process
was accelerated with an oven or dehydrator. Patients seem the most satisfied when
their medicine is between 7 and 15% moisture content. The non-scientific way to
test your curing process is to smoke it. The taste and feel of the smoke will give you
a better idea of the cure stage. If the ash in the bowl is grey/white then it is on the

better side of the cure, if it is black then the bud is too wet.

Testing also helps medicine makers. Cannabinoid profiles can be manipulated in

order to tailor medication to specific symptoms. THC acid is not readily available
to the body when ingesting. It must be decarboxylated, or changed to THC
active where a carboxyl group (-COOH) is split off from a compound as carbon
dioxide (CO2), before it can be assimilated into the body. With testing we can see
if our medicines have been decarboxylated. This pertains more to edibles and oral
preparations than smokeable buds.

Medicinal Gardens: Blueberry Medicinal Gardens: Maui Wowie

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303-335-0227 | 303-335-0227 |

Medical Cannabis Botanical Test Results Medical Cannabis Botanical Test Results
Reported On 12/28/2009 Reported On 12/28/2009
Valid Until 1/11/2010 Valid Until 1/11/2010
Client Information Client Information
       
       
         

Sample Information Sample Information

     
     
       

Test Results Valid Until 1/11/2010 Test Results Valid Until 1/11/2010
   
   
     
           
       
           
       

   

     
           
       
           
   

 
 
 

 

 

 
 


T his story begins when I woke up
in the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit
of my town’s local hospital. After
medication mandatory, but has
allowed Cannabis to aide me through
my other challenges, due to the
realizing where I was, I knew my life positive results she has seen with my
was going to be different, although attitude towards life and a future.
I was uncertain how different. I had My personal medication
fallen from a ledge the night before, known as “SnowDawg” is a beautiful
leaving me lying in this hospital bed sativa-indica cross of “Snow” (I) and
suffering from a severe traumatic Bubblechem (S). Bubblechem is
brain injury. (TBI) To be exact, I had a result from Bubbleberry and the
intracerebral contusions within my Chem/Dawg family. Bubbleberry
right anterior lobe, blood in deep results from the predominantly sativa
portions of my frontal lobe, and lastly strain Bubblegum, and indica strain
a small punctuate contusion to my Blueberry. This beautiful plant to my
right parietal lobe. These areas of the knowledge is a “clone only” available
brain typically help a person deal with strain, thus making it a bit more rare
thought, reason, behavior, emotion and exotic. The taste is similar to
and memory. To be honest, I was a the “fuel” diesel smell, as well as the
mess! I wasn’t expected to make it winter/pine green of the OG Kush.
The Three Strains through the day with the amount of
hemorrhaging I had in my brain.
Flowering time ranges between 60
and 70 days, averaging around 2-3
My symptoms ranged ounces a plant, given a vegetative
from loss of balance and vertigo cycle of 3-4 weeks. This strain would
to photosensitivity, causing mind- be excellent for “Sea-of-Green”,
splitting migraines. I stopped producing massive single colas, if

High Hopes: Snow Dawg

3535 Larimer St | Denver, CO 80205
303-335-0227 |

Medical Cannabis Botanical Test Results

Reported On 1/22/2010
Valid Until 2/23/2010
Client Information
   
  drinking alcohol, due to it’s toxic trimmed properly. However, she also
  effects on brain tissue, and began likes to be topped and allowed to
Sample Information a period of recovery. My brain grow tall and bushy!
  
had begun to heal, but due to the The soil I use is a two-part
  
    damage to the brain tissue, I began to mixture of Foxfarm’s “Ocean Forest”
Test Results Valid Until 2/23/2010 have seizures. I was then put onto “Bi- and “Light Warrior” blends. As for
  Polar” medication such as Lamictal, my nutrients, I use Botanicare “Pure
  to control my mood irregularities. I Blend Pro’ line with some of their
  
     
was given another medication called optimal additives such as: Liquid
    Zoloft, as well as Vicodin for my Karma and Sweet. I use additional
     
migraines. At one point I was taking CO2 supplementation and generally
   
three to four medications at a time, stick to a nutrient feeding regiment
 
  
swallowing 8 to 9 pills a day. It was every third watering. I begin my flush
      awful! around day 40 with distilled water. I
    That’s when I first realized then flush my 3 gallon soil containers
     
 
how the effects of the “Forbidden- with about 10 gallons of water, each
Plant’ helped me and this new person of the last several feedings. I allow
 I had become, due to the TBI. Whether a drying time of 7-10 days, generally
you view Cannabis as recreational, jarring the flower once the stems
medicinal, or therapeutic: the values begin to snap. I jar cure the flowers
it has brought to my life are what for 3-4 weeks, opening them several
gets me through my daily tasks and times a day to allow the excess
activities. moisture to escape. Once this process

I am currently down to sis finished, I may sit back and thank

taking one medication a day for this beautiful plant for providing me
seizures. Cannabis has been able with flowers of such great personal
to fill the place of the “Bi-Polar” therapeutic and medicinal values.
medication, as well as the opiate-
related medications such as: Vicodin -High Hopes-
and Percoset for my migraines.
My doctor has made the seizure


O Sisyphus
ver the past two months I is money.
have had the good fortune to The odds are in your favor if you
meet with Lauren Davis from have an exacting business plan put
Robert Corry’s office about opening together before contacting an agent
our own grow (production facility) Pushing the Boulder Up Hill or Lessor. Having a good business
and dispensary. From that point on, it by Charles Perry plan will give you validity and
has been a roller coaster dealing with help to educate the agent and the
municipalities, moratoriums, council potential Lessor. The saying “verbal
members, planning and zoning, agreements and statements
town managers and compliance are worth about as much as
departments finding properties that are the paper they are written on”
approved for the usage of producing applies in commercial real
and/or selling medical marijuana. Even estate. When a potential client
harder is finding Lessors (Landlords) calls and states: “I am looking
that are willing to go forward on a to open a production facility
lease or lease purchase for production and a dispensary, can you
facilities and dispensaries. It has been help?” This doesn’t give me
an uphill battle with an array of varied the information I need to
complexities. The purpose of this article know if they are a good risk.
is to help you, the prospective lessee, What I want to hear is: who
gain some insight into the world of you are, that you are an
commercial real estate and the current incorporated business entity,
market, giving you the tools needed to your locality of interest, that
improve your chances of getting into you have a comprehensive
a leasehold agreement. business plan and
professional support from

Y ou need to be the
an attorney, accountant
and insurance, and
that you can present
this information to
Many of the people who me professionally
have contacted me hoping with documented
to open a dispensary or legislation supporting
production facility are ill your business plan in

prepared and frankly are ommercial Real Estate Agents a binder. This helps
not willing to take the time to “help me, me help you broker an agreement
help them”. This is not a great start for with a Lessor.
a working relationship in an industry Through my journey into the business of
that already presents a substantial
uphill battle for agents, given the slim
chance of collecting a commission.
medical marijuana, I have discovered that
a fair number of commercial real estate T he business plan

agents are opposed to working with

People are not trying to open a Dairy clients. Many agents scorn the thought The statement above covers most
Queen, but a highly controversial of working with what they believe of the due diligence you need to
usage that is getting bad press. Talking are financially unqualified drug users. complete. The business plan should
with other agents as well as Lessors, Others, even if they were willing to take consist of three parts; the first
Lessors (owners) are not lining up on a client, do not know where to start part being the introduction. The
with pen in hand, waiting for Lessee’s deciphering and keeping up with the introduction states who and what you
(renters) to show up to open a federally rapidly changing rules and regulations are (LLC, Partners, Investors etc), your
illegal operation in their building; and on local and state levels. They also do not qualifications or experience (if any),
that is exactly what you are asking understand the income potential that and your intention going forward. The
the Lessor to allow on his premises. this industry offers. I have found that Lessor and your agent will want to see
The odds are not in your favor, and putting together a successful deal in our a well thought out plan, for you need
many prospective Lessee’s will be current real estate market and political to convince that Lessor that “risk” is
unable to secure one of the limited climate, is getting harder and harder, and low and the “return” is guaranteed.
spaces because the municipalities are is going to get tougher. The second part is to create a financial
tightening the noose on this usage. It Many agents do not want to spend their analysis of the business covering
is your job to shift those odds by being time and energy qualifying properties startup costs and at least one year’s
prepared and completing the proper and educating Lessors, only to end up projected profits and losses. I do
due diligence (homework) before not collecting a commission. Remember clients’ business plans using Excel for
contacting an agent or approaching a that agents don’t get paid until the deal it is easy to add, delete and sum items
potential landlord. closes, so we must be careful how we towards start up costs, operating
spend our time, for time in my industry Continued on next page


