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Measuring memories
with help from
the Music Yard, P. 4
Postal Customer
Granite Bay, CA 95746

U.S. Postage Paid
Permit #275
Roseville, CA


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Granite Bay’s sports
stars headed for
universities, P. 38
11/20/15 5:23 PM

Dine, Shop & Enjoy!

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The Farmer’s Market
is back each Sunday
morning. Stop by for
some fresh vegetables and
support your local farmers!

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Beautifully Inspired Living

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Spaces are available for lease from 526 sf and up.
If you are interested in becoming a part of Quarry Ponds,
contact us today!

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Quarry Ponds
Partnering with
Placer SPCA

Quarry Ponds will host the Pet Mobile on
Saturday, Dec. 19th from 10am to 1pm in
the parking area. Stop by to adopt a pet
or just see the adorable animals and learn
more about supporting your local SPCA.

Capital Pacific Company, 7110 Douglas Blvd.,
Granite Bay CA 916-782-8777

11/20/15 5:23 PM

Faces in the winter shades 24



And of course, how many
here’s something about
the brittle, brass-colored Christmas Eves did I spend
leaves fluttering in the au- talking to my own grandfather,
tumn wind that stimulates the Russ Lindgren, who sailed as a
memory; that summons back gunner on the battleship U.S.S.
the warmth of chimney stoves Colorado during World War
and firesides of the past and II and survived watching his
opens doorways to the half-for- friends be killed by Kamikaze
pilots during the Battle of Leyte
gotten rooms and faces.
As a reporter, I suppose these Gulf. Despite the massive naicy evenings summon my own val clashes he took part in, my
ghosts of Christmas pasts — all grandfather only enjoyed telling funny stories about
those who shared their
the war, like what it
life stories with me bewas like to brawl with
fore wandering into
drunken sailors while
the ether. I can still
guarding whiskey rafeel the bone-chilling
tions, or how a clarinet
sunset when I spent
player from New Orlehours interviewing a
ans single-handedly
96-year-old World War
resurrected the woeII vet named Jock Thefully terrible jazz band
baut. He told tales of
scott thomas
commanding a Liber- anderson, Editor on his ship.
Jock. George. My
ty Ship during the battles for New Guinea, punctuat- grandfather. All gone.
But it’s one thing to be gone;
ing it with a flashback of being
hung-over from Australian beer it’s something different to be
as his ship prepared to run a forgotten. And perhaps that’s
gauntlet of enemy submarines why we remember people most
during the holidays. The bitwhile pulling out of Sidney.
I can remember walking ter cold outside bites us and
under frosty eves and moonlit reminds us of our own fragiliclouds on my way to interview ty; but the warmth inside the
George Milardovich. He’d rooms where our family and
been a U.S. Marine who was friends are waiting sends the
actually on guard duty when opposite sensation. Embers
the Japanese bombed Pearl in a fireplace glow with powHarbor, which left him run- er long after the flame is gone.
ning across airfields and fir- Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the
ing at planes with his service warmth people have given in
rifle. Milardovich saw fierce the past becomes the real gift,
fighting later at Guadalcanal, as it emanates from us and
through us into the future.
Guam and Iwo Jima.

Release the culinary Kraken
at Yianni's Greek Diner.



Granite Bay High School athletes
sign for college.


The Music Yard makes great
sounds a family affair.
coVEr photo • courtEsy

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Have a blue Cabo Christmas.

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Granite Bay ranchers and
farmers go all natural.

SF-Style Cioppino

A monthly service
that provides
healthy, nutritionally
balanced meals,
freshly prepared and
personally packaged
by trained chefs.

Want to eat Fresh Foods but
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Pullman Kitchen Quarry Ponds Center
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11/20/15 5:23 PM


of talent

and then some

The Music Yard plays into region’s sweet sounds
By EilEEn Wilson

f you have a child over the
age of 10, you’ve likely rented
a musical instrument, and
may have even found yourself schlepping all the way
to Loomis or Sacramento in
search of quality gear and music lessons. If that trek has gotten old, there’s a new business
that you can visit located just
15 minutes from Granite Bay
— and quality is its main missions statement.
Jeff and Rachel Gill opened
the Music Yard in August, and
they have already rented more
than 500 instruments.
A Granite Bay resident, Jeff’s
professional background is in
online marketing but his passion has always been music. It
is something he learned at his
father’s side, practically growing up in the family’s music
store in the East Bay.
Jeff progressed from
taking naps in the
of his



Music Yard
Where: 5104 Commons
Drive, Rocklin

family’s shop to teaching music
to students when he was a teenager. He played a number of orchestral instruments in high
school and at University of California, Santa Barbara. College
is also where he met Rachel.
After travelling throughout
Europe for 6 months, the couple
decided to settle in the Granite
Bay and Rocklin area because
they heard it was an
excellent place to
raise a family.

Their three daughters have the only facility in the
now made the Music Yard a area to deal in Yamaha
family affair. The couple says instruments.
they couldn’t be happier.
And patrons love the store.
• continEd on
“We’re having a lot of fun,”
PaGE 6
Rachel said. “And the kids are
having a great time ‘helping’.”
In addition to a bright and
clean space, the Music Yard
offers a wide variety of
music lessons. It
also holds the
of being


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11/20/15 5:23 PM

Debbie Austin

keller Williams top producing real estate Agent

SpeciAlizinG in homeS SAleS in GrAnite BAy, rocklin, roSeville & FolSom | 916.223.8144
CalBRE# 01429175








Luke 2: 9-14

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Debbie Austin is a true professional with the client’s best interest at heart. As an
Active Duty Air Force member stationed overseas, I could not have imagined
a smoother or more seamless transition in the home listing & selling process.
~ Matt Briggs Chief, Command Post & U-2 Instructor Pilot, United States Air Force - 99th Recce Sq

Merry Christmas
11/20/15 5:23 PM

“Yamaha is the gold standard,” Jeff remarked. “They are
really picky about who carries
their brand — the company
came to visit and they did a
demographic analysis before
allowing us to carry them.”
The Music Yard’s prices for
Yamaha are competitive.
“I really wanted to offer Yamaha,” Jeff said. “If you give a
child a $200 trumpet, it might
work in the short run, but really, the lesser brands are more
like toys. They might last only
a year or two, and they don’t
have a great sound.”
From basic Taylor Swift songs
to advanced music for veteran
performers, the Music Yard’s
lessons cater to all skill levels.
The store has been careful to
seek out instructors who are not
only musically gifted, but also
great with kids and adults alike.

“Yamaha is the gold
standard. They are
really picky about who
carries their brand —
the company came to visit
and they did a demographic
analysis before allowing us
to carry them.”
Jeff Gill, Music Yard

“I ask myself, ‘would I want
this person teaching my daughter?’” Jeff said.
The facility currently has 8
private practice rooms with
glass doors and a comfortable
waiting area that includes a
children’s library, relaxing
furniture and a television that
streams Netflix.

Parents waiting for the kids to finish lessons at the
Music Yard can relax in front of a streaming Netflix service.

The Music Yard had made recruiting the right instructors a top priority.



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11/20/15 5:23 PM

Beyond lessons and sales,
the Music Yard continues to
boast an in-house instrument
repair professional and experienced Luthier technician.
“The Luthier school in Arizona, where I was training,
included guitar design, guitar
construction and guitar repair,” said David Lardizabal,
the Music Yard’s fix master.
With Lardizabal’s talents
onboard and a growing host
of instructors, the Music Yard
is building a bigger clientele
by the day.
The business is currently
offering a free initial lesson to
the first five people who call
and mention the Granite Bay
View magazine.
In the mean time, there is no
shortage of current customers
who find its emphasis on quality music to their ears.

A student at the Music Yard practices on the ivory keys.


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11/20/15 5:23 PM

at granite bay's
Moore Natural Ranch

By Eileen Wilson



hink you’re getting the
best meat available when
buying the priciest cuts
from your grocery store?
Think again.
How is quality meat possible when livestock is raised
using methods that grow an
animal to maximum size with
unnatural feed and in an unnatural setting? Commercial
animals are bred to live short
lives, and thanks to artificial
reproduction they don’t have
the instinct or wherewithal to
live outdoors on their own. Just
a quick visit to your local farm
will have you taking stock of
what you are putting in to your
body. A non-mega farm can

help you learn about heritage
breeds and why it’s important
to have animal diversity within a healthy, natural environment. You don’t have to go out
and source your own animals
like famed author Michael Pollen when writing his best-seller “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,”
because Moore Natural Ranch
in Granite Bay can teach you
all the same lessons.
Cathy Moore has a degree in
biological sciences with an emphasis on immunology. Early
on her training made her think
about high rates of cancers and
what her family was eating. If
you’ve studied the commercial
meat industry at all, you know
• continued on Page 10


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11/20/15 5:24 PM

Luxury Home • 4473 Greenview Drive • Price AvAiLAbLe uPon request • serrAno, eL DorADo HiLLs
A Luxury European Style Villa on two acres designed for ultimate resort style living. This
luxurious 9500+ square foot estate includes both a pavilion and private casita while offering
breathtaking views of the golf course and valley. There is an additional 3000+ square feet of
loggias for relaxation or entertainment. This opulent estate merges Old World designs and
materials with impressive modern conveniences. There are extraordinary details from its
Genoese style roof, custom cut stone walls, Jerusalem limestone floors, ancient groin vaulting,
and artisan plaster. Plush exterior features abound with ponds, fountains, an elegant pool,
two spas and gardens encompassing more than 100 species of flowers and plants.

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11/20/15 5:24 PM

that you don’t really want to
know everything that happens
before a pork chop gets to your
Today the “Farm-To-Fork”
movement is really taking hold,
and it’s not hard to understand
why: People care about what
they eat, and how the animals
are raised.
At Moore Ranch there are no
commercial breeds. Every approach involves Heritage animals — i.e., the animals that
our great grandparents would
have had on their farms.
“We are the only breeders
of Tamworth pigs in Northern
California,” Cathy Moore said.
“Gestation for a baby pig is
about three months, and these
pigs are excellent mothers. A
commercial animal isn’t capable of caring for young on its
own. These pigs are very gentle, take excellent care of their
piglets and are the oldest and
purest breed of pig, from the
original feral animal.”
While the animals at Moore
Ranch are friendly and good
to their young, what most consumers care about is the ultimate meat product.
“Heritage breeds retain their
muscular integrity, and they
are much higher in vital nutrients in their meat,” Cathy
Moore noted.
It’s a very different story
with the packages you buy at
your neighborhood grocery.
“The animals that are in
stores — they can’t live outside, and they can’t take care
of their young,” Steve Moore
explained. “I had a heart attack
a number of years ago, and I
know that watching cholesterol


moore natural ranch

Hen turkeys available at this
time for Christmas or New
Years.  These turkeys come
frozen, but are also fabulous.
Info: (916) 532-6622 or

“Our prime roasts are
served in the finest
restaurants in San Francisco
and even Chicago.”
Cathy Moore, Moore Natural Ranch
biological scientist

is important. There is less cholesterol in our pigs than there is
in chicken.”
Some high-end restaurants
are starting to turn to Moore
Natural Ranch and other farms
that carry heritage breeds as a
healthier alternative for their
“Our prime roasts are served
in the finest restaurants in San
Francisco and even Chicago,”
Cathy Moore said. “The end
result is about $9 a pound for
the meat, and the product is
so high in antioxidants, and so
good for you. It’s like night and
day, comparing these meats to
commercial meats.”
Beyond the beef Moore
Ranch is raising livestock that
includes Brahma chickens,
Katahdin sheep (a breed that
has hair rather than wool) and
Bourbon Red turkeys, which
the ranch sold out of during
Thanksgiving in 2014. Cathy
said the Bourbon Reds are heritage turkeys that have been
voted as the favorite in taste

tests across the nation. They
are tender and their meat falls
off the bone.
The Moores also deal in
delicious fresh eggs. The
family remains proud of
their quality animals
and the fact that
all of their breeds
were once on the
Livestock Conservancy Watch List,
threatened or nearly extinct. In the end, it’s about treating animals with the loving
care they deserve and to offer a
peaceful process at the conclusion of the animals’ lives.
“There’s no bad days for our
animals,” Steve Moore emphasized
And no bad meals for his
customers, either.
Visit More Natural Ranch online at
to find out how you can enjoy
the freshest, healthiest meats.


