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208 Ridgely Ave.

, Annapolis, MD 21401 phone 410-268-4662
Let us help make your
holiday carefree!
let us bake for you!
Be sure to pick up a Christmas
Order form.
Deadline for Christmas orders is
Saturday, Dec. 19!
Special Bake menu Mon. - Thurs.
(12/21 - 12/24) - We will be
baking only what is on the
Christmas order form - yum all the favorites!

Looking for Fresh
& Affordable gift
ideas for loved
ones, teachers,
friends, employees and holiday
parties? We can help!
Check out the back page!

gifts for a whole
group of people?
We can Do it!
If we know ahead of time, we can bake
pretty much any bread on any day provided you need at least 8 or more of that
type of bread. We’ll put it in gift bags
and have it ready when you come!

december 2015 BrEadS
Daily: Honey Whole Wheat*-Old Fashioned White-challah-DAKOTA*Cinnamon Chip White-Sinful Cinnamon-Vanilla Almond Swirl Cranberry Crunch - EGGNOG SWIRL - WHITE CHOCOLATE CHERRY Candy Cane Bread - Christmas Tree Cinnamon Coffeecake Honey Bears


High Five Fiber*
Rye (rotation)
Holly Jolly Cranberry
Italian Herb Baguette
Harvest Buckwheat Brown Rice


Chocolate Babka



High Country Crunch*
Virginia Potato Rolls
Basil or Cracked Pepper
***Baker’s Choice bread & Pie



Nine Grain*
Pecan Swirl Log*
Rosemary Garlic*
Harvest Buckwheat Brown Rice
Low-carb Multigrain*
Pizza Bread
Stuffing Bread *

Cranberry Orange Wheat*
Cinnamon Swirl*
White Cheddar Garlic

Sweets spot...

Daily: Savory Scone - Mocha Scone - Lemon Blueberry Bliss Muffin Low-fat Oat Bran Fruit Muffin - Cappuccino Muffin - Pumpkin Muffin Red Velvet Muffin - Cinnamon Rolls - Vanilla Rolls - Chocolate Chip
Monday: Cranberry Orange Scone - Maple Nut Muffin & QB Healthy Benefit Muffin - Brown Rice Pumpkin Muffin Very Merry Chocolate Cherry Cookie
Tuesday: Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Scone - Baker’s Choice
Muffin & QB - Candy Cane Crunch Cookie or Chocolate Mint Cookie
Wednesday: baker’s choice scone - Gingerbread Muffin & QB MONSTER Cookie
Thursday : Caramel Apple Scone - Chocolate Brownie Muffin & QB Cranberry Walnut Cookie
Friday: Mocha Scone - Coconut Walnut Muffin & QB - St. Nickerdoodle
Cookie - Ginger Cookie
Saturday: Berry Cream Cheese Scone - BAker’s choice Muffin & QB BAker’s choice scone - Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 6 am-6 pm; Saturday 6 am-5pm

Holiday Gifting Order Form
Great Harvest Bread Co.
NAME __________________________
Phone # _________________________
Pick-up date ________________________

#1 - Ceramic Mini Loaf Pan - $8.75
Choose a festive Ceramic Loaf Pan, add a favorite Mini
Loaf and we’ll tie it all up with a beautiful bow.
How many? ________ What type of loaf? ___________

#2 - Bread “Kiss” - starting at $12.75
Choose one of our fancy tea towels, a scrumptious loaf
of bread or a 6 pack of cookies and we will gladly wrap
up your “now and later” gift - so beautiful!
How many? ______ What type of bread?_____________

#3 - Box of Macaroons - $13.75
A festive box with 6 giant macaroons - our very own
special recipe of sweetened condensed milk, coconut
and either orange zest or pineapple or chocolate chips.
How many? _______ What type of macaroons?_______

#4 - Junior Baker - $20
Choose between a gingerbread or a snowman apron,
add a 6 pack of giant cookies and a bright red spatula
and your Junior Baker will be the star of the show!
How many? ______ What apron? ____________________

#5 - Soup for the Season - $27
A ceramic bread warmer (aka trivet), an all natural
Frontier Soup Mix and a loaf of your choice of bread
will make any winter dinner even cozier!
How many? ______ What soup & Trivet? _____________

#6 - Go, Local! - $33.25
Includes Brenda’s Best Jam (made with all local fruit
and honey), Mr. B’s Honey (apiaries located in
Odenton), a Maryland trivet, and a 6 pack of our
classic and best giant Chocolate Chip Cookies.
How many? ______ What Jam & Trivet? _____________

#7 - Baker’s Delight - $50
You choose! We’ll tally up your choice of
cookies, whipped honey, bread knife, bread,
soup mix, biscotti, muffins, mini loaf, etc. until
you reach $50! What a gift!

Special holiday hours:
Sun. 12/20 ………………….. CLOSED
Mon. 12/21 …..………….6 AM - 6 pm
Tues. 12/22 …..…….…….6 am - 6 pm
Wed. 12/23 ……………....6 am - 6 PM
Thurs. 12/24………..6 am - 2 pm
Fri. 12/25 - CLOSEd - Merry Christmas!
Sat. - Sun. 12/26 - 12/27 - CLOSED
Mon. 12/28……………..6 am - 6 pm
tues. 12/29 ………6 am - 6 pm
Wed. 12/30………….6 am - 6 pm
**Thurs. 12/31 .. new year’s eve..6 am - 2 pm
Fri. 1/1/2016 - CLOSED - Happy New Year!
Saturday, Jan. 2 - Resume normal Hours!

Christmas week ...
**Special baking schedule**
Mon. - thurs. (12/21 - 12/24)
Christmas Tree Cinnamon Coffeecake
White Chocolate Cherry Bread
Eggnog Swirl
Honey Bear with a Cute Bow!
Christmas Pie...and lots more!

the perfect hostess gift?
Kentucky bourbon Bread!
Apricots, figs, dates, and golden raisins soaked in bourbon and apple juice . Then we add
whole wheat flour, butter, brown sugar, honey, eggs,
nutmeg, walnuts, and pecans and ...WOW!
Like all fine things, it only gets better with age!
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