1. JOHN m.1. ______ 2. Frances ______ between 1657-1662 3. Joan ______ (living in 1681) d. 1676 killed by Indians at Wells John was one of the original settlers of Hampton, 14 Oct. 1638. He moved to Exeter in 1639 where he signed the Exeter Combination of 1640. He then moved to Dover in 1640 where he had a 20 acre lot in 1642: "A Record of ye 20 Acker loets as theay waer in order given and layed out to ye inhabetance hoes names are here under menshened with the nomber of the loet to each pertickler man. As it was fowned Recorded by William Walden in a Pec of paper in ye yeir 42, wich lots as in Breadth at ye water sied 40 poell and in lenketh 80 poll into ye woods... John Crosse, 17."(1) John then came to Wells in 1643 and settled along the Wells River his home being at Drake's Island. He also owned land at Maryland Ridge. He made the inventory of Mrs. Dillingham's Estate Oct. 1645.(2) John was a Constable and a juryman in 1647. In 1649 he wandered from home distracted and was forbidden the use of the ferries. On 12 Apr. 1650 he apprenticed his son John for eleven years to Mr. Edward Rishworth and had a receipt in full from Rishworth 27 Oct. 1661.(3) John was admitted Freeman 5 July 1653 and was an inhabitant of Wells.(4) On 24 Sept. 1676 the Indians went to Cape Neddick from Wells where they destroyed the entire village with its people either killed or captured. Following this attack they returned to Wells. Among those that were killed that year were John Cross and his son John Jr. "2 Jan. 1676/7 Assootiate court at Newgewache (Berwick) the estate of John Cross settled by his son Joseph."(5) The inventory shows 8 oxen, 6 horsekind, 12 cowkind and that the minister had been boarding with them. Issue    2I. MARY m. 1658 ROGER (2) HILL II. John- b.c. 1640; killed by Indians in 1676. John was "a kind of distracted fellow". III. Joseph- m. Mary Pendleton; d.s.p. 18 June 1684 IV. Rebecca- m. 1672 Frances Backus

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