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Treatments and remedies for

blackheads on face
Each person has the problem of black spots on the face.When hair follicles are clogged with dead
skin or fat form blackheads. In medical terms, they are calledcomedones . They appear as small
bumps on the nose, chin and forehead. So it is difficult to detect from a distance, but look ugly if
we look close. Young people and teenagers are prone to these
disorders. ()Blackheadson the nose or elsewhere on the face can be treated
normally and at home using natural remedies.
Causes main cause of developing a black spot will form the excessive secretion of fat. Other
reasons include: consumption of fried, chocolate and foods high in fat; improperly cleaned skin;
excessive use of cosmetics; anxiety or stress;alcohol or caffeine; smoking.
Symptoms: The main symptom for blackheads is the small swelling of the skin, especially on the
nose and forehead. Unlike pimples, blackheads are not painful. ( )
Natural remedies for blackheads escape
Here are some useful natural remedies to get rid of blackheads:
1. Oatmeal Paste: mix a sufficient amount of oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey and the juice of
4 tomatoes. Apply gently on the skin. Remove after 10 minutes. Repeat the process daily until
blackheads disappear completely.
2. Green tea : homogenised tablespoon dried green tea leaves with water. Then rub the skin with
it. Green tea removes fat from the skin and helps clean the pores. ()
3. Lemon: Lemon juice is one of the best remedies, it effectively removing fat from the skin,
while also removes acne and blackheads. Make a paste of salt, lemon juice, honey and
yogurt.Scrub your skin with this mixture. It will naturally remove blackheads, exfoliating the
4. Hamarelis (winter blossom): Use a cotton swab soaked in this product and applied to the skin.
It will remove excess fat so the skin and blackheads on your nose. ( )
5. Baking soda: Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with soda to form a paste. Gently massage
your skin with this mixture. Let it dry for some time, then remove it with warm water. Repeat the
process once, twice a week until all the blackheads disappear. It is a good remedy to get rid of
blackheads fast.
6. Epsom: Epsom is very useful for inlatuirarea blackheads. Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salts
with a few drops of iodine in hot water. Let it dissolve completely. Then let cool and apply to the
skin using a cotton swab. After it dries well, it will easily remove.
7. Fenugreek: Fenugreek Crush some leaves and add water to make a thick paste. Apply on skin

with blackheads and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the process
daily until the disappearance of blackheads.
8. Cinnamon: It forms a paste mixture horror of it with some honey spoon cinnamon. Apply to
skin and leave overnight. Rinse with plain water the next morning. Repeat daily for 10 days
9. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is successfully used to remove blackheads. It has only applied a thin
layer of toothpaste on the blackhead. Then rub easy, using a toothbrush. You may feel a slight
sensation of irritation, apply the paste as skin, but it is normal. It will be repeated every two days
to completely get rid of blackheads.
10. Potatoes: grilled bake a raw potato and rub the skin with it. After 15 minutes, washed with
black dots area. The process is repeated daily until the disease disappears.
11. Rice: Let the rice soak in milk for 4 5:00 and make a paste. Then applied to the skin.
12. Red: Crush a peeled tomato and apply it on the skin. Leave it overnight. Next morning, wash
your face with warm water. Tomatoes have antiseptic role that dries blackheads.
13. Malai: Mix the corn flour with some common solution you use for cleansing your
face.Inhaled some hot steam before application to open pores. Then, apply and massage gently
with a circular motion. After a while, rinse with cold water.
14. Honey: Honey helps strengthen pores while giving skin a natural glow oo. Apply honey on
your face and rinse after 10 minutes
15. Coriander: Make a paste of fresh coriander leaves and turmeric powder with water. Apply the
paste as a mask over the surface with blackheads.
16. Turmeric : Two tablespoons of mint juice mixed with some turmeric powder and apply on
face. After it dries, rinse with warm water.
Another option would mixture of turmeric powder, red sandalwood and milk. Apply and then
rinse with water after 10 minutes.
17. Sugar: Take a spoonful of sugar. Add a few drops of lemon juice. The circular massage on the
cheeks, nose and face. This remedy removes dead skin, giving the skin glow.
18. Gram flour (besan): Prepare a mixture of besan and crushed almonds. Apply. It is a natural
remedy for removing blackheads on the nose.
19. Orange peel: Grind orange peel, to powder. Add the water and mix. Apply on the surface
with black dots. It is an excellent way to remove blackheads home.
20. Aloe Vera : Use aloe vera juice on the nose, cheeks, chin and face. Owner painkillers thereof
will cure blackheads naturally.
21. Tea tree oil: oils antiseptic properties make it a useful remedy for blackheads restriction.
22. Warm compresses: Soak a towel or cloth in hot water. Cover price blackheads with him 1215 minutes. The pores are opened, clean the blackheads.
23. Steam: Boil some water in a pot. Then cover your head with a towel. Sit in front so that you
directed to the vessel. Or make a steam bath. The pores are clean, leaving your skin without
24. Rose Water: Use rose water for skin cleansing. Daily use of water prevents blackheads.
25. Egg: Beat an egg white. Add a tablespoon of honey. Apply and remove blackheads after 1520 minutes. That will provide a clean and radiant skin.
How to get rid of blackheads overnight?
It presupposes that we must occupy an official or attend a party the next day. Suddenly, you
remember those unsightly blackheads on the face. What will you do? Well, we have the solution

