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Vol. 59 No. 12


Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

December 2015

Christmas Greetings
from the KNCSB Staff

It is the time of year when we specifically focus on our special offering known as the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for
International Missions. With the challenges of budget facing the
International Board, I would ask that you and your church pray
about what God would have you do this year in the way of giving
to this offering. It is hard to fathom that we will be reducing our
missionary units by 600-800 people. This world is in crisis and in
need of Christ Jesus. Jesus is the Hope of the world.
Christmas is a time of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. The KansasNebraska Staff wants to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas
and may there be Peace on earth.

Pastors Wife Kathy Boaz Dies

Kathy Boaz, pastors wife at First Baptist Church, Troy, Kan., died
Tuesday, Nov. 3, at her home after an illness.
She was born on July 13, 1944, in Topeka, Kan., to Glenn and
Grace (Howland) Sullivan.
She was a housewife who was very active in her church and community.
She married Jerry Boaz on April 27, 1968, in Topeka. Jerry survives of the home.
Kathy was preceded in death by: her parents; her aunt and uncle,
Vivian and Leon Howland, who raised her; a sister, Vivian Branscom; brothers, Mervin Sullivan and Ray Sullivan.
Additional survivors include: two daughters, Tammy Walker and
Rebecca Boaz, both of Bonner Springs, Kan.; a son, Chris Boaz (Felieta), of St. Peters, Mo.; five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren,
and one on the way; sisters, Jeannine Bechtold, Glenda Butner, Judy
Hetz and Nellie Brockhoff; brothers, Donald, Reuben, Walter, Gary
and Mike Sullivan; numerous nieces and nephews.
The funeral was held Monday, Nov. 9, at First Baptist, Troy. Burial
was in Prairie Home Cemetery, Topeka.
Memorials may be sent to First Baptist Church, Troy, or Midland
Harman-Rohde Funeral Home, Troy, was in charge of arrangements.

Workers are sharing Truth with a mullah (local religious leader) in a country that cannot be
named due to security reasons. Pray that God will open his eyes and that he will embrace
these teachings. Your prayers and gifts to the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions support workers as they serve in places like this.
(Submitted photo)

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions

Resources to promote the Lottie Moon Offering may be found on the International Mission Board Web site at
Prayer walking around Webster Conference Center was
one of the activities during Shine 2015. Shine is the KNCSB
retreat for teen girls. It was held Nov. 6-7 and featured
Christian recording artist Blanca.

Read inspiring stories from Kansas-Nebraska workers at http://bit.

ly/1KdEzA0. These stories may be downloaded and used as bulletin inserts.


Whatever Happened to Evangelism

By Ronnie Floyd
SBC President

SBC President Ronnie Floyd recently asked Southern

Baptists about our commitment to evangelism. Below
is a part of that article. The entire article can be found
at .
What Our Southern Baptist Convention Can Do
The 42 state conventions and 12 national entities of
our Southern Baptist Convention can hold up high the
banner for evangelizing lost people and baptizing new
believers. Within their assigned roles, they have the
influence to help our churches by elevating evangelism
to unprecedented levels.
We need them to elevate evangelism before our
churches through conferences, conversations, and strategies they implement.
We need to begin to celebrate, again, pastors and
churches that are reaching and baptizing great numbers
of people in proportion to their opportunity afforded to
them. We need to celebrate them in relationship to the

size of their community and

what has been entrusted to
them by the Lord.
What Our Pastors And
Churches Can Do
The real issues of evangelism lie with our pastors
and churches. It is on us,
not our Southern Baptist
structure, regardless of how
they could be or should be
assisting and helping our
Therefore, pastors and
Ronnie Floyd
churches, please consider
these things to see more
people reached for Christ and baptized by your church:
nThrough each event or experience you offer as a
church, regardless of the audience, strategically use it
for evangelism.
nPreach each message and plan each service with

the eventual goal of calling people to follow Jesus

nOffer a public invitation weekly. If not a walk
down front invitation, use other ways to call people to
follow Jesus weekly.
nHighlight baptisms in your worship services
nCreatively offer ways for people to begin to follow Christ; we did this recently and 74 people came to
Christ and are being baptized as a result of a unique
Sunday morning emphasis.
nAdd outreach events or experiences to your church
calendar that are solely committed to reaching people
with the gospel.
nRenew your commitment to develop, equip, and
empower people to share their faith with lost people
nCreate a specific strategy to reach your community
or city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am pretty sure these same folks secretly believe that