costs, and yearly profit and loss flow to a neighborhood near them, and The effects of cannabis are complex
chart. The third part is to have done it’s coming today; time to pull the here is one example of what someone
your legal due diligence. You need children into the house and get them may want to consider.
to become acquainted with anyone off the streets. Stories of alien mold A medical user looking for something
who is making decisions on a local consuming premises, as well as dogs with sleep inducing properties might
level towards your usage. You can and cats abound, hordes of gangs want to produce a crop that has high
find planning and zoning on most brandishing guns and breaking into levels of CBD.
city websites. Get to know the planner facilities, although unfounded, persist A medical user looking for something
on a first name basis! Personally I for “perception trumps reality most
energetic, maybe for the daytime, will
lay it on thick with them. They have every time”. It seems that there is a
want to use a strain that has higher
a government job that is about as common thread when it comes to the
levels of THC.
exciting as CSPAN and not much masses. All truth passes through three
better than a postal worker with an phases; first change is ridiculed, and
NRA sticker on their car. So an extra then violently opposed, than generally
“thank you”, “how is your day going”, accepted as being self evident. Having
“Technically, every dispensary in the state is in blatant
“are you having a good new year?” a professional looking business plan
violation of federal law,” quoted by The Denver Post.
in most cases can go a long way to that you can leave or send to a Lessor
“The time is coming when we go into a dispensary, we
separate you from the hundreds of could make the difference between
find out what their profit is, we seize the building and
mundane calls they take everyday and signing a lease or moving on to the
we arrest everybody. They’re violating federal law;
has helped me obtain the information next property.
they’re at risk of arrest and imprisonment.”
I needed. Gather any and all city The more the Lessor, and your Realtor,
council meeting minutes and legal knows about your business the
renderings. I would also include the greater chance that they will be at Denver DEA Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Sweetin
memorandum handed down by the ease moving forward. It’s not about
Department of Justice, Amendment what you want, it’s about what the OUTLAW:
20 and pending legislation. The more Lessor wants and what will make him Adj. 1. outlaw "an
you can show that you know what is or her comfortable with you! Lessors illegitimate seizure of
going on politically and legally, the know what a Dairy Queen is; they don’t power"
greater the chance to subside any know what a dispensary or production
perceived “risk” on the Lessors part. facility is or the legal ramifications He refuses to recognize the statement, made by President
Read and know the ramifications of attached to them. Although your Obama and then made by Attorney General Eric Holder,
these documents. I have worked with intentions may be “helping people declaring to the Department of Justice that patients,
Lessors and their agents, who have with their illnesses” the landlord won’t caregivers and medical Cannabis clubs, as long as they
actually read these documents and care if you are Mother Theresa if he or followed state law, would be okay.
have come back to me with questions. she believes that you cannot pay the He then states, almost in a Freudian way, that they are
If this happens, you need to know rent. losing revenue from the legalization of Medical Cannabis.
the answers right off. The better you Who do you think keeps all of the seized assets...?
can articulate your business plan the On a Personal Note:
The DEA is violating the will of the voters of The State of
greater chance the Lessor will perceive Colorado and The Colorado Constitution Article XVIII § 14.
you as a well healed business person. “Perception is imperative”. When
If you are not confident putting a looking for a property, you are working
business plan together, it would in the business world. The saying
be wise to find financial planner, a “When in Rome, do as the Romans
commercial agent who has the CCIM do” fits like a glove. Remember, “it Terpenes are major biosynthetic
(Certified Commercial Investment is not what you want; it is what the building blocks within nearly every
Manger) or contact the SBA (Small landlord wants”. He or she is the gate living creature.
Business Administration) for help. keeper and literally holds the keys to
They are the primary constituents
the door until you have an executed

L lease. He or she is looking at you as of the essential oils of many types of

essors (Landlords –
property owners) someone who is part of his or her plants and flowers. Essential oils are
livelihood; he or she is the person who used widely as natural flavor additives
Lessors read articles like the one on is going to have to field complaints for food, as fragrances in perfumery,
the front page of the Denver Post on if things get out of hand or if other and in traditional and alternative
Sunday January 3rd claiming that retailers complain about the usage.
medicines such as aromatherapy.
“Denver likely has more medical I personally avoid using words like
marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks marijuana, grow room and smoking. Synthetic variations and derivatives of
shops, schools or liquor retailers” Instead I use medication, production natural terpenes and terpenoids also
dubbing Denver as “America’s facility, medicating patients. Look greatly expand the variety of aromas
Cannabis Capital”. This article was the part, wear a suit and tie, smile, used in perfumery and flavors used in
about as effective as Orson Wells’ War be cordial, and most of all do your
food additives. Vitamin A is an example
of the Worlds at scaring Lessors into homework before contacting an
agent or property owner. of a terpene.
believing the next plague is coming


MEDICAL cannabis IS LEGAL, produce more than two ounces, so it is
impossible to follow the guidelines.
In Jason’s case, he had the previous diagnosis
By Robert J. Corry, Jr., Attorney at Law
and physician’s advice, and the prosecution
had no evidence that Jason possessed
more than was medically necessary. In
My client Jason Lauve, wheelchair-bound medical condition; (2) the patient is advised
every criminal case, the prosecution has the
after a reckless snowboarder broke Jason’s by a physician (advice which need not
burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
back at Eldora, possessed two pounds of be “previous”) that marijuana might be
Boulder County voters, suffering from a
marijuana in his Boulder County home. beneficial to address that condition; and (3)
bad economy, will not long tolerate taking
The District Attorney charged Jason with in possession of such amounts of marijuana
police off the streets to pursue many more
two felony criminal offenses. On August necessary to address the debilitating
of these medical marijuana prosecutions,
6, 2009, after a four-day trial brought by a medical condition. The State-issued Medical
so the acquittal may stand as precedent
team of top-notch felony-level prosecutors, Marijuana Registry card is optional.
a jury found Jason “not guilty.” He rolled out The third prong generates the controversy.
The jury foreman stated that Jason could
of the courthouse with his two pounds of The Constitution contains non-binding
have legally possessed “a ton” of medical
marijuana, his year-long Kafkaesque legal guideline amounts of six plants, three of
marijuana. In light of the new District
nightmare over. It smelled like victory. which are flowering, and two ounces of
Attorney’s policy of increasing jury trials to
In 2000, Colorado voters legalized marijuana useable medical marijuana per patient, but
discern “community standards,” in Boulder
for medical use, enshrining protections provides for greater amounts if medically
County possession of medically necessary
in the Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII necessary. Even a novice marijuana grower
amounts of medical marijuana is legal,
section 14. A patient and/or caregiver must knows that the plants vs. ounce guidelines
absent any specific evidence that the
meet three requirements: (1) the patient was are internally inconsistent with each other;
amount is excessive.
previously diagnosed with a debilitating i.e., three flowering plants will nearly always

