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All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing?
I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, And I intend to end up there.
Jall ad-Dn Muhammad Rm

Dedicated to
The keepers of the Light

Paradise remembered (fragment)

I dream of healing,
I dream of you and I in moments of pure and honest
Psychedelic existence,
Conscious elevation, constant, gentle,
I dream of you and I,
Smiling without asking why,
Of times when being, experiencing life would be enough,
Flow, every moment felt as it is, unique, sacred,
Effortlessly present in the present,
I dream of enchanted gardens, spectacle of light and colour,
Generating harmonious mandalaic shapes and patterns
For our superheightened perception and awareness,
Neverseen fruits grow abundantly on branches
Stretched generously like innocent arms towards the sky
Towards the life sustaining sun,
And inside the fruits there are seeds containing
The potential for new life,
We plant them in the womb of mother earth
With intuitive ritualistic reverence
Let there be enough for all, share
Transformation, metamorphosis of all into all
I dream of astral flight and metaphysical wanderings
Through infinite time and space continuum,
Magic words of poetry recited under blessing light of full moon,
Awaken mythical cognition, cosmic intuition,
Let us be here, now. All together.
Intuitive chanting of gratitude,
Free jam in harmony, unlock infinite variations
And fluctuations of sound waves
I dream of you and I away from the madness of the world,

And our won,

Liberate ourselves so we may live in light,
I dream of creation through artistic sensitivity
Beautification and rediscovery of beauty in all things
All divine, all right,
And we are creators and created,
All is perfect as it is every fading moment suspended in eternity,
All changes all the time, nothing static,
And we change and wish,
And harmonize and share,
And we are changed and we are change itself,
All one, all together, all the time.
I dream of endless fields of abundance,
Green sea of green grass dancing in a cool summer breeze,
Orange sunset sun and cloudless purple skies,
Blue eagles reaching towards the Clear Light,
Rainbows under crystal waterfalls,
Joy, neverending.
I dream of you and I
And there is no fear,
Smiles are not veils,
Nothing to hide, nothing to lose, nothing to gain,
Realization of union and the divine power to choose
Through your eyes shines the light,
We are perfect
We are love, lovers and beloved
Words are not necessary and yet they delight the spirit
Great cosmic magik in their mystic harmony and combination
Logos, creation,
Nothing is necessary, all is without purpose or reason,
All is and all is not,
Effortless, all comes from joy,
I dream of you and i
We smile delicately at each other
We both understand now as if awakened from a long sleep,
We remember our divine essence
Feel the great soul of the world, oneness,
Ecstatically whirling, vibrating, experiencing
And creating experience,
Infinite, endless, eternal,
How can anything harm us,
There is no pain here
And suffering has been transcended,
Paradise regained
Theres always hope,
Fight not the dark, let us be the light,
I dream of you and i and we are healed,

From something yet unknown,

Not to be put in words,
Always present, felt,
I dream and in my dream we have awakened.

Cosmic prayer

Cosmic creator of all beings

Thank you for the life we live

For the love we share

And for the love we receive

For the air we breathe

For the sun on the sky

For the blue seas

And for the wings that fly

For the flowers growing towards the light

And all is love and all is right

We ask for strength to transform

Hate into love
And war into peace
Fear into courage to be
And we are all born to be free
Darkness into light
To do that which feels right
On our infinite flight

We ask for patience to create

Stillness of the mind to contemplate
Wisdom to know the way
Through confusion
Honesty so we shall create
No more illusion
To understand without judging
And to accept without criticizing
Compassion to care with open hearts
And feel the unity of all

May we always and never fall

Everchanging, everlasting, everliving, everloving

Thank you all for all.

Ease Breeze

Loving life lives laughingly

Loving living light
Gentle gods grow gently
Giggling, gliding, glow
Flying, floating, flow
Fruits, fearless, flight
Boundless, bloom, bright.

Sunny sun smiles serenely

Sowing selfless seeds,

Seeing seas silently sing,
Blue blossoms, begin, be
I see you and you see me.

Tenerife haze

Today I saw the place where clouds are born

Close by, the waves are dying on the shore
Ocean, clear water, open eyes
Dance of de light full spheres, under, salt
Sweet root essence, tree
Milk from the breasts of Pacha Mama

Two, seeds in a nut,

Shell, shall, soul eternal.

Breeze, wind of change,

Chance, exist.

Her orange sewn flowers have mirrors

At the center of the mandala,
Black sand the garden beach has,
Thank you for caring,
She sleeps not, dreams of ocean sound
And love and hair, hear, here.