Bill OReilly is the real Santa Clause.
Hes not. And, there is not really a war on Christmas,
but there IS an ongoing war on Christianity.
Unfortunately, the war on Christianity is like volunteers at the soup kitchen; most people only pay attention around the holidays.
This years big stressor: the ungodly cups at
Starbucks. I must have missed something. Did
Starbucks have some Jesus-themed Gospel cups in the
past? Cause if they did, pour me a Grande.
The truth is Starbucks has never been a pro-Jesus
company, and I dont expect them to carry the gospel
for me. If they want to have simple red cups for the
holiday season... Im in!
At this point, I sure Ive offended, or at least irritated, most of you, but do me the courtesy of letting me
I am a Christian, and I desperately want the world
to know about Jesus. Even though a retail Christmas
misses the mark and a snowflake doesnt fully convey
the purpose of the manger, I am thrilled that the world
will pause in this season.
There is only one time of year the culture universally thinks upon peace, joy, love and a hundred other

Christmasy things. So, I am willing to take it!

My prayer is that somewhere between holiday shopping and greeting cards, a lost soul will catch a glimpse
of the Savior. And, finally all of the trappings of a cultural Christmas just might prepare those hearts to hear
the real message of the season.
Dont forget, there were two miracle births of the
Christmas season. Yes, the birth of Jesus of course, but
also the birth of John... the one who prepared the way
of the Lord.
The angellic prophecy concerning this child in Luke
1:17 said, And he will go before him in the spirit and
power of Elijahto make ready for the Lord a people
To make ready. A people prepared. Hmmm.
Maybe instead of being picky about calendar dates
when its best to decorate or listen to music we could
just be thankful that the world is playing those songs.
Maybe when the world tries to downgrade
Christmas into a simple holiday, we could be thankful
we have a foot in the door and remember its our job to
turn holidays into holy days.
Maybe we should be thankful for every card, song,
party, movie and gift. It might just be what prepares
the way for the Lord?

The Cross Eyed Life

By Andy Addis


KNCSB Convention President


Well, here we are nestled snuggly between two of the

greatest holidays ever: Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The most wonderful time of the year!
I am a holiday freak, and there is no too much
Christmas for me. Unfortunately, that particular component of my personality rubs some people wrong.
I have discovered two
kinds of holiday naysayers that try to steal my
Christmas cookies.
First, the ChristianScrooge hybrids who say
they like Christmas but
snarl when you try to make
the most of the season earlier than they like.
I start listening to
Christmas music November
1: traditional, sacred, sappy.
It doesnt matter to me;
Ill segue Rudolph into the
Andy Addis
Hallelujah chorus. Its all
just happy music to me.
I even appreciate stores with over commercialized
Christmas decor and sales. Do you want to start hanging up the greens in October? Bring it, baby, Im in. Do
you want to start piping in Bing Crosby through the
mall sound system before Thanksgiving? Cool, anything to drown out Katie Perry is a bonus if you ask
Still, people again and again point, snarl and retort,
Its too early!
My response, When is too early for joy my dear
grouchasaurusrex. Merry Christmas to you anyway.
The second holiday killjoy is the hyper paranoid
war on Christmas foot soldier. These folks miss out
on holiday joy as they second guess everything, convinced that every decision is part of a grand design
to downgrade Christmas to the same level as George
Washingtons birthday.

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Sharing & Strengthening

Gods Plan for Sharing

By Jon Sapp

KNCSB State Director of Evangelism


We are in the midst of another holiday season. I hope

you are enjoying these days of celebrating Gods grace
and His love for a lost world. In our home, we are prepared for family get-togethers and special meals. Most
of the Christmas shopping is done. I continue working
on my Honey Do List keeping it as short as possible.
However, there is an additional item during this
season that also captures my attention. As the KansasNebraska Director of Evangelism, I am responsible to
compile and review the Annual Church Profile (ACP).
The ACP summarizes church information reflecting the
attendance, baptism and giving for the past year.
I have already started my work with the 2015 report.
As of mid-November, half of the Kansas-Nebraska
Southern Baptist churches have reported. I do want
to highly commend the Southeastern Kansas, South
Central and the Central Kansas Associations. All but
six of the 94 churches in these three Associations have
completed their reports. That is 96% of these three
Associations getting their ACP reports completed. This
is excellent.
With only 50% of our churches reporting, I will be

working with the various

Directors of Missions and
with pastors for a higher
completion rate. The
greater number of our
churches reporting provides a better picture of
what is happening across
the two states.
Let me explain what I
look for as these reports
are compiled. I take
note of the total number
baptized in the past 12
months. Last year, or the
Jon Sapp
2014 report, our churches
recorded a decrease of 203 baptisms as compared with
the 2013 report. I believe that number is important to
watch. The annual report reflects evangelism and personal obedience.
A second informative number is the number of
churches that increase their number baptized from the
previous year. In 2014, 130 of the reporting churches
baptized more than they baptized in 2013. That is an