My name is Reginaldo Archuleta; I am a I saw major results. I was finally able to bad people. We are simply trying to
41 year old Colorado resident struggling get out of my wheelchair and take a few save our bodies from the harm of
with multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed steps. I am not fully mobile, but I am pharmaceuticals. This drug is natural
in 2002; at that point I realized I would now, more then ever, capable of taking and will do the least harm to our
be on heavy narcotics for the rest of my care of myself. These edibles have helped already aching bodies. We the people of
life. When my MS was at its worst I was me with my pain and have allowed me Colorado need to unite to educate and
taking 13 different medications. I have to bond in new ways with my children vote.
been told that MS is not hereditary, yet that were nearly impossible prior to There are people all over the country
I have an aunt who lived with it for 37 using medical cannabis. I am thankful who suffer as I do, this is the time for a
years and 2 other family members who the government has allowed me to movement. We need to stand up and
are currently living with it. I turned to grow cannabis, due to my condition I take action, through uniting to promote
alternative medicines because my family cannot work and struggle to afford my and educate the public. The unknown is
and I were suffering because of the side MEDICATION. Just like a diabetic needs always scary, skeptics will never be gone,
effects. insulin, medical cannabis is helping me but we need to do our best to help the
I constantly felt sedated and lost; to cope with my disability. uneducated see the benefits.
this affected my relationship with my I urge medical cannabis users to take If any people suffering from MS or
children and others. My first experience a stand and educate the community similar problems need information
with medical cannabis was with the on the benefits of this MEDICATION. please contact me at:
Marinol pill, I didn’t like the way it made Cannabis’ effects on the body are
me feel. I attempted to smoke it and it minimal in comparison to other
helped, but I truly feel the edibles are drugs used to ease pain. The people Sincerely,
best for me. When I started using edibles of Colorado using cannabis are not Reggie Archuleta


Able bodied people Vs. Disabled people
Colorado’s Constitutional Amendment 20 protects our Civil Rights to are dispensaries, because of the fact that a person needs a card from
medical Cannabis. We DO NOT have to support unjust Bills that are the Colorado Health Department to receive entry and a visit with a
being rammed through the government. About us; without us? This caregiver.
makes no sense. An older woman testified that Cannabis killed her child, but didn’t
This FAST TRACKING of the Cannabis Bills is already harming patients. say how. Why didn’t the Senators at the hearing ask her
Even the Senators admit that they know very little about for more information to back up such egregious
what they are doing with the medical Cannabis legislation. allegations?
I was shocked; the Senators Dr. Cologne testified and revealed that he

A Royal Flush!
prompted all the proponents knows nothing about the efficacy of

of SB109 to speak up ahead of medical Cannabis. People spoke

everyone else. As opponents of evils to our children. Well

EN - S A
of SB109, we arrived 1 hour logically if the dispensaries
Why trade for a pair...

before the speaker sign-up have medical Cannabis

sheet was available. The inside them, there is less
1st 3 speaker sheets were Cannabis on the streets.
opponents, yet we spoke last. In fact, data from the
I knew our system was Substance Abuse and
messed up, but this M
cB Mental Health Services
is blatant disrespect N
A MO T F d
Administration (SAMHSA) and
and manipulation. The EN O R u v e the National Household Surveys
unanimous vote in favor EN - S A s o n on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) suggests
of this Bill shows complete T 2 LE
k: the overall recreational marijuana use
t w
and utter disregard for the Ar by teenagers has gone DOWN in the States

people’s will in the State of Colorado. that have legalized medical Cannabis use. An
Law enforcement spoke of ads that ‘guarantee’ a medical even deeper issue is to educate our children to
Cannabis recommendation and the what ifs of crime that could, but understand that medical Cannabis is a medicine that
hasn’t happened. Why is Law Enforcement making Laws? What is Law can help people to live, will be around forever, and requires
Enforcement (To serve and protect, right?) doing speaking against a license to obtain.
legitimate medical patients anyway? Their mothers, fathers, siblings, Finally after over 7 hours of hoopla, the people in opposition were
other family and friends are people who can, and are benefitting given the opportunity to speak about the Bill. Many patients were
from using medical Cannabis. I believe there are also people in law unable to stay that length of time without access to food or medicine,
enforcement that are using medical Cannabis. and so our initial 3 pages of speakers dwindled considerably. I was
Adver tisements promising outraged to witness Committee
recommendations are kin to the “Our biggest weapon is our refusal.” Members wandering, sending text
messages, talking amongst themselves
mass solicitations from credit card
companies guaranteeing credit approval. I get ads in the mail that and eating pizza during opposing testimony.
“guarantee” a credit card, but I am always refused due to my credit. We do not have to support Bills that harm us as Patients. Amendment
Statistics can always be manipulated to benefit the person using them. 20 is our Royal Flush. In poker, if you have a royal flush, you have the
I understand that crime has actually receded in areas where there top hand. Why trade for a pair?

Cannabis is safe and

has many medical uses. In
addition, it can supplement
the use of timber, petroleum,
minerals that are mined from
the earth, and thousands of
other things, but we are talking
about medicine. Please be
considerate of others, they
may not now what you know.
Be gentile with your education,
we want people to hear to us.


Is It A Convenience Store, Or For Patient Convenience?
by Shaun Gindi

wanted to express to you and those working A simple fix here is to make sure that the
to create legislation how important it is dispensary isn’t directly making money from the
for many of our patients to be able to visit doctors’ visit. As proposed, the doctor shouldn’t
the physician as well as have access to the have an ownership stake in the dispensary and
dispensary within the same location. We, as a the dispensary. By separating the doctor and
company, recognize that there is a potential dispensary from being under one roof, nothing
conflict-of-interest that can be perceived will be accomplished short of creating another
by those on the visit to another place
outside by doctors to take care of what
recommending is already a good
M e d i c a l system, despite
Cannabis when the bad press
it appears that and reputation
the dispensary that is out there.
is paying the The cost to the
Custom Security Systems
doctor. Our patient is actually for Unique Security Needs
model holds a less when a
holistic doctor, doctor is able to
homeopath, lease an office
acupuncturist, from a dispensary
and massage and not have the
therapists within expenses associated
our premises as well as has a physician that with their own office (which would happen to
leases space twice a week. I cannot currently incentivize a doctor to write recommendations).
find the conflict of interest when the doctor is We have created a very convenient and
very respectable and responsible about how professional one-stop shop for a patient to
he handles his recommendations. I understand handle their needs. By taking the physician
where it can be perceived that this system would out of the wellness center, we further take
appear to leave the physician in a place where away the patients’ ability to have a well-
he benefits from giving recommendations; rounded treatment program where the doctor,
however, with the complete separation of the homeopath, acupuncturist/massage therapist,
business where he has no benefit either way, and caregiver can all discuss the ‘plan-of-
separating the doctor form the dispensary attack’ on how to treat a patient and ideally
would do nothing but make it extremely cure them of what it is that they are dealing
inconvenient and even hard for many disabled with. Separating the doctor and the dispensary
patients to have to travel to a doctor’s office creates a disadvantage for the patient – I don’t
when they can have the discretion and comfort see any positive result by doing this.
of taking care of everything at one location. Medical Cannabis has proven to be an
The goal of separating the physician from the extremely effective medicine for dozens of
dispensary seems like it is to insure that patients conditions. As we all know, studies have proven
are getting legitimate registry cards and also to be one of the safest and strongest drugs
keeping the incentive of the doctor to write – it would be irresponsible to make it harder
recommendations from happening. As we (which despite what the press has painted
run our operation (and a few others as I meet of the industry, it isn’t very easy to get a card)
others in the business), the doctor has said no for the patient’s right to a healthier and more
to a few patients and we never guarantee – and comfortable quality of life.
have no remorse – for a patient that comes to I welcome anyone that would like to visit
try to get a recommendation when they don’t my center on a ‘doctor day’ to see truly how
qualify. The checks and balances in this part of business operates with their own eyes – we
the system aren’t going to happen by creating have a physician in on Monday and Wednesday
an inconvenient situation for the patient – it is in afternoons (tomorrow is quick, but all are
regulating the doctors that are recommending welcome). It’s very important that anyone
Medical Cannabis as an alternative; and the involved in regulating the industry spend some
only way to handle that is the same system that quality time witnessing the operation, not just
exists with other drugs (which happen to be stopping by to walk through and just take a
much more potent and dangerous). In the spirit look.
of the Amendment, we should all be looking at
this from the patient’s perspective, not from the Compassionate Pain Management, LLC
dispensary or law enforcement. 1116-7 W Dillon Road
Louisville, CO 80027


