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Sharif Sons

Our success story is based on Mr. Usman Sharif; a successful entrepreneur. He is

currently running a business of manufacturing and selling of plastic shopping bags under the
name of Sharif Sons. Mr. Sharif started this business in 1994 and is currently working on the
lines of expanding his business by introducing new products in the market other than plastic
shopping bags. His new line is expected to hit the markets soon.
Mr. Usman started this business in 1994 after the failure of his three businesses earlier
which comprised of clothing, general store and building materials. Taking the initiative to enter
in to this venture was his sole idea. The reason why he opted for this particular business was
because there Mr. Usman strongly believes there is a lot of turnover. In the initial stages, the
business faced a lot of loses leaving Mr. Usman totally disheartened by the situation; but, yet he
continued the business with a hope that the business will prosper and he will at some point earn
him considerable profits. He initially started the business with a single machine and was making
shopping bags in accordance to the specifications of his clients. However, after some time he,
thought to make and retail shopping bags on his own and he started to purchase raw materials
and making plastic bags and selling them as a finished product. Overtime and with diligent hard
work, Mr. Usman today has his own factory and selling points.
As far as starting off was concerned, Mr. Usman did not face too many problems in that
aspect moreover because he invested his own time and capital majorly in the business. Mr.
Usman was also kind enough to tell us that he started off the business with an initial capital of 45 lakhs on the 1st of January 1994.
To establish and build customer relations in the market was a hard nut to crack for him as
he claims because there were already stronger companies with a strong competitive edge sitting
in the markets like Gilani Private Limited Company and hence it took Mr. Usman a longer time
for attracting customers but patience and hard work did pay off in the end.
Sharif Sons today have 3 major competitiors in the market they are: Gilani Plastic, Malik
Plastic and Globe Plactic. Gilani plastic is the market leader after them there is Malik Plastic and
Sharif Sons due to Mr. Usmans consistent efforts ranks at number three today.

Sharif Sons claims to have a competitive edge as far as the pricing of their product is
concerned. They claim to provide the same quality shopping bag in a low price as compared to
their competitors.
Mr. Usman Sharif intends to expand his business in the future by offering a diverse range
of products and not just plastic shopping bags. At this point, they do not want to get to the top in
the plastic shopping bag market but are in fact thinking on the lines of moving to explore other
markets and avenues with new products.
Sharif Sons even currently are enjoying profits yet energy crisis has hit them pretty
strong. Mr. Usman is very successful and claims to earn more than anyone from the industry in
such a span of time.
As an advice to Mr. Usman Sharif we would like if instead of going to a new market with
new products and taking another plunge at this point in time, he should rather invest more and
more in manufacturing and retailing of plastic shopping bags simply because in the new products
he may have to suffer loses like he did with his earlier three ventures and this may in turn effect
the repute of his already established and well performing business venture.