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The Master Meter can be used to prove

both PD & Turbine Meters.

Quick, Easy, & Accurate!

By Integrating our MMC-9 Meter Prover
Counter with the Smith Prime 4 positive
displacement meter, Enraf Fluid
Technology has built a system that offers
major improvements over existing proving

Master Meter Proving System

Features / Functions / Benefits
Proving takes place as you load a truck compartment

Allows several meter proving segments during a typical compartment size

The product is loaded into the transport instead of a prover can
No need to shut down lanes
A loading rack meter can be proven in a matter of minutes
Available in many sizes from 2 - 10
One man operation
Designed to API standards
Master Meter Counter

4 Smith Meter model Prime 4, with Peak
blades and 5 point accuracy test at factory
meter fitted with vent and drain valves
Inlet / Outlet
inlet flange, 150# ANSI xTTMA, with temperature well and pressure gauge
4 F500 male coupler with Viton seals, with
dust cap
4 butterfly valve with throttling plate; to obtain
different flow rates as required
4 aluminum style 50 swing joint with Viton
seals; one end ASA flanged, and one end
TTMA flanged
4 x 64 flexible hose coupled with TTMA
flange fittings, hydrostatic tested to 200 psi;
with Emco Wheaton J-451 dry break coupler

P/N 04-03045
TMI-1 Turbine Meter Pre-amp Interface Module
Mounted in XP enclosure
Optic isolation between the pre-amp and the
One required per installed turbine meter;
customer to advise make and P/N of pre-amp
P/N 04-03050
TMI-1P Clip-on Turbine Meter Pre-amp Interface
Mounted in XP enclosure
Optic isolation between the pre-amp and the
Uses small alligator clips to make connection to
customers pre-amp
Requires removal of pre-amp cover to make
connections while in use

Countmaster model MMC-9, Electronic Meter
Prover Counter; 12 VDC rechareable battery
powered, with battery isolated and fused for
intrinsically safe operation
input setting for master meter factor
LCD display
flow rate display
temperature display: oF or oC; with probe and
alarm and status lights
two conductors with ground extension cord for
recharging the MMC-9 batteries
PTAT probe (proportional to absolute temperature) with connecting cable and plug-in jack
Model GC-1, P/N 09-03005, detachable optic
gating contactor; for mounting on RAD of
meter to be proved with 25 connecting cable.

P/N 04-03049
TMI-1ACL AccuLoad II or Electronic Preset High
Speed Prover Output Interface Module
Mounted in XP enclosure
Optic isolation between the Preset and the
Intrinsically Safe Amphenol connector for
connection to MMC-9
12 VDC powered from AccuLoad II

4-wheel Cart
Fabricated steel 4-wheel cart with pin locked
meter turntable, 360o rotation
steel components sandblasted and coated
with epoxy prime and finish
2 -10 rigid caster and 2 - 10 swivel caster
with swivel lock, all with pneumatic tires

P/N 04-03053
PM4TB-1 Prime Master Meter Electronics Test Box
for testing Prime 4 Master Meter System Electronics
used for proving turbine meters or similar electronic output meters.
Designed to test cables and MMC-9

Enraf Fluid Technology USA Inc.

2000 Northfield Court, Roswell, GA 30076 USA
Ph: (770) 475-1900 Fax: (770) 475-1717

P/N 04-03020
MHTS-1 Multiple Head Test Stand for testing F4-S1
Master Meter System Electronics used for proving
PD meters.
Two concentric right angle drives
Hand crank for performing verification features
of MMC-9, GC-1, GC-1000, and connecting

Enraf Fluid Technology UK Ltd.

6 Pennant Park, Standard Way, Fareham, UK PO16 8XU
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