Supporting Those Who Support Us

The Educated Patient By Heather Luttrell CCH

Do they offer a return policy? Those dispensaries
growing for themselves or purchasing medicine from
local growers will be able to personally guarantee their
We’re hearing, reading and seeing more everyday about medicine.
buying local. There are eat local movements and buy
local movements. Yes! I love seeing the return to a Do they charge sales tax? Those that do may be more
Village mentality, while keeping the aspects of modern likely to be in business long-term. The government
living that nourish us. I joined a CSA last year, and made will only protect our right to give them our money if we
efforts to buy more of my meats from local ranchers who
respect their animals. It’s a natural extension for me to
actually give them our money!
apply the same principles as I choose which dispensaries How is their pricing structure? As top of the line doesn’t
to support.
have to be significantly more expensive, I avoid the most
I want to be an educated patient. There are so expensive, but am also wary of the cheapest. Quality
many variables in this emerging industry, and sometimes
can be had for a fair price, and you often get what you
it can be difficult to know who to support. What do we
need to know to choose a dispensary that supports
pay for. The cheapest is cheap for a reason.
patients and supports Colorado’s economy? Some
Do they have or contribute to an indigent program?
things you can observe for yourself, but some
things need to be asked directly. Does their business support any charities or not-for-
Are they offering quality medicine? (intact trichomes, Are the dispensary owners politically active?
no brown, smells pungent, not like hay, not too wet or
too dry, and NOT squashed like it came from a brick) Are the owners and employees patients?
Is the caregiver or budtender compassionate and Why did they start a dispensary?
educated, handling your medicine respectfully? Where do they see their business in 5 years? Is there a
Where did the medicine come from? Is it from your same plan to still be here helping patients, or are they making
county? Same state? If the medicine isn’t from Colorado, as much as they can before they get shut down?
why did the dispensary choose to buy medicine from out
of state?
I like supporting my friends and neighbors. I
Was the medicine grown indoors, outdoors or in a like knowing that by shopping in my town,
greenhouse? Is it organic? Was it grown hydroponically those sales tax dollars will fund programs that
or in soil? benefit me directly. I am so grateful that we have
the freedom as patients to shop around and find
Do the labels on their edibles have the same information businesses that support us.
as food you buy in the store? (nutrition content, complete
Colorado’s political situation, with pending legislation
list of ingredients, net weight, contact information, written and influenced by politicians and law
allergen warnings?) enforcement outside of our MMJ community, is at a
pivotal place. Only by being involved, and/or supporting
Do their tinctures, glycerites, butters and oils have FDA those who are involved, can we make a difference. Our
compliant labeling? (correct terminology, complete money is always our most effective vote. Out of state
ingredient list, volume, contact information?) owned companies take the profits we have helped them
generate out of state, while locally owned companies
Do they offer any holistic services? keep their money right here in our communities.

You know how pets resemble their owners? This owner must be a pot head.


Brittanys Buds
Britt, if I have a caregiver can I still grow medicine for
Yes, as long as what you and your caregiver have does not exceed the
amount medically necessary for your condition. Jason likes to grow his
own plants, but can’t do all the work so he can have a caregiver to help
him out. It is important to communicate with your caregiver, so you
both know who is growing what. You can divide the allowed plants
between you, to insure against a crop failure.

Britt, what is the main difference between Indica and

Sativas originally come to us from the tropics, and take longer to finish
their growth cycle than Indicas. Their effects are often categorized as
uplifting and energetic. The effects of a Sativa are almost cerebral, and
they are a good choice for daytime smoking. Indicas come to us from
North of the Equator, and tend to finish their bloom cycle in 50-60 days.
An Indica’s effects are known for relaxation, stress relief, and for an
Britt, I am really interested in getting my medical MJ overall sense of calm and serenity. A pure Indica strain is very potent
card. How would I go about that? in THC, and will cause everything to slow down a bit. Indicas are often
chosen as a late evening medication for long lasting pain relief and
If you have Chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, sleep.
Glaucoma or Unintentional weight loss, you may qualify in the state of
Colorado for your medical marijuana card. You can go to the following Britt I’m curious, how much medication am I allowed to
website have?
Luckily as a patient you can carry two ounces of medicine at any time. You aren’t limited to 1 strain of medication, it’s the combined weight
and print out the medical marijuana form. Bring the forms to your that matters to the government. That’s nice for those of us who’ve
appointment and ask your primary physician if they will make a found a combination of edibles and smokeables works best for us.
recommendation. Remember, the sooner you get your paperwork and Remember when driving always keep it locked in a secure location like
$90 application fee to the medical marijuana registry the sooner you a trunk, and always keep your paperwork with you.
will get your license!
Britt, I am using soil for my next harvest. Do you have
Britt, How do I choose a dispensary after getting my any tips?
medical marijuana license? When growing in Soil, you can usually start flushing (by running clear
I believe the best way to find a good dispensary is by word of mouth water through the soil to rinse out the un-used nutrients) 2 weeks prior
referrals. If you’re fortunate enough to know other patients, ask them to harvest. Flushing is a vital step to growing top quality medicine.
where they like to go. You may also need to shop around until you Flushing ensures a smooth, clean smoke, free of fertilizer buildup.
find a dispensary you feel comfortable with, that accommodates There are products available to help flush. I like Clearex, which you can
your needs and provides quality medicine. Nothing is like Colorado pick up at your local grow store.
homegrown. 
You can now Email your questions to me:
Britt, Do I need a Caregiver?
No, but I would recommend one. Usually a caregiver is a very I would love to hear from anyone and everyone!
knowledgeable grower who produces consistently high quality meds.
Some caregivers offer additional services or have a referral network to Thank you for reading,
help you find what you need. xoxox Britt

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According to a 2007 study by scientists at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute,
a compound found in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), may stop breast cancer from spreading
throughout the body. The scientists believe their discovery may provide a non-toxic
alternative to chemotherapy while achieving the same results minus the painful and
unpleasant side effects. The research team says that CBD works by blocking the activity
of a gene called Id-1, which is believed to be responsible for a process
called metastasis, which is the aggressive spread of cancer cells away
from the original tumor site.
Dear Friends, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. thieves, but finally something your body’s inability to process
Chemotherapy will fuck you I told him I was feeling very tired was being done about it. No, sugar, a sign of diabetes . . . and
up, and in 2009 it took out my and could accomplish no more I was not depressed, but I was diabetes can be brought on as
favorite Auntie Jo, and my next than drag my sorry ass out of bed finding it hard to even pick up the an aftereffect of chemotherapy.
door neighbor, who left behind in the morning, go to work, come phone and speak, and that had The doc hooked me up with all
his shocked wife and a 13 year home and go to bed - - usually in me worried. I had not been to the right people, and although it
old daughter. I was still muddling my clothes. I was wondering if I Europe yet. My novel to be made took many months to actually
through the cretin after-effects of might get a PET Scan, which I had into a major motion picture had start getting treated for
my own treatment, and feeling heard might actually be able to not been completed. I still had said disease (surprise!
fatigued beyond tolerance, detect cancer, to which he replied stuff to do. a healthy diet and
when I finally broke down after “I don’t think the insurance The cancer doctor called me a exercise), at least I had an
a couple of years and went for company would like that.” couple of weeks later to let me answer to why I was so
a cancer checkup at the end Uhm, yes, excuse my rage here, know there was nothing unusual damn tired. Knowledge
of January. Having had two but if you don’t know this, doctors about my blood work, except is power, dear hearts.
bouts of breast cancer, replete work for insurance companies the obvious diabetes. When And then I was fired
with chemotherapy, radiation, who dictate how doctors can I informed him I did not have from my job.
several dozen body altering treat you - - even though YOU pay diabetes, he said, “Well, I don’t Okay, so I wasn’t
surgeries, and other indignities for the insurance and the doctor deal with that sort of thing, you’ll actually fired,
touted to prolong life, I think of is supposed to be looking after have to find another doctor” and but I was
myself more as a chemotherapy you! Anyway, the doctor refused hung up the phone. I figured he
survivor, than a cancer survivor. a PET scan, but diagnosed that was a crack pot, or at the very least
I am well aware of the nature of I was “depressed” and ordered was looking at someone
the oncology industry, and spent blood work. else’s chart. I did make
the majority of my time working Kind ladies and gentlemen, I an appointment to see
at a law firm so I could maintain assure you I was not depressed. my gynecologist about
health insurance, which cost Barack Obama had just been a pesky reoccurring
a staggering $1,500 a month elected President of the United yeast infection, which
before co-pays. States, thereby offering me, and was puzzling inasmuch
I was scheduled to see a new my loved ones, an opportunity for as I have not dated since
doctor, knowing that he had hope and elation not previously said aforementioned
access to my voluminous records, felt in my history of political chemotherapy and humiliating
photos, x-rays, cat scans, MRIs, concern. Yes, the country was body alterations. informed
blood work, and treatment bobbing in a pool of vomitous My OBGYN was kind enough that two of the partners were
history, as part of my unhappy swill created by the moronic, to listen to me and share with retiring and that I was to be laid
relationship with the Boulder blood sucking George W. Bush me some startling information. off at the end of September.
County monopoly known as and his band of whores and Yeast infections can be caused by Looking for a job when you


are sixty and sick, is no picnic. I had felt like I was going through a divorce.

