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packaged anfo explosives

Expanfo is an innovative ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) product where, in addition to natural porosity, sensitising plastic
microspheres are included in-situ into each Ammonium Nitrate Prill.

The microballoons remain intact and entrained in the ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) during pneumatic loading, thereby enhancing
detonation sensitivity in the blast hole. This results in a more ideal detonation behaviour and superior field performance compared to that
achieved with equal volumes of standard market ANFO products.

Standard PPAN (magnification x 75) microscope photograph of standard

Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate, used for the manufacturing of standard ANFO.

Expan (magnification x 75) microscope photograph of Sasol Nitros Expan Porous

Prilled Ammonium Nitrate, used for the manufacturing of Expanfo, clearly indicating
the presence of expanded microballoons embedded in the crystal structure.

Expanfo gives superior hanging-wall control and generally more consistent and predictable blast results, especially in tough blasting
conditions or when the product is initiated without a primer. Expanfo is available in 2 grades varying in product strength and detonation
characteristics to provide the customer with a choice for achieving the highest value solution for the specific application.

safety Expanfo, due to its low sensitivity to shock, friction or impact, is comparatively safe to handle.
Misfires are easily treated by washing the charge hole with water, rendering the Expanfo insensitive.
reliability Anti-caking agents make Expanfo free-flowing for improved performance in underground or surface
applications. Expanfo will reliably initiate with a 6D+ detonator when loaded pneumatically.
quality Manufacturing of this product conforms to the ISO9002 quality standard. Tests are conducted to
confirm that the density, prill size, moisture content, anti-caking properties and fuel content conform
to specifications.
custom packaging

ExpanfoTM is packaged in a colour poly-cloth or polyethylene bag.

product information
A medium density of Expanfo 200, (when compared to standard ANFO) is a general purpose ANFO product for hard rock stoping
applications, bord & pillar and easier development conditions. Expanfo 200 is ideal to limit over-break or excessive fines.

Expanfo 300 is a higher density ANFO product for tough development conditions or any applications where higher energy is required.

Expanfo 200

Expanfo 300

Poured / loose density (kg/l)

0.68 0.74

0.73 0.80

Pneumatically loaded density (kg/l)*

0.85 0.95

0.90 1.05

Water resistance


Fuel content %



6D detonator minimum

Sensitivity & reliability

High fuel absorption with accurate and even fuel blending optimises performance.
Sensitivity is enhanced by microspheres to provide a reliable and effective

Relative Weight Strength (RWS)


Effective Relative Weight Strength %


Relative Bulk Strength (RBS)





103 @ 0.72

105 @ 0.78

The theoretical energy for ideal detonation is essentially the same for all ANFO

products (RWS = 1). However, actual detonation performance of ANFO products

deviates significantly from this ideal. Expanfo products detonate closer to the
ideal due to the inclusion of the sensitising microballoons. The in-hole density
decreases from Expanfo300 to Expanfo100.

Operating temperature

-10C to 60C

Health/ environment


The mass per bag differs depending on Expanfo grade. However the volume per bag (and thus quantity blast) will remain the

** Energies calculated using the Tiger code (JCZ3). (Should not be compared with energies evaluated using other methods).

important instructions

Always store detonators and explosives separately.

Keep ANFO away from sparks, flames or any other source of ignition.

Store explosives and accessories according to country rules & regulations.

ANFO is soluble in water and can therefore not be used in wet conditions.

packaging information
Please contact your representative.

standard packaging

Expanfo 200

Expanfo 300

Multi bag: 23.5

Multi bag: 25

( 4 X 5.88kg bags)

( 4 X 6.25kg bags)

Single bag: 23.5

Single bag: 25

(1 X 23.5)

(1 X 25)



Packaging weight* (kg)

20kg Expanfo + 5kg Tamping

Bag dimensions (mm)

20kg Expanfo + 5kg Tamping

615 X 310 X 470

* The mass per bag differs depending on Expanfo grade. However the volume per bag (and thus quantity blast) will remain the same.

colour codes & labelling

Expanfo 200

Packaging information / identification

Expanfo 300



Each bag is marked with an identifier that identifies the product according to grade, date of manufacture, batch number and bag number.

recommended storage, shelf life & transport


Recommended storage

3 months under recommended conditions

Shelf life

2 years, in a dry, well controlled environment below 32C


UN classification


UN number


Zax number


Sasol Nitro

warning and disclaimer

All products and equipment manufactured and supplied by Sasol Nitros Explosives Business shall be used, handled, stored or transported
according to the guidelines laid down by the relevant applicable legislation in that country.
Explosives should be secured in an explosive magazine. All or any part of the explosives is dangerous and can cause injury or death.
If you find any of these items, do not touch them. Instead, immediately report their location and description to the police.
To the extent provided for in terms of section 61 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, Sasol Nitro Explosives Business shall not be liable for
ny damage, whatever its nature, including incidental, consequential and indirect damage caused to buyers or third parties, directly or indirectly
arising from or relating to the supply, use or storage of the products and equipment arising after delivery unless caused by Sasol Nitros
Explosives Business wilful misconduct or gross negligence.
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