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RU Teacher Education Lesson Plan Format

Candidate Name: Taylor Franklin


Date: 10/11/2015

Grade Level:

Lesson Title/Topic: Language Art

Standards: Letter Recognition
Specific Observable Objective(s): if students can find the correct letter
Essential Vocabulary: Letters (A,B,C)
Assessment: Each student will get a turn to try and find the letters, the teacher
will then observe the students and see if they can find the letters they were given.
Student Considerations: Students that are having trouble sitting through the
book or their friends turns, can hold the book, or the will not have to sit through the
hole book, they can pick another choice.
Instructional Resources, Materials, and Technology: Book, Letter beads,
The Beginning : (5 Mins) a small group of students will be called over
to the rug, I will then ask them if they know what the book is about,
and I will then explain to them that every time there is a letter said
in the book they will look for the letter that matches in the beads and
put them on the tree.
The Middle: (20 min) I will read the book and each time there is a
letter I will ask one of the friends to find one the letter in the beads
and put them on the tree. Each student will get more than one turn,
and if a friend is having trouble the other friends can help.
The End (a.k.a. Closing): (5 min) In the end of the book all of the
trees fall off of the tree, so the students will then take all of the
letters off of the tree, I will them ask them to tell me which letters
they found.

Teacher Reflection on Practice (following the lesson):

1. What evidence did you collect to show your students attained todays
objective(s)? Please explain how you know which students did and did not
master your objectives. Use formative assessment data to support your claims
regarding the portion of students who did and did not master the learning
objective(s). Each student was able to find at least one letter that I asked
them to find, this tells me that they recognize some of the letters.
2. Based on the result of your assessment, what will you do tomorrow? Can you
go ahead as planned or will you need to reteach concepts from todays
lesson? (Explain how you will reteach and/or connect and feed forward.)
Some of the students would need to have this re done because they had
trouble with some of the letters, so before moving on I would retry this again.
3. If you have to teach this lesson again, what might you do the same and what
might you do differently? I would find different beads to use, I would try and
find beads with larger letters on them, also find lower case letters, so they can
find both upper case and lower case letters.