Baba Placebo
been at the law office for eleven years Emotions abounded. Anger, denial,
and the economy was in a mind- Kubler-Ross’ steps of death. Change
staggering recession. Unemployment is tough, especially without health
was the highest in my lifetime, but I insurance. Now that you have been discarded as “beyond
was not afeared. I had fierce skills, a the help of pharmaceuticals” with your cannabis
By August, with my termination date
home office, and a raging desire to be recommendation in hand, delighting in those tasty
fast approaching, I decided to look
of service to mankind. I had a degree into starting my own business. As brownies- all of your ailments have miraculously
as a paralegal, damn it. In forty plus was suggested in one of the “how to disappeared. You are left free to follow the blissful
years, I had never been without at least choose a career” books I had perused, path of cannabis addiction to arrive at the door of
one job. I made money for people. I I gathered my colorful parachutes total insanity. Maybe, maybe not!
had value. and took a leap. My partner and I According to them, cannabis is addictive and a
I printed resumes with a jaunty picture had been growing our own organic dangerous drug worthy of imprisoning those
of myself and mailed them, and medical cannabis for several years, handling it, even chopping off the arms of growers.
e-mailed them, and posted them on job since learning that his post stroke (Such as in Indonesia and Singapore and maybe
symptoms, heart and kidney problems some Arab countries). But here in the civilized
responded well. His decades as an
Americas we put such growers into cages (of all
organic farmer and natural scientific
sorts) and insert them in a system that pipelines
mind lent themselves well to this
endeavor. money out of the national treasury through the
endless efforts of jails, courts, therapists, attorneys
They say luck happens when and doctors.
preparation meets opportunity, and
we have been lucky to be able to pay
the bills so far. We have the most All of whom are assigned to control the addictions
wonderful friends as our legal patients. they give you, wiping out addictions they create
We tend our garden with great love and you turbulently dancing to the tune not
and produce exquisite medicine for knowing how to get out of the dance.
the people who depend on us. I visit
hospice, connect with cancer patients, Since after all is said and done, your challenges
educate seniors and do my best to are to bring your body, your mind & spirit into a
keep up with the ever changing laws. non-tormenting, potentially blissful experience.
sites. I
read want Since we have become caregivers,
ads, made phone I’ve walked the neighborhood on May we suggest some placebo.
calls. I told my friends sunny days, and gone to yoga class.
and colleagues. I informed I’ve cooked organic meals and almost I, Baba Placebo, bring to your awareness the long
my clients. I networked like a completely reversed my diabetes. I underappreciated art of the placebo medicine.
mutha. And . . . and . . . and NADA. had time to put up Christmas trees,
By the end of July I had failed three made curtains and baked cookies. I
job interviews (they were looking for visited with friends and family. I was
someone younger), and a suggestion there for the homebirth of my fifth
that I go to school for medical billing grandchild. And most important . . . I
- - to which I replied “I would rather got well.
slit my wrists, lay down in the gutter We are mature caregivers.
and bleed to death.” I am not without
passion. TLC of Colorado
As the last days of worked ticked by, I P.O. Box 1923
Longmont, Colorado 80501


Flying High
© 2010 Heather Luttrell

A Labor of Love
C annabis Health News Magazine
was honored to get a behind-
the-scenes look at the lifeblood of
Marisol Therapeutics. Mike Stetler
has shown himself to be one of the
good guys, a generous caregiver
with love and respect for his
patients and his plants. He puts in
the work required to produce top-
notch medicine with respect and a
loving commitment to doing what
is best for his ladies. Mike, who has
been growing for about 30 years,
comes from a 200 year old lineage
of Native farmers who have passed
their knowledge down through the
generations. The next time you are
in Pueblo, we recommend stopping
by Marisol Therapeutics to meet his
Santa Maria or Neehi. You won’t find
these treasured strains anywhere



Who We Are Kiefair Keepsakes

How we came to be,

The government is saving a ton of money
programs required I be enrolled a certain
we give back
Before I was placed on the Colorado Medical
due to the growth in the medical cannabis amount of credit hours (beyond the abilities Cannabis Registry in June 2009, I would have
industry. So, as a patient, I decided that I may of my body) in order to keep my funding. I to visit a doctors office several times a month,
have a unique perspective on this issue and attempted an online school the next Fall to sometimes several times a week, sometimes
have decided to throw my two cents in on the the same effect. with several appointments booked the
topic. I was forced to be on government programs same day with specialists and tests, physical
I posted much of the content you will read like Social Security Disability and Social therapy, etc., and there were too many trips
here all over the internet in an effort to help Security Income (SSD/SSI) at a young age (I to the emergency room to count.
myself and others in my position. I sat in the was in middle school when I was put on SSD/ I went to the ER out of sheer desperation, I
online forums begging: SSI for the first time). Being on the program went just so I could get comfortable enough
“Is there someone, anyone out there who at a young age, I did not accumulate much to have a bit of sleep after a week or more of
hears my plea and wants to help me actually in the way of work money in my SSI account, lingering in a painful place that seemed to be
do something other than sit in online forums although I did attempt to work several times. located deep within the realm of a narcotic
and complaining about the problem and Unfortunately every time, an employer or distorted pain haze, a no-where-land that
hope someone does something” doctor would get tired of me being sick and seemed to be somewhere between life and
put a stop to it one way or another. That is death. The doctors in the emergency room
I finally decided to stop beating a dead horse and elsewhere often treated me as though I
and set up a store front to help me get the was an addict, not a pain patient, AND I WAS
funds I need for my own medicine and to MISERABLE!
donate 10% of our profits to GreenBelly Co-
op in Eldorado Springs to help others like Since I was approved for the medical
me. cannabis registry I haven’t needed near
the amount of services from the
When I began to write the essay medicaid/medicare program. In
that I posted in the online forums, I fact, I’ve had to see a doctor twice
decided that my joining the Medical since June 3, 2009 when the doctor
Cannabis Registry was my Christmas signed my forms. Once to have 14
Present to the American Taxpayer teeth pulled, made necessary by
for the year 2009. years of no dental benefits, being
First of all, I am a female under on narcotics for almost a decade,
40 with severe and debilitating and dealing with severe nausea/
Fibromyalgia, the kind that forces vomiting/malnutrition.
doctors to shake their heads and The other doctor visit and
prescribe one ineffective man made medications were for a bad cold that I
medicine on top of another while I waste caught at the dentists office. I haven’t seen a
away and my quality of life diminishes. I’ve doctor at all otherwise, although I do call my
even been told by a doctor or two that I family doctor to check in and let her know I
am one of the worst Fibromyalgia cases on am doing well.
why my monthly amounts from SSI/SSD are Before I was on the MMJ registry, I was on
My sole health insurance is provided to me so many medications (20 plus taken though
so low.
under medicare/medicaid. This is because the day) that I felt like I was taking a pill
I am completely disabled and the doctors Also did you know the government actually every 2 minutes.... Number of traditional
do not allow me to work, or even to attend Penalizes people for getting married if you prescriptions I take daily now - ZERO.
school. I assure you that this is only for the are both on disability? They treat you as
time being... I am getting stronger all the one person and give you one person’s pay! The government was paying for all those
time! For love, and for spiritual reasons I decided medications I was on through medicare/
that was a risk I would just have to step out medicaid, plus all the doctor visits to get,
I was accepted into and attended Naropa maintain, and change dosing on those
in faith and take. So, I married my love who
University for two semesters in 2007-2008 prescriptions. Some of those medications by
happened to be on disability also anyway.
in an effort to get a degree that would themselves cost the government thousands
Social security told us all on SSD/SSI with a
give me access to jobs more suited to my of dollars a month! Many could not have
straight face this year that the cost of living
bodies abilities, and was pulled out by my refills on them by law and required a doctor
had not increased so by law they could not
doctors both times. Naropa wanted me visit every time I needed more.
increase our measly monthly income
there, I wanted to be there, but government
Continued on next page


