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Internet Usage of University Students

Data analysis of internet usage of university students:

This data has been analyzed through a process. Primary data has been used for analysis. Main
research purpose was to know the internet usage of university students. Data has been analyzed
through coding. After overall coding six theme has been developed after coding and analysis of
data. Six theme has identified for data analysis part. This has been developed after coding of data
collection through primary data. These themes are. Component of internet usages, Description of
internet connection, Procedure of internet browsing, Main purpose of online surfing, Experience
and addiction of students, Effects of Internet usages.

Theme 01: Component of internet usage:

The main and first theme of internet usage of university student is component of internet use.
These components are time, place and device for internet usage; these are the subtheme of this
theme. Description of these subthemes given below. Because with the combination of these
subthemes component of internet usage can be described.
Subtheme 01: Suitable Place for using internet: Respondent of Dhaka University prefers that
they use internet in home, cyber center and free Wi-Fi zone. Some students of ULAB University
said that most of them use internet in their home, Library, Computer Lab. Where BUFT, UAP,
BRACU, IUBAT, BUBT students said the same. However, some of them use internet in Vehicles
when they stuck at traffic. Overall, we can say that these are the main places where students use
Subtheme 02: Time appraisal for internet routine: Students use internet most of the time.
There is no actual scale of time, which can be measured against time spending on internet.
Respondent of ULAB student stated that,
Without time of sleeping I always connected or in touch with internet.
So Other University students such as DU, UAP, BUFT, AIUB, BRACU, EWU also described
that more or less they use internet every day. Nevertheless, they use internet maximum time of
the day and cannot pass a single day the without the internet.
Subtheme 03: Description of Internet usable Device: According to all the university students
more less usable device which is used by these students are
1. Tab: Some of respondents use tab because it provide facility some of desktop, laptop and
mobile. It has also facility of portability.
2. Mobile: Every Students have mobile phone but who have smartphone they use internet
more than normal mobile phone users. Now every students use mobile for portability so
as for internet.
3. Desktop: Not all of the respondent have desktop. However, Students of CSE, EEE from
BRAC, ULAB, and UAP have desktop. Desktop is mainly good for engineering students
because they can do their class work in here, but that work cannot be done in Tab or
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Mobile because of configuration and interface of those devices. Other University and
faculty students also use desktop for their educational and entertainment purpose.
4. Laptop: Above the discussion of desktop, laptop used by more or less all the respondents
who can afford it. Laptop is same as desktop and it has portability so as result students
use this device more than desktop. It is handy as well as big screen for multi-tasking
work with portability facility.

Theme 02: Description of internet connection:

Internet connection can be describe through the types of connection, speed for that connection,
and bandwidth used by the user. Not all Students are satisfied with their internet connection.
Because when they get informed that neighboring country is getting more speed than we are and
students get noticed that, our country gets lesser speed than others do. One of the Student of UAP
added that, ...Even now we are lag behind from INDIA in speed of internet
Subtheme 01: Types of internet Connection: Students of all university students tries to select
good speed connection in cheaper rate. Without few students, all others uses mobile operator
such as GrameenPhone, Airtel, Teletalk etc. However, students try to use cheap rate package or
they use. Some students use Wi-max connection such as Banglalion. Overall, all students have
Broadband connection provider. However, who has not desktop or laptop they do not use
broadband. Free Wi-Fi connection in every University area gathers all the students to join the
internet connection.
Subtheme 02: Speed getting for internet browsing: Speed for surfing internet is not adequate.
Anyway, students are not satisfied overall speed they get. Because mobile operator did not giving
guaranteed speed, which was assessed by the Government of Bangladesh. Wi-max and
broadband service provider doing the same. There is fluctuation of internet package rate in terms
of area. Speed also varies because of area basis. Stable speed is not provided by these service
provider of mobile operator, broadband and Wi-max. Though Wi-Fi connection is good enough if
it is nor public Wi-Fi or only accessible by the university students.
Subtheme 03: Legitimacy of Bandwidth exporting in other country: Other country user is
getting more faster internet than ours. Exporting of bandwidth in INDIA and not utilizing our
bandwidth is the reason for higher price and lesser speed of internet. Students perception is more
or less same and Government of Bangladesh should disallow to export bandwidth rather than
they should use it for their own development purpose.

Theme 03: Procedure of internet browsing:

Internet browsing software such as browser, safety software, downloads software etc. used by the
students. Different website surfed by the all types of student. These are the procedure of internet
Subtheme 01: Selection of Browser: Students form different university uses various types of
browser. For Pc, Laptop they use Mozilla. Google chrome, Opera, Tor Browser. When they use
tab or mobile, they use opera mini, Safari, UC browser etc. However, most of the respondents
agreed that Google chrome is better than other browser and in mobile or tablet device students
uses opera mini browser. One of the respondent of said that,
.Google Chrome is more faster, User friendly, and have better user interface.
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Subtheme 02: Knowledge about of safety software uses in internet: Students of CSE, EEE in
ULAB, UAP, and BRAC has some knowledge about spam link, spam message. However, some
students use many Internet security virus scanner. Other students have lesser idea about safety
browsing. So overall students have not any proper idea about safety software and safety
Subtheme 03: Selection of Search Engine: Respondent of BRAC university of EEE department
...Google knows everything that is why I use it
Google has vast information storage and gives relevant information about the search. Other
search engine such as Yahoo, Bing also used by the students.
Subtheme 04: Core visiting Websites: Core visiting websites mainly Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook,
Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Books, Google Scholar, Tutorial related website,
Educational Website, Movie, Mp3 related website and others website used by the students. So
overall, we draw the line students from different university use educational, entertaining website
in internet.