In di a

In the air in there
Indians are without a care
If you want to receive
Youd better share
Love, love, love
Pink, sky, blue and purple
Golden liquid flowing free
Stars are painted on the fruits of a tree
Be, here, now, hear and sea.

Sounds are mandalaic waves

And so is light
And thought
And emotion
All vibrating
All vibration
All is and All is not
I choose not to choose
Through life and death we cruise.


A grain of sand
On the shores of infinity
Rain drop in the ocean of endless existence
Star of a galaxy

Stone of a mountain
Eagle of a purple sky
Theres much more here, now
That can be seen through I
Can you feel?
All life lives now
All together,

Theres silence in my mind today

Black asphalt roads are far away,
Diamond rain falls in the desert
The flowers, birds and laughter,
The beauty of us all
Is here to stay.

Everything is golden in the sunlight,

Life is a blessing
Compassion, forgiveness and intuition
Shall guide us on our flight.

All is all

All is in harmony
Close your I
And then youll see

All is right

Through the dark

The light shines bright

All here is love

Know your spirit
Rise above

All is in the cosmic mind

Life is a blessing
Enjoy the ride

All in all
And all in one
For peace and love
For everyone.

Is there?

Is there a place to call home?

Is there a time to feel God?
Is there somebody to love?
Is there something to live for?
Is there something to die for?

Is there light in your heart?
Let is shine
Is there doubt in your mind?
Let it vanish
Is there a way to be?

How to?

How to love when hated upon?

Remember infinity.
How to laugh when you feel like crying?
How to feel the unity of all?
How to change the world?
Change yourself.
How to be enlightened?
Let go.
How to see things for what they are?
Without trying.
How to receive?
How to be loved?

Intuitive beat

The more I think

The less I know
The more Id like to
Let it go
Free, freedom
Flow and grow.

The spine is the vine

Of the Cosmic Mind
Find the divine
Dont define the divine

The one that says

Knows not
The one that shows
Knows what?

They say, I feel

They say Ive never been

Here before
And yet I remember
The time I was rock
And stoned

And sand and wind

And sea and fish
And fisherman and star

Remember to remember
You are infinite transformation

They say I know nothing

And yet I feel it all
Mystical timelessness
Is where I rest in peace
I am cosmic mind
Everchanging, everlasting
And so are you
Its the only way home.


Forgive to be forgiven
And give to be given

Love to be loved
And free to be freed

Respect to be respected

Reject to be rejected

Kiss to be kissed
And bless to be blessed

Say thank you

To be thanked
Help others
To be helped

To be destroyed
To be created

Everything you do
Through me
Comes back to you.

Shine your light

My life is delightful
I bask in the sun of inner bliss
And when I fall through
The noise of confusion
The love that you shine

Brings me back with a kiss

You bless us all with peace.

Shine your light

Illuminate the darkness
Of the cosmic mind
Fear not, shine bright
Inspire all, free flight
Theres always sunrise
At the end of night.

My life is your life

I be the sky, you be the sea,
And Ill be you and you be me

Happy continuum

Lets play
Its silly to be sad
Said this forgotten innocent
Inner child
A child of stones, a child of mountains, a child of stars
And glowing
And shining
Alright, alright, alright.

All is so and all is not

If I would dare to say:

You are God
Would it be enough to awaken you?
Or have you deeply forgotten
And enjoy playing hide and seek?
Pretending you are week
And afraid
Suffering and in pain?

Let the love flow

Will you?
Let the spirit grow
Can you?
Let your mind open
To remember cosmic infinity
Wont you?

Awaken from your dreams

O noble soul!
You are God, and so am I, and so is all.


Today I feel vast, boundless

Today I feel peaceful, serene
Today I feel kind, gentle
Today I feel you, her
Today I feel united, together
Today I feel sacred, pure
Today I feel light, easy
Today I feel love, gratitude

Today I choose,
tomorrow is another day.

What is and what is not

Nothing is destroyed
Everything is transformed
All that dies
Shall be reborn
Carry on, everlasting
Carry on.

There are no leaves,

just branches
There are no branches,
just trees
There are no trees
just forests
There are no forests
just planets
There are no planets,
just galaxies
No galaxies
just cosmos
No cosmos,
just oneness
Everchanging, everliving.

Coincidentia oppositorum

Good and bad live together

In the same house
The great house of cosmic oneness
And when they go out into the world
They walk hand in hand on the same road
And so does right and wrong
Light and dark
Love and hate
The beautiful and the ugly
Close by and far away

Compassion and ignorance

Truth and illusion
Nothing and everything

Is there anything absolute

Or is there infinity in between?
A play creating forms and shapes
And meaning?
Can we always choose?
Or is it all here, now, to be experienced
So that God may know itself?