I always felt guilty about my personal burden where else to turn! Now the other side of the coin. It is no secret
on the American Taxpayers. Now I don’t have This herb is profoundly changing lives! It is that the people who own dispensaries are
to feel guilty because I have given a present healing people, body, mind, and soul. Yet its making money on patients like me too. If
to the American Taxpayer. I got on the MMJ legal users get treated as if they are using you are low income and can’t afford your
registry. Now I do not go to the mainstream it for recreation. While recreational use is “mainstream pharmacy” medicine, you can
doc unless I need antibiotics, am off all a VALID use of the plant which should be go to various organizations and they will help
prescriptions, and am well enough to manage legalized, that is not why I personally NEED you to buy your medicine, sometimes even
my site as well as volunteer with my caregiver this plant. on a regular basis if they are necessary and
at GreenBelly Coop. There I regularly trade not covered by insurance, but that doesn’t
my services in clerical/computer work either This plant allows me to eat, to sleep, to get include medical cannabis.
from home or in his office for medications out of my bed, to manage my pain enough
to have a job, to be involved with life instead If you are brave enough to speak up and
when I am strapped for cash. ask for help getting your medicine at these
of living in a nightmare world just praying for
The government is saving many thousands the end to come soon. If you happen to be a organizations, you will probably find the
of dollars a month on me alone, and yet I Fibromyalgia patient praying for the end, you door closed firmly in your face. You may also
have to struggle to obtain this money saver can be praying for a long time as this is not a find that other services from the organization
for the American taxpayer. That much cut terminal disease. become difficult or impossible to obtain as
in government spending on the part of an well. This is out and out discrimination in my
individual... I should get a freaking medal or Fibromyalgia itself may not kill you, but opinion. If your medicine is MMJ no one is
something. Now think how many individuals it can certainly make you wish for willing to help you unless you happen to be
are saving the government this money.... We death. There are near lucky enough to find a care giver who actually
all need medals or medicine at the very least! epidemic gives a care if you have medicine or not!
How many others are there like me? “So what,” you say? Well let’s look at
Meanwhile, the price of my medicine this... The high price can force a
increases as the MMJ movement grows. My person in my position to go back
family and I have been stuck having to make to buying their medicine off the
really hard decisions like, do we pawn our street where it is less expensive, but
wedding and engagement rings to get my also less potent, less safe.
medicine? Or do we pawn them and 1)You never know what has been added to
buy some food? Or do we keep the you herb to make it seem as though there is
rings for sentimental reasons, lay here more weight to the medicine.
and just starve and have seizures from levels of
pain and lack of medicine/food? 2)It is much more dangerous to obtain, and
Fibromyalgia the process of obtaining it can be a risk to
I ended up pawning all the rings, having patients who are your health. Long periods in the cold and
already sold all else of value to the hurting so bad encounters with strange germs can put a
pawn store and bought both medicine and they are suicidal. Modern Western medicine person right back in their sick bed or the
food, and not enough of either. We promised can’t even agree on the causes/mechanisms hospital.
ourselves we would get them back, but I of this disease because they don’t understand
ended up crying my eyes out when I realized it. 3) The money spent on street grade
I can’t afford to get them out of hock. I live medication often goes back to fund gang
Why should I use new untested man-made and criminal activity. This is something that
in a Winnebago and have been in danger of medicine created by people who don’t
starving to death at times. Now don’t get me most medical cannabis patients do not want
understand my disease and possibly believe to support and got on the registry to stop
wrong, my life has been profoundly changed it doesn’t exist? Especially when that disease
by this medicine, and any hardship I may supporting. I personally counted avoiding
has been treated with herbs known to posses purchasing on the street as one of the largest
have to endure is truly worth the benefits of pain relieving qualities for many generations
this plant, and I will not compromise and go pluses to getting on the registry, and yet I see
of humans? people like me being forced back there.
back to the narcotics and other prescriptions
for any reason. I would rather be in pain when Personally, my last completely “pain free” What is to be done if you have no
I am without my medical cannabis than take moment was around 3:30 PM on August 21, medicine? Where can you go?
morphine and get sicker. 2002. I know because I keep a detailed pain/
medication journal in an effort to regulate There are few funds or organizations willing
Sometimes family members and the my condition. I am confident that If I had to help people like me get my medicine
community can make it very hard to be the proper medicine, I would have pain free when I can’t afford it, and you have to really
a low income medical cannabis patient. I moments again. This herb doesn’t just treat dig in your need to find them. When I did find
have heard many stories of people not living pain sensations, it helps correct causes. them, they could only help once or not at all
with family/friends any longer because they Perhaps with the right regimen, daily pain due to the demand. Many patients do not
are shunned for their medicinal use. I’ve could be a thing of the past for me. have the strength for this search when they
experienced this shunning first hand myself. are lacking appropriate medication. It took
The stereotype of the “typical” cannabis user Dispensaries are necessary, but not without me months of daily web crawling to dig up
is further damaging these people with no a social conscience any organizations.
Continued on next page


If someone who has medicine/money wants poverty levels, you can be forced back on up an initial grow op with an all environmentally
to help a person in my position, likewise there the streets to get your medicine. My medical friendly building/management philosophy
is no way for a person who wants to help to condition requires a minimum of 1/8 oz of that would end up growing into a Nonprofit
donate money to people in a position similar smoke-able every 3 days just to keep me off Medical Cannabis retreat/community/
to mine. Right now low income persons only narcotics and other prescriptions that do caregiver for patients like me to be able to get
relief seems to be individuals/churches/ more harm than good, not crying, not having their medicine and/or live in a more affordable
caregivers being kind. So I created this gift seizures caused by pain, and not be stuck in and kind setting, using their personal talents to
company and talked with my caregiver Green bed. benefit the community.
Belly Coop about setting up a fund, and here It is important to note that this dosing by no While I have the heart and the ability
we are. means keeps me comfortable. to do this work (given time and
One church I know of is Green Faith Ministries. I have NEVER had the medication), I unfortunately
He is also known as the 420 Reverend. I have pleasure of having have no capital for such a
had contact with Reverend Brandon Baker from enough medicine venture and am praying
this organization who is a great man. He drove on hand to decide the universe will see fit
over 50 miles to get me some medicine for free. on what a good to make it happen.
Unfortunately he is one man and the demand “comfortable” dosing I have researched many
is high. Rev. B Baker is quoted as saying, “Tell schedule would be, aspects of this and it is
the (Denver city) council a majority amount of even though I do have a very feasible, however
local churches support un-regulated access for compassionate caregiver. I just getting investment in
all needy mmj patients, give them my name don’t want to put my poor caregiver out such a venture is not my forte. This kind of
and number if they say they want to meet with of business taking care of my needs. setting would be a great tool for a “for profit”
any of the spiritual mmj community church What I am trying to say is that there is dispensary to use. It would be good publicity
leaders!” something fundamentally very wrong with the to demonstrate social conscience, and they
Now, I have no problem with the idea of paying fact that there are so many people who are too could also offer my nonprofit medications
for my medications... The person who grows it poor to even know the appropriate dosage of cheap to their own low income patients.
provides a service that a dollar amount really medication for their amount of pain, yet the Inquire further e-mail me at:
can’t be placed on and should be compensated. government is saving a bunch of cash and the
So should everyone involved in getting the Medical Cannabis industry is getting the “lion’s
medicine to me. That is only fair. I want know share” of the rest of their income. I am a Colorado NATIVE and love this land, but
the money I spend helps others like me or at I live in an RV and am willing to set up shop in
It is frustrating to feel like you and others are any state with a registry.
very least the movement in general. I also don’t falling through the cracks. Many in my position
need to be paying 50+% of my income to stay were barely hanging on before the economic I have a plan so that if I were able to obtain some
barely comfortable. I’d like to be able to pay a downturn, and now see no light at the end of land, I could be self sufficient (NO MORE SSI/
reasonable percentage of my income and have the tunnel. SSI/SSD keeps you far below the SSD and I could actually contribute to charities
all the medicine my body requires. I know that poverty line if you have been unable to work instead of needing help from them!) and never
may seem a little unrealistic, but a girl in pain enough many living on $1000 a month or less have to worry about being hungry or without
can dream. lol for their whole family. my necessary medicine. In time, many others
So the government ignores the money it saves, could be helped with food and medicine
It is frustrating to see others get wealthy off grown on the land. I could be fulfilling needs
and many of the dispensaries in the area seem of you and others while your tier of society
to have little social conscience about the price a rather than begging to have my needs filled.
starves. Sometimes I feel invisible, and I know
person like me can pay to have their medicine. for a fact I am not the only one out there I just wanna say Thanks to all the people out
A big social problem, and a plan to begin to feeling this. there helping to make it possible for people
solve it... the lack - Money who need this medicine to have it. Whatever
Kiefair Keepsakes, stepping stone to a dream you celebrate this or any season, may it be
When your total family income is at or below My dream is to be able to get some land and set meaningful and may Blessings come to you all!

