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All children deserve a healthy smile.

Give Kids A Smile
Henry Schein Helps the American Dental Association Give Kids A Smile
Over the course of six years, Henry Schein (through Henry Schein Dental) has partnered with the American Dental Association to transform a pilot program in St. Louis, Missouri into an important ongoing national access to oral health care initiative that has provided free screenings, education and dental treatment to millions of underserved children in communities around the country.

The Solution
As a major sponsor of GKAS through Henry Schein Cares, the Company’s global social responsibility program, Henry Schein Dental quickly expanded its role far beyond simple financial support. Using its close relationships with dental product manufacturers, the Company recruited an impressive roster of supplier partners (nearly 50 partners annually) who donated products needed by the thousands of dental team volunteers. Each year, Henry Schein Dental furnished hundreds of GKAS sites with professional dental screening and prevention kits, which included items such as gloves, masks, patient bibs, dental floss, prophy paste and fluoride gel, foam and varnish. The Company also dedicated Team Schein Members throughout the organization to advancing the program—from senior strategic leadership to communications support to on-site staffing at GKAS clinics around the country.

The Challenge
In February 2002, the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and local volunteer dentists provided free dental treatment to nearly 400 children over a twoday Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) clinic, the first such program in the country. Seeing the potential of the pilot program to provide care and increase awareness of the importance of access to oral health care for children, the American Dental Association (ADA) adopted GKAS with the intention of rolling it out in communities around the country. To help achieve this goal, the ADA invited Henry Schein Dental to join with them as the exclusive provider of professional products

The Result
In the six years that Henry Schein Dental has supported GKAS, the program has significantly increased its reach and become a flagship program for both the ADA and Henry Schein Cares. Over the past four years, an average of more than 550,000 underserved children have received treatment annually on GKAS Day in February, with the participation of an average 42,275 dental team volunteers working at an average 1,981 locations. The average value of the care provided each year through the GKAS program exceeds $42 million.

Young patient learns the fine art of brushing her teeth properly

GKAS also has heightened awareness of the access care issue among policymakers. In 2005 Congress passed a resolution commending the ADA and the volunteer dentists for GKAS, and underscoring the need to provide access to oral health care for children. The GKAS program has expanded to include the GSAS Fund, through which organizations and individuals can contribute to help achieve program goals; an annual Gala Awards Dinner, which further raises awareness; a GKAS Promising Practices Symposium, though which local GKAS leaders can share ideas and experiences; and four key program partners—Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures; Henry Schein’s Healthy Children, Healthy Lifestyles; Mission of Mercy; and TeamSmile.

Happy patients at the Give kids a smile event in Longview, Texas.

Additional major sponsors—including ColgatePalmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Dexis Digital X-ray, the William Wrigley Jr. Company and CareCredit— have joined the GKAS initiative to expand the program. In addition, Steve Kess, Henry Schein Vice President for Global Professional Relations and longtime member of the ADA Foundation Board, was invited by the ADA in 2007 to chair the Give Kids A Smile National Advisory Board—the first nondental chairman for a major ADA board in 147 years. The GKAS National Advisory Board is working with the ADA to expand the scope of the event beyond a single day for years to come.

July 2008

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