House of De light

Choose not to choose

So you wouldnt loose
Enter this Great House
Of healing light
And leave outside
Fears and anger
Doubt and darkness
Worries and troubles.

Come and bring forth

An open heart
Innocent laughter
Sparkling eyes
Pure intentions

Still mind, reflect
Cosmic awareness
Pink light of love
Red is from the earth
Orange from the Sun
Green is for the heart
Purple is for God.


And theres one part of me

that is the chaos
One part of me that lives
the harmony
One part that brings destruction
And a one that flows
Theres one part of me that feeds
the hate
And a one that loves
the unity
And how bout you
Are you like me?
And can we rise above duality?

Rising sun

Strange psyche weakness

It comes and overwhelms me
and then the suns rising
I know Ive always been free
And I got eyes to see
And a heart that cares
And I got life to live
And I got love to share
And I got strength to get there
And I got ears to hear
I got blue skies above me
I fly beyond the veils of fear
My roots are growing from the earth
My smile dont let me shed a tear
And when the mind is peaceful
The light is pure and clear.


I want to be happy
Not always am
I feel up and down
purple and brown
I laugh and I frown
And could it be otherwise?

Forever bliss,
How did we loose
Have we truly forgotten
And are we really alive?
Is there anyone there
In the Great House of Clear Light?
Have we lost the keys
And is there anyone to open the door?

I feel insane writing these words,

I think and ask and know not
And yet everything is as it is
Perfect, blessed, divine.

My son

My son, my son,
What have ye done
What have ye done my son
While youve been gone
Under the sun
Through life you live
and love
and run
You spin and grow
And having fun
What have ye done

The father asks the son.

And now come back

Wake up
The time to live under the sun
Is done.

Eazy rider

Everything is simple
well if you let it be
Everything is easy
Well if you want to see
The light shines through everybody
Let it be
Im like you and you like me
Free, freedom, free
Different branches of a one tree
Grow together fruits in harmony
Its easy
Let it be
Free, freedom, free.

Zen non-sense

I live as much as I am lived

I am it
That which is
Beyond self
Beyond beyond.

In love there is no will

Thinking is the labyrinth
Feel, full, free
Emptiness, nothingness
Source of all
Beyond mental abstractions
Beyond beyond
Above below
Below above
And all around.

Everything is known already

It lives through me
That which is in truth
Illusion is shadow.

Be now with it
That which is
And is not.

Letter for a twin flame

When the sun shines on the sky

Life ishere, open eye
I see creator in all creation
The colours of blossoming flowers,
Indian summer, one second feels like hours
Pink, turquoise, purple, bluemarine and pure radiant white
Golden rays of light

Brothers and sisters are everywhere

We all do what we can, we have no fear, no care
I dare to speak freely, express and effortlessly share

I have remembered my heart

Infinite cosmic spectacle,
I gladly play my part

Trust and playfulness

Breathe in the life thats given, gratefulness.

My body is a temple of roses

And I am essence, perfume
And I remember what light is
And I am flying in bliss and I bloom.

Life is hereopen ear

I hear birds of flight singing in tune with the universal rhythm
Sounds of joy, in love there is no fear
I hear the drums from far away
My dancing feet still cannot stay
In trance I enter the House of Cosmic Wonder
To chase the dreams away

My heart is open
I humbly receive the mysteries that come my way
Sitar strings and bamboo flute
Vibrate on the high frequency of love
Cymbals and a gipsys lute
Peace for all under the wings of a white dove
To fill the space of silence with their godly light
Children of god, they play, create, delight.

And when the sun is shining

You know, I fellalright
Alright, alright, alright

Wish you could see me now smiling

Wish you could feel my heart beating
Wish you could feel my lips kissing
Blessing, pleasing, living.

I understood the greatest offering I could make to god

Is being good to myself

And are we not all one?
Feels like Ive awakened from dreams of fear
Wish you were close, near.

And when the sun is shining

I stop the world
And am
At peace,
Theres nothing to look for
Its all here for us
Its so easy like its never been
And after all Ive seen
My eyes have changed from black to blue and red and green.

And what the words cant tell

I know the heart can feel
For first we live
And then we speak.

And when the sun sets

Moonlight shall be my bridge

Memories fill the consciousness with images of sound

Astral voyage, under my feet cant feel the ground.

The visions flow spiralling

And I go round, and round and found.