Marijuana a Truth Serum?

Yes, for a time in the 1940s, the United States’ Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
experimented with cannabis as a truth serum. They noted in their trials that the
drug made a subject (in this case a member of the mafia) “loquacious and free in his
impartation of information”.
One example of its usage was in the interviewing of Augusto Del Gracio, one of
Lucky Luciano’s enforcers. After being given a cigarette spiked with THC concentrate,
he talked openly about the gangster ’s heroin operations. So successful was the
experiment that for the next meeting they upped the THC dosage in the tobacco – but Call 303-292-3080
this proved to be too much, and the mobster simply passed out for two hours. Dia Limousine, LLC is a licensed and insured limousine service company located in Colorado


Why the Fear [Mongering]?
Where is the fire (evidence)?
The patients of Colorado want to see the evidence is that forms
the foundations of these insane Bills. Why is law enforcement
getting involved in my health care? As a patient, all I see is
paranoia and reactions to stereotypes from law enforcement
and politicians. Why are politicians writing bills about patients
without a panel of patients as a review board?

The bills presented by Chris Romer and Senator Massey are a

direct insult to the patients of Colorado. The costs of medicine
are already way too high. There is neither the consistency
nor enough supply to address the growing needs of patients
in Colorado, as we approach 500,000 medical cannabis users
in the next 2 years. The quality of medicine is not at the level

it needs to be. The safety of Cannabis medicine is not being

addressed from a patient’s perspective. The herbal industry

has done a great job at this and we can learn from that.

We must recognize that there is a huge population of Baby ALAMEDA WELLNESS

Boomers that are starting to ask if MMJ will help their arthritis,
digestion, nausea, and other ailments. CENTER
“ trust us you’ll feel better ”
We must also demand, as patients, to be involved in the
drafting of any legislation affecting Medical Marijuana. Tell
them what you want! KEN RELYEA

303.736.6999 office

HOURS: Mon-Sat 10:00-6:00pm Sun- CLOSED

Granny Storm Crow

"Granny Storm Crow's MMJ
Reference List"- about 150 pages of
links to medical cannabis studies
and articles. Please take a look at it, it's
worth your time!
You can find Granny’s list by doing a
simple search on any search engine.


Across 15 One that supports or promotes the interests of another
17 CBN
1 Cannabinoid that stimulates appetite 19 The group name of molecules in Cannabis.
3 THCV 21 The removal of a carboxyl group through heating
5 lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC 23 Traumatic brain injury
7 Professor who discovered THC in 1964. 24 Herbal preparation inserted into body cavity other than mouth
8 DEA 25 CB1 & CB2
10 Cannabinoid useful in the treatment of epilepsy 26 Landlords - property owners

Down 12 higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC

13 Cannabinoid that inhibits cancer cell growth
1 THC 14 Glycerine based extraction
2 Synthetic THC 16 What was the third most recommended remedy by physicians
4 Alcohol based extraction prior to Cannabis prohibition in 1937?
6 The average medical Cannabis patient’s age 18 Also known as N-arachidonoylethanolamine or AEA
9 CBD 20 Aromatic Molecules
11 Neuromuscular Repatterning Technique 22 Who is going to hate our cartoons?


Bedroom Encounters
here are many aspects of health and healing being discussed in this magazine. I thought it would
be a fun idea to spice things up a bit and have a Q and A section on sexual health. We all know
sexual vitality is an important part of our well being. Boosting our immune system, reduce stress,
reduce pain and better our sleep patterns to name just a few of the lovely benefits. When our body, mind, and
spirit are jolted by disease, injury and other health problems our sexual health seems to be the first thing to go.
Health issues can cause a wide range of sexual dysfunction. It seems if it is not the health issue causing these
effects then it is usually the pharmaceuticals being taking for a problem that is putting a damper on things.
When searching for information about sex and different health issues you are usually left with vague information
and several suggestions of what pill to take. I just don’t agree with the take this pill and that pill attitude. Open
discussions on alternative ways for enhancing your sexual health, instead of pills, is needed on this topic. We
need people to tell their stories and give their personal tricks and ideas, we need to ask questions and gather
more healthy creative ways to enhance our sexual vitality.
I would like to begin some pillow talk with some questions on cannabis and sex. Do you feel that cannabis
heightens your sexual functions and awareness? Or do you feel that cannabis brings you sexual dysfunction?
Let’s get this topic rolling……
If you have any questions about women, sex, cannabis and any other exciting juicy confessions then send me
a message and I will do my best to bring you the finest answer. I am not a sex expert, doctor, shrink or a porn star,
I am a lovely lady who enjoys sex and loves to talk about it. So lets talk !!

Our Government’s Reject S. 3002 DSSA, The Food Supplement Criminalization Act of 2010
Addiction to Cannabis It wasn't enough for Congress to kill off the public option. Now they want to kill us directly
Prohibition by trying to outlaw nutritious food supplements ... again. The corporate medical industry is doing
is the problem. everything they can to keep the American people from having any option besides their over-priced
and often harmful health "care", when they aren' t denying coverage altogether that is.
This is EXACTLY what the government
has, an addiction. The law enforcement Senators McCain and Dorgan have just introduced yet another thinly veiled attempt to

exhibits this type of behavior. They are criminalize ordinary vitamin pills, proposing give the FDA the power to preemptively and without
addicted to abusing our system by having law cause restrict their distribution, deceptively entitled theDietary Supplement Safety Act, S. 3002.
enforcement create law. They are addicted to This is the same FDA that routinely waves through dangerous synthetic drugs that kill hundreds
stealing from us when they find and seize our of thousands, hardly a recommendation for their administrative prowess. Yet millions of people
Cannabis medicine and our assets. They are take natural vitamins and other food supplements in complete safety already. Where is the epidemic
addicted to control and torture by telling of vitamin pill fatalities?
us that we can’t use Cannabis yet it is okay There is none.
to use Marinol (synthetic THC). They are
addicted to an anti-American behavior that Of course this is at the bottom line just an assault by giant medical corporations on small

is destroying families, friends and the support businesses who would dare cost them business by helping to keep the American people actually

of cannabis patients across our country. healthy. We just had a Supreme Court decision, which we will continue to fight to our last breath,
saying in practical effect that the most powerful
corporations can no longer be regulated in any
meaningful way, endowing them with full citizenship
rights as natural people. But let the American people
try to take a completely natural vitamin pill with a
couple too many milligrams of potency and they are
ready to call out the swat team.

Reject S. 3002 Action Page:


Dr. Woodward’s Testimony
Before the legal issues came to the Federal level at least 46 States had laws of their own about cannabis.
The American Medical Association was opposed to this act because the tax would be imposed on physicians prescribing
cannabis, retail pharmacists selling cannabis, and medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.
Dr. Woodward helped
draft the Harrison Narcotics Act in 1914.

