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Google Hangouts

METT Integration

This workshop is aligned to NETS*T.1 Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning

and Creativity. NETS*T3 Model Digital-Age Work and Learning.

Hangouts in Gmail
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Google Hangouts allows you to video chat with one person or conduct group chats with
up to ten people at a time. Hangouts are similar to Skype and Facetime. Google
Hangouts could be used in the classroom to talk and confer with experts. Student
councils from different schools could use Hangouts to plan collaborative events. The
possibilities are endless!
To get started you will need to convert from the old chat option to try new Hangouts.
Chat is located on the left hand-side of your Gmail screen under
inbox and folder


Once you find the section

click on arrow for drop down screen.

3. Then click Try the new Hangouts

Next download the Hangouts plugin for voice and video conversation
compatibility. You must have a webcam w/mic to use the voice and/or video option. (If
you do not have a webcam check one out from your library.) Click here or go to - Download is free and installs in

5. Click Download
Plugin. Download will
automatically run.
*If the download doesnt automatically
run Google Voice and Video setup
button will appear in the download bar
at the bottom of the screen. Click the

button and then click run file.

6. Once installed another screen will pop up. Click either computer buttons to add
Hangouts to Chrome.
Then Click Add to Chrome

7. Icon will appear in the upper right

hand corner in Gmail when download
is complete.


Once the Hangouts screen pops up on the bottom right your install was successful.
Close out of Hangouts and return your email.

Using Hangouts Instant Message

1. After converting to New Hangouts
you will have an updated chat
Click the Hangout Button that is
under your email folders to begin.

2. Click the arrow and a drop down screen

appear with different hangout features.
When finished reviewing click arrow again
close the


using a webcam check the boxes
for sounds for incoming messages and
on incoming phone calls.

3. There are two different ways to choose a person to hangout.

1. You can search by clicking the magnify glass and then enter the name in the search box.
Once the name is entered, select Enter to display message screen.
2. You can also scroll your Hangout list by using the scroll bar to the right of the names.
Click on the name to display
message screen.

4. Hangout Message Screen


Video Call (must have webcam w/mic)

Create a group Hangout
Hangout Options
a. Notifications
b. Hangout history
c. Archive
d. Delete
e. Block
Art - Click on the smiley face and the art option bar will pop up.
Click the different icons to see the different pictures you can post with your

E. Photo upload a personal photo to your

Type your message in the box and hit enter. Your message has
now been sent and will automatically pop up for the other user to see.

When you are ready to end the conversation close out of the
program by hitting the X in the upper right hand corner.

Hangouts Video Call

(both users must have webcam w/mic)
1. In Hangouts find the person you
want to video chat with by entering
their name in the search box. Then
click their name or hit enter.

2. Hangouts screen will pop up. Click

video camera button to make the
call. (The person you are
contacting must have the new
Hangouts and the Plugin download
for the call to connect.)

3. When you make the call your

contact will get a pop up screen to
Decline or Answer call. Your
contact will need to Click Answer

to activate the video call.

4. Once the call is accepted your video screen will pop up. You will see your contact
on the main screen and your picture at the bottom. (Make sure your volume is

5. When you move

your cursor to the left side of the screen an
icon toolbar will appear.
Click the icons for different features and
when youre finished click them again to go
back to the main screen.



You can type messages back and forth. These

messages will show up on the right side of the screen.

B. Screenshare

Click Screenshare
The screenshare pop up screen will appear.
Click the screen you would like to discuss then click

You will automatically be taken back to your video

call screen.

Click on the You screen to display the screen you

selected on the main video call screen. Once your are finished sharing
your screen you will click the You screen to return back to the video

The screen you would like to share is now on your

main screen for all participants in the hangout video call to see.

Your participants will not be able to see you

discussing the screen but they will be able to see you actively moving in
your live screen and will be able to hear you during the presentation.

Click the Present to Everyone button

You will now need to go to the live screen you want
to present to your callers. (minimize your video call and click on your live

When finished go back to video call screen and click


C. Capture
Snap a picture

D. YouTube

Share a YouTube


E. Google Effects

Fun effects that can be added to your own screen.

Click effect icons to place on your photo.
Re-click icons to remove effects from your picture.

6. The icons in the center of the

have these capabilities.



Invite people
Turn camera off
Adjust bandwidth usage
Leave call

When you ready to end the call select the red phone icon

to leave call.

Accountability Activity:

Find Natalie Knopf, Lynda Ackerman or Alicia Landers in the Hangouts/conversations

section in your email.
Send a Hello as a conversation starter, to one of the above people.
When you get an answer back, choose the video chat button and Hangout with
Natalie, Lynda or Alicia.
If you are having troubles contacting us (because we are away from our computers) call
us Natalie- ext 7843, Lynda- ext 7842 or Alicia- ext 7841 to set up a time.