Hunger Relief and KNCSB

4. The ministries we support have

served 5919 hot means; given out 6116
lunch bags, and fed 36,000 people
through grocery items.
5. Not only do these ministries feed
people, but they train volunteers in
evangelism, lead in ministries to complete GED, job skills, nutrition classes
and many other ministries as needed
on top of leading several Bible studies
I will ask you to do a couple of
things in response to these facts.
a. Would you seek the Lord as a
church to see if hunger relief is a
problem in your area and what your
involvement may be. If the answer is
to do something, I want to direct you
to this website that has all the information that you need to get started.
Also you may contact your director of
missions to see what assistance may
be available to you as you embark on
relieving hunger in your area of ministry responsibility.
b. Would you also seek the Lord,
individually and as a church, to see
what contribution you can make to the
Global Relief Fund. You will find all
the information you need on this website as well.
c. If you prefer to give through the
KNCSB, please contact Lisa Dabney
for more information at 785-228-6800.
by Georges Boujakly
KNCSB State Director of Missions

Jon Sapp

Mizzou, a Key Juncture for Empathy

EDITORS NOTE: Daniel Woodman is a
journalism student at the University of
Missouri who served as Baptist Press
2015 summer intern.
COLUMBIA, Mo. (BP) -- Racism will not
end until God returns. I hear it all the
time. It is not an incorrect statement, but
it is an incomplete one. Racism will not
end until God returns, but we have an
obligation to fight racism around every
corner until the trumpets sound.
That is why the protests at my university have been so monumental; they
show that humans from diverse backgrounds can come together peacefully
to bring about change. Do I completely
agree with everything the protests have
stood for? No. However, I also realize
that racism is still a much larger problem
than we like to admit and that we have
an obligation to do something about it.
As Christians, we are called to
empathize. I am well aware that many
Christians dont agree with the protests
at the University of Missouri, but that
should not be grounds to avoid empathy. I understand not agreeing with the
motives behind a student going on a
hunger strike. I do not understand how
anyone could demean or joke about a
student willing to starve himself to bring
about change. I understand not agreeing
with Tim Wolfes resignation as the universitys president. I do not understand
how anyone could not have a broken
heart when black students on campus
are the subject of threats of violence.
Satan still roams the earth, and it is
my firm belief that he hates empathy.
Empathy is the bridge that connects

two sides of an issue. As a student on

campus, I can assure you that there is
a divided feeling about recent events.
However, I am proud of my fellow students because when terrible, senseless
threats were made to black students, the
campus came together in a moment of
unity to help get through a very rough
moment. That is how empathy works;
it breaks down the barriers of fear and
allows us to see each other as the creations of God that we are and it helps us
see beyond our differences in opinion.
I am also convinced that Satan hates
what is happening right now. Racism is
under attack. Empathy is being generated here on campus and, amidst all the
controversy, there is still a consensus
that we are all extremely blessed to be
attending this college despite its shortcomings.
I would ask that you continue to pray
for our campus. There is still a long way
to go. Future administrators will fail to
meet our expectations. It is inevitable.
If we place all of our hope in the battle
against racism on ourselves, we will
always fall short. We must learn to turn
to Jesus when our fellow man fails us.
He is the only one who can wipe away
the tears formed from years of oppression, and He is the only one who can
truly see past the color of our skin and
judge us by the nature of our soul.
Please pray for Mizzou, but realize
that the fight against racism doesnt stop
when you leave our campus.
by Daniel Woodman
Reprinted from Baptist Press (www., news service of the
Southern Baptist Convention.