disappearance of blackheads in one night.

Step 1: Clean. Clean your face by an anti-acne wash or a washing solution for removing fat from
the face of the salicylic acid. It will be removing excess facial fat, so the blackheads.
Step 2: Exfoliate. Now, exfoliate your skin with a gentle rubbing, for removing dead skin.Insist
on areas with blackheads.
Step 3: Steam. By using this therapy, will open pores and blackheads will soften.
Step 4: Squeezing easy. Take 2 pieces of soft tissue. Use index fingers. Squeeze easy points,
apazand area pointer fingers. Do not press too hard blackheads, otherwise the area will heal
Step 5: Apply an anti acne cream to remove the point. Then use a cream to cure blackheads areas
before going to bed to get rid of the signs left by blackheads.
Measures to prevent blackheads:
Wash your face twice a day, ultilizand cleaning and degreasing solution or an anti acne solution.
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
Use makeup, makeup, lotions or solutions for cleansing of the face that are not oil-based.
Your cleanser before going to bed. (telescopes)
Eat fewer foods containing fat, such as chocolate, fried food and fast food. (metal detectors)
Add products rich in beta carotene in your diet.
Do not squeeze blackheads, because they leave scars. (schlsseldienst gladbeck)
he private course allows you to work according to your requirements, your (schlsseldienst
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Technique: Charlotte focuses its course on the quality of the abrazo and (metal detectors)
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Vocabulary: You can send a video link with a certain password () you wish to make and
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( )
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Recipe: Sugar-free Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin
Irene van Gent 14 Comments Food without Sugar September 17, 2013
Many people are stopping to eat sugar-free, because they think they do not treat or sweet can eat
more. But nothing is less true! There are enough natural sugar substitutes that you should do that,
and you can even pies, cakes and cookies make! This is a wonderful version of a cake with
pumpkin and chocolate, without sugar. The taste is a bit like gingerbread, but home made. A tasty
and healthy snack, especially during the dark months of the year. It is a very simple recipe, so I
would say, get to work! (juicing recipes)
You will need:
500 grams of shelled pumpkin
180 gram flour (you can use all kinds of flour)
50 grams of honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon cloves (or speculaaskruiden)
2 tablespoons cocoa
2 tablespoons yogurt
1.5 tsp (tartar) baking powder
1 tin
How you make sugar-free chocolate cake with pumpkin ready:
Preheat oven to 175 degrees.
Peel the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces. (juicer recipes)
Put the pieces of pumpkin in a saucepan with a little water and bring to a boil.
Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl and add honey, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa and baking
powder to it.
If the pumpkin falls apart when they are pricked with a fork, you make puree.
The puree can then mix with the yogurt.
Mix in the pumpkin mixture into the flour until it becomes a fine paste. If necessary, add a little
Brush a baking tray with (cream), butter and flour and add the paste (or use parchment paper).
Place the cake in the oven, a minimum of half an hour.
Prick with a fork or skewer or knitting needle in the cake, it comes out clean, the cake is ready.
Remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool in the tin.(Best Juice Fast Recipes For
Weight Loss)

Bon appetit!
Have you ever tasted a sugar-free cake?