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11/20/15 5:24 PM


Homes That Dream Are Made Of
(916) 780-1701 •

Enjoy a Holiday Light Tour
With Family and Friends

Granite Bay

Call us for all your Holiday Parties
New Years Eve transportation
We do corporate event planning
Get your Kings and concert tickets from us
Ask about our Golden 1 Center suite packages
Jet packages for Vegas
We are your complete VIP Concierge company!
Call today for your free $100 gift card!
Expires Jan. 31. Call for Details

Packages starting at $149

Limousine service up to 8 passengers. Call for details.
Larger vehicles available.

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8850 Auburn-Folsom Rd., Ste. E, Granite Bay

916-781-LIMO (5466)
11/20/15 5:24 PM

Getting a good night’s
sleep naturally
story and photos
By Anne Stokes

Tucked In, Auburn’s new
natural bedding store offers
customers the highest quality
of organic and natural
bedding and mattresses.


t’s estimated that we spend
a third of our lives asleep.
With an average life expectancy of 80 years, that equates
to 24 years in bed for most
Americans. As consumers become more health-conscious,
many are looking to incorporate better and organic aspects into their everyday lives,
including in the bedroom.
“If you can make some
changes in your sleep, it’s very
beneficial,” said Brandy Alvis,
owner of Tucked In. “Healthy
sleep, and focusing on health
and wellness go hand and
hand. By making an adjustment in your mattress and in
your bedroom, makes a huge
Newly opened in downtown
Auburn, Tucked In is a natural
bedding and mattress store
that aims to help customers
have a healthy night’s sleep.
“Our whole focus here is
the ritual of sleep, everything
from falling to sleep, to staying asleep, and of course,
waking up,” explained Alvis.
“We offer everything sleep-related, focusing on natural fibers, sometimes organic, it’s
always focused on nature and
the real mindfulness of staying away from chemical exposure in mattresses. Here, it’s
all about high-end bedding.”
Such chemical exposure
comes from the federal government’s good intentions.
Adopted in 2012, the government mandated flammability
standards to ensure mattresses were not combustible.
“The main way to pass the
test is by the use of chemical
flame retardants, and there’re


Dec GBView.indd 12

11/20/15 5:24 PM

“Our whole focus here is the ritual of
sleep, everything from falling to sleep, to
staying asleep, and of course, waking up,”

Tucked In owner
Brandy Alvis hopes
to offer customers a
better, healthier way
to sleep with natural
and organic bedding
options. Her shop
also carries naturally
scented candles,
essential oil diffusers,
luxurious bedding,
and other gift items.
very few natural flame retardant solutions,” said Alvis. “It’s
really uncommon for (many)
mattress makers, especially
the big guys, to use a chemical-free or chemical-less or
natural fire retardant solution
because it’s difficult to come
by and it’s really expensive.”
Tucked In carries Naturepedic organic mattress options
that eschew the use of such
chemical fire retardants. In lieu
of polyurethane foam, which
is standard in most mattress
products, Naturepedic opts instead to create their products
with natural elements, such as
organic latex and cotton. These
natural fibers have other additional benefits as well.
“Sleeping on natural fibers
help with temperature regulation,” said Alvis. “It’s a very
healthy, breathable surface.
Natural cottons, wools, and
silks help wick away the moisture from your body, wick away
that humidity, so it helps your
body self-regulate. Synthetic fi-

Brandy Alvis, owner of Tucken In

Where: 218 Washington St. Ste. D, Auburn
Hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday
through Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday
Info: (530) 745-4317 or

bers and synthetic foams hold
the heat next to the surface of
your skin and they don’t help
your body naturally acclimate.”
“Natural rubber is also naturally dust mite resistant and
anti-microbial,” she added.
Compared to conventional,
big-name labels, organic mattresses are similarly priced
when you compare and contrast all the bells and whistles.
“It’s certainly an investment, it’s in the upper-tier category, but for the name brands
it’s about the same price,” she
explained. “The difference is
that all of our beds have a 20year warranty and they’re all
made in the United States. If
you compare apples to apples,
our beds aren’t going to feel
any different than a mainstream mattress. They’re going to be just as comfortable,
so you’re not compromising
comfort and luxury to sleep on
an organic mattress.”
Tucked In also stocks an
array of sleep accoutrements

such as luxurious and organic
cotton sheet sets, pillows, and
sleep ware, essential oil diffusers and scents, and candles.
“Everything in here has no
synthetic fragrances, they’re
all natural fragrances,” said
Alvis. “All of our candles are
made from pure soy or a beeswax combination, so they
burn very cleanly. It’s a nice
way to add an extra touch to
your bedroom environment,
your office, or bathroom.”
“We certainly have lots of
really fun gift ideas for kids,

bamboo swaddle blankets, we
also have some really beautiful
bamboo pajamas for kids,” she
continued. “We also pride ourselves on helping grandparents
understand the importance of
organic bedding. It’s ironic that
it’s a new phenomenon because
in reality, everything here is
made the old-fashioned way.
We have a baby registry as well
and we help people understand
if their daughter or daughterin-law is very specific on what
type of gifts, we can sort of shed
a light on the ‘why.’”


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11/20/15 5:24 PM

dining view

Old School values
at Old town Pizza
story and photos By EilEEn Wilson

150 Sacramento
Street, Auburn
436 Lincoln
120 Church



wouldn’t have thought it
sensible to drive all the way
to Old Town Auburn just to
have a slice of pizza. Turns out,
most of my friends, neighbors
and co-workers know all about
Old Town Pizza — they’ve been
making the 25 minute drive to
get the area’s best slice for years.
And by the time this story
goes to print you won’t have
to travel to Auburn anymore.
There’s an Old Town Pizza
opening in Roseville.
But maybe the ambiance in
Auburn is what you’ve come to
love, nearly as much as the coveted pizza. Housed in an historic brick building, the basement location features checked
tablecloths, an assortment of
Old West themed memorabilia,
and a beer and pizza menu that
are more than worth the drive.
Family owned, the Brownings purchased the restaurant
in 2002 after enjoying pizza

there for three years. When
the original owners were ready
to sell, the Browning family
jumped at the chance. Both
the Auburn and Lincoln establishments have won numerous
awards for best pizza every year.
A perpetual favorite on the
menu is the Auburn Aloha, a
take on traditional Canadian bacon and pineapple that
includes cashews, giving the
dish just the right crunchy
texture. Another favorite is the
Gunfighter’s Pesto, a concoction that includes fresh, handmade pesto sauce, tomatoes,
fresh basil, garlic and feta; and
you likely already know that
handmade pesto, made with
the freshest ingredients, has
a complex flavor that makes a
delicious dish no matter how
it’s served.
Manager Kim Darling explains that fresh is best when
• continuEd on PaGE 18

2015 •• GRANITE

Dec GBView.indd 14

11/20/15 5:24 PM

Cinnamon Spice Walnut Muffins – Makes 36 Mini Muffins
A tasty high-protein, anytime snack rich in fiber and lower in carbohydrates. I like to make
them in mini muffin tins and keep them in the freezer so I won’t eat them all at once! For
the almond meal and wheat bran, I use Bob’s Red Mill brand. Replace those super-sized,
high sugar sweets and enjoy these during the holidays with a dab of butter. Recipe adapted
from The Eades Low Carb Comfort Foods Cookbook.


12 oz organic light cream cheese, soft
5 whole eggs, high quality omega-3 rich
1/4 cup organic honey or coconut sugar
(you can also use 1/4-1/2 cup sugar substitute if you like)
2 tsps vanilla
1 1/2 cups almond meal
1 cup unprocessed wheat bran

1 tsp baking powder
2 tsps ground cinnamon
1 tsp of your choice of seasonings (pumpkin pie
spice, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg)
1 cup chopped walnuts (or any other nut, or combo
with ground flax or chia seeds)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Put cream cheese and two eggs in the bowl of an electric mixer and
beat until smooth. Add the remaining eggs, one at a time, beating briefly after each. On slow
speed, stir in the rest of the ingredients except the walnuts. When mixture is well blended, stir
in the walnuts.
Lightly grease 3 mini muffin pans (hold 12 each) and fill almost to the
top - they will rise only slightly and brown lightly – and bake muffins
Paula Hendricks,
Certified Nutrition and
for about 18-20 minutes.
Wellness Consultant

Dec GBView.indd 15

11/20/15 5:24 PM

$20 tic
n drop
at mid
VIP av

Rotary Club of Granite Bay – New Member Inductions

Michael Padilla

Wed. 6-8pm

HAPPY HOUR • Mon. - Fri. • 3pm to 6pm

Taco Tuesday $1 Street Tacos
Buy 1 Entrée & 2 Beverages,
Get the 2nd Entrée

1/2 Price

From Left to Right:
Al Savery is the sponsor
for Eric Tozer and Jack May is
the sponsor for Beverly Chang.

Excluding Seafood. One Coupon per table. Expires 1/13/16

8657 Auburn Folsom Road • Granite Bay
Now Open Sundays 12-4pm

Dec GBView.indd 16

Want to learn more about
Rotary in your neighborhood?
Please contact:
Jack May- membership - (916) 580-7643

11/20/15 5:24 PM

Tis The Tamale Season!

Santa’s Helpers
are ready to
take your
orders @

Scan for
More info

4060 Douglas Blvd. Granite Bay 916.772.7770

Timothy Rood, M.A., L.M.F.T.
Providing services to families
and individuals for over 25 years

Family and individual therapy ~ Private mediation/CCRC
FC3111 & EC730 Child Custody Evaluations
Special Master/Parenting Coordinator
Co-parenting ~ Reunification ~ Supervised Visitation
Consultations ~ Divorce Coach/Child Specialist ~ Expert witness
Office: 916.492.6246


Tess' Kitchen Store
in Historic Downtown Grass Valley
• Incredible selection with three
floors of premium cookware.
• Large selection of Fancy Foods
including gourmet cheeses from
around the world.
• Cooking school offering
hands-on classes and our famous
Chef’s Table Dinners.
• Private events available.