Its not proper to guilt people into

giving. Manipulation doesnt work for
me, and I respect you to not use it on
you. I also am not going to convince
you that hunger relief is a biblical idea.
Or to say that Jesus and his disciples
did hunger relief ministry. You and
I already know. I wont promise you
heavens treasures will fall on you if
you give to relieve hunger.
I simply want to inform you so that
you can pray and seek the Lord about
how you could be involved in hunger
For years in KNCSB region we
have had multiple numbers of
churches, such as Midway Baptist
in Wichita, starting hunger relief
ministries and maintaining them for
years. Some associations have had
ministries to feed the hungry, such as
Flinthills association and others also
for years.
Here are some activities that these
ministries engage in.
1. Many who come for physical
food also need the Bread of Life to
feed their souls. So far this year, the
volunteers and workers that run these
ministries have had 8429 evangelistic
2. Of these 235 made professions of
faith and 20 have been baptized in our
own churches, and God knows how
many others have done so elsewhere.
3. It takes an army of volunteers to
feed and minister to the number of people that frequent our hunger relief ministries: 350 volunteers from our churches
and sister churches participate.

encouraging report.
The holidays are upon us. Lots of things to get done
and to celebrate. If your church has not completed this
years Annual Church Profile, have someone take those
minutes and complete that report.
As the new year gets started, I will be back in touch
with you as to what has been reported for 2015. Enjoy
your holidays and take a moment to thank the Lord for
His work and His faithfulness in leading us as together
we want to be obedient in carrying out Gods Plan for

A tribute to doyle smith

Funeral Celebrates Doyle Smiths Life


Long-time KNCSB leader

Doyle Smith died unexpectedly
on Tuesday, Oct. 20. He went
out for his morning jog and his
wife, Carol, found later him in
their garage.
Smith was a brilliant but
humble man who touched
countless people as a pastor and
a key KNCSB leader.
He and his wife, Carol, had
served at First Southern Baptist
Church, Great Bend, Kan., since
April 1972.
I have been the pastor of
many churches in one location.
Each of them has had their
unique challenges and people
to meet those challenges. I have
never felt that my call to work
here was finished, Smith wrote
in a testimony in April 2012
when he and Carol celebrated
their 40th anniversary at the
Smith served as KNCSB
president and vice president.
He was the key influence in
KNCSB acquiring Webster Conference Center in 1981. Smith
served as president of the WCC
board of directors for the first 10
years of the conference centers
history. He also served on the
Midwestern Seminary board.
His latest role in KNCSB
was serving as president of the
Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist Foundation. He assumed
that position in May 2000.
A capacity crowd attended
Smiths funeral on Saturday,
Oct. 24, at First Southern, Great
Bend. Peck Lindsay led the
service with the help of Smiths
sons Brian and Todd. Lindsay
is the retired KNCSB executive
director who now serves as

the KNCSB town-and-country

Lindsay told how Smith
quickly became a key influence
in KNCSB soon after arriving in
Great Bend in 1972.
Doyle became the most influential person in our convention, Lindsay told the crowd.
You cant know the influence
Doyle has had across our convention.
Brian Smith told of his fathers great gifts in preaching
it was practical and practicable. Doyle Smith believed God
had called him to show Christ
to people through teaching the
Bible and modeling his life as
seen in 1 Corinthians 11:1.
Todd Smith, Smiths second
son, said, He lived to the very
end doing exactly what he
believed in.
Some of the lessons he
learned from his father were:
n Find your ministry calling
and do it no matter what.
n Be a person of integrity.
n I learned from my Dad to
be a learner in life. As just one
example, Doyle Smith became
a student of finance and investing. And that led to another
life lesson: Make compounding
interest your friend.
n The value of hard work.
Doyle Smith liked manual
labor for fun. That wasnt very
popular during our teenage
years, Todd Smith said of himself and his three brothers.
n The Bible is to be treasured.
n Church is your spiritual
n Put God first in everything.

Long-time KNCSB leader Doyle Smith died unexpectedly on Tuesday, Oct. 20. He and his
wife, Carol, had served at First Southern Baptist Church, Great Bend, Kan., since April
1972. During the funeral on Saturday, Oct. 24, Peck Lindsay, retired KNCSB executive
director, called Smith the most influential man in our convention. This photo was taken
in April 2012 when he and Carol celebrated their 40th anniversary at First Southern, Great
Bend. (Below left) Doyle Smith (left) played the leading role in KNCSB acquiring Webster
Conference Center, Salina, Kan. Smith watched as Salina jeweler O.K. Webster signed the
papers transferring ownership of the camp to KNCSB in September 1981. Also watching
was Joe Morgan, a Wichita pastor who was KNCSB assistant recording secretary at the
time. (KNCSB file photos)
Smiths testimony from the
40th anniversary celebration in
April 2012 seemed to sum up
his life:
I think that my situation is
not unique. God calls all of his
servants to the work that needs
to be done. We are to do it
whether we want to or not. We
do it until God tells us we are
Survivors include his wife,
Carol; four sons: Brian Smith
and his wife Danielle, Lincoln,