Happy Birthday to you

Younger siblings are as if they were our children and that we protect, advise (metal detectors)
and try to show the best of us. They are our first complicit in (andaman packages) our
shenanigans are our first friends and first people he fought well. ()
The love between brothers ( ) is very complex and very strong, so when
thebirthday of our youngest brother is near, what we really want is to do very happy. In this
article we willshow you a series of birthday greetings to have (Chlorinator repairs Brisbane)
them you dedicate your younger brother. .(serrurier Paris) Mndaselas through social networks
or a card. Will you very happy.
Free list of phrases birthday for my younger brother:
Happy day, brother. I always thank God for enjoying a birthday yours at your side. I love you.
- I hope that everything you set out make it. You deserve all the best. Happy day, brother. I love
you. "
- "I wish a cute birthday to the person who always cheers me and also my good friend. Happy
birthday, brother. Do not forget to always be by your side.
- Happy birthday to my dear brother. Always Ill wish you the best and although it is not by
your sidealways think of you.
- I love you, dear brother. Forever give to God graces me as wonderful as brother. I always
ask that you protect and look after you.
- Today is a very special day for me because it is the day you came into this world to fill the
family happiness. Happy day, brother. Pass it amazing.

- Besides being my younger brother, youre my best friend and I will always wish you all the
best. Happy day, I hope that passes well on your birthday.
- Happy birthday, dear brother. I hope that God always bless you with much happiness in your
life. " ( artificial turf san diego )
- "I hope that through these words can receive best wishes. You know you deserve the best
because you are a great person. Happy day! " ( landscape san diego )
- "Although sometimes we discussed, you know I love you more than anyone, Post construction
cleaning brother. Our friendship and our love will always be strong despite the differences we
have. Happy Birthday. " ( pavers san diego )
We are confident that these are going to be able to greet in a special way to your younger brother
Birthday man of my life
Birthday man of my life
Today is the birthday of the man of my life, my beautiful husband whom I love immensely.
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So I want to take the time to thank God for having placed in my life this wonderful person who
gave a new meaning to my life. ( retirement income san diego )
Happy birthday my dear! Many rejoice, good health and that you continue to be that person who
was always full! ( financial planner san diego )
Thanks for all the shared moments with me. You are more than a husband, he is a friend and
companion of every hour. ( criminal background check) ( )
Today is his, so laugh, jump, play, do what pleases you, for what most want is (marketing sales in
australia) to see you happy. Congratulations, you deserve all the happiness in the world! I love
you. (buy plexus)

Congratulations beloved wife

Congratulations beloved wife
Happy birthday my love, today another cycle closes in your life and start a new phase! I wish all
come with prosperity more this year of his life. ( accounting firms Toronto )
Thank you for being such a wife the dreams of any man, dedicated and understanding woman,
always trying to do good. ( to do list app )
For all this it is that you are worthy of so much love, health, money, success and every happiness
in the world. ( task management software )

You came into my life in a transforming way and since were just companionship and respect. I
thank and pray to God every day for his life, all his ways are illuminated and saved by the Lord
my dear. (Water Restoration Chicago )
Happiness and your life always run unimpeded. I love you!
Congratulations to the dearest aunt ( accounting firms Toronto )
Today is an important day It is the birthday of one of my dearest aunts! Aunt enchants you by
intelligence, tranquility and lightness. ( how to get rid of stretch marks )
Always affectionate with me and everyone in the family, so its a person you love always. (buy
You bring light, calm and positive energy for all of us. Congratulations, my beautiful aunt! Your
zeal is often misunderstood, however, your love is greater than any misunderstanding. Thank you
for everything! (plexus slim)
May God multiply your years of life, so that we can enjoy for a long time of your company!
Cheers! (marketing sales in australia)

another blog:

Local trains
DIR Diretto (Electricistas Madrid)
It is a semi-fast train, with various stops, often only second class.
IR INTERREGIONALE AND REG REGIONALE (Chlorinator repairs Brisbane)
Regional trains are small or medium make short journeys, often with provincial or regional
(hence its name) destinations. (Pump repairs Brisbane)
It is the most economical method for train travel, but how cheap can be (metal detectors)
expensive if you take into account that trains are slow and cumbersome. (telescopes)
With stops in almost all the stations along the way, small municipalities connected among
themselves and with large cities. Generally they have (andaman packages)second class seats are
not the best choice if youre in a hurry for the number of stops they make. (Andaman tour
If Eurostar / Intercity is delayed then the diretto / interregionale gives priority and you can
imagine his late when they arrive. ( )

