Stendhal Gallery Announces Opening of Exhibition "Greetings from Daddaland: Flux us, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps" at Chelsea

, NY Stendhal Gallery will present the exhibition "Greetings from Daddadland: Fluxus Mail Art and Rubber Stamps" opening April 15 - May 29. The exhibition will consi st of mail art, posters, books, essays, artist postage stamps, documents, films on mail art and interview with Ray Johnson. New York, NY, March 20, 2010 -- Stendhal Gallery will present the exhibition, â Gre etings from Daddaland: Fluxus, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps,â opening April 15 - May 29. The exhibition is drawn from the collections of John Held, Jr. of San Fran cisco and Picasso (Daddaland) Gaglione of Chicago. The present Stendhal Gallery exhibition continues the exploration of avant-garde art Gaglione and Held began tracing together in the 1970s. Gaglione and Held pr esented a showcase for Fluxus, Mail Art and rubber stamp art at The Stamp Art Ga llery in San Francisco during the mid-1990s. The current exhibition documents th e galleryâ s activities through posters, exhibition catalogs, performance documenta tion, mail art, artist postage stamps, rubber stamp box sets made to commemorate the various exhibitions and excerpts from past Stamp Art Gallery exhibitions. Gaglione began creating rubber stamp box sets to accompany exhibitions by contem porary artists and to honor historic figures of the 20th Century avant-garde, wh o had influenced his artistic practice. In putting together the rubber stamp box sets, Gaglione and Held followed the example of Fluxus impresario George Maciun as in his production of Flux-Kits. These inexpensive yet elegant multiple editio ns set the tone for the production of these post-Fluxus editions. The Stendahl Gallery exhibition will recreate some of the more notable shows Gag lione and Held presented in the past, including the exhibition of Dutch artist, Ruud Janssenâ s, Rubber Stamp Archive, which includes rubber stamp impressions by F luxus artists. Janssen will lecture at Stendhal Gallery with curator John Held, Jr. Other artists shown in the exhibition include New York Correspondance School artists Ray Johnson and May Wilson, Arman, Robert Watts, and Mail Artists buZ b lurr, M. B. Corbett and G. A. Cavellini Several films will be shown during he exhibition, including a 1977 interview wit h Ray Johnson by curator John Held Jr., performances by Gaglione and Held, and d ocumentaries on Mail Art. A complete collection of over fifty Stamp Art Gallery catalogs were previously a cquired by the Museum of Modern Art Library, New York. Held has also compiled co llections for the Getty Museum and the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Ins titution. Curators: John Held Jr. and Picasso Gaglione Lecture on Mail Art and Ruber Stamp with Ruud Janssen and John Held Jr. at Stend hal Gallery, Saturday, April 17th, 1 p.m. This exhibition has been produced and organized by Harry Stendhal and partially sponsored by George Maciunas Foundation Inc. a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-for-pro fit arts organization. Contact : Harry Stendhal Stendhal Gallery 545 West 20th Street New York, NY 10011 2123661549

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