Neb.; Todd Smith and his wife

Taasha, Lenexa, Kan.; Barry
Smith and his wife Jennifer,
San Francisco, Calif.; and Lane
Smith also of San Francisco;
three sisters: Thelma Hall and
her husband Lee, Pea Ridge,
Ark.; Patty Stertz, Bella Vista,
Ark.; and Darlene Smith of
Jenks, Okla.; six grandchildren,
Jett Smith, Aniston Smith, Isabel
Smith, Ellsie Smith, Sofia Smith
and baby Smith who was due in

He was preceded in death

by one daughter, Allison Leigh
Memorials may be sent to
the Judea Fund at KNCSB. This
fund is used for ministry in
Kansas and Nebraska. Make
contributions out to KNCSB and
designate them for the Judea
Fund/Doyle Smith Memorial.
Send them to KNCSB, 5410 SW
7th St., Topeka, KS 66606.
Bryant Funeral Home, Great
Bend, handled arrangements.

Thank You for Supporting

The Cooperative Program
The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists unified giving plan.
Find resources to promote it at

Lottie Moon offering

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

for International Missions

Who was Lottie Moon?

Why was the offering named for Lottie Moon?

What is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering?

Lottie Moon was a legendary Southern Baptist missionary who served in China for 39 years. She was
appointed as a missionary in 1873 and served until her death on Dec. 24, 1912.
Throughout her career, Lottie Moon wrote many letters home, urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of these letters triggered Southern Baptists first Christmas offering
for international missions in 1888 enough to send three new missionaries to China.
Southern Baptist churches collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the sole purpose of supporting international missions. Every penny of the offering goes to the International Mission Boards overseas budget. The offering provides the largest portion of the IMBs income nearly 60 percent.
This year the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is even more important. The International Mission Board
is experiencing a financial crisis. Please pray about how much God wants you and your church to give
to the Lottie Moon Offering this year.

2015 national goal

Find resources to promote the offering

$175 million

KNCSB recently mailed prayer guides and envelopes to Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches.
Other resources to promote the Lottie Moon Offering may be found on the International Mission Board
Web site at
Read inspiring stories from Kansas-Nebraska workers at


These stories may be downloaded and copied to use as bulletin inserts.



Southview Celebrates 60th Anniversary


As Southview Baptist
Church, Lincoln, Neb., celebrated its 60th anniversary on
Sunday, Sept. 13, Pastor Aaron
Householder led the crowd in
praying for a new church in
Omaha that was holding its first
service that day.
Lake Cunningham Community Church held its first
service in the home of Pastor
Rick Posey and his wife, Angie,
in the Lake Cunningham Ridge
community. They moved to
Omaha in October 2014 to start
a new church. Visit the church
Web site at http://lakecunninghamcommunitychurch.weebly.
It was only fitting that Southview prayed for a new church
start during its 60th anniversary
celebration. As the oldest Southern Baptist church in Nebraska,
it has helped start many new
churches. Greater Things was
the anniversary theme.
Southviews 60th anniversary celebration featured
two services with former staff
members in the leading roles.
The first service was an upbeat
traditional event with music led
by Shaun Jones and the Southview worship team with John
Gaskin preaching.
Jones is now serving on the
staff of Fellowship at Greenwood in Greenwood, Mo. It
is a campus of Lenexa Baptist
Church, Lenexa, Kan.
Gaskin is pastor of Indian
Avenue Baptist Church located
on the northwest corner of
Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kan.
Former pastor Bob Grayson
preached in the second service

