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This temple of Lord Krishna is situated in Guruvayur at about 28 kms from Thrissur
of Kerala. The presiding deity is Sri.Unni Krishnan and the temple dates back to
1000-2000 years. The idol of the presiding deity Unnikrishnan in the temple is not one made of
stone or a metal but of a mixture called Padala Anjanam.
Lord Unni Krishnan-Kannan blesses devotees as a Child who showed from His mouth to His Mother
Yasodha the whole world with all its land, mountains, rivers, forests and all beings. It is believed that
those tying their wedding knots in this holy temple will have a long happy married life. Wedding
ceremonies are common and a daily routine in the temple. Parents pray here for healthy food for their
children, long happy wedded life and for cure from leprosy. Devotees, realizing their wishes offer things
of their choice to Lord equal to their weight, a practice called Thulabaram. Parents do the first rice
feeding (Choru Oottal in Tamil and Malayalam) to their children, a ritual called Anna prasanam in this
temple on April 14 each year being the Chithirai Vishu-Tamil New year day. It is their staunch faith that
Lord would take care of the child with nutritious food for ever.
The temple has 52 elephants. They only open temple doors. As an elephant carries Lord during
festivals, a running race is conducted among them and the winner elephant would thus become
eligible to carry the Lord during festivals. The temple will be opened at 3.00 a.m. and the first puja is
offered to Lord Krishna without removing the garlands etc. used in the previous day. This is known as
Nirmalya Puja. Abishek follows then. Many visit the temple on Chithirai 1st April 14 for the darshan
when the Melshanthi (chief priest) offers Kai Neettam offering a coin to the devotees considered a
gift direct from Lord. Handful of coins are offered to Kerala politicians that day. This means that with
the blessings of Lord Guruvayurappan-Lord Krishna, there wont be money shortage for the devotee
throughout the year.
Guruvayur is a place established by Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) and Vayu Bhagwan. The beneficial aspect
of Guru in ones horoscope brings in to him/her boundless benefits removing all evil aspects. Vayu
being the authority of wind is both soft and wild. He blows softly making people happy. He also blows
fast as a tempest destroying things. Lord Krishna was soft to Pandavas and a terrible hurricane to the
The idol of Lord Unnikrishna is made of a mixture called Padala Anjanam and not of stone or any
metal. It is also said that the idol was designed and made by Lord Himself. He gave the idol to His
devotee Uthava residing in Dwaraka and instructed him to deliver the idol to Brahaspathi-Guru
Bhagwan when Dwaraka would be swallowed by a tsunami and added that Guru can install it in a place
of his choice. As destined, Vayu became violent and blew fast. Sea became furious and devoured
Dwaraka. He picked the idol floating in sea water, brought here safely and installed it in this place. The
place derived its name from Guru and Vayu and became Guruvayur.
Chithirai Vishu-Tamil New Year Day falling almost on April 14 and Vrichika Ekadasi are the festivals
celebrated in the temple. The temple celebrates many Vaishnava festivals among which the Vrichika
Ekadasi is very important. The festival begins 18 days earlier.