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Planning Production

Front cover images:

The mise en scene for the main image is going to be quite bold so
that it stand out to the audience. Direct mode of address is going to
be used with a medium close up. The makeup will be eye catching
with some attributes from the band Kiss. The background for the
main image will be woods area. The lighting will be natural.

Main Coverline for front cover: Vertigo and the Vines (Exclusive)
Coverlines for front cover:

Indie rock strikes back Old to new indie rock bands uncovered
Secrets revealed with You me at Six
Albums rated with the Arctic Monkeys
Weezer A blast from the past

Also inside (section heading)

Kings of Leon
Catfish and the bottlemen
The Kooks
The Killers
Florence and the Machine
Mumford & Sons
Kaiser Chiefs

Text for contents page:

Regular content:
Current indie rock chart The top 20. From 20 down to 1, the most
current songs down in order of success and favourability.
This months album reviews Find out the best albums to buy or not
to buy.

Quiz About different bands/artists both old and new.


Subscription How and where to subscribe to us.

Gig guide Best upcoming gigs in order by date. Where is the best
upcoming gig?


News Bands that go under the radar.


Exclusive Posters Free poster of different bands/artists


Whats new News music and bands soon to hit the charts?


Editors notes A bit of the editors angle.


Tour dates The upcoming bands/artists gigs listed in order.

Feature content:
What makes an indie rock band? - Find out the key features to an
indie rock band/artist.
Christmas rocks with Kings of Leon Interview Favourite rock
Christmas songs most known but loved by the Kings of Leon.
Band exclusive interview - Vertigo and the Vines speak out. Find out
about the band and how they became Vertigo and the Vines.

Rock star fitness Vocal warm ups run through with Radiohead.

Spotlight on You me at six Inside interview with the band to unveil
their sins.

Rock band guide 2015

Unusual indie rock band names Listed names that make you
wonder how they were made.
Weirdest gifts from fans Catfish and the Bottlemen reveal all their
weird and wonderful offerings from fans.

Free downloadable content Biffy Clyro & The 1975.


Festival favourites Whos the main headline this year?

In the shoes of the Arctic Monkeys Behind the scenes interview,
telling us about their new album and how they
12. Can Oasis compare to any other band? - The Kooks compare bands
and artists Secret interview.

Interview - Signs that bands are starting to ruin your life.

14. Secrets about The Killers - The band speak out about each other, get
the ins and out of what each member is like.
15. Things you dont know about Florence and the machine Revealed
facts you will not know about.
16. Mumford & Sons best moments together The band let you in on
their biggest and most favourite achievements to date.

Muse give their views on their favourite indie rock songs

18. How did the Kaiser Chiefs come up with their name? Interview The band spill their old band names before they chose Kaiser Chiefs and
19. Indie rock artists that are not as known as they used to be Look
back on all the older indie rock artists to those who are known more today.
Will you know the classics?
20. The history of Weezer A walk through of all of their past from start
to finish.

List of images needed for my contents page:

Vertigo and the Vines

Gig tickets
Arctic Monkeys album

The article for my double page spread and the photographs


Interview with Vertigo and the Vines

Gig photo
Normal photo of the boys