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AMEND the constitution

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN This house believes that the constitution should be amended

for the reason that:

There will always be imperfections in a constitution. Through the course of time, there
will be changes in society in which the constitution must bring light to in order to
improve and maintain the service to the Filipino people. Laws and institutions must go
hand in hand with the progress of the human man. We cannot continue to uphold the
This is a good example of the need to amend the Constitution as the environment
changes. When the 1987 Constitution was ratified, the Philippines had just emerged from
a Marcos regime that had economically plundered the country aside from persecuting all
forms of dissent. The Philippines was the second wealthiest country, next only to Japan,
at the beginning of the beginning of the 21- year economically destructive Marcos rule.
At the end of this regime, the Philippines was the sick man of Asia.
As our society and country changes, we need to assure that the constitution remains a
living document and not lost in the times. Leaders should pledge themselves to the law as
the people should remain observant so that the Constitution will completely fulfill its true
purpose and become a told for the realization of economic opportunity and social justice.
(medyo paraphrased kaya I will just red this lol)
Change in the constitution should not be done for a particular moment in time, but rather
to set the foundation our society thrives upon.

+ The 1987 constitution does not answer the call of the present times
The constitution is not an immortal document immune to change. The
constitution should evolve with the times and society. Many things have changed since
the constitution was written and its contents should reflect these changes for the benifit
of the people. Issues now are different, globalization and climate change were not
problems before. Back then China was a poor country, technology was not as advanced
as today, over the years there has been drastic rise in inflation. Why be afraid of change
if it is the only constant thing in this world.
+ The 1987 constitution does not have an anti-trust law or laws that prohibits
monopolies and encourage competition between businesses. Take as an example
Meralco owned by the Lopez family. They are the only distributor of electricity in the
NCR. So regardless if they raise the amount, we are left with 2 choices, pay or have no
electricity. This will not be the case if there are other electricity distribution companies.

+ Our constitution is overly-centric on Manila. It lacks laws that represent other

regions more fully. It has no laws that encourage the spread of our economy to the other
parts of the country which is one of the reasons why Manila is over congested. This
forces our regional countrymen to migrate to Manila which is becoming more congested
+ Amending the constitution will give way to economic liberalization
Everyone but everyone that matters recognizes the reality of the global world
today and that opening up the economy to a wholly level playing field can only benefit
the people.
It will bring greater levels of investment integrating the Pihilippines more into the worlds
economy. As it now stands, the constitutional restrictions will make it difficult for the
country to be part of the Trans pacific partnership agreement.
+ It was a post dictatorship constitution
It was a reactionary constitution developed in reaction to the excesses of the
marcos regime, and at a time when developing a national identity overrode a need for
balance . Consequently, it ended up far too detailed when general policy and ideology
are what a constitution calls for.
+ It may answer the unconstitutionality of the BBL and end political dynasties
Constitutionality issues already posed a challenge to the bill with critics saying it creates
a substate. By amending the constitution, it will answer the unconstitutionality of the
BBL and end political dynasties by providing self-executing provisions in the

Changing the charter is of course not the silver bullet that turns the Philippines instantly
into a progressive country.It is not magic that you expect to change in a snap. But it is
an enabler that will create a road leading to it. It is a process that would take time.
Only 4 presidential democracies were able to last for more than 40 years. The rest were
turned into chaos and/or dictatorships.