and Worship Pastor Matthew

Cantrell and the Southview
worship team led the contemporary music.
Grayson and his wife, Jane,
served at Southview from 19881993. Then they served as International Mission Board workers
and retired in 2010. They now
serve a small church in Texas.
Gaskin told of the influence
that Southview had on his life.
His first contact with church
came when he was a high
school student living in nearby
Fremont, Neb.
He came to Lincoln for a
basketball tournament and
attended a youth lock-in at
Later Gaskin found himself
back at Southview as a law
student at the University of Nebraska. He immediately stepped
in when the churchs minister of
music left.
Gaskin recalled how Eddy
Hallock, who was Southviews
pastor at the time, mentored
Every year you need to read
the Bible through, Hallock told
Gaskins aspirations to be
a lawyer were cast aside as he
found God calling him into fulltime ministry.
After leaving Southview,
Gaskin found himself plagued
by health problems. But the
health challenges drove him to
It seemed the more I
prayed, the more I saw God at
work, Gaskin told the crowd.
He challenged the church to
continue its legacy of prayer.
I encourage you to always

Southview Baptist Church, Lincoln, Neb., celebrated its 60th anniversary Sunday, Sept.
13. It is the oldest Southern Baptist church in Nebraska and has helped start many other
churches. (Below, left) Southview is also renowned for its annual Easter pageant called
This Day of Resurrection. The pageant will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2016.
be a house of prayer.
The second service featured
video testimonies from several church members. Pastor
Aaron Householder, who has
served Southview for 10 years,
told how God is producing a

kingdom-multiplying effort
through the church.
Southview also is renowned
for its Easter pageant called
This Day of Resurrection
which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2016.

Dates are:
n Wednesday, March 16, at
7 p.m
n Friday, March 18, at 7 p.m.
n Saturday, March 19, at 3
p.m. and 7 p.m.
n Sunday, March 20, at 7 p.m.

Parents of Missionaries Gather in Topeka

By Priscilla Sapp
God asks us to give Him our
all. As we do, He accomplishes
more than we can even ask or
think. This is true of parents of
missionaries as they give God
their children and grandchildren!
There is loss as life happens
and distance separates the family.
But the quiet confidence
that their children and grandchildren are making an eternal
difference in the lives of people
gives peace and strength.
Every year parents from
across Nebraska and Kansas
come together. They encour-

age each other, hear from the

International Mission Board and
share stories of what is happening in the lives of their children
and grandchildren that are far
from them.
This year we met Aug. 14-15
at Western Hills Church, Topeka, Kan.
John and Jenny Brady, vice
president of global strategy at
the International Mission Board,
came and led us on how to be
sending parents. They shared
what God is doing in some of
the most difficult places around
the world.
A panel of missionaries and
our IMB Trustee, Sandie Anderson, shared their experiences

and advice helping us to be better parents and grandparents.

Paul Eardensohn, an adult
MK, led the worship.
We all left with a renewed
commitment to one another, to
our children and to the call God
has on their lives.
A special thank you goes to
Western Hills Church, Wanamaker Road Baptist Church,
Journey Church and to several
individuals for providing the
food and goodie bags for the
meeting. The parents provide
their own housing.
If your church would like to
participate in this event in 2016,
please contact Mari Parker of

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions is the International
Mission Boards largest source of income nearly 60 percent. This year the offering is even more important as the IMB is facing a financial crisis. Please pray
about what God wants you and your church to give to this offering.


I Am That Person
By Debbie Eble

KNCSB Fit 4 Him Consultant

A frigophile: a person that has a

fondness for cold places.
I see winter as a continual adventure
from the earliest bonfires of September
and October to the highly anticipated
first snowfall in December or January.
Winter is coming! And winter is cozy,
beautiful and brilliant!
Unfortunately, as we age, winter
loses its magic. No doubt because along
with cold and snow, comes ice and the
increased risk of a fall. A fall is a real-life
physical event that you dont see coming. Theres the slip, the trip and you go
down! With forceand how hard you
land, and in what direction determines
whether bones are broken or fractured,
and /or muscles and ligaments are
strained or ruptured. Oh, and of course,
the severity of injury will depend on
how fragile you were to begin with.
This is the Fracture Triangle the
fall, the force and fragility.
Bone health is important. Bones are
our foundation and frame, providing
structural support for muscles, protecting vital organs and storing nutrients
required for bone density and strength.
The critical years for building bone
mass are from childhood to about age
30, after which, bones begin to break
down faster than new bone can be
formed. Eating foods rich in calcium
and vitamin D are essential. Exercising
regularly will help prevent a fall in the
first place and certainly reduce the risk
of injury if you do fall.
Be sure to ask your doctor, or trainer

