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PROGRESS MICHIGAN POWERING PROGRESS TOGETHER Hugh Madden 215 S. Washington Square, Suite 100 Lansing, MI 48933 December 1, 2015 agFOIA@michigan gov 525 W. Ottawa St. Lansing, MI 48909 Since it has been discovered, by admission of the Office of Attorney General, that, Attorney General Bill Schuette and his staff often use personal email to conduct state business, on behalf of Progress Michigan and pursuant to Michigan Freedom of Information Act § 15.231 et seq., I request all emails between List A and List B from the personal email addresses of List A from November 1, 2010 to the present date. When searching for emails sent to or from the contacts on List B, I request that you separately search for the name and the email address(es), in case the contact used another email address besides the one(s) provided next to his or her name. Please include any attachments that were part of these files, such as word documents, or PDFs or other types of documents. In addition, please include copies of emails in which anyone from List A or List B was simply “ce-ed” or “bee- a Pursuant to MCL § 15.234(c), we are requesting documents in an electronic format if available. If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me if the cost will exceed $50.00. However, I would also request a waiver of all fees because the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest and the request is limited in scope. Ifyou deny this request in whole or part, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release specific emails and notify me of the appeal procedures available under the law. ‘When responding to this request, please do so via email, at hugh LISTA Bill Schuette John Bandstra Gerald (Rusty) Hills Carol Isaacs PIE er oe otc a PS a Cer Lee rea erence Ke oa Matthew Schneider Katharyn Barron ‘Alan Cropsey Lori Gray Holly Gustafson Sharon Lollio Peter Manning John Sellek Dan Sonneveldt Dennis Startner Barb Texzlewiez Joy Yearout (List B on next pages) UsTB ‘Name "Abboud, Andrew (Andy “Allen, Chris (Chris) ‘Baker, Thurbert ‘Baldwin, Preston Bolger, Tl. Burton, Scott Campagna, Kim ‘Compretta, Jonathan ‘Cox, Michael (Mike) Diamond, Jerome ‘Dunn, Jason ‘Goddard, T ‘Guerard, Richard (Rich ‘Guimond, Jefferson Hastie, Roderick. Heard, Maria Cok Hicks, Joshua (Josh Hoffman, Robert Tust, Ronald Kalani, Loni Kelly, 1B. Kilgore, J Luciano, Ann-Marie ‘Lynch, Patrick ‘Marquis, Milton A. ‘Martin, Lee ‘McCollum, William (Bil ‘McKenna, Robert (Rob) ‘McLellan, Richard ‘Merrill, Stephen (Sieve Miller, Andrew Modiset, Jeffrey (I Montgomery, Betty Moore, Mike ‘Moran, Brian ‘Mosca, Bryan ‘Nash, Bemard Bemie) ‘Prues Hecker, Sarah Richardson, Allen Ross, Lynne ‘Rutherford, Blake ‘Savage, Richard (Rich) Selleck, John Singer, Linda Smoyer, Divoane ‘Stewart, Mark. ‘Stratton, Harold (al) “Tampio, Christopher (Chris Troy, An “Turpen, Michael (Mike) Pickens Email abboudaivenctian com ‘allen offiman @eckertse idiusv@southemeo.« alanil@dicksteinshapino.cor Kellvibiaidicksteinshapito.c Kilgore ameguisewox alusianoionzen.c palrick@patricklvnchgrouy ism/adiekste Imv@mikemoorelawfimm o pill ‘mckenna(@orrick com ‘ximelellan@comeast not ‘Stephon merrill@bingham. com omer @mpslawyers-com un @mikemoorelawfiem com bi 7 bmosens 01 uashb(@idicksteinshapiro swan com ‘allen richardson/ Iross@ecker ruiherfordi@ieozen, com johnselleck @vahoo 0 Isinger(@ieohenmilstein.e smoverd/audicksteinshapito, nslewart@eckerseamans.c piociadicksteinsh: sks Tylus, Katy Taiyiapmesheskere com Whitsit, William (Bill) illawhitstuadvn, com. Woods, Grant “giigraniwoodspe net Zimmerman, LeRoy ignmerman deckeriseamans com ep oe fugh Madden, Progress Michigan (517) 999.3646,

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