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Landscape Design agreement



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Name of designer you will be meeting with:

Level of landscape design desired: (please read on to make your decision)

Level One level two Level three Level four

-You can always upgrade to the next level

Projected budget for first installation: (a range is acceptable)

The following information describes TimberPine’s Landscape Design Services from start to finish, as well as, explaining
key components related to this process. We feel it is important for our customers to have full knowledge of their
investment with TimberPine. Thoroughly read this outline to ensure your understanding and acknowledge your
approval by signing and dating below where indicated. Please direct any questions to your landscape designer.

__________________________________________ _________________

Signature Date

Please have page one signed and ready to give to your designer at your initial meeting.

A thoughtful landscape design will increase the aestetic quailty of your property, add to its usability and may even
decrease your home’s energy costs. We offer landscape design services in four different levels based on your current
and future needs and desires.

Level One Landscape Design: $95.00

o Includes “Phase One” design with front foundation plants and any complimenting
components (ie. edging, accent boulders)
o Generally includes the front of house, up to 10ft back from front corners
of the house, and any trees within the front yard-as shown
o Image Editing
o Digitally enhanced photos showing the proposed plant material as it would
look with your residence Level One Landscape Design
 Please Note: there are some circumstances where this service is not available based on the environment
of your residence
o Estimate to Install
o Includes all plant and hardscape materials, and labor to install
o Represents scope of work within your specified budget

Level Two Landscape Design: $175.00

o Standard residential city lot

o Includes all components within Level One Design plus:
o Landscape designed for entire foundation-as shown
o Patios, Retaining Walls, Berms-connected to the foundation
Level Two Landscape Design
o Drawing/Estimate to represent phases if desired

Level Three Landscape Design: $250.00

o Standard residential city lot up to ½ acre

o Includes all components within Level Two Design plus:
o Berms, Outdoor Living Spaces, Exterior Patios (not connected to
foundation), Privacy Hedges, Windbreaks, Water Features, Firepits,
o Ideal Level for a phased installation Level Three Landscape Design

Level Four Landscape Design: $350.00

o Residence occupying ½ acre or more

o Includes all components within Level Three Design

Level Four Landscape Design

Additional Products and Services Available for Your Landscape:

• Irrigation System Installation free quote available

o Professionally designed irrigation system with option for maximum efficiency and water conservation
o All systems include:
 1 year parts and labor warranty
 Lifetime warranty for underground pipe
 As-Built drawing of installed system is available
o 1 year parts and labor warranty
o As-built drawing of installed system available for $85.00
 Important to identify zone boundaries, for future plantings, expansions
• Irrigation Maintenance free quote available
o Ideal for residences already equipped with an irrigation system
o Includes start up and winterization
o Backflow testing and certification (documentation required every year by the city)
o Includes relocating existing irrigation to accommodate new landscape
o System component repairs and seasonal adjustments
• Lawn Care/Mowing free quote available
o Residential and commercial mowing/trimming
o Lawn Fertilization Program
o Lawn aeration
• Landscape Lighting free quote available
o Great option to highlight features within your landscape
o Digitally enhanced photos showing landscape lighting as it would appear at your residence
o Estimate to install
• Lawn Aeration/Overseeding free quote available
o Optimal for healthy lawn
o Spring and/or fall application
• Seed/Hydroseed free quote available
o Significant cost savings versus sod
o Advantages of Hydroseed
 Rapid and uniform growth
 Ideal for sloped or inaccessible areas
• Snow Removal free quote available
o Residential and commercial snow removal services available

After you have selected your level of landscape design……

• Your landscape designer will meet at your residence to; discuss your specific needs and desires, take
measurements and take notes needed to complete your landscape design. During this meeting we will talk
with you about timelines for design completion and installation. Based upon the season, designs may take up
to 2-3 weeks to complete and installation usually can commence within approximately 2 weeks after the
decision to install has been made. This timeline is completely dependent on the time of season; however
your designer will keep you informed of your status.

• Your designer will call you upon completion of your design to set an appointment for the presentation. We
encourage you to meet at TimberPine Nursery, which would give you an opportunity to see our plant and
hardscape materials. If that is not possible, the designer can meet at your residence.

• The fee for your landscape design is due at the completion of its presentation

• After reviewing your design, revisions can be made. Your designer will follow-up with you approximately 1
week after the initial presentation to discuss any changes or ideas you may have. We can tailor or phase the
design to meet nearly any budget or design request.

• When you’re ready for TimberPine to install your landscape, we will ask for the following before you are
scheduled for the work to begin:
o Minimum 50% down payment (thru credit card, cash or check)
o Signed copy of the estimate reflecting the materials to be installed (as provided by your designer)
This is our contracting agreement

• Our scheduling respects a first come, first serve policy. At this time we can offer an estimated time when your
installation would initiate. Please keep in mind there are several factors that can influence our schedule-ie.
weather, previously scheduled installations, availability of plant and hardscape materials, etc. Your designer or
our schedule coordinator will communicate with you the status as we lead up to installation.

• TimberPine will contact Iowa One Call to mark your property at least 48 hours prior to installation for
utilities such as gas, cable, tv, water, and phone. Any other private utilities such as irrigation, dog fence, or
secondary electricity will not be marked by Iowa One Call and are not TimberPine’s responsibility. If you
know where any private utilities are within your property, please notify your designer. We will make every
effort to avoid these areas, but if damages occur during installation, repairs will be at your expense.

• During your installation, skilled foremen and crew members will install your project. The designer will be
onsite when needed during the installation and will be in constant communication with the foreman. If you
have any questions or concerns during construction, please contact your designer.

• Upon completion of your new landscape, the designer will schedule a walk through with you to ensure your
satisfaction. At this time you will receive proper care instructions for your new landscape and have the chance
to clear up any questions you may have. We will ask that you acknowledge your approval by signing our
confirmation sheet. With your signature you are verifying your understanding of the landscape
maintenance, our warranty policy and other aspects of the installation. This also ensures TimberPine has
done our job properly.

• The final invoice will be provided to you either during your walk through or by mail immediately following
the project completion. We appreciate payment once you’ve received this invoice. Accounts more than 30
days past due will have a 1.5% finance charge per month applied.

• Please contact your designer at the first sign of any stress or any concerns regarding your landscape. In some
instances we can salvage plant materials, given proper notice. Approximately one year after your installation,
your designer will be in contact with you to cover any warranty issues that may have occurred, and to ensure
you’re enjoying your landscape!

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