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Two way bindings using @ and twoWay attributes is awesome. CSS Descendent selectors support. FXG support is nice feature as it allows scaling graphics with out loss of quality Network Monitor is good. SSL support might have been much better. Auto generation of event handlers. PHP Zend AMF support is awesome.

Auto code generation and form generation for Data Services is a nice.  Rich Text support is good with <s:p/>,<s:br/> etc  State Handling improvement are good.

Namespace Mess, three namespaces and mixing of elements badly affects Code readability.  Multiple SWF Mess (RSL’s), Breaking them in to smaller SWF’s but including necessary ones for a given app might have been better, currently by default all these SWFs are included.  Blank MXML application swf size 70KB, minimum application deployment size 2.2 MB.

I don’t think fx:library or fx:definition and fx:private are of any use better of using Embed Style class objects as they can be addressed from other MXML files when made public. Or using getter and setters.  No pinned full screen as in Silver Light 4.  Uniformity in Container behavior is lost like Border Container vs. Group.  Not easy to code without Flash Builder. Creating Style sheets is another pain.

Flash Builder 4 HTTP service consumption code generation is buggy, and not easy to fix, it by default passes query param names as 0 and 1.  Flash Builder 4 code generation is still no where close to Java code generation in eclipse, neither the copy paste b/w mxml files is error free as it can’t differentiate b/w visual components and service calls.

Custom skinning using skinClass (mxml style) is good but not sure how useful it is for designers (who generally only deal with CSS), in fact it’s really not easy to code until you know the internals of the application skinning.  Syntax for defining the layout is really not that readable, as they are separate element under parent unlike an attribute in previous versions.

States handling is good, but navigating across spark components using mx:viewstack is not good idea, its like mixing AWT and Swing components in Java, needs additional covering tag <s:NavigatorContent>

No code generation support for SOAP 1.2 or WSDL 2 Services, still SOAP 1.1 & WSDL 1.1 only.  No complete support for REST Services (no HTTP PUT and DELETE) without proxy.  Scroll bar handling is now a developer headache, using <s:scroller/> is good but readability is effected.  No complete support for ASP.Net &Ruby .

This is my personal review of Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 and personally I feel the new changes have affected the code readability very badly, even though these components are light and sparky.  I just wish they should have replaced all available halo components with spark components instead of mixing both type of components as such backward compatibility is already broken.

Author: Siva Prasanna Kumar. P Blog: http://soa2world.blogspot.com/
Disclaimer: These are author’s personal views and author is not responsible for any unintended use of the above article or damages caused by using the technologies mentioned in the article (if any).

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