Theme 04: Main purpose of online surfing:

Main purpose of internet surfing cannot be describe one line. Many variety of intention of
students. However, core purpose is educational, social networking, entertainment and others.
Under this theme there are
Subtheme 01: Cumulative use of Social Networking: Students of all university uses social
networking website for the get in touch with each others. Most of the student uses Facebook as
well as twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites to be connected with each other. There
is social networking apps such as tango, Instragram, Viber, Whatsapp etc. are used to connect
students to communicate with each other and their parents, relative etc.
Subtheme 02: Determination of Entertainment: Students of all university also use internet for
entertainment purpose. They use internet to download movie, songs, TV series and Sports match
highlights. Those who have not TV or stay in the mess or Hall they use internet to watch TV,
sports live streaming and other live program.
Subtheme 03: Educational practices in internet through dissemination and sharing of
knowledge: The main reason of all students for internet using is educational purpose. Student of
IR of DU stated,
....I use internet to read magazine such as economist, Forbes. Also read book of Francis
Fukuyama about politics.
Other CSE student of UAP stated that For my class purpose I use Internet is to learn PHP
language, Web Language and video tutorial form free tutorial learning website
Other university student use internet to know about class time, schedule through mail or group in
Facebook. Use of online video messenger such as Skype, Viber to communicate with each other
through video call to learn from others through live chat. Therefore, in this way knowledge
sharing and dissemination can be done through internet.
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Subtheme 04: Business perseverance usage in internet: Nowadays people buy things from
online. Students most of the girls are always buy many product from online. However, students
sometime did not get appropriate product. They are being cheated from online marketer. Some of
student has started online business in internet. One of the student of ULAB said that,
Social networking sites help me to connect with my client
Therefore, in this way people are being touch with internet and use it for their business
preference in time of students life.

Theme 05: Involvement on internet usages:

Internet uses of university students have experience on internet browsing and daily habit of using
internet. Internet use of university students experience and addiction can be divided into
Subtheme 01: Initial experience of using internet: initial experience: Initial time or starting
period of using internet is class 8-10 or teenager age. Most of the student started to using internet
in this time or later. The first using purpose was email, social site using and movie, song
download etc. However, some respondent also started to use to learn something from internet or
influenced by siblings, friends and relatives to use the internet, One of the respondent university
student of UAP from CSE dept. stated that,
.one day my parents were not home. My sister wants to drink tea. Therefore, I try to search
how to make a cup of tea and this is how I started to using internet. From that day I get benefited
from internet and started to using internet.
Subtheme 02: Addiction or importance? : Internet addiction is more or less everyone has.
However, students of all university cannot separate them from using internet. Most of the
respondent said that they use internet for important task and educational purpose. Nevertheless,
some of them get addicted because of replying messages, playing online games or other
Subtheme 03: Unknown online person issue: A few respondent have been communicated with
unknown online person. Most of the students do not want to make contact with unknown person
in online. Because they have untrusted issue to the unknown online identity.

Theme 06: Effect of internet usages among the university students and related
This is the last and ending theme for internet usage of university students. In this theme, the
effect or impact has been shown thorough two subtheme. Overall student said that it depends on
users to avoid harmful usage of internet. One of student of ULAB from CSE dept. stated that,
it depends on user in which way I use internet, negative or positive.
Subtheme 01: Blessing of internet usage: Internet is obviously blessing. Students cannot think
them to pass a day without surfing internet. In the time Globalization period people has been
connected through internet to disseminate and share knowledge that is beneficial for students.
Online Maps, GPS helps used by overall all university students. They use this when they went to
go for long journey or locate something, which is need for their research and educational
purpose. Many students learn from online through tutorial video from YouTube, Khan Academy
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and other educational tutorial website. Student always is connected through social networking
site. They are benefited by knowing notice form the educational group that was created in social
networking websites. Besides that online marketing done by some female students and others.
One of the respondent of UAP form CSE dept. stated that,
..Nowadays internet makes the world smaller and it makes possible to get every information
under the grip of our finger. We have polluted our world through misuse of internet. We are
getting updated by the news that gathers from internet.
This is how we are benefited from internet. So beneficial side of internet cannot be describe one
paragraph. It has been attached in every sector of government and country. Therefore, it is not
measurable how much we are benefited from internet.
Subtheme 02: Detrimental use of internet: Everything of scientific invention has a positive
and negative side. So as internet has also negative or bad side. However, it mostly depends on
users. Every university students told about addiction, pornography, blackmailing, fraud in online
marketing and others, violent speech, hacking, spamming etc. Because of internet, everything is
spread faster than any other news medium. Therefore, there is no filtration of news and as a
result, many fraud and rumor news has been spread. Lack of monitoring such as adult site and
fraud news are the negative impact of internet.
Now new types of crime has been started which is called cybercrime. Harassment, blackmailing,
hated speech, hacking are under cybercrime. SO some this type of crime has affected more or
less all respondents. According to respondent of DU, form IR dept. stated that, is a time consuming thing. Some people is brainwashed by propaganda news from online.
Online celebrity prioritizes virtual life more than real life. Some of them harass women. Because
of online dependency and misinformation, people had been losing their tolerance power.
Therefore, this is how people are being hampered from internet. Last of all it only depends, how
students use the internet because only students of university know what way is best for them.

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List of Acronyms
DU- University of Dhaka
ULAB - University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
BUFT - BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology
IUBAT - International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
AIUB - American International University Bangladesh
UAP - University of Asia Pacific
BUBT - Bangladesh University of Business and Technology
SAU - Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University
BRACU BRAC University
EEE- Electrical and Electronic Engineering
CSE-Computer Science and Engineering
IR- International Relations
Dept. Department
TV- Television

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