Come to tess' for the tools
and knowledge to
be a better Cook

(916) 784-1313

(916) 934-0965

Award winning breakfast,
lunch and now dinner!
Wraps, Burgers, Salads
and Sandwiches.
Beer, Wine and over
35 Different Mimosas

Open Thanksgiving 6 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Open Christmas Eve 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.

115 Mill Street • Downtown Grass Valley

Dec GBView.indd 17
11/20/15 5:24 PM

it comes to giving diners what
they want.
“Our dough is made fresh
every day and we get the freshest ingredients and produce
daily, as well,” Darling said.
The portions here aren’t stingy. A small pizza is plenty for
most, and was dinner and lunch
the following day for me. If you
aren’t a pizza lover, the salads
are fresh, as well, and the meatball sliders are prepared popping and pack a punch. Other
menu items include calzones,
pizza burritos, wrap dogs ― allbeef hot dogs wrapped in pizza
dough and filled with cheese
and toppings ― and even a
chicken Caesar sandwich. In
addition, the lunch menu incudes a slice and a soda for $4.50
and homemade soup and sliders for $7.50. Old Town also has
gluten free pizza dough, which
is popular.
In addition to kids’ menus,
soft drinks and juices, Old
Town’s bar offers wines from
California and Italy, and a variety of IPA beers. There are
four rotating tap handles, and
last month’s offering included


“It’s the pizza, the
ambiance, and many people
make us their regular
stop on the way from the
Sacramento area or the Bay
Area when they are headed
to the mountains.”
Kim Darling, Old Town Pizza
auburn Manager

Travelers Grapefruit Ale and
Sierra Nevada Narwhal.
“We also carry a lot of craft
beers from across California,”
Darling said.
Diners come from Sacramento, Elk Grove and even Reno.
“It’s the pizza, the ambiance, and many people make
us their regular stop on the
way from the Sacramento area
or the Bay Area when they are
headed to the mountains,”
Darling explained.
Old Town also offers a variety of desserts each day, including a heavenly gluten free,
flourless chocolate cake.


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11/20/15 5:24 PM

Two Green Thumbs
Indoor Plant Care

RichaRd a. BoRghi
o.d., a.p.c.


Servicing plants in the
Foothills area for over 30 years

SeRving gRanite Bay Since 1988

• Private Homes
• Commercial
• Customized Maintenance
Call Kris for a free estimate


Ask about our
50% OFF Special

6049 douglaS Blvd. Suite #23
gRanite Bay, ca 95746
(916) 791-2020
(916) 791-3388


The Terraces of Roseville

Independent Living
Apartments starting at
$2050 a month

retirement living

6505 Rutherford Canyon Road • Loomis
Situated in the mature vineyard estate



community of Sierra de Montserrat is this
Stunning Tuscan Farmhouse utilizing the clean
lines of contemporary design to create a peaceful
environment. This beautiful home offers four
bedrooms with an office which opens to the
front patio and soothing water feature. The
magnificent great room and kitchen open to the
covered patio and deck leading to the infinity
edge pool, spa and sundeck. As they arrive
through your private gate guests are immediately
taken in with the lush landscape, water fall and
ample parking. The back yard features a fire pit,
bocce ball court, beautiful roses and expansive
views of the heritage oaks and grape vines which
define this exclusive neighborhood.

Ladon MeLLen
CalBRE #01255837

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dennis Harrington

CalBRE #01931549

11/20/15 5:24 PM

What you need
to know about selecting
your next floor covering.
By Donnie Gupton
Precision Flooring is celebrating its
30th year of business and has been a
leader in helping homeowners find the
flooring solution that best suits their
needs. With our years of experience we
have learned a thing or two and below
we will share some of that with you.
1. Lifestyle is most important – There
are thousands of flooring options, some
better than others. How you and your
family live on the floor will be a major
factor on which floor you select. There
is no perfect floor but being educated
and having expectations set properly is
a huge key to the overall experience.
Dogs and kids add a lot of traffic and
will require a more durable floor.
Families that take their shoes off before
entering their home experience longer
last flooring. A single individual might
be able to make any floor work with
their lifestyle. It’s pretty simple the
more the traffic that faster the floor
wears. Make sure you know all the
preventive maintenance tips.
2. Hardwood still rules – Hardwood
flooring is still king of the industry.
Hardwood flooring is very durable but
there is a lot to know. Should I buy solid or engineered? Is engineered hardwood real hardwood? What species of
wood is right for me? Is hardness of the
wood everything? What types of finishes are available? What types of textures
should I consider for my family and
home? All of these are great questions
and there are a ton more to know.
The trends in the hardwood world are
always changing. Here are a few of the
top trends. Wider is better. A lot of
wide plank flooring is on the market
today. Board length is becoming more
important and the lengths keep getting
longer. Consumers are more ok with
natural characteristics of hardwood
than ever before. Knots and mineral
streaks are now a thing of beauty.
Matte finishes are being purchased
more and more. The lower the sheen
the less imperfection you see.
Knowing all your options and being
educated about hardwood is extremely
important before purchase. Not all
options are good for every lifestyle and
can leave you unhappy if you don’t
know what you are buying.
3. Carpet is getting softer – Carpet is
carpet, but now carpet manufacturers
are seeing how soft they can make
them. With nylon fibers like Stainmaster Tru soft and Tactesse Nylon you
have plenty of comfortable options.
Even your low pile carpets feel softer
to the touch.

Just like every other part of the industry, durability and longevity is always at
the premium. Carpet has made great
strides with these characteristics as
well. Solution died nylons are making
carpets more stain resistant than ever.
4. Is that Laminate? Laminate is one
of the more durable flooring options
you can put in your home. You need to
make sure you know the AC rating on
your laminate so you have an idea of
durability. As durable as it is, laminate
is not a lifetime product and it is not
easy to repair at all.
The new designs available are incredible now, as it is becoming more and
more difficult to tell the difference
between hardwood and premium laminates. The best laminates have the least
pattern repeat from box to box.
Formaldehyde is a dangerous compound to bring in to your home and
laminates are notorious for having
a high count of formaldehyde. As a
consumer, make sure you are buying
CARB compliant laminate.
5. Luxury Vinyl is the new player in
town. Vinyl flooring has always been a
great product for the home, it is one of
the most moisture resistant floors that
you can buy. Until a few years ago vinyl
tiles and planks did not exist in the
residential market because of vinyl’s
natural tendency to shrink. With new
technologies this no longer a concern.
The vinyl tiles and planks are some of
the best looking alternative flooring
options on the market. The luxury
vinyl tiles are warmer underfoot, softer,
quieter and easier to install than stone
or ceramic tiles.
The planks provide a nice hardwood
look and the visuals continue to improve. Like hardwood you will see a lot
of wide plank options. You get the look
of wood with the moisture resistance
of vinyl.
6. Is this all we know? There are a ton
of flooring options out there. This is
just scratching the surface of information available.
Precision Flooring offers hardwood,
carpet, laminate, vinyl, cork, bamboo,
rubber and water proof products. Our
consultants are equipped with specialized knowledge on how to select the
best flooring for your home & lifestyle.
You can access this information by:
Calling 916-235-7542 • Visiting our
showroom at 8789 Auburn Folsom
Road Granite Bay, CA 95746

8789 Auburn Folsom Road, Granite Bay
916.235.7542 |

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If only gaps in your coverage
were this easy to spot.

Come in today and see how Farmers® can help you find them.
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Laminate starting at $ 99 With Free Padding!
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Timberbrooke Construction

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Kitchen and Bath Remodels • Decks and Patio Covers
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Dan Bergendahl POOL TECH
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Sierra College Blvd.

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Granite Bay
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Mortgage Loan Originator
1400 Rocky Ridge Dr
Roseville, CA 95661
Cell: 916-768-5584
NMLS# 457719

11/20/15 5:25 PM

Happy Holidays from

Call Bill to f ind your perfect home...

Bill Sadek
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(916) 768-1222


Granite Bay
Area Specialist
BRE# 00970296

Top Producer
Year After Year

11/20/15 5:25 PM

detour before dark
A chef at Yainni’s brings out
a bowl of Saganaki, a slosh
of Kasseri cheese and Metaxa
set on fire over the table.


Gordian knots
By Scott Thomas Anderson



he word “Opa” — energizing in its effect, nebulous
in its origin, for centuries
Greeks have appealed to the
muses of wine and song by
yelling “Opa!” to escape life’s
pressures: Whether sounding
from Athenian parties or echoing from dim dining rooms in
Jersey, Opa’s invocation forms
a carousing lightning bolt to
hurl back at the gods of stress,
until those forces of anxiety
evaporate into a drink-fueled
soiree of fast dancing and
physical relief.
Around California’s capital,
the rarely talked about, scarcely written about hinterland of
Carmichael is where “Opa” is
most often proclaimed. Exploring the phenomenon means
stepping into Yainni’s Greek
Diner, a half-Hellenistic hideaway where older Greek and
Eastern Europeans drink side
by side with young, tattooed
Millennials, all crying “Opa!”
over skewers of meat, keyboard-crazed belly dancing
and flames engulfing molten
plates of cheese.
The work week is over for Sacramento journalist Raheem F.
Hosseini, who turns off a nondescript section of Fair Oaks
Boulevard to pull in front of
what looks like a misplaced
seaside bar. He strolls by a barren lot before hitting the door of
Yainni’s Greek Diner. Inside, an
upside-down armada of wine


glasses dangles above the oak
bar, enveloped in an artificial
apricot glow resembling a Mediterranean sunset. A friend is
waiting at a corner table, along
with a pita plate filled with
Tzatziki, Fiery Feta, Skordalia
and hummus. The Skordalia
is a moist minced garlic mash,
yellowed and cut with olive oil,
while the Fiery Feta hits the
tongue with a rich sapor under a sweet citrus burn. People
at nearby tables are digging
into the hummus, balancing
its thick mix of sour notes and
lemon touches with glasses of
beer or wine.
Greek musician Timos Zachariou unpacks his bulky keyboard behind Hosseini’s table.
Zachariou is a legend in this
neighborhood. He’s performed
all over the Peloponnese, as
well as for celebrated dignitaries across the U.S.  It’s not uncommon for the steely-haired
jokester to challenge patrons
to come up with a song request
he can’t bang out. With bygone
Greek ballads or the hits of
Frank Sinatra, Zachariou can
shift the room’s atmosphere

A dish of Yainni’s Loukaniko, Greek sausage sautéed with
olive oil, lemon and brandy, searched with bread and wine.
from a Vegas lounge to a manic rooftop dance party — and
he can do it in seconds. The
ambiance of Yainni’s is perfect
for the music master’s stylings,
with its cozy white walls and
creamy bronze trim dotted in
dripping vintage string-lights.
To Zachariou’s back, porcelain
Greek dolls watch from wood
ledges near a steel relief of a
ship sailing the Aegean. To his
side is a Classical painting of
Greek deities touching hands.
Another well known face
at the restaurant is Vasilis, a
Greek-American who’s a longtime waiter and customer favorite. Beyond explaining ev-

ery detail of Yainni’s cuisine,
Vasilis can also be found in the
parking lot every other Friday
night, roasting a full lamb’s
body on a spit over flames.
“What do you want to drink,
my friend?” Vasilis asks.
“Do you have any Greek beer
besides Mythos?” Hosseini inquires.
“Yeah, we’ve got Septem,”
Vasilis says. “It’s a Pilsner that’s
actually made by a guy who has
a winery in Evia, in Greece, who
decided he wanted to branch
out and have a microbrewery
too. It’s popular.”
Hosseini doesn’t hesitate.
Listening to the conversa-


Dec GBView.indd 24

11/20/15 5:25 PM



aheem F. Hosseini is a Sacramento-based journalist who
writes about underrepresented cultures and people
living on the periphery. Hard-hitting in his approach and
unapologetically literate, the newspaper vet recently spent an
evening at Yainni’s Greek Diner discussing a host of issues and
places, including the half-invisible suburb of Carmichael, the
city in which this conversation took place and the root of his
own education at Jesuit High School.