at the gym you attend, to give you some

specific fall prevention exercises geared
toward retaining balance, posture, stability and strength.
You can even practice falling at
home by slumping onto a bed and
rolling yourself into a ball, rather than
stiffening and using your limbs to break
your fall.
Therefore let him who thinks he stands
take heed that he does not fall. 1 Corinthians 10:12 (NASB)
Is there a Spiritual Fracture Triangle? Oh, most definitely yes! Your spiritual bones are even more important. As
you live life pursuing the heart of God
is it possible you will take a spiritual
fall? Will there be an unforeseen thing
that comes your way? A slip, a trip, and
youre down with so much force! These
are critical frame-building, faith-building
years. If you are not a frigophile like me,
why not use this winter to prepare your
spiritual frame for the trials and testing
that will surely come your way.
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.
Psalm 34:8
Fight spiritual fragility! Eat good food
at the table of the Lord and exercise the
fruit of the spirit regularly. Spend time
in the family of God using and sharing
whatever He has given you. God is a
good, good Father perfect in His trustworthiness. Sit daily with Him, enraptured by His mercy and grace.
Therefore, dear friends, since you know
this in advance, be on your guard, so that
you are not led away by the error of lawless
people and fall from your own stability. 2
Peter 3:17 (HCSB)

Steward Your Space

By Caroline Bivens
KNCSB Women 4 Him Team

We all love getting them in the mail, those beautifully printed Christmas cards
with a short saying and a fun picture. That is one of my favorite traditions during
the season.
This year I decided to hand script some special Christmas cards for my friends
and family who have been a huge impact on my spiritual walk with Jesus the past
year. Its a simple note. But I recognize them for the impact they have on my life and
I express to them that I am praying for a joyful holiday season where they can worship and glorify our God without getting caught up in the craziness of the season.
Then I pray for them while scripting their name on the envelope and layering the
back with washi tape.
Its important that we take the time to acknowledge the people in our lives that
have helped us grow closer to Jesus. Its encouraging for you to sit and think about
those people and their journey with you. Its also encouraging for them to receive a
handwritten Christmas card full of gratitude and thanksgiving.
Tis the season to make it more than just a card!

Family Holiday Traditions

By Calah Titus

KNCSB Women 4 Him Team

To be quite honest I really dont care

for games. However, after many years
of exchanging names at Christmas my
grandmother decided we should try
making it a game. We now have a tradition of opening gifts in unmarked boxes
and then stealing those gifts from the
one who opened them. How strange is
it that thievery has become one of our
favorite family memories? Some of you
may do this and be just as strange as us!
To be clear, the grandkids DO take turns
reading the birth of Jesus from Luke. So
there is that redemption, right?
This same family will get together
soon for Christmas, and it dawned on
me, why not introduce a new game? My
family likes to laugh together so this
should be a good fit for us. Here are the
instructions and a couple of suggestions

to get the ball rolling:

Write the name of each candy bar you
will be using on one 5x7 card and the
description on another. Hang on the
wall or place on a table and spread out as
if it were the Memory Game from when
you were a kid. Take turns turning over
two cards. When you find a match you
get to keep that candy bar.
Giggles Snickers
Klutz Butterfinger
Homerun Hitter Baby Ruth
Twins M&Ms
Favorite day of the week Payday
Sometimes you feel like a nut
Almond Joy
Two female pronouns Hershey
Sun Explosion Starburst
Dry Cows Milk Duds
Leftover Money Zero
Red Planet Mars
Have fun with it!


Stewardship is not a topic pastors like to preach on nor members want to

hear! Right after WWW I wrote about stewarding your pain because of what our
speaker Sophie Hudson said in one of her sessions. I didnt intend to do Part 2 of
a Stewardship theme, but God works in mysterious ways! Last week I was at a
conference where Lori McDaniel (IMB) spoke on stewarding your space. Umm,
OK, God, what are you trying to teach me?
Through Lori, God was talking about stewarding our personal space. Whether
you have a personal space of 3 feet or 12 feet, Jesus tells us to live sent to whoever
enters that space.
In John 20:21, Jesus says, As my Father has sent me, even so I am sending
you. What does it mean to live sent? Anyone who enters our space should:
n See Jesus
n Know the love of Jesus
n Understand the hope in Jesus
n Desire Jesus for themselves
Guess that would include family and friends, retail clerks, bank employees,
co-workers, team soccer moms, dance moms, wait staff at restaurants, and people
passing through your space on the sidewalk, in the mall and at the gym.
Would you join me in setting a goal for 2016 of living sent? Steward your space!
Merry Christmas and Happy 2016! Mari

More Than a Card
Chaplaincy Weekend Training

Work Progresses on the Dining Hall Expansion:

n The outdoor patio, with sub-floor heating, has been poured.

n The sidewalks connecting the central sidewalk to the patio & west
entrance have been poured.

n The new parking lot east of the Dining Hall is almost complete.

n The fireplace is being constructed now.

n The drywalling process has begun.