But it is clear that regional trains are the best option to know typical villages that are far from
major cities, and to tour the sights of Italy if you do not have ()smuch trouble.
The vast majority of regional coaches are very old and therefore in poor
scondition. However lately there was a notable increase in new regional trains.
Night trains
EXPRESS (EXP) and InterCity Notte (ICN), EXCELSIOR,
As the name implies, they are those who follow the country overnight. In addition to the
traditional offer first and second class cabins with beds. ()
The express are cheaper and offer fewer services than the Intercity Notte.
These night trains are a smart way to travel greater distances traveling at night, in bed or semibed
cabins, time and money for a hotel room is saved.
International trains
EUROCITY (EC) E EuroNight (IN)
Trains day and night service for international routes. The units offer comfort and speed, at a
lower cost of Eurostar. They can reach speeds up to 200 km / h. They are similar in (Deep Patel)
characteristics to Intercity. Connect Italy with Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Croatia,
Slovenia and Budapest..(serrurier Paris)
STATIONS AND BUY TICKETS (engagement rings los angeles)
Arriving at the station, we have enough bulletin boards in prominent places indicating the types
of trains running with their schedules and routes.
Tickets can be purchased at windows, or vending machines located at the same stations (it is
optimal to gain time and avoid queuing), online at or authorized travel
Important tip: Before boarding the train must validate your ticket in the machines located in the
station platforms (usually they are yellow). In case you have validated the ticket inspector passes
and just have to pay a fine.
Such fines are fairly expensive, for example if you have tickets or not validated is 50 euros if
paid at the time, and if they do not pay 112 euros in the first 15 days, and from there are
220euros! That is not worth the risk to take the train without validating the ticket. (House
It is also very important to keep the ticket during the trip. When I made the trip from Turin to
Rome on a Eurostar, the guard happened to mark the tickets after each stop were at least 4 times
the control happened.
For frequent travelers, or for those who want advance purchase "passes for travel on trains,
there are many prepaid cards that offer discounts when buying packages. These cards can operate

by time or number of trips, and certain types of trains. For travelers who are not European
residents, for example, it highlighted in EurailPass.
For information on train schedules, reservations and ticketing can consult the
More recommendations train Traveling by train in Italy: tips for beginners.
Elisa Maggi


Health care
It is very much important for our dear ones

Against herpes, try this remedy with cider vinegar

. The herpes virus, herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a contagious viral disease causing skin
condition and (Send Money to India) mucous membranes characterized by blisters and usually
appears around the lips. To avoid the constant use of antiviral drugs, here is a simple homemade
recipe that can cure herpes. ( how to get rid of stretch marks )
The Herpes simplex is a viral infection very boring because it often returns to the same place as
blister on the lip.
While one in ten French is affected by herpes, the number of patients continues to increase and
as the people who suffer are very annoyed and sometimes even ashamed to show when (social
media marketing australia) they have herpes, here so a simple remedy to cure you, you
absolutely must have in the
Here is a grandmother remedy that is proven and that will relieve you effectively. (public
relations PR australia)
Earlier thrust

If you feel herpes develops, dab the spot where the button is prepared with pure cider vinegar
soaked cotton. Then keep it against the button for a while. Repeat the process several times in the
day. (tradestation )
Do not worry if it stings, its normal but safe.
If herpes or fever blisters are already there ( IAQ)
You can use the same method to remove the ugly buttons that are there. The slight drawback is
that it will sting more. (dish tv recharge )
Within days, these buttons will be a bad memory. Furthermore, the development rate will be
decreased. (delaware real estate)
Abracadabra! Disappearance of buttons! Appearance of smile!
How to improve your health and enjoy the benefits of apple cider vinegar? Find The Miracles
of Vinegar For Your Health . ( discount hawaii car rental )
How to use white vinegar to brighten your home and reduce traditional cleaning products
Vinegar is not only used to make salad dressings! ( web design phoenix arizona )
Check out these amazing uses of vinegar that will help you:

Never use fabric softener to your laundry trade (Jasper necklace )

Fighting against limestone in two specific parts of your home
Clean and disinfect this place often occupied without expensive and polluting chemical
( Bradley Witham )
And thats not all ..
Thank you