Yainni’s Greek Diner is one of the region’s most unique
culinary portals to the Mediterranean.
tion, Zachariou stops unwinding his microphone chord.
“Hey, you look Greek!” he calls
over to Hosseini. “You Greek?”
“No, but my dad is Persian,”
the reporter answers.
“Ah, ok,” Zachariou replies
with a smile. “Well, just south
of us!”
The cagey musician is soon
playing and, in the words of Billy Joel, “the regular crowd shuffles in.” Yainni’s Greek Diner
is owned by Marko and Rania
Tzikas. The couple has made
sure their menu incorporates
staples that travelers would
find on Athens’ Plaka or under
the candlelit overhangs of its
old Agora. Such dishes include
Yainni’s take on lamb shank,
prepared in roasted garlic,
rosemary and oregano sauce.
Lamb is common throughout
the area’s Greek kitchen, but
at Yainni’s the meat flakes off
the bone with a touch and then
hits the pallet in subtle flavors
mustered by its brown, butternuanced drippings. Morsels of
meat directly from the leg offer
a bloom in their succulent, fatty centrifuges.
Another dish the kitchen
crew at Yainni’s has mastered
is Souvlakia chicken, which
they present with an authentic nod to the Greek islands,
fiercely flame-licked yet still
tender enough to offer a wide
array of salt-touch accents and
hues of thyme.
Tonight, Vasilis is dropping
one of the restaurant’s modern
offerings on a number of tables:
Known as the Marko Burger,

this half-pound hybrid of seasoned beef and ground lamb
is served as a soft cluster of
juiciness augmented by Kaseri
cheese and Sriracha mayo. It’s
Grecian bliss for carnivores.
By mid-evening, Vasilis finds
a moment to grab the microphone and join Zachariou in a
duet, urging the crowd into a
raucous Greek dancing song.
The entire room claps and
smiles as the waiter belts out
the Old World lyrics. A professional belly dancer soon emerges from a back room, clad in her
jingling coin-bra and an ornate
Turkish hip scarf. Zachariou
plays festive music as the dancer shimmies, twists and lifts
through the tables of clapping
people. Her artful performance
makes the crowd grow louder
and louder. When she vanishes
to the back again, a handful of
regulars are ready to join Zachariou by singing along with the
tunes they know.
“Hey,” Zachariou calls to
Hosseini, pointing down to his
keyboard. “I have a Farsi song!
Get up, sing!”
“Oh, I can’t,” the journalist
tells him. “I only know a word
or two.”
“Sing!” the musician cheers
“I’d ruin it,” Hosseini says.
“I could only tell the people in
this room a few things in Farsi. I think I could sternly order
them all to sit down,” he pauses with a shrug, “and I could
tell them they’re beautiful.”
A cook glides out of the kitchen, calling out “Opa!” before

Scott: You just got back from the Mediterranean after
spending time in Istanbul. As a writer, what stood out?
Raheem: For me, just how stacked the city is with buildings,
cars and people. It feels like there is so little time to breathe,
and when you do breathe, you breathe exhaust. Every part of
it hums and brings you into its pulse, and you can get drunk
on the stimuli — and you can get exhausted on it. I’ve been to
huge American cities like New York and they don’t compare to
the movement going on in Istanbul.
Scott: What is it like to be the only writer assigned to
underrepresented cultures in this region?
Raheem: The job is to get to the people who literally
and figuratively aren’t being heard. Every group around
Sacramento with political pull already has a publicist, a big
PR megaphone — they’re going to be fine. It’s the people on
the margins who aren’t being heard who are interesting to
me. Often times it’s the underrepresented who have to be the
bravest to talk to a journalist, and who actually have the most
to lose by speaking up. When you meet those kind of people
in person, and hear their stories, usually they are braver than
the people I interview who have political power — who could
easily tell you the truth but typically don’t.
Scott: How wide is the spectrum of people living in this part of
Raheem: This area has huge, eclectic Middle Eastern
communities. There are pockets of Eastern Europeans and
there’s a large group of Persians in my orbit in Folsom. The
region has some really great stories along those lines, like the
Hmong, who have worked extremely hard to find their own
political footing and represent themselves here on a broader
level. This generally gets glossed over, but Sacramento is one of
the most diverse cities in the nation, and with that comes real
issues that need to be covered. It’s not just a touristy buzz word.
Scott: We’re sitting inside this really unique Greek hub in
Carmichael. Why are cities like Carmichael so seemingly
anonymous in the media?
Raheem: With the way things are in local media right now,
some reporters like us are setting goals for ourselves that are
in no way achievable. There’s no doubt there are communities
in the area that aren’t being covered. Not their city councils or
the planning commissions or their school boards. Carmichael,
Citrus Heights and Antelope are places where — if you were
just using newspaper coverage to create a map — would be
regions that don’t exist. That is, unless something shocking
happens, like a murder. And that’s too bad.

brightly igniting an out-thrust
bowl of Saganaki. Piercing blue
flames rise from the cauldron
of Kasseri cheese and Metaxa
brandy, reddening the wall
with natural, flickering light. At
some moments this aromatic
dish has set off Yainnis’s smoke

detectors; but on this night it
just throws plumes of broiling cheese into the air under a
singing crackle that fuses with
the laughing, and the unstoppable music, and the voices of
those who turn for an instant
to cry back, “Opa!”


Dec GBView.indd 25


11/20/15 5:25 PM

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths
offer unique creations
The holiday shopping season is in full swing and Sierra
Moon Goldsmiths’ gallery is looking vibrant with new creations and rare collections.
“It is a privilege to be able to say that Sierra Moon is a place
my family and I call our friends, and where you don’t just find
jewelry, you discover art,” says Ali Rickard, owner of Salon
Biba in Auburn. “(Sierra Moon co-owners) Linda and John
have created a beautiful masterpiece with their jewelry, as


by Carol Guild

“We encourage our customers to come
in and put together wish lists. That way
their spouses can buy something that will
be loved, but still surprise them.”
Sierra Moon Gallery Manager Shawn Baldwin

well as the environment when you walk through their doors.”
Sierra Moon has worked hard to build a knowledgeable
staff intent on helping you with recommendations for that
perfect gift.
One of those gifts may be a Surita Ghosh high karat and
beaded gemstone necklace with a coordinating pair of
hand-hammered gold studs.  A classic gift would also be
a monogrammed gold disc necklace.  Perhaps, the goldsmiths could even flush mount a small diamond into the
pendant to make the piece even more unique.
There’s a lot to choose from.
“We encourage our customers to come in and put together wish lists,” notes Sierra Moon Gallery Manager Shawn
Baldwin. “That way their spouses can buy something
that will be loved, but still surprise them.”
It is not unusual for a customer to have a hard time explaining the unique gift they’re looking for. “We tend to
be a bit like a detective,” says Sierra Moon Sales Associate
DeAnne Gomez. “Sometimes customers will show us pictures of the gift recipient’s jewelry box, so we can get an idea
of their style. That’s always very helpful.”
For the 11th hour shopper, Sierra Moon has a plethora of
bezel-set birthstone necklaces in 14k white or yellow gold, or
you might select an original design by Sierra Moon Co-owner Linda Pierce, such as a piece from her Tic-Tac-Toe or Ooh
La La collections.
Sierra Moon carries a diverse collection of men’s gifts, including money clips, knives and pens from William Henry,
custom designed rings, and alternative metals bands. They
have an additional line of leather and steel cable bracelets.
Sierra Moon prides itself on being a library of items, with
everything from classics to new and trendy finds.
For more about Sierra Moon Goldsmiths,
visit the gallery at 107 Sacramento Street in
Old Town Auburn, call 530-823-1965 or go
to  The studio and gallery are open seven days a week,
Monday to Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Sunday, 11
a.m. to 4 p.m..  They are open on Christmas Eve until 2 p.m.


Dec GBView.indd 26

11/20/15 5:25 PM

Office: (916) 791-6761
Direct: (916) 531-3777

Lifetime Masters Club

Over 40 Years’ Experience
Top Producer in
Placer County

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9730 Golf Club Drive

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8625 Laurel Mist Court




Granite Bay

Granite Bay


Granite Bay




8280 Ridge Road

6650 Crown Point Vista






Granite Bay






Granite Bay


6970 Boardwalk


6815 Poca Montoya Dr.




Granite Bay

Granite Bay

Granite Bay

These are Just Some of the Properties Recently Sold by Eve Fenstermaker:
6010 Princeton Reach ...... $1,099,000
5906 Wedgewood Dr ....... $1,025,000
9695 King Rd........................ $990,000

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6650 Crown Point Vista ...... $930,000
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9239 Shadowbrook Pl. ........ $824,500

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9433 Crocker Rd .................. $620,000

11/20/15 5:25 PM


Making Your Vision Reality ...

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and Thank You for Your Business!

