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“I shall have arrived at the Fountain before you.”
This is a Fountain at which my Ummah will assemble on the
Resurrection Day.”
Kausar means Abundance of Barakah.
It also refers to abundance of descendants. The descendants of Bibi
Fatima and Imam Ali are known as syeds and at this point in time
there are millions of syed all over the world.
It is reported that when this Surah was reveled, the Messenger spoke
from the pulpit and said: “Kausar is stream in the Paradise, which is
whiter than milk”
This Surah tells us about our Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W)’s high status.
Some leaders of the Quraish made fun of the Holy
Prophet (S.A.W) when his young son, Hazrat Qasim (R.A), passed away
saying that He no longer had any sons to carry on his name and that
he would be forgotten after He passes away. Allah (S.W.T) promises
with this Surah that the memory of the Prophet (S.A.W) would continue
forever and that all those who are his enemies will be forgotten.
It is true that all our Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W)’s enemies have been
forgotten. All their riches and sons have been forgotten. Today, millions
of Muslims remember our Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W) in all parts of the
world. They send blessings on Him and His family millions of times
each day. The enemies of Islam have been asked many times by
Allah (S.W.T) to get together and produce one Surah like this smallest
Surah Kausar. They could not even produce a small Surah like this or
change it.

The Prophet (PBUH)’s second son died in infancy.
- Makkans felt that Prophet (PBUH) was helpless as his infant son
- Makkans called him abtar i.e. someone who had no male heir.
- Prophet (PBUH) was deeply grieved on these taunts.
- Allah commanded Prophet (PBUH) to pray and sacrifice in those
- “Say truly my prayer & my service of sacrifice, my life and my
death are (all) for
Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds”. (6:162) Al-Anaam.
- This Surah was revealed to console Prophet (PBUH).
- Allah reminded Prophet (PBUH) of what he had given him.

Muslims recognize this Surah as a promise of Allah in this Surah came true.In fact the Makkans who taunted Prophet (PBUH) were the ones forgotten and their sons worked for the mission of Prophet (PBUH).The Prophet (PBUH) is remembered by his spiritual offspring i. .e. the Muslim Ummah which has been forwarding Prophet (PBUH)’s name. prophethood etc. Physical and spiritual abundance. .. . .These include knowledge. .It also includes the River of the heaven stated in hadith of Prophet (PBUH). mission and cause. revelations.e.The word Kauthar explains it i. . .Allah reassured the revenge from those who hated and taunted Prophet (PBUH).