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Increasing the

Size of Veritas
Disk Private

veritas volume manager is having some identification information in its

private region, so that the disks are readily identifiable irrespective of the
machine they are connected
When we place these disks under Veritas Diskgroups, the VxVM will start
writing its configuration information to the same tiny private region.

Unfortunately, the size of the private region is set at disk initialization and
fixed for the life time of the disk.
The configuration database , that stores volume,plex and
subdisks definition will continuously grow based on the configuration change
we make.

If the private region is too small, then there will be some situations where the
private region go full and wont allow any more configuration database
updates in that disk group.
And there is no direct solution to increase the priviate region and normally
we do follow this offline procedure to increase the private region length
1. Backup All data to tape
2. Re-initialize disks with larger private
3. Recreate volumes as per the original
4. Restore the data.

Followed the below procedure to increase the private region without

bringing the volumes down and the experiment went well.
Actual Setup:
I have created a new mirrored Volume named testvol under diskgroup
name testdg.
I have used the disks aludisk_3 and aludisk_5 for the testvol

And below is the veritas configuration before

root@gurkulvcs2#vxprint -htg testdg

Step1 : Initially, checking the current configuration database size

root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg list testdg|grep ^config
Step 2: Now, I am removing first disk from the DG, and reattached it to the
mirror with increased privlen

root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg -g testdg -k rmdisk disk01

root@gurkulvcs2#vxdisksetup -i aluadisk0_3 privlen=65536
root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg -g testdg -k adddisk disk01=aluadisk0_3
root@gurkulvcs2#vxrecover -sb -g testdg disk01
root@gurkulvcs2#vxtaks list

Step 3: Now I see that len value for disk01

root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg list testdg|grep ^config
Step 4: In the next step, i am increasing the privlen for second disk by
removing and reattaching it.
root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg -g testdg -k rmdisk disk02
root@gurkulvcs2#vxdisksetup -i aluadisk0_5 privlen=65536
root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg -g testdg -k adddisk
root@gurkulvcs2#vxrecover -sb -g testdg disk02
root@gurkulvcs2#vxtask list

Step 5: Now check the permlen for the entire disk group and len fields for
the individual disks. It shows that the configuration database length
and individual disk privlen increased to new value.
root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg list testdg|grep ^config
Step 6: And Finally verifying the data we originally copied to the volume, and it
looks intact
root@gurkulvcs2#cd /mnt
root@gurkulvcs2#ls -l
root@gurkulvcs2#df -h /mnt