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‘High Caliber’ Ranch
Clos du Lac Loomis
Spectacular Tuscan Retreat
4312 Rhone Court

Offered at $1,099,000

A Champions Legacy Estate
Custom single story ranch home with pool/spa
7 stall barn w/loft, lighted pro sand arena, pond,
3 car garage plus 4 carport, outdoor kitchen
5 acres in the heart of Granite Bay

Offered at $1,475,000

Dec GBView.indd 28

11/20/15 5:25 PM

Dec GBView.indd 29

11/20/15 5:25 PM

Granite Bay seniors sign
NLIs with big-time programs
By Steven Wilson

ike a Midwest twister, life over the
last 11 months for Bryan Baumgarten has been a whirlwind.
The Granite Bay High senior helped the
Grizzlies capture a CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Championship, win the Masters and
reach the CIF State Championships this
past season, all before competing in two
of the biggest individual amateur tournaments over the summer.
That whirlwind came to a head Wednesday morning as he signed his National
Letter of Intent (NLI) with the top-ranked
men’s golf program in the nation, University of Illinois.
“I never would have imagined that I
would have this opportunity,” Baumgarten said. “For things to click, go so well
and have a good summer, which opened
up a lot of doors, has just been awesome.”
For the Baumgarten’s, Bryan’s decision
could be seen as a family tradition. Both
of his parents, Brett and Mari, three of his
grandparents, a few cousins and even a
handful of uncles attended the University
of Illinois. Now it’s his chance to continue
that legacy.
“My family is originally from Chicago
and I still have grandparents there,” Bryan
explained. “Plus, I’ve always been an Illini
fan, mainly because of my family’s history
with the school and the tradition that goes
with that. So it’s a win-win situation, and I
couldn’t be more excited.”
The University’s campus is located two
hours south of Chicago in Champagne, in
the middle of nowhere and surrounded by
corn fields. But Bryan says it will still feel


Granite Bay’s Bryan Baumgarten achieved his goal to reach the US Amateur
Tournament and Junior Amateur Tournament over the summer and celebrated
with a tweet to his mom.
like home thanks to his extended family
living in Chicago.
“The program’s great, the school is great
and I’ve had a ton of family go there,”
Baumgarten said. “Fortunately, I was able
to take visits to multiple schools this past
summer and get a feel for where the programs ranked.”
In the latest poll, the Fighting Illini men’s
golf program claimed sole ownership of the
top spot in the Bushnell/Golfweek Coaches Poll. The Illini sit at No. 2 in the latest

Golfweek/Sagarin rankings, and boast an
impressive start to the 2015-16 season. The
Illini have qualified for NCAA Tournament
in each of the past eight seasons, and concluded last week in the Final Four and eight
tournament victories — the most for any
Illini team in program history.
“January 1 I set my goals on my phone
screensaver — I wanted to compete in
the US Am and Junior Am,” Baumgarten
explained. “I don’t really know what happened, but somehow it worked out. When


Dec GBView.indd 30

11/20/15 5:25 PM

courtesy photos

A total of 19 student-athletes signed national letters of intent at Granite Bay High.
I had the ability to play in those, that was a
big turning point in my recruitment.”
Baumgarten received significant attention from big-time programs, especially
after becoming one of 32 competitors to
make match play in the US Junior Championship at Colleton River Plantation Club
in Bluffton, South Carolina in late July.
Despite his NLI signing, there was significant pull from the University of Oregon, where his brother Brandon committed two years ago.
“It really came down to Oregon or Illinois because of that,” Bryan admitted.
“Both programs are very good and it was a
tough decision. But I think it’s going to be
cool to compete against him.”
With his acceptance, Baumgarten
turns down offers from not only Oregon,
but Oklahoma State, Washington, Southern Mississippi, Wisconsin and Colorado
as well.
Bryan admits he’s never experienced a
full winter in the Midwest, but he’s up for
a new challenge.
“The weather will be a little rough, it’s
definitely going to be a change, but there’s
too many good things that I couldn’t turn
it down,” Baumgarten said. “The program
competes in the Big 10, it’s got great culture and it checks off everything that I’ve
ever wanted in a college.”
The Illini program takes five weeks
off during the winter months, in which
Baumgarten will be able to come back
home and practice in California. Upon his
return, he will only have to practice indoors
for two weeks before the team has sched-

uled tournaments in the southern states.
“It’s going to be a challenge practicing indoors, but they have great facilities and the
coaching staff is phenomenal,” Baumgarten said. “They have indoor putting greens
and an indoor course, which isn’t the same
but you can still work on your game.”
Baumgarten was just one of ten student-athletes who committed to Division
I programs at Wednesday’s signing. Most
notably, girls volleyball captain Emily DeMure, who will join top-ranked Penn State
University, as well as four soccer standouts including Maggie Bell (UC Berkeley),
Jordan Holt (University of Kentucky), Zac
Anderson (Brown University) and Hunter
Loomis (West Point Academy).
“Hunter has worked really hard to earn
that commitment, just like me, and I’m
incredibly happy for him,” Anderson explained. “I’m really fortunate to get this
opportunity to play at the Division I level
and join a fantastic school. I’m really looking forward to it.”
Five Granite Bay swimmers also signed
with big-name programs as Kassidy Henson joined San Diego State University’s
program, Heaven Quintana signed with
UC Santa Barbara, Victoria Unger chose
to swim at Whittier College, Sydney Larson joined the University of Houston and
Brandon Reno signed with the University
of the Pacific.
“I chose UH because I really connected with the coaches,” Larson said. “They
have a lot of faith in me, which gives me a
lot of faith in myself, so that was just the
perfect fit for me. They have a pretty good

program, but I’m excited because they’re
on the rise. They’re constantly getting
better and I hope to help with that.”
The Granite Bay boys lacrosse team was
represented by five commits including
the Baer brothers, Jared and Justin, who
signed NLIs to attend Stevenson University next fall.
“It’s a great fit for myself and my brother,” Justin said. “We were getting recruited by different schools, but they showed
interest in both of us. (Jared) committed
before me, but I signed as well because we
do everything together.”
Fellow lacrosse standouts Brandon Beland (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), Ethan Quinn (Seton Hill) and William
Duval (Manhattenville College) signed
with top programs as well.
“With so many lacrosse players committing (from Granite Bay), I feel that the
level of talent in our area and at our school
has been progressing amazingly,” Quinn
acknowledged. “We are going to have a
great team this year.”
Meanwhile, the girls lacrosse program
featured three commits as Alaigra Usher
signed with Central Connecticut State,
Gianni Cannon committed to Aurora
University and Carlin Isaacson joined the
program at Villanova.
“I verbally committed during my junior
year — almost exactly a year ago — after attending one of Villanova’s lacrosse
camps during the summer in Philadelphia,” Isaacson said. “I have family on the
East Coast and I just really like the program and the school, so I’m excited.”


Dec GBView.indd 31


11/20/15 5:25 PM

Your New Home Awaits!


3061 Daggett Dr.
9920 Villa Granito
4053 Quarry Ct.
7332 West Ln.
610 Keswick Ct.
205 Vista Ave.
1206 Sleepy Hollow
3455 Humphrey Rd.

Valerie Turner

7615 Barnes Ln.
1031 Callawassie Way

Allison James Estates & Homes

16055 Aurora Way

C.(916) 698-8076
O. (916) 936-2899

1431 Dorchester Dr
5504 Grouse Ct.

1808 Monterey Pines
217 Scepter Ct.

CaBRE 01933328


Happy Holidays!
Thank you to my
clients for making
2015 an
Amazing year!

Custom Santa Barbara Estate
on 1.4 - 2.3 Acres
3000-10,000 sf

Call me to buy or sell

Cera Hinkey


Happy Holidays!
I want to thank my valued clients and colleagues for my continued growth and
success in the local real estate market-I could not have done it with out you!
What inspires you? When you work with me toward the sale or purchase of your
home, the first thing I like to know is what inspires you. What type of home moves
you? What are your long and short term lifestyle goals?
Whether it is the first home you fall in love with or your continued real estate
investments, I understand what it takes to serve one of your most valuable assets,
to deliver the maximum value in the current market, all with the utmost personal
concierge touch you expect.

It would be my honor and privilege to earn your business in 2016.

2998 Douglas Boulevard #125
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 947-4729
BRE# 01444853

Dec GBView.indd 32

11/20/15 5:25 PM





2110 Blackheath Lane • Roseville

New 99,000




8465 Grosvenor Court • Granite Bay

3474 Castle Creek Court • Roseville







Cal BRE #00970296

Cal BRE #01444853

Cal BRE #00903372

To a d v e r t i s e h e r e c a l l G a y l e 9 1 6 . 7 7 4 . 7 9 3 2 o r e m a i l : g a y l e s @ g o l d c o u n t r y m e d i a . c o m

3474 Castle Creek Court


4,257 sf
4-5 bedroom, 4 bath


Stunning estate w/4-car garage on .67 manicured level
acres in the coveted, gated neighborhood of Castle
Creek! Chef's kitchen w/custom cherry cabinets, maple
island & granite, sparkling pool, pool house, bbq, spa,
high-end fixtures & finishes - over $450,000 worth of
improvements added to enhance this amazing and
pristine family home that feels like you are living in a
resort! Private, quiet lot conveniently located close to
schools/shopping. Call Debbie Sax for more information!

1616 Orvietto Drive

4961 Forest Creek Way
Granite Bay

1,855 sf
3 bedroom, 2.5 bath



Nestled in a small, gated community of homes in granite
bay this 3 br 2 bath homes offers many upgrades.
Engineered hardwood floors greet you when you walk
through the front door. Bran new carpet on stairs and
in Jack-n-Jill bedrooms. Soaring ceilings, large windows
with over-head transoms add lots of natural light, large
kitchen with center island, family room w/gas fireplace,
large master bedroom & bath have tile floors, personal
backyard spa, tool shed and more.




• Eureka School District
• $200k in upgrades
• Large Lot
• Outdoor Living w/Saltwater & Solar Pool,
Spa and Outdoor Kitchen
• All New Flooring
• Completely Remodeled Kitchen and Bath

It would be my honor and privilege to earn your business in 2015.

Re/Max Gold

2998 Douglas Boulevard #125
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 947-4729
CalBRE# 01444853

Dec GBView.indd 33

11/20/15 5:25 PM

hot proper ty

Hiddenin the

By EilEEn Wilson


courtEsy photos

An aerial view of the tree lined landscape of Carlinle Court in
Granite Bay.


t’s no dramatization
to say that High Caliber Ranch, a spectacular home set on five
acres, is one of the most
impressive homes that you’re
likely to see. Reminiscent of
a traditional hunting lodge,
but with modern styling like
vaulted ceilings with exposed
beams and state-of-the-art
kitchen, no photograph can do
justice to the property.
The home is set deep in an
oak forest, just two miles from
Douglas Boulevard, but you’d
never now that civilization was
“This home is the penultimate in Granite Bay properties,
and the penultimate for horse
owners, as well,” said Jeff Sessions of Granite Bay Real Estate.
“Whether it’s dressage, quarter horses — or any other breed,
this property was built with a

seven-stall barn, loft, tack area
and a lighted pro sand arena.”
A facility known for greatness, the property has housed
numerous quarter horses and
cutting champions. You don’t
have to be a horse lover to fall
in love with the scenic setting
though. The rear of the home
includes an aviary, numerous
seating areas, an extensive
patio with both covered and
open areas, and a swimming
pool with hot tub surrounded
by colorful roses. The property also boasts a large lake
with both a water feature in
the center, and a large waterfall, with benches surrounding the bucolic area. And near
the home, just off the master
bed and bath, lies a covered
seating area that’s reminiscent of a St. Helena vineyard,
all brilliant hued grape vines,
brick and arbor. The backyard