I never forgot
And it feels like its all happening now
Beyond space and time
Beyond fear and desire
Beyond beyond
And your laughter
And your tears
Echo deeply through the labyrinth of my mind.

Your eyes are blue like the clear skies

Your words are pure, they tell no lies

The touch of your hand on my face

Im touched by god, I feel the grace.

You teach me universal love

My soul is rising high above

Through you life is manifest

In your embrace
My spirit is at rest.

Remember when we loved each other?

Two souls of a one flame
Two feathers of a one wing

Two waves of a one ocean

Two leaves of the tree of life and death
Two, one.

How we cared and shared

And breathe together, dared
And we used to look into each others eyes for moments eternal
And you said to me once you were afraid of being human
For we remembered we were gods
And we knew and understood,
And it all felt so good
Being together

And you had something I had forgotten

And you were wild,
Like sun and fire
A natures child
With heart wide open
Kaleidoscopic eyes
Had seen the wonder of life.

And I reminded you of stillness,

And peace, and patience
And being honest to our own spirits
Wisdom that spring from silence
Joy comes forth from gratitude.

And you used to sing to me

Im home wherever Im with you
And I felt the same,
I see it all in my minds eye
As if it would be now
That night under the flower scarf
With a kiss I understood
It was you
I had been forever searching
And my soul was in peace.

And I remember the wonder

And the psychedelic mystery of existence we shared together
Cosmic truth was shining through our Is
As we went flying to the other side,
Hand in hand,
Beyond the veils of fear and ego
Mushrooms grew from the earth
Stretching towards the higher sky
The ones that eat
Shall surely fly
To them you just cant tell a lie
They know there is no way to die
They chose to laugh and live and love
They never cry
They keep their spirit
Flying high.

And we knew it all,

So simple
No need for words to understand
No need explain, we comprehend
And realize we live, and are,
And all is real
And all is cause effect, intention, karma
Create and manifest and generate
And all is in the cosmic mind

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

The inside is out, the outside is in
And all is meaningful
And all is joyful
And to tell you the truth
All is as it is
And as we make it be

And we can choose at times to choose

Sometimes we flow,
Through life we learn and feel and love and grow
Theres nothing we have
Theres nothing to lose.
I know you know.

And you used to say Im beautiful

And the way you looked at me
Made me want to be

Strong and gentle

And clear, and free
Gather flowers constantly
To share with you my life
Ill be your man youll be my wife
My dreams and hopes and beauty
Happiness and creativity
Smile and positivity.

I remember making love

I feel it all again now
Tenerife ever summer night
Fire burns, soul union
The light and warmth and spirit connect earth and stars
Two bodies merging into one
Primal yoga
Universal unity
We are the Cosmos
We are love
We are one
The gates of paradise open wide
And we dance naked and innocent
Ecstatic spiralling
Orgasmic bliss
Every cell vibrates the frequency of god.

I love you means I know you like I know myself

I know you are alive just like I am

I hear your heart beat

You look me in the I directly
And I am delicate and radiating like a wild flower

I kiss the earth you step upon

And the sky was our roof
And we were home
Always will be.

I remember waking from dreams and feeling you close to me

My dearest of friends
My heart shall never forget you
I remember feeling good together
Really really good

And it was easy

And we were drifting and spinning and dancing
And the whole world was made for you and I

I remember you holding my hand that mad night in Malaga

And I was your guardian angel
And we took care of each other

And I told you I remember who you are in Rome

And I never wanted to leave
I tied the rainbow thread around your ankle
And promised to be a good brother to you

Love, lover and beloved

And I was honest
And I wanted to love
And I still do
Always will.

I remember the unique vibration of your voice

You singing from the heart
Inspired me to find the harmony
In the flow of beauty we let go

And we sang together

One chord with two strings
And the whole world whispered
In love there is absolute freedom.

Do you remember our wish to choose light

And how we were rolling through the Mediterranean sand
We shared all we had and so much more came after
Life was always kind to us and we always had more than enough

Do you remember walking on the streets of Granada

And choosing to feel good and smile to everybody we met
Consciously transforming collective consciousness
We are all one family

We all want to be happy

We both understood how easy it could be.

Do you remember dome acid night

And I was there for you with all my being
And you were there for me
And we were all together
And god put his hands on our heads
And the divine beauty of all was revealed to us
In mandalaic kaleidoscopic patterns of organic life
And we chose to feel good
And to do good
God can be known only through love
We understood.
I remember watching you sleep
Admiring your beauty, peaceful,
Shanti om
Listening to your breath, synchronize
My heart beats as yours

And then youd tell me thank you for sharing your life with me
And I felt it was all good, alright
I remember choosing to accept each other as we are
Boundless and infinite, unknown
To create together a space of love and peace
We understood about the mechanisms of our own minds
And wished to liberate ourselves from static perception

I told you, you are free, I will always let you be

Always let you grow and change
Expand, experience, enjoy
Never thinking I know who you are
Soul eternal.