KNCSB Chaplaincy Ministry is conducting a Chaplain Professional Development Training (CPDT) Workshop in February. Two tracks of training are planned. The CPDT provides current Chaplains with ReFresher
Training. The second track Chaplain Boot Camp offers training in
either English or Spanish for new or prospective Chaplains to serve in
Disaster Relief or as Chaplains with firemen or police. Both tracks will
receive 6 contact hours upon completion of the weekend. In addition,
two sessions will be provided for the Chaplains Spouses. The CPDT
is scheduled on February 26-27, 2016, beginning at 6:30pm on Friday
night. Finally, there is a partial scholarship available if assistance
would be needed.

Date: Friday-Saturday, Feb 26-27

Location: Webster Conference Center, Salina, KS

Costs: Room & Meals/Breaks: Couples $75.00 if motel room available; Dorm Room: $40.00; Meals/Breaks Only $20.00 (Participants will
provide their own Friday night meal & scholarship is available.)
Schedule: Training will be conducted with 2 sessions Friday night, 2
sessions Saturday morning and 2 sessions Saturday afternoon.
Certification: Certificates for 6 Contact Hours for CEU and the Appropriate Certificate for KNCSB Chaplain Endorsement will be issued.
Contact Jana Gifford ( or 785-228-6840) for more information.

International Projects Planned in 2016

Volunteers are needed for both indoor and outdoor projects on the Dining Hall.
Call Bill Cooke toll free at 1-877-WCC-RESV if you or a small group would like to
work for a day or two.
The new sewer system should be done by Thanksgiving Day. Praise the Lord!
When funds become available, WCC will begin resurfacing and upgrading the
road system.
User Days for 2015 have surpassed the 46,000, well above 2014 totals to date.
Sign up for free monthly WCC E-Newsletters by going to http://www.webstercc.

Thank you for your continued support of this mission facility as we

continue to reach people for Christ and train believers for the work of
the ministry! The WCC Staff

Normative Church Conference

Webster Conference Center
Salina, Kansas

April 22-23, 2016

For leaders in churches running under 150 in worship

Theme: Developing Spiritual Leaders

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists are invited to participate in two international evangelism projects in 2016.
Scott Mayse is an enlistment coordinator for International Commission which
cooperates with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.
Mayse will be leading two international teams in 2016. The first team will serve
April 1-10 in Lima, Peru. The second team will serve Sept. 29-Oct. 10 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Team members will work with local churches in sharing the


For more information, contact Mayse at Visit the International Commission Website at

Take the next step.

We would like to invite you to attend a conference for Normative churches.

This includes churches that have fewer than 150 in attendance. It is designed for
pastors, key leaders and spouses. The conference begins Friday evening, April 22,
and ends Saturday afternoon.
Cost is $50 per adult or $75 per couple. This includes one nights lodging at
Webster Conference Center and two meals. We have also blocked motel rooms in
Salina should you prefer those accommodations.
More information will be sent the first of the year. Please mark your calendar
now and plan to attend.

Church Seeks Lead Pastor

Western Oaks Baptist Church,
Springfield, IL. Preferred education: Master of Divinity from
an SBC Seminary, minimum
5 years experience in a major
church leadership position.
Questions and resumes to
org accepted through December 7, 2015.

Our guest speaker is Chuck Lawless. He is Vice-President of

Graduate Studies and Ministry Centers at Southeastern
Seminary in Wake Forest, where he also serves as
Professor of Evangelism and Missions.
Chuck is a conference leader and author of several books,
including Discipled Warriors, Putting on the Armor, Mentor,
and Nobodies for Jesus. He has a strong interest in discipleship and mentoring. He was pastor of two churches in Ohio.
Chuck and his wife, Pam, have been married for more than
20 years, and live in Wake Forest, NC.

If you have any questions, contact Jana Gifford (
or call 1/800/984-9092 (Ext. 840).