Dec GBView.indd 34

11/20/15 5:25 PM

Hot Property

Where: 5632 Carlile
Court, Granite Bay
Size: 4 bedroom, 4 (3,1) bath;
3,373 square feet
Acreage: 5 acres
Price: $1,475,000
Contact: Jeff Sessions, Granite
Bay Real Estate
(916) 768-7475

also has a large kitchen area
with stained concrete topped
counters, a cook top, barbeque, sink and refrigerator.
The inside of 5632 Carlile
is something special, as well.
Artisanal quality black walnut
flooring pairs with stunning
granite from the Amazon rainforest.
“Every feature of the home
is quality, it’s authentic,” Sessions said.
This is a home of surprises.
A custom fireplace in Brazilian
cherry has a rounded hearth in
the front of the home. A large
and private great room has a
massive floor-to-ceiling river
rock fireplace and chimney
with hearth and mantle that
have been hewn from rough
granite. Wheat carpets, solid
wood built-ins and bar area
with rainforest granite complete the room that has a cathedral ceiling with exposed
natural wood beam.
There are skylights, windows and glass doors everywhere, for a home that perfects indoor — outdoor living.
Custom light fixtures are oversized and stunning — you’ll
never see anything like this
home’s fixtures anywhere else.
The kitchen has high-end
appliances and rainforest
granite in a mix of rust, grays
and hints of green, paired with
hand-hewn knotty alder cabinetry and stone flooring in
varying Earth colors. There’s
a Viking Professional cook top
with griddle, an oven, builtin convection microwave, a
warming oven, built-in refrigerator and freezer, a dishwasher, compactor and appliance
caddies. The kitchen also includes a pantry and a wine re-

frigerator and bar area.
Even the guest baths in this
home are showstoppers, featuring rain head showers and
rustic vessel sinks with modern flair. The master bath
has thick carpet in wheat, and
two glass doors that lead to
the vineyard seating area. A
gas fireplace in modern black
offers a toasty vista to winter vine and pool views. This
room also has a vaulted ceiling
with exposed beams and the
master bath has his-and-hers
closets outfitted in cedar, dual
vanities with mosaic inserts,
additional backyard access,
a steam room, soaking tub
with jets and a shower that is
filled with windows for maximum light, with an outdoor
privacy wall. Dual showerheads supplement a large ceiling-mounted rain fixture.
“The most frequent comment I hear from people is
that pictures just can’t do this
property justice,” Sessions
said. “There’s nearly an acre
of oak grove behind the pond
and barn, and behind that is
Miner’s Ravine.”
High-end hunting lodge
meets modern amenities on a
quiet cul-de-sac location with
championship horse facilities.
This home is a must see.

Above, The house at 5632 Carlile Court has a relaxing
outdoor atmosphere. Middle, The house features a
spacious game room. Bottom, the dining room has views
of the outdoors.


Dec GBView.indd 35


11/20/15 5:25 PM

Triple Win
By thEa mariE rood • photo By nash rood


t’s the norm to have winners and losers in just
about any business deal. A “win-win” is something
of a rarity. Getting a “triple win” is almost nonexistent. Surprisingly, however, that is exactly what
Granite Bay High School’s media instructor Zachary
Weidkamp has to offer.


ormally called the Client
Partnering program, the
premise is both simple
and brilliant: A local business
contracts with GBHS media
students to produce a customized professional video (win).
In return, the business makes
a tax-deductible donation for
a classroom iMac, thus paying
a fraction of what this type of
video production costs elsewhere (win). And the students
not only get to use the iMac at
the film industry standards,
they gain real-world commercial film-making experience
(sweetest win of all).
“The challenge is these are
high school students—and
companies think, ‘Can they
really hit the target?’” says
Weidkamp, who is passionate
about his students gaining a
professional portfolio before
they graduate. “But I can tell
you, you will be able to use this
product. We are not just going


through the motions so (you)
can write a check and make a
In fact, GBHS Media Productions has the ability to do aerial cinematography, promotional video and commercials,
digital animation, cinematic
filming, live broadcast and
events. Meaning Weidkamp’s
students can create any type of
video for any type of business.
“We want clients to feel like it’s
worth it,” says Weidkamp.
“It might be filming an
event, so it’s 20 minutes long
and we are mainly producing
titles; or maybe it’s a five minute promo with lots of editing.”
GBHS Media has a growing
list of interested businesses
and has already produced videos for Caltrans and California
High Speed Rail. Both of these
projects were brokered by Sam
Hassoun, president of Global
Leadership Alliance (GLA), a
consulting firm that special-

izes in partnering, mediation
and dispute resolution.
“The three Caltrans videos
are on their government website,” says Hassoun, who is also
the father of a GBHS media
student. “And the High Speed
Rail video has been used successfully in several ways…so
we hope to bring more of our
clients to the (high school)
Another big plus for business? It makes sense financially. The cost of donating an
iMac is around $2,100 and
is not only tax deductible
but a bargain compared
to the going rate for a professionally produced film.
An “explainer video” that
start-ups need before they
can even begin trolling for
funding, for example, often
costs 10 times this amount.
“A Kickstarter campaign is
what you need to get money — which means you don’t

have a lot of money [yet],”
agrees Hassoun. “But an iMac
is not a lot of money. And it’s
tangible — we didn’t have to
just write a check and wonder
what the school did with it. We
bought the computer, we had
it shipped here.”
Donors are also honored
permanently in the media
classroom with a donor wall
plaque (including the company name and logo), as well
as an iMac plaque, mounted


Dec GBView.indd 36

11/20/15 5:25 PM

GBHS media students Will Oscar and Chris Hurley work on one of the two
donated iMacs. Despite being the film industry standard, the majority of
the department’s computers are 5-year-old hand-me-down PCs.

Contact GBHS Media Productions through Zachary Weidkamp,
You can also check out previous GBHS Media productions

right on the computer their
donation purchased.
And the iMacs are critical,
Weidkamp believes, to his
students’ future film careers.
“Macs are the dominant industry standard in pretty much all
media — video and film, music production, advertising,”
he explains. “The (school)
district doesn’t want to
purchase Macs because
they can’t support them,
don’t have people to work
on them, which I understand. But students will
lose out on internships
— will lose out on jobs
— because they don’t
know how to use the
(industry standard).”
His students’ future
success as filmmakers is in fact what
this is ultimately all
about. Weidkamp’s
been urged to cut to
the chase: Why not

just put out the word to GBHS
parents and have them hand
you the iMac money, make
cash donations? But he argues
that removes the professional
component for the kids. “The
client gets a high quality vid-

eo,” says Weidkamp. “But it
also really diversifies the students’ experience.” To produce a video for actual living,
breathing business clients goes
well beyond simply completing
a classroom assignment for a

grade. “Students here want to
have a real-world application,”
he adds. “Kids (already) have
access to cameras and editing
software, so when they come
into this media program, they
need to be challenged.”


Dec GBView.indd 37


11/20/15 5:25 PM

Mom and dad were there
for you – let us help you
be there for them.
Home Care Assistance offers security for older adults and peace
of mind for family members.
• NEW! Home Care Assistance is the only home care company
to train caregivers in cognitive stimulation. We help clients
delay symptoms of cognitive decline by engaging them in
research-based, enjoyable cognitive activities.
• Our high quality, bonded and insured caregivers help with
meals, personal care, transportation and more.

This holiday season, gift your parents with the care
they need to stay where they want most: at home.
Call today for a free in-home consultation!
916-226-3737 •
Dec GBView.indd 38

11/20/15 5:25 PM

We specialize in:
• Personal Care
• Hourly and Live-in
• Alzheimer’s
• Companion Services

• Parkinson’s
• Heart Failure
• Hospice Support
• Multiple Sclerosis

We accept all
Long Term Care
RN Oversight

Your Local Home
Care Agency
Insured & Bonded — Roseville, CA 916-781-6500
Independently Owned & Operated

Freelance Writing~Marketing
Call or text 916.769.0725

A fine balance:

Independence + Peace of Mind

• Employee Group Benefits
• Medicare Supplemental
• Long-Term Care
• Disability Insurance

Proud Member of
The Rotary Club
of Granite Bay
since 2006,
Past President

Mom’s priority? Independence. Yours?
Peace of mind knowing she is happy and
healthy when you can’t be by her side. At
Eskaton, we’ve found the balance:
• Hospitality and support services
according to each resident’s wants
and needs
• Advanced smart-sensor technology
to detect variations in normal
routines allowing for quick response
• All-inclusive pricing structure, so
there are no surprises
Pick up the phone or
go online for more!

Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay

Eskaton FountainWood Lodge

Independent Living with Services
and Assisted Living

Assisted Living and Memory Care

License # 317005628

License # 347003574



Brenda K Glen Insurance Service • Since 1993
2200 Douglas Blvd., Bldg. B, Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95661
Phone (916) 773-2111
CA License #0748539 - WA License #799373

Dec GBView.indd 39


A leading nonprofit provider of aging services in Northern California since 1968

11/20/15 5:25 PM

els free!
Marianne Fe

Dec GBView.indd 40


ow l


Tom is embracing life

11/20/15 5:25 PM


Local Kiwanis Clubs, working with the California Army National Guard, will
be supporting our troops with See’s candy for the eleventh year this holiday
season via their highly successful “See’s for Soldiers” fundraiser.
The fundraising will begin November 28th and end approximately December
23rd. Please visit our sales site in the Granite Bay Village Shopping Center
near the corner of Auburn Folsom Road and Douglas Blvd.
Many Kiwanis clubs all over the Sacramento region sell See’s candy as their
major fundraiser for the year. The money raised through candy sales goes
back into the communities in many ways. The public can purchase an extra
box of candy, leave it at the sales site and the California Army National Guard
will collect the donations and send them to the many deployed units and Walter Reed Medical Center. Everybody wins! Last year, See’s For Soldiers raised
over $10,000 for local Kiwanis clubs and in excess of 2500 pounds of candy to
troops stationed all over the world.

Give yourself the gift
of a beautiful smile!

For more information regarding this very special fundraiser, please call Bev
Wilkinson, Granite Bay Kiwanis at 916-704-6151 or visit our sales site in the
Granite Bay Village Shopping Center.