I remember my hands picking flowers

And they were pure white and solar yellow
Crowns of ancient gods for wedding
May you be the one to make me whole
I have nothing and I give myself to love
I trust you
I love you
I care for you
Ill be there for you
Ill listen to you
Ill understand you
Ill feel you
Ill be kind to you
Ill share with you
Ill always be fair to you
Ill fly with you
Ill wonder with you
Ill support you
Ill find myself with you
Ill be in peace with you
Ill open my heart to you
Ill free my mind with you

Ill understand with you

Ill live life with you.

I remember the feeling of your hair

And my hand still flows through it in memories.

I remember rainbow colour soap bubbles floating higher and high

Can you see how far they reach into the sky?
And everybodys happy, jumping, insane
Once you begin to wonder
Nothing seems to be the same.

I remember visions of a space of peace

Family with roots in the earth and branches growing towards the sky
Children blossom like flowers from the seeds of love
Mother Natura embrace and provide
Do you remember in Granada how we were finding names for our children?
And we could see it all,
I feel weve done this before in past lives
It takes time to manifest something so great
And once you plant a seed it needs water and care to grow

You know
And I wanted this with all my heart
And I was happy to have a purpose.

What happened on the way

Innocence and pure intentions

Where did we loose
Forget to choose
The good and the light
Begin to fade
Begin the night.

Where is this confusion coming from

And why cant I rise above it?
I feel it overwhelm me
Slowly entering my heart
My eyes, my mouth my blood.

When did we forget the way to heaven

And can we help each other remember?
Why do I scream and swear and blame
Why am I insecure and worried
Why am I hurting you
I dont know
Tensed and in pain
Afraid and trapped
Who is this man making you feel so bad
Violent and angry
Cold and hurt
And why cant I recognize him now
Why cant I reach his heart and bring him back to light?

I am an angel and I am a devil

I been to heaven and I sure been to hell

When did I forget to care
Afraid to share
Afraid to lose something I never had
I felt so low, I felt so bad.
And my heart is not in peace
At times I cry inside, a river.

I cant express and you cant understand

And we are so far away from each other
And so afraid of each other
And the light grows dim.

And this illusion is growing stronger and stronger every day

And I feel more far away,
From you and from myself.
I feel blamed, and judged,
And I blame and I judge
And disgusting and wrong
And worthless
I feel real down
Feels like
The cosmos has forgotten me
Theres no light shining through my crown.
And I cant feel the love that much at times
It shines dimly like sunlight through a smoky crystal
And I am confused and I create confusion
Hurt and pain

I am angry, I am sad
I feel depressed, I think Im goin real mad

Will I be a hungry ghost?

The Buddha has fallen asleep inside of me
And he is laughing in his dreams.

I feel you want to hurt me

I know its not true
I know you love me like Ive always loved you
I know you wish good for me
But we are both in confusion
And the pain Is real
We create delusion.

I feel jealousy, strong,

And it paralyzes and debilitates me
And then there is no brother, no sister, and no family
I cant be happy for the beauty in others for I feel afraid I would lose you
Lose something I never had, you are free, always will be
Now I know,
Ive been far away for a long time
And now I have nothing.

And this fear made me isolate you from others, from life itself at times
And that made us afraid of the world and its confusion
The pain, misery and hurt created by illusion.

And sometimes I feel like we dont really listen to each other

And we keep on repeating the same words and rough sentences
As if there would be something trapping us into circles of darkness
And is this something actually us, ourselves?
Can we really let go and start again?
And can flowers grow again from these old roots?

I see you crying again

And I am cold like a frozen heart
On the outside
The inside knows I am hurting you
I am acting against my intuition and the cosmic will to love
And I see I am becoming sick and the universe refuses to nourish me.
And I say you are fire or earth or water or air
And I am this and that and we cant be together
What a lie when I see how everything is one
Everything contained in everything
And we could get together and feel alright
We could be loved.

And now Im here, far away and yet so close by

I feel you, I know you live
And we live together.

Late at night I pray for you at the garden altar.

I pray the universe embrace you in clear light
I pray we meet again, in love
I pray I be where my heart is

And my heart
Is with you
After all that weve been through.

I forgive you and myself for all

Everliving, everlasting
May we always rise and never fall
Thank you for life, thank you for all.