Cannabis was already prescribed for dozens of common ailments including veterinary medicine. The physician testified that
doctors were unaware that marijuana was actually cannabis.

In Dr. Woodward’s testimony we can read:

“"The problems of greatest menace in the United States seem to be the rise in the use of Indian hemp (marihuana) with
inadequate control laws,” [1]

“There is nothing in the medicinal use of Cannabis that has any relation to Cannabis addiction. I use the word "Cannabis" in
preference to the word ‘marihuana’, because Cannabis is the correct term for describing the plant and its products. The term
‘marihuana’ is a mongrel word that has crept into this country over the Mexican border and has no general meaning, except
as it relates to the use of Cannabis preparations for smoking. It is not recognized in medicine, and I might say that it is hardly
recognized even in the Treasury Department.

I have here a copy of a letter written by the Acting Secretary of the Treasury, April 15, 1937, in which he says:
‘Marihuana is one of the products of the plant Cannabis sativa. L., a plant
which is sometimes referred to as Cannabis americana or Cannabis indica.’

“In all that you have heard here thus far, no mention has been made of any excessive use of the drug by any doctor or its
excessive distribution by any pharmacist. And yet the burden of this bill is placed heavily on the doctors and pharmacists of
the country ; and I may say very heavily, most heavily, possibly of all, on the farmers of the country.”

“We [the AMA] cannot understand yet, Mr. Chairman, why this bill should have been prepared in secret for 2 years without
any intimation, even, to the profession, that it was being prepared.”

FBN commissioner Harry Anslinger and the Ways and Means Committee quickly denounced Woodward and the AMA, which
Roosevelt administration.
already had an adversarial relationship with the

[1] ^ Journal of the American Medical Association for January 23, 1937, on page 3, in the nature of a review of the report on the
Traffic in Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs in the United States of America for the year ending December 31, 1935, and published by
the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury Department.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A patent from the Health and Human Services Department of
the US Government about Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants from Oct 7, 2003
US#6,630,507 describes yet another medical use for cannabis, and this one can save more lives.

Book Review George McMahon, afflicted with pain, spasms and nausea
from the treatment of a rare terminal disease has, despite
his personal trial, become one of the leading crusaders
for the legalization of medical marijuana. One of only six
United States citizens given the substance by the little
known "Uncle Sam's Marijuana Farm," McMahon fights to
bring similar relief to people suffering from such illnesses
as glaucoma, cancer, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, trauma
and spasms who can be helped by prescription pot. From
the steps of state capitols and presenting his case before
the Supreme Court, to testifying before Congress and
appearing on local and national media, McMahon carries
on his arduous struggle.
The recipient of the Certificate of Heroism, given to him
by former first lady Nancy Reagan, now reveals his unique,
courageous journey and sounds a call to arms for those
who would join his ongoing battle to legalize medical
marijuana. This compelling story puts a human face on a
controversial, pressing national issue.


What Should Medical Cannabis Patients Know?
1 First: DO NO HARM - It is not broken, don’t ourselves. This is torture for some of us. Don’t
Summary, LaGuardia Committee Report on
try to fix it; Amendment 20 is clear. Don’t force Marihuana, 1944 buy into their fear mongering.
medical patients back to the dark back alley.
4 The La Guardia Committee 10 Cost, consistency, quality, and safety:
2 Cannabis is Botanical Latin for the English systematically contradicted claims made by choose to know about your medicine. Be an
marijuana which comes from the Mexican the U.S. Treasury Department that smoking educated patient. Support voluntary testing
Spanish marihuana or mariguana, (1918) marijuana results in insanity, deteriorates of medicinal Cannabis. This can also offer
[1] which might have in turn derived from physical and mental health, assists in criminal opportunities to improve current medicines.
the Nahuatl mallihuan meaning prisoner. behavior and juvenile delinquency, is physically Research can only help us as patients; we have
[2] Traditional association with the personal addictive, and is a “gateway” drug to more a population and the ability to do the research
name María Juana (“Mary Jane”) is probably a dangerous drugs. (Why was the US Treasury and to learn more.
folk etymology.[3] Department making claims about marijuana?) 11 Pharmaceuticals are prescribed;
3 William Randolph Hearst was an owner of a In 1972 the Shafer Commission had a similar medical Cannabis is recommended.
huge newspaper empire who had significant response.
12 As a Patient,
financial interests
you can obtain your
in the timber
medicine from any
industry which
A Dark Back Alley, or Safety? caregiver, dispensary
or licensed patient.
his newsprint. He
The CDPHE provides
took advantage
a form for changing
of the public’s
unfamiliarit y your caregiver.
with the term 13 P o l i t i c i a n s ,
marijuana law enforcement,
(they all knew pharmaceutical
Cannabis as companies and many
H emp) and others are financially
supported a impacted by the
propaganda “The actual and potential harm of use of the realities of medical
campaign against marijuana. drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by Cannabis.
In the spring of 1937 our Government the criminal law into private behavior, a step 14 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:
‘outlawed’ marijuana to the direct objection which our society takes only ‘with the greatest There are many in the law enforcement
of the American Medical Association, reluctance.” community that support us.
represented by William C. Woodward. (details 5 We are the only State with a
on page 43) Constitutional Amendment to protect qualifying Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
patients and their medical Cannabis Civil Rights. 121 Mystic Ave.
In 1944 The La Guardia Committee was the
Medford, MA 02155
first in depth study into the effects of smoking 6 The D.E.A., a Federal entity, is (phone) (781) 393-6985 (fax) (781) 393-2964
marijuana. It found that 1. “Under the influence influencing our State politicians to make these
of marihuana the basic personality structure changes to our existing Rights, through the
of the individual does not change but some government. This appears to be a violation of 15 Education: Teach your children well
of the more superficial aspects of his behavior the Hatch Act. Some dispensaries and caregivers and they will know what’s around them. Let
show alteration. support this action. This is not in support of the them know that a person must have a medical
patient. need and a State issued card to gain access to a
2. With the use of marihuana the individual
dispensary. Most of the dispensaries have good
experiences increased feelings of relaxation, 7 The Federal Government does security, check I.D. and only let patients purchase
disinhibition and self-confidence. acknowledge the efficacy of medical Cannabis. medical Cannabis.
3. The new feeling of self-confidence induced See the Compassionate Investigational New Drug
by the drug expresses itself primarily through Program. The Compassionate Investigational 16 If you get sick or injured and end up
New Drug program, or Compassionate IND, is in the medical system, even with insurance, you
oral rather than through physical activity.
the Investigational New Drug program allowing will probably bankrupt. It has happened to me
There is some indication of a diminution in
a number of patients to use National Institute on and countless others in America. The New York
physical activity.
Drug Abuse-provided medical marijuana grown Times has a good article on this topic called
4. The disinhibition which results from the at the University of Mississippi. There are less “Insured, but Bankrupted by Health Crises” By
use of marihuana releases what is latent in than seven surviving patients. Reed Abelson Published: June 30, 2009
the individual’s thoughts and emotions but
does not evoke responses which would be 8 Amendment 20 is a Right granted to us
totally alien to him in his undrugged state. like the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution [1] Houghton Mif f lin; American Heritage
5. Marihuana not only releases pleasant applies to all of us. The State can not take that Dictionaries (2007-11-14). Spanish Word Histories
reactions but also feelings of anxiety. Right from us. This Right, not a privilege, is and Mysteries. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. ISBN
granted to all of us. 0618910549, 9780618910540.
6. Individuals with a limited capacity for
9 Our medical history is private, [2] “marijuana, n.” OED Online. July 2009. Oxford
effective experience and who have difficulty
protected by the ADA and HIPPA; our privacy is University Press. 2009 <
in making social contacts are more likely to cgi/entry/00302074>.
resort to marihuana than those more capable our own. The State is attempting to force us to
[3] Random House Webster’s Unabridged
of outgoing responses.” change Amendment 20 and emotionally expose
Dictionary, V3.0, 1999, marijuana entry



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