(916) 786-6676
1158 Cirby Way, Roseville, CA 95661


916-258-KICK (5425)

8200 Sierra College Blvd., Suite D, Roseville (at Douglas Blvd.)

Dec GBView.indd 41

11/20/15 5:25 PM

what's trending

Joy in Giving,
by Giving Back


Granite Bay

James M. Jack, D.D.S.
Linda P. Crow, D.M.D.
• Most Insurance
• Senior Citizen
• New & Emergency
Patients Welcome
• Invisalign

8769 Auburn-Folsom Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746


retting over the upcoming
holiday giving season and
not sure where to start? Instead of spending on mass-produced items buy unique, and
support your community, by
shopping local this year.
We are fortunate to live in
a bountiful region of creative
individuals and families who
keep our community thriving
through their small businesses. From the local cheese and
chocolate shops to one-of-akind boutiques, you can find
just about anything within a
short distance from your home.
When we buy locally we
know where the product, or
the food purchased, is coming from; and we get the added
social benefit of connecting
with the proprietor. Investing
our money with them benefits
both the seller and the consumer by stimulating our local
Get outdoors and head over
to a farmer’s market where
you will find more than just
produce displayed. Meet the
crafters of homemade soaps
and beautiful scarves or tasty
olive oils and freshly ground
spices. Take an expedition to
one of our local wineries or
craft breweries for some tasting and chatting with the purveyor. Pick up gifts to share.
Shop for your one-of-a-kind
holiday outfit at a local boutique, or visit a gift for your
Giving need not be expensive. It is less about the gift
and more about the gesture.
It could be time spent together over a shared meal at a local family-owned restaurant.
It could be inviting someone
to attend a local theatre show
with you. Or head up to Apple
Hill for an afternoon, have
lunch and purchase some win-

ter fruits for your loved ones.
We are fortunate to live in
an environment that appreciates and supports individual
business endeavors. Why not
give these hard working people our support this December
and throughout the year as
well. And as we celebrate with
friends and family this holiday season, remember to take
a few minutes for yourself and
be grateful for the community
we live in, because we are truly
A special thank you to the
staff at the Granite Bay View
for keeping us connected
through special stories and local events in our community.
By Paula Hendricks,
Nutrition & Wellness Consultant


Dec GBView.indd 42

11/20/15 5:26 PM

senior view

Understanding health
for the holiday season


he holidays are a time of
year when many families visit their aging loved
ones, often seeing them faceto-face for the first time in
months, perhaps even an entire
year. That’s why experts advise
families to carefully watch for
signs of possible depression or
medical issues in older adults
during holiday visits.
Although the season is typically a time of celebration and
joy, this time of year can create
a sense of nostalgia and melancholy amongst the senior population. Family visits are a prime
opportunity to not only observe
for warning signs, but also provide much-needed companionship, mental stimulation and
spirit-lifting activities.
Family members should
look for the following signs
when visiting their senior family members:
physical signs: Take note of
changes in your loved one’s
sleeping and eating habits, including reduced appetite and
difficulty sleeping. Accidents
around the home, including
dizziness or falling, could also
indicate a physical condition

or side effects of improperly
mixing medications or taking
the wrong doses.
appearance: Not shaving, not
doing hair or applying makeup
and neglected hygiene can all
signal a loved one’s inability to
physically care for themselves
on their own. You should also
look for a general loss of interest in appearance. Either may
indicate depression, or a wide
range of undiagnosed conditions that require professional
Emotional signs: Seniors are
especially susceptible to feelings of isolation and depression
because of health, financial issues or the loss of a spouse or
other loved ones, especially
during the holiday season. As
families gather together, pay
close attention to see if your
aging family member seems
disinterested in group conversations and appears dazed or
home Environment signs: Look
for an unusually messy or cluttered home, piles of laundry,
household items in disrepair
or unpaid bills. Also, look for
rotting food in the refrigerator


and unusual odors around the
house. Any of these things are a
sign that the older adult may no
longer be able to perform these
household tasks on their own
or may requiring additional
support in conducting normal
activities of daily living safely.
Extra help from family or outside resources may be in order.

If you see problems when
visiting a senior during the
holidays, making a connection with an in-home care
agency near your loved one
may begin the conversation
about additional support
needed to stay independent
at home and give peace of
mind to long-distance family
caregivers. Attending an appointment with the senior’s
physician may be helpful as
well as learning. Learn about
what senior resources and activities in the area.
All in all, spending quality
time together with your loved
one may be the best holiday
gift of all.


Dec GBView.indd 43


11/20/15 5:26 PM

Exceptional Dental Care
From People Who Care

The World’s
Hardest Floors™

Over 30 Varieties: Hand-Scraped, Antique & Distressed
Pet and Kid Friendly: 10 Coat Scratch Resistant Finish
High Heel Safe: Twice the Density and Strength of Other Floors
50-Year Industry-Leading Warranty
Breathe Easy: 100% Formaldehyde Free
Available in Wide Click Floors and Tongue and Groove Floors

6837 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay
Open: M-Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-5


D. Oliver Wong, DDS


2320 Professional Drive, Suite #100
Roseville, CA 95661

Dec GBView.indd 44

11/20/15 5:26 PM

Avail ards

For All Ages
6210 Douglas Boulevard, Granite Bay, CA 95746

Phone: 916.791.6407 • Fax: 916.791.9442

McGrath Construction
2015 Golden State Winery of the Year
California State Fair

Kitchen & Bath • Decks & Patios
Dry Rot Repair • Plumbing/Electrical
Facerock Walls & Columns/Pillars
Painting • Tile

(916) 945-8059
CCL #802229

Dec GBView.indd 45

OPEN: Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm ~ Educational Wine Tasting & Food
Wine, Dinner & Live Music Every Friday Night! (Gates close at 8:30pm)
Visit our new Tasting Room at the Roseville Galleria Mall! (2nd level near Victoria’s Secret)
Mon-Sat 11am-9pm Sun 11am-7pm

Call or visit our website for Reservations:
916.543.0323 •
4200 Wise Road 4 miles EAST of Lincoln Blvd. at Garden Bar & Wise Rd.

11/20/15 5:26 PM

travel view

the shades of winter
story and photos by By Eileen Wilson

Personal fire pits and long
sunsets go hand and hand
at Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas.



Dec GBView.indd 46

11/20/15 5:26 PM


t’s freezing cold, and you
know you’d rather have fun
in the sun then start the new
year in sleet and rain. Snorkeling, suntans and soft sand
sounds good right about now.
But where can you go that’s
close and easy for a four, five
or six-day getaway?
Lucky for you, major airlines
visit Cabo San Lucas every
day. For those who have heard
wild and crazy stories about
Cabo, the town may have its
fair share of cantinas, but
during the day and early evening hours the town is family
friendly, with a beautiful marina, wonderful mom-and-pop
restaurants and shopping for
handcrafted items, as well as
trinkets for the kids. Cabo can
be experienced at many price
points, from budget to highend chains to exclusive boutique resorts. On a recent visit
we stayed at a resort that’s relatively new on the scene — the
Resort at Pedregal. The property is six years old, and rooms
range from standard to suites
with private dipping pools and
balcony fireplaces, to full casitas. The exclusive property
is perfectly set against towering cliffs and can only be accessed from a tunnel that was
bore through the mountain
toward the sea. But the beauty
of the property is that in spite
of feeling remote, with guarded gates and a luxury custom
housing community further
up the hill, which is ideal for
morning runs with views, it’s
a mere half mile to town. Getting to town easily might not
sound like a big deal, but the
proximity means no cab rides
and avoiding resort priced
meals and drinks; though if
you’re willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a meal,
sitting cliff side, the spray from
waves on the rocks just feet below, the Restaurant at Pedregal
is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you visit the chef
to hear details about each fish
when selecting your entrée.
Cabo San Lucas features the
famous Los Arches, an area
that is popular with kayakers, snorkelers and divers. It’s
convenient to rent kayaks on

the shore, and it’s a 15 to 20
minute paddle to the arches,
where you’ll have to decide if
you want to venture in to open
ocean to circumnavigate the
famous structure, or stay in the
relatively calm waters that lead
to the marina. Either way, a pit
stop at the small beach that is
popular for snorkelers and divers is a must. The area is filled
with angelfish and parrotfish
and if you’re lucky you might
even spot a moray eel. And
smelly sea lions aren’t far away,
just watching what must seem
to them, crazy people floating
around in the water.
If snorkeling feels a bit tame
after a while, there are wonderful tours that will take visitors to La Paz, an area known
for whale sharks, and you can
spend the day taking a plunge

with these giant beauties that
can grow to the size of a school
bus. They are filter feeders, so
don’t worry, you won’t be swallowed up.
If you’re not a water lover,
then the Wild Canyon Adventures Zip Line might be right
for you. The visit includes eight
zips across a stunning canyon,
and you reach heights of 300
feet with views of the ocean, as
well as the fauna of the region
on zips as long as 2,600 feet. If
you’re an extreme adventurer,
try the bungee bomb.
There are opportunities for
tequila tasting, learning about
indigenous arts and crafts and
spectacular spa services.
So why endure the cold,
rainy season when you could
be enjoying balmy 80 degree
days in sun and surf?

abound when
sea kayaking
along the cliffs
near Cabo San
Lucas in Mexico.
The wildest
stories about
Cabo involve
the action in its
cantinas, but
the array of
tequila tasting
offered at these
appeals to far
more than
just “springbreakers.”


Dec GBView.indd 47


11/20/15 5:26 PM

fresh view

Food is a perfect
gift for the holidays
Yield: 2 pints
Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 2 hours


ell here we are again,
the holidays are right
here in our laps. It’s always great to receive gifts of
food and homemade food is
even better, so long as it’s not
fruit cake. I don’t think I have
ever seen anyone actually eating fruit cake, come to think
about it.
I want to share with you some
of my favorite foods for gifting.
I like to put together gift bags of
things I make. One year I gave
smoked salmon, spiced mixed
nuts, artisan crackers and my
spicy tomato ginger jam.
Everyone loved the items
and loves my tomato ginger
jam. So I am going to start this
series of gift foods with my tomato ginger jam. This is a great
condiment for many foods.
Enjoy it with smoked salmon, on a cracker, on grilled
pork or mix it with cream
cheese and it makes a great dip
for vegetables or chips.
If you want to can it for the


long term, I recommend following the guidelines of the
National Center for Home Food
Preservation at
The recipe makes two pints
so be sure to make enough for
the jars you will be filling. I
make triple batches at a time.
I have found it’s the perfect
volume for the recipe to cook
down without burning or caramelizing the sugar.
It is important to monitor
the heat when making recipes
with a lot of sugar because the
sugar can brown or burn. This
usually happens at the end
of the cooking process so it is
very disappointing to ruin the
batch after two-plus hours of
creating it.
So get out your big pot and
make a big batch of this jam
for friends and family. If “spicy”is not to your desire, then
just leave out the heat. No jalapeño, red pepper flakes or
cayenne. Then you have tomato ginger jam and that changes
everything that this delicious
jam pares with.


Danny Z’s Spicy Tomato Ginger Jam
1 1/2 pounds good ripe tomatoes (Roma are best),
coarsely chopped
Place half of the chopped tomatoes in a food processor
and pulse to purée as pictured.
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
3 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
1 teaspoon salt
1 jalapeño stemmed, seeded and minced
Optional: A pinch of red pepper flakes and cayenne to taste
at the half way point of cooking if desired. Taste as you add
because the heat can get away for you quickly.
1. Combine all ingredients in a heavy medium saucepan.
2. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring often.
3. Reduce heat to a low simmer, stirring occasionally, until
mixture has consistency of thick jam, about 2 hours.
4. Taste and adjust seasoning, then cool and refrigerate until
ready to use. This will keep at least a week and much longer if


Dec GBView.indd 48

11/20/15 5:26 PM


Women in Business
I am a highly-experienced agent with a reputation


s a proud resident of Placer
County, I have spent nearly two
decades establishing myself as one
of the leading Top Producer's of the
Placer County luxury home market.
In 2014 I set a record high sale in Granite Bay in year's
to one of the area's high profile professional athletes for
$4,725,000. I live and breathe real estate, loving every
aspect of fulfilling my clients’ dreams – from staging and
decorating homes to creating and utilizing an extensive
network and referral system. Over the years, I have had
a number of record high sales throughout various Placer
communities and am consistently one of the region’s top
producers. When I am not bringing buyers and sellers
together, I enjoy traveling with my husband Brad and
spending time with my sons and grandchildren.


as a tenacious negotiator. I also bring fun and
enthusiasm to every deal I work on. With more than

11 years of experience helping home sellers and buyers
in Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Folsom,
El Dorado Hills, and other areas of Placer,
Sacramento and El Dorado counties, I will guide you
through the process of selling or buying your home.
It would be my honor and privilege
to earn your business!

