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Fifteenth Senate

Minutes Monday 6 March 2006

I. Call to Order
A. Meeting called to order at 8:42pm.

II. Roll Call

Senators in attendance: Baireuther, Balderas, Bartle, Ellingwood, Spencer-
McDonough, Reed, Weiss.
Chair: Horsey.
Recorder: Reed.
Guests in Attendance: Stephanie Klein, Abbi Smith, Ali Abdul-Aziz, Brandy
Fisher, Robert Cox, Casey Watters.
Excused absence: Janecki, Mueller.
Unexcused absence: Delon.

III. Additions or Corrections to Agenda


IV. Motion to Approve Agenda


V. Motion to Approve Minutes

Balderas moves to change “not a necessary position” in Section VIII.B. to “not an
advantageous position with the resources available at this time”, Reed seconds,
motion passes.

VI. Reports
A. President Watters: None.
B. Vice President Horsey: None.
C. Activities Director – Jenell Johnson: None.
D. Public Relations Director – Casey Herrick: None.
E. I.T. Director – Chase Tornow: None.
F. Director of L. A. – Stacey Johnson: None.
G. Election Board – Brandy Fisher: Election starts tomorrow, please remind people
to vote. Voting is online and can be done from any computer with internet access,
can write in candidates online. No campaigning is allowed during the election. Fliers
are available in the student government office.
H. Judicial Board – Ali Abdul-Aziz: None..
I. External Affairs Committee, No Chair: None.
K. Programming Committee, No Chair: None.
L. Finance Committee, Ellingwood: Met and discussed bill and budget issues.
M. Rules and Regulations, Reed: None.
N. Budget Committee, Ellingwood: Budget meeting after end of meeting, deadline
for budget March 22nd.

VII. Old Business

A. Bill 15.22: Committee recommends to pass as amended. Bill passes.
Fifteenth Senate
Minutes Monday 6 March 2006
VIII. New Business
A. Senate Confirmation: Watters explains he took next two highest votes from special
election, Karama has been interested in ASWSUV previously. Klein says she wants to be
involved. Balderas notes Tim Moon’s was the resume that Marina sent out last week, ran for
special election. Tim Moon confirmed with 5 votes, Klein gets 1, 1 abstention. Spencer-
McDonough moves to reconsider the vote, Reed seconds, motion passes. Reed moves to table
the vote until the end of the meeting, Balderas seconds, motion passes.
B. Bill 15.23: Reed moves for a second reading, Balderas seconds, motion passes. Kingery
explains the successful events the club has done so far this year. Reed says it is important to
sponsor this event because it serves a large portion of the campus. Ellingwood asks where
the event will be held. Kingery responds that it will be held in the VELS atrium. Passes 7-0-
C. Bill 15.24: Balderas moves for a second reading, reed seconds, motion passes.
Ellingwood yields his time to Ali Abdul-Aziz. Abdul-Aziz states he hopes this will become
an annual event, and is very excited. Bartle supports the bill and thinks all Senators should
take a turn in the dunk tank. Balderas notes that Coug Day typically attracts few students,
this will be a good thing to attract people to trail cleaning. Balders moves to add line item of
Miscellaneous to $100 and change all totals respectively, Spencer-McDonough seconds,
motion passes. Spencer-McDonough asks who will be in the dunk tank. Abdul-Aziz
responds that he will look for volunteers. Bill passes 7-0-0.
D. By-Law 15.10: Reed moves for a second reading, Balderas seconds, motion passes.
Balderas notes that a similar by-law amendment was presented last week, the biggest concern
was about removing the DLA position. It seemed prudent to take a step back before
continuing forward, but this is okay since there will be funding for both. Reed supports
because it will facilitate communication between ASWSUV, students, and RSOs. Bartle
moves to change “dialog” to “dialogue”, Balderas seconds, motion passes. By-law
amendment receives 7-0-0 votes, not enough people present to pass by-law amendment.
Reed moves to reconsider the vote, Bartle seconds, motion passes. Reed moves to table until
next meeting, Spencer-McDonough seconds, motion passes.
E. By-Law 15.11: Reed moves to table indefinitely, Balderas seconds, motion
F. Senate Confirmation: Moon is confirmed with 5 votes, Klein receives 1 vote, 1

IX. Announcements
A. Budget meeting after Senate meeting.

X. Adjournment
A. Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm.