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Precautions for Each

Planet – Rahu-Ketu
Anita Khandpur, India

Anita Khandpur, born in Mumbai
in a business family took fashion
designing as a profession for 20
years and now her hobby of
astrology has turned into a full time
profession. She combines tarot cards
with astrology readings. Her wide
practical experience in years of
professional astrology has helped
her far deeper than most
astrologers in understanding and
testing some oft ignored methods.

al Kitab (Red Book) is a common
name heard by many people across
India. The remedies given in Lal
Kitab are very simple and require very
little time and they are inexpensive. There
are many books available in the market by
many authors and all of them have nearly
the same remedies. What is more
important to learn is what to avoid in life.
This has been my personal experience as a
professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing
with various category of charts & what it
has been observed by this scribe is that it
is not the remedies one does to solve ones
problems that an astrologer needs to tell
his clients but what the client should never
land up doing on his own which will cause
his downfall, this is what the astrologer
must warn his clients. This would be a 9
part series which I have culled out from
Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book,
which I have observed to work very well
in my experience over decades.

steel vessels and blue clothes from in-law. . Rahu in the 3H and Ketu in the 9H When Rahu is in the 3H. Snapshot 1. 5. a person has the art of playing/ twisting with his words. Do not stay separately from family. do not speak lies or make false promises. Do not use or keep ivory items with you. 2.Rahu . do not take electric items from in-laws. 2. When Rahu is in 2H. 3. When Ketu is in 8H. By doing the above things the married life of the native is spoilt and he faces ups and downs in financial gains. When Ketu is in 7H. Do not insult sweepers. do not keep rope (sutli) or navar (a broad type of rope which is used in cots at villages) at home in bundles.Ketu Rahu in the 1H and Ketu in the 7H Snapshot 1. 3. When Rahu is in 1H. Do not provide false evidence. Do not do any wrong karma in the temple. Do not tie a dog on the terrace of your house. 4. Avoid wearing blue or black clothes. 3. Rahu in the 2H and Ketu in the 8H Snapshot 1. 2. do not take electronic items.

Avoid consuming meat. Do not keep charcoal at home. Do not only repair or paint the ceiling or terrace of your house. do not curse your own destiny (mere naseeb mein aisa kyon). When Ketu is in 10H. Do not remarry taking a divorce. Do not have extra-marital affairs. fish and alcohol. do not take electrical equipments from in-laws. Do not let stagnant water gather around your house. 9. 2. When Ketu is in 9H. Rahu in the 4H and Ketu in the 10H Snapshot 1. 4. Do not change the place of your toilets. instead remarry your own wife again within the first year or whenever possible. It reduces the marital conflicts. Do not have an affair with elderly women. keep your character clean. Rahu in the 5H and Ketu in the 11H Snapshot 1. A dog and his offspring staying near are beneficial for your own children. Do not build a kitchen below the staircase. do not shoo away the dog that gives birth to puppies at or near your house or stays in or near your house.4. When you renovate or construct a house do not leave unfinished midway. When Ketu is in 11H. 2. 3. 4. 6. 5. 7. 8. 3. also paint the walls or Rahu will give negative results. blue clothes or steel vessels from in-laws. When Rahu is in 4H. . Do not take electric equipments.

Rahu in the 8H and Ketu in the 2H Snapshot 1. from a person who has no children. 3. Do not provide false evidence. do not buy property or house to stay. 5. When Ketu is in 2H. Do not keep a pet dog. When Rahu in 7H. do not stay in the last house of the society or last house at dead end of lane. If doing it then both husband and wife must keep a square silver piece in a silver bowl dipped in gangajal (Ganges water). 4. This gives a happy marriage (This can be done by any couple. 4. 5. Do not give false evidence. Avoid staying in south facing house. do not cheat others and take possessions of their things. When Ketu is in 12H. Do not take electric equipments. keep character clean. Do not spoil relations with brothers or you will be tensed about your own children. 3. When Ketu in 1H. . Do not spoil relations with in-laws.Rahu in the 6H and Ketu in the 12H Snapshot 1. any age during their marriage or who have got married before 21 years of age). 2. do not get married before 21 years of age. Do not spoil relations with in-laws. Rahu in the 7H and Ketu in the 1H Snapshot 1. blue-black clothes or iron items from in-laws. 6. When Rahu is in 8H do not cheat. 3. 2. 2. When Rahu is in 6H.

avoid eating non-veg foods. garlic and masoor dal on Thursdays. Do not become the head of the family. . back pain. instead offer him items related to Sun for growth in life. 5. Avoid taking iron and electronic items in dowry from in-laws. do not insult your family pundit. Do not refuse a gold ring and a cot from in-laws. Rahu in the 10H and Ketu in the 4H Snapshot 1. onion. Do not keep closed (not working) electronic items at home (clocks. waist or leg pain. Stay in joint family.). When Rahu is in 11H. It brings obstacles in work. watches. When Rahu is in 10H. 5. 4. 2. 2. 3. When Rahu is in 9H. Rahu in the 11H and Ketu in the 5H Snapshot 1. do not spoil relations with in-laws. To get protection apply kesar tilak. 4. mobiles etc. Avoid use of tobacco. When Ketu is in 4H.Rahu in the 9H and Ketu in the 3H Snapshot 1. do not spoil relations with in-laws. do not keep Saturn items under lock. 3. Avoid keeping your head uncovered in the Sun. 4. Do not keep rope (sutli) or navar bundles (rope which is used in cots in villages or dhabhas) at home. Do not have the outlet of dirty water from below the main door (umra). When Ketu is in 3H a person would usually suffer from body pain. 2. Do not provide false evidence or cheat others. (Saffron paste on centre of eyebrows) 5. When Ketu is in 5H. 3.

4. do not refuse a cot/bed and a gold ring from in-laws. Taking it will bring prosperity. When Ketu is in 6H. 2. When Rahu is in clothes. 5. 3. Do not take blue.Ketu as it would be unethical to disclose the negative side/events of their lifes. do not provide false evidence or tell lies. Do not be stubborn and avoid too much thinking and analysis. Do not fight with sisters or daughters. NOTE: No example charts are given in this chapter of Rahu.Rahu in the 12H and Ketu in the 6H Snapshot 1. . electric equipment or steel vessels from in-laws.

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