Re/Max Gold

2998 Douglas Boulevard #125
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 947-4729
CalBRE# 01444853

CalBRE Lic. #01269115



e were impossible clients,
doing an impossibly difficult
transaction and Cera pulled it all
together and came through with
flying colors.. Cera is in a word ...
era is an excellent real estate
agent. She helped us through
the entire process of selling our
house and buying a new house.
I feel Cera is trustworthy and has
a strong work ethic. She was
around our schedule for showing
houses. I believe she advocated
for us and had our best interest at
heart! I highly recommend Cera for
buying or selling a home.
generations of realtors and
knows the area amazingly well.
She listens and is responsive to



client needs. Cera is also quite
skilled at observing what is not
being said by sellers agents and
digs for information as though the
transaction were for her very own
home. It was a total pleasure to
work with Cera.


era’s skills & strategies are
current and progressive which
sets up her clients for success. She
understands home construction
and can spot red flags and help
you avoid them. She gets results,
bottom line. And, when you’re
represented by Cera you also tap
into a deep network of industry
professionals such as contractors,
lenders, home inspectors …etc.
Cera has represented me on
several purchases, and I would
highly recommend her to both
sellers and buyers! And thanks Cera
… it’s a pleasure working with you :)

Call me to
Buy or sell

Cera Hinkey


Dec GBView.indd 49

the little team is big in real estate

I live and play in Granite Bay. I’m very involved
in the community and have volunteered for
Granite Bay football youth program and high school.
I have been a top producing Realtor and a member
of Placer County Master's club for many years.
I have extensive experience with traditional residential
real estate along with real estate investment.
Call me today for a FREE market evaluation on
your home or just to talk about the market.

Cal BRE# 01516485
(916) 412-1623

SunCal Real Estate Group
Located inside the Fountains
1013 Galleria Blvd., Suite 290
Roseville, CA 95678

11/20/15 5:26 PM

things to do
support granite
bay high school's
wrestling team



Farmers Market

Foothill Farmers’ Market

2 30

From 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesdays at
10 a.m.
Whole foods Market at the Fountains, dec
dec to
dec dec Galleria Boulevard and East Roseville
2 p.m. at Kaiser Clinic,
Parkway in Roseville. Info:
1001 Riverside Ave.,
(Riverside at Cirby),
Roseville. Info: hicksville

1 29

Winter Holiday
Carriage Rides Outdoor Ice Rink

1 19

5-9 p.m.
dec dec through
Dec. 19 at the El Dorado
Hills Town Center, 4364
Town Center Blvd. Cost: $5
per person, $20 families of
4 or more. Proceeds benefit
Hands4Hope and Young Life.

1 18

dec jan and
out, through Jan. 18 at
Skatetown Ice Arena, 1009
Orlando Ave in Roseville.
Rink schedules and rates
are online at
call (916) 783-8550.

Christmas Dance

spirit night
What: Mention the
Granite Bay High School
wrestling team when
you order dinner at
When: 5-8 p.m.
Wednesday, Dec. 9
Where: Chick-fil-A
4040 Douglas Blvd.,
Granite Bay

Holly Jolly Holiday Celebration


From 6-8 p.m. at the Blue Line Gallery, 405
Vernon St. in Roseville. Tickets: $40. Event
dec features festive foods and beverages as well as
silent auction and raffle. Proceeds benefit the Children’s
Choice for Heating and Talking and greater Sacramento
area children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
Sponsored by McCoy Fatula
LLp, Tri Counties Bank, Alpine
Mortgage and Entercom Radio.


Waltz lesson at
7 p.m. and dance
dec from 8-11 p.m.
at the Roseville Veteran’s
Hall, 110 Park Drive in
Roseville. $20 at the door.
Info: (530) 878-8606,

17th Annual Nativity Drive-Thru
6365 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(916) 791-4661•
Service Times:
8am & 11am Traditional Worship
9:30am Contemporary Worship
Christmas Eve Services:
Family with Children 4pm
Candlelight Services 6pm, 8pm & 10pm



From 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Fridays and Saturdays
dec through Dec. 19
at the Roseville Seventy-day
Adventist Church, 914 Cirby
Way in Roseville. Event features
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
live actors, animals and audio
at Pet Food Express, at the Fountains, 1009
CD containing Christmas stories
dec Galleria Blvd. in Roseville. Cost: $15 includes
and drive-through narration.
one picture and a disk with all pictures. Event is sponsored
Donations of nonperishable foods
by local puppy raising club (Placer 4 for 2) that helps raise
accepted for the Placer Food
puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Proceeds will be
Bank. Info:
donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

4th Annual Pet, Family and
or Kids Pictures with Santa



Dec GBView.indd 50

11/20/15 5:26 PM

Home Care Assistance of Placer County
Receives 2015 Best of Home Care®
Provider and Employer of Choice Awards
Home Care Assistance of Placer
County announced that it has received both the Best of Home Care
Provider of Choice and Employer
of Choice Awards from Home Care
Pulse. Awarded to only the top ranking
home care providers, based on client
and caregiver satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse, Home Care
Assistance of Placer County is now
ranked among a small handful of

David & Debbie Waddell recieve
the Employer of Choice Award
home care providers across the country who have proven their ability to
provide an exceptional working experience to employees, and the highest
quality care to clients.
“We want to congratulate Home
Care Assistance of Placer County on
receiving both the Best of Home Care
Provider of Choice Award and the Best
of Home Care Employer of Choice
Award,” says Aaron Marcum, CEO and
founder of Home Care Pulse. “Since
these awards are based on real, unfiltered feedback from clients and caregivers, Home Care Assistance of Placer
County has proven their dedication to
providing a great work environment
and solid training to employees, while
maintaining their focus on client sat-

Dec GBView.indd 51

isfaction. We are pleased to recognize
their dedication to quality, professionalism and expertise in home care.”
Best of Home Care award-winning
providers have contracted with Home
Care Pulse to gather feedback from
their clients and caregivers via live
phone interviews each month. Because
Home Care Pulse is an independent
third-party company, they are able to
collect honest and unbiased feedback.
These award-winning providers have
received the highest satisfaction scores
in areas such as professionalism, compassion of caregivers, training, and
client/caregiver compatibility.
David Waddell, President and CEO
of Home Care Assistance of Placer
County says, “We are very excited to
receive both of these awards. Giving
the best care possible to our clients is
our number one goal and only possible
because we have the best caregivers.
Our caregivers work hard each day to
make a difference in the lives of our
“Our goal at Home Care Pulse is to
empower home care businesses to deliver the best home care possible,” says
Aaron Marcum, CEO and founder

of Home Care Pulse. “We are happy
to recognize Home Care Assistance of
Placer County as a Best of Home Care
award-winning provider and celebrate
their accomplishments in building a
team of happy, qualified caregivers
who provide outstanding care for their
To find out more about the “Best
of Home Care” award or Home Care
Pulse, please visit
About Home Care Pulse
Home Care Pulse is the industry’s leading firm in performance benchmarking
and quality satisfaction management
and serves hundreds of home care businesses across North America. They are
the industry’s top resource for education,
business development, certification, and
proof of quality.
About Home Care Assistance
Home Care Assistance is the leading
provider of in-home care and was
founded in 2002 and its mission is “To
Change the Way the World Ages”. Further information can be found on

David & Debbie Waddell recieve the 2015 Best of Home Care® award

11/20/15 5:26 PM

Finding an Experienced & Knowledgeable REALTOR® is

Just A P hone Call Aw a y !

luxury and comfort awaits

desirable los cerros!

• Exceptional floor plan 5 beds/3 baths
• First floor master suite
• Upstairs private retreat with sitting room
• Designer finishes with attention to detail

• 4 Beds & 3 baths
• Living room & family room w/fireplace
• 2621 sq ft
• Plantation shutters & window coverings
• Master w/sitting area & 2 walk-in closets
• 3 car garage w/epoxy floor & lots of
• Downstairs bedroom w/bathroom
• Formal dining room
108 Cruickshank Dr. • Folsom

4124 Earnscliff Ave. • Fair Oaks



Mina Rowe 916.303.6056



• 2 beds, 2 baths 1910 sq ft.
• Great room opens to family rm & dining area
• Detached Casita with many possibilities
• Lg master w/cozy bench seating & on-suite bath
• Plantation shutters in office & breakfast nook


Nicole R Newell 916.220.0679



Mina Rowe 916.303.6056


• Spacious 5 beds/3 baths
• Almost 2000 sq ft of living space
• 2 master, one upstairs & one downstairs
• Kitchen updated w/granite & SS appliances
• Backyard has covered patio/built-in kitchen
& spa
8304 Conover Dr. • Citrus Hgts.

• Gorgeous 3 bed, 2 bath home located on a cul-de-sac
• Over 2100 sf one story • Granite counters
• Travertine floors
• .42 acre park-like yard
• Call for details
8715 Spooner Court • Granite Bay



Sharon Whiting 916.296.94176


916.337.5233 LIC#01442323
Mina& Rowe




• Positive cash flow
6 bed/3 bath home on 5 gorgeous acres in Granite Bay
• •10Spacious
years new
• Updated kitchen
• •3 Miner’s
bed 2 bath
• •Currently
for $1365
Pool • 3rented
car garage
• •LetOver
for you
sq. work
ft. of luxury
• Call today for more information
6740 Rancho Los Pavos
3767 Naturita
Bay • Sacramento


& &Reuben
916.337.5233 LIC#01442323

• Priced to sell, so hurry • Bright 5 beds/3 baths +loft
• New carpet downstairs • Low MellRoos/Buyer to verify all
• RV access, separate workshop/shed
• Garage cabinets & tons of storage
• Coyote Ridge, Silverado Middle, Woodcreek HS

Mina Rowe 916.303.6056

• Last available lot on cul-de-sac
• Hillside view to greenbelt
• City of Sacramento to rear
• Over 1/4 acre with views
• Exclusive El Dorado Hills neighborhood

Thanks to all of our wonderful
clients for helping us make 2015
a fantastic year!





1240 Crestline Court • El Dorado Hills

1596 Roadrunner Dr. • Roseville

Larry A Lenhart 916.799.0580






Terri St. Cyr 916.803.0283


• Possible 6 to 7 bedrooms & 4 baths
• Hobby/bedrm & bath
• Approx. 3000 sq ft. of living space
• Covered patio leads to lg classic pool
• Grand oak trees w/park like setting
• 21x22 garage plus side RV area
5312 Valhalla Dr. • Carmichael

1151 Picket Fence • Lincoln

• Gourmet Chef’s kitchen w/6 burner Thermador Range
• Private backyard w/cov’d patio
• Pool and waterfall


Kraft real estate
& ProPerty ManageMent

“The time and attention your investments deserve while you live the life you deserve”

Dec GBView.indd 52

CALL 916.723.0880

Call for a FREE over-the-phone home evaluation today!

Dan & Lisa Kraft

